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  1. angiedawson

    The Tudors

    ok thanks anyway i just found out what it is and i don't get it i have dish network and i have cable but on my cable it is just basic so the kids can get the cartoon channels in their rooms. oh well i'll have to go out and buy the season's i think they are worth it. thanks again. Angie
  2. angiedawson

    The Tudors

    ok this might be a dumb question i have all the showtime channels but i don't know what showtime on demand is?? i know what my payperview on demand is i know dumb question your help is greatly appreciated. Angie
  3. angiedawson

    The Tudors

    Hey guys i just started watching this show half way through this season. first one i watched i was hooked don't know why it took me so long to watch it. i am so hoping showtime decides to replay season one and two so i can catch up on it like they are doing with dexter this summer. i have looked online for the seasons but most of them you have to buy them to see them oh well quess i will wait for the reruns. this guys was nuts i started reading up on him after i started watching this show and omg what he didn't do. at the end when he was eating that pie made me sick. i have read that in his later years he was very heavyset. i wonder if they are gonna put a fat suit on him if the show last that long. not to give a spoiler but jane doesn't last that long either she dies in childbirth with the only male heir. can't believe we have to wait so long for season 3 just crazy. have a great day everyone.
  4. yeah your right i didn't watch the whole interview they were making me sick. they all act like are big stars now well some of them do. alot of them need to disappear for good lol
  5. did you guys see the interview on real with adam and matt? matt admitted but didn't say it was an orgy that he and nat had sex a the hotel and that adam and her sister hooked up to. they admitted they had sex with them but it wasn't an orgy. whatever they are all freaks anyway. i was reading the post and noticed none of you had seen this interview you can go back and watch it if you still kept up your subsription to real player for some dumb reason i did (i think i did it for the free music every month lol) anyway i am waiting for bb10 please please please don't let it be like bb9 don't know why i say that even though it was the worse season ever i still couldn't tear myself away from it. i need a life lol. oh well see you guys in about a month. Angie
  6. angiedawson

    Any Big Brother After Dark News

    I am really excited After Dark will be back. I didn't even buy the feeds last time. I already have showtime channels so I didn't have to buy the After Dark special. I just hate its so late at nite. I didn't get any sleep last time but that was because of evel dick. i hope this installment of big brother is good but nothing will beat bb8 i myself consider it one of the best seasons ever. i can't wait for it i miss chatting with you guys you guys made my summer. can't wait only a few weeks away. dang i have to work that nite to i will see you guys in chat after the show. Angiedawson
  7. angiedawson

    To Live Feeders and Picture/Video posters

    Thanks to all who updates the feeds. I have the feeds and showtime but i still love to come here and read the updates they are the greatest. I don't know how you do it. I barely have time in the summer with it much less trying to blog it all. Thanks again and I am so looking forward to Big Brother 9 next year. AngieDawson