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  1. 8:11PM BBT: Tamar wonders how much fun it is for others to be backstage during a concert, because it's not for her. Kandi said that she enjoys it. Dina said it's fun to be back there and watch. Kandi tries to get to a few at Phillips Arena and get a suite and invite their friends. 8:15PM BBT: The ladies continue to pass the time in the KT as Tamar and Kandi clean their makeup brushes in the rubbing alcohol. 8:31PM BBT: Lolo goes upstairs to workout in the gym and is happy to have her "last workout in the b*tch", and can now run outside and breathe without being on a hamsterwheel. 8:49PM BBT: Ricky stirs the pot (the one on the stove) and then heads back to the BR where Tamar is laying down. She asks him what he's thinking and he says what, I'm just making tea. He tells her that he had a flashback at how Tamar said it would be a mistake to leave Kandi in the game. He disagrees with Tamar thinking that Dina could win against anyone. 9:06PM BBT: After getting a seed planted in her ear about Kandi by Ricky, Tamar heads up to talk with Lolo in the gym. They weigh the options between Kandi and Dina again. Tamar said she doesn't want to send Kandi home because Tay's not a hater. They walk through who can win the comp, who needs the money, who deserves to win, etc. 9:10PM BBT: Lolo is talking Tamar into taking their chances with Dina going forward. Tay looks like she's taking the bait. Lolo said she's given up her training, her month, etc.and deserves a better chance at winning, especially if Kandi has already told them that she'd take Ricky to the final. Tamar just shakes her head yes.
  2. 8:00PM BBT: Kandi and Tamar explain to the others how the Red Light District works in Amsterdam. Lolo said she goes to that city every year, but has never been. Tamar also goes over what you can order in the coffee shops.
  3. 7:13PM BBT: The ladies talk about dating people in their field. Lolo said that's not convenient for her because they areas where they train changes up often. 7:47PM BBT: Kandi tells the others that the singles in Atlanta aim to stay single, that it's a party town. Tamar adds that the AIDS rate is higher than Africa. Dina says "you mean they're older?". 7:28PM BBT: The ladies are all now in the KT looking for something to eat. There's just light chit chat. 7:39PM BBT: The ladies are still in the KT, now talking about good deals on travel. Lolo says she knows all about travel prices, so she can tell them if they got a good deal. Kandi tells them of a website she uses to find deals and Tamar told her she just did a commercial for free.
  4. 6:03PM BBT: Ricky is sitting by himself upstairs while Kandi and Dina play cards at the KT, along with Lolo who is eating with her Bible open on the table. 6:07PM BBT: Tamar joins the ladies at the KT table. Dina talks again about how she thinks Celebrity Big Brother will really take off like Dancing with the Stars did, and then gets called away by production. Ricky heads to the PBR and continues to sit by himself. 6:17PM BBT: Kandi asks Tamar if she does her own makeup on the road, and she says she'll typically find someone local unless she's just doing a concert, then she does it herself. She finds it to be relaxing "me" time. Kandi said that she heard the same about Tina Turner. 6:20PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar are in their BR and Lolo says that she can feel Ricky acting differently towards her and flat out asks Tamar if they have a deal. Tay says no. She tells her that Ricky talked to her about why she was there, and then says "well if you're here to win the money, you've already lost". They both agree that they've been walking on eggshells around him. 6:22PM BBT: Lolo asks how Tamar feels about tomorrow, and is Kandi staying. Apparently Dina is turning them off for them to keep her. Tamar continues to pack, and they agree to figure out before tomorrow what they're doing. Lolo is asking Tamar how much the F2 each receive at the end, and are there only two. 6:27PM BBT: Tay and Lolo try to figure out what the next comp will be. They are analyzing and reanalyzing who has a deal with whom. Tamar tells her to get out of her own head. 6:31PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar have concluded (for now?) that nobody could beat Dina in the finals, so there's their answer. They feel that Kandi could only beat Ricky and that she'd take him and never go up against Tamar, because she'd never let Tay beat her at anything. 6:36PM BBT: Tomorrow's schedule according to Tamar and Lolo is wake up at 8am BBT, live feeds cut off at 9am BBT, and then lockdown at 10:30am BBT. 6:57PM BBT: The ladies are all in the KT wondering if they need to study anything else in the house prior to tomorrow. Apparently they all came up with different numbers for the jewels of the big crown. 7:01PM BBT: Ricky continues to lay on the floor of the gym, his usual workout.
  5. 8:43PM BBT: Tamar is really struggling tonight after seeing the lovely video of her son. They did show it twice and by the second time around, she was a mess and hasn't seemed to really recover. Ricky is trying to comfort her with words. 8:55PM BBT: Dina is reading a pamphlet on her bed. Lolo is cooking in the KT while Kandi plays cards at the counter.
  6. 7:46PM BBT: Tamar talks to production from her bed telling them that the camera stuff is "just too much today. Too much. Eeverything is not a damn television show. I'm in the reality business too, it's just too much. Too much." 7:48PM BBT: Tamar then heads to the lounge to tweet. 8:10PM BBT: Dina and Kandi root through the KT looking for something to eat. Dina says she's going to go home and pitch 3 shows.
  7. 7:00PM BBT: Ricky and Kandi head upstairs to play chess. 7:07PM BBT: Lolo sweeps and mops the KT floor. 7:23PM BBT: Dina and Lolo finish up playing cards in the KT and Dina thinks that walking on the treadmill might help. Lolo tells her to use the belt. Dina then goes to the lounge to use the tweeter some more. 7:27PM BBT: Tamar made an appearance when coming out to use the restroom. Lolo starts reading her Bible, eating a cupcake at the KT table.
  8. 6:07PM BBT: Tamar is on the elliptical dressed with her hoodie and sunglasses while Lolo is sprinting on the treadmill. Dina and Kandi are playing cards in the KT thinking up new shows. Dina said she would create an Amazing Race type show with celebrities. Kandi laughed and said they already did that. 6:18PM BBT: Ricky is now playing cards at the table with his own deck, alongside Kandi and Dina still playing a game for two. Not much talk. Lolo is still doing her sprints upstairs in the gym. 6:30PM BBT: Ricky and Lolo are in the BR talking about workouts. Ricky told her he was working out for an hour and forty five minutes earlier. She said she only did twenty something minutes and he told her that she had to start somewhere. 6:32PM BBT: Tamar is in her bed asleep, with her hoodie and sunglasses on, covered up with blankets. 6:36PM BBT: Dina is cleaning the kitchen and seems to be a little frustrated with having to do it while the others rest. 6:39PM BBT: Lolo is cleaning around the house now and is looking for the Windex. Kandi is in the lounge Tweeting. 6:42PM BBT: Lolo did the LR floors and was done, said she lost motivation. She said the house isn't that dirty. Ricky asked who are we cleaning it for, since they'll be out in a few days. Dina joined Kandi in the lounge. 6:43PM BBT: Kandi and Dina wonder how the tweets work and if anyone is reading them. They then switch over to talking about Jonathan and how excited he was to eat the slop for 48 hours. 6:50PM BBT: Kandi tells Dina that her husband looked good in that video. Dina said they look so cute and look like they could be related. Kandi asks "like brother and sister?" 6:53PM BBT: Ricky joins Kandi and Dina in the lounge and plays with the dice while Dina tweets. Kandi said the days seems longer and longer as the people leave.
  9. 2:55PM BBT: Dina stops to give shout outs to the evicted houseguests through the KT camera. She thinks that the only one watching is probably Tom.
  10. 1:59PM BBT: In bed, Tamar is chilling out both mentally and physically today to get ready for tomorrow. She told Ricky her body feels like it was hit by a car all over. Lolo is finishing up her makeup in the WA and Dina is drying her hair. 2:02PM BBT: Lolo is back in the BR, trying to get motivated to work out. She normally doesn't do that on Sundays. Ricky said he usually works at the college on Saturdays and Sundays. 2:18PM BBT: Ricky is now in the gym laying on the floor with a blanket. Dina is in the WA flat ironing her hair. The other camera is on Orwella. 2:42PM BBT: Kandi and Dina are all made up now and are in the KT. Dina is eating a cantaloupe. Ricky was stretching up in the gym, but is now back to the floor lying down. 2:48PM BBT: Kandi and Dina are poking through the fridge preserving what they can and getting rid of what's old.
  11. 2:30AM BBT: All of the HG are in their jammies and hanging out in the BR chit chatting. Tamar says her whole body is hurting and she needs some Advil. 3:14AM BBT: The HG are finally settling in to sleep.
  12. 12:41AM BBT: Ricky tells Kandi and Tamar how he got fired on The Apprentice because Layla Ali and Brook Burke didn't do anything and he was the project manager, and they blamed it on him. He said he didn't talk much, so they didn't understand what he wanted them to do. 12:43AM BBT: Lolo is sitting on the floor in the PBR dressing up Orwell with her accessories. 12:59AM BBT: Tamar is telling the other HG about how she was running herself into the ground with her busy schedule and went to Cedars to get an IV, and the doctor said he wanted to run some tests. Apparently the doctor told her how she had to prioritize her health over her busy schedule because she had multiple blood clots.
  13. 11:00PM BBT: Kandi asks Tamar how long she's been eating chicken. "A year". Tamar asks Lolo if she has an pork chop recipes and she answers that she doesn't eat pork chops, but she should since she's from Iowa. Tamar tells her that any chicken recipes can be used for chicken. "I mean, it's not exactly chicken" and Kandi says "Yeah it is". Tamar says "it's the other white meat". 11:03PM BBT: Dina is drinking her tea or coffee outside by herself and Ricky is in the hot tub. Kandi is eating chicken at the KT counter while Tamar sits with her. Kandi says something about the wall being colorful. Tamar shakes her head and replies "yes. Four black people". 11:10PM BBT: Kandi whispers to Tamar that if Dina wins and she takes herself down, they'll pit Tamar against her. She asks Tamar if she'd take her off. Tamar turns around and turns on the sink water and starts rinsing off her lamb chops. 11:17PM BBT: Dina comes back inside. They talk about doing their final packing for the season and celebrate that they made it. Kandi is shuffling the cards at the table. They wonder what the twist will be. 11:26PM BBT: Kandi explains how the songwriting copyright works and how she gets paid every time No Scrubs is played on the radio or in a movie forever. She wrote 5 songs on Destiny's Child album. She said it was a blessing to be part of a great songwriting team and graciously gives the others credit. 11:31PM BBT: Lolo, Kandi and Dina discuss The Voice and how there have been no breakouts from that show. Dina said they thought about Allie (her daughter) being on it, but she was too well known already. (?) They said the LOVE the Masked Singer, even though they only saw one show. Kandi knows that the hippo was TPain. <spoiler alert....it wasn't) 11:44PM BBT: Lolo, Kandi, and Dina continue talking while playing cards and can't wait to catch up on a month of shows. Kandi is looking forward to The Walking Dead. 11:45PM BBT: Lolo pours herself a glass of wine and goes outside to feel the water temperature. She tells Ricky that she's going to take a melatonin, eat, drink her wine, and go to sleep. 11:46PM BBT: The girls discuss who will be coming to LA for the final dinner. Lolo says it'll be expensive to fly people out. 12:00AM BBT: Tamar and Lolo are both on dating apps. Tamar said she never met anyone because nobody believed it was really her. Lolo said there are even people on them that are old enough for Dina. 12:08AM BBT: Ricky goes up to the HOHR and drops his wet towels at the top of the stairs. He grabs his mic, picks his towels back up and goes goes downstairs to drop them off in the SR for production to clean. 12:22AM BBT: Lolo and Tamar are showering. Back in the KT, Kandi tells Dina and Ricky that she researched the name "Ace" before she named her son to see if it was popular. It wasn't then, but it is now. She named her daughter Riley after her brother who died when she was in high school.
  14. 8:24PM BBT: Kandi gives shout outs to her kids and hopes her daughter is watching. She said that her daughter would be crushing it in there, and also that her husband would be good in there too. 8:26PM BBT: Kandi tells Dina that she would hands down get the most votes if she's F2. Especially if the other HG have been watching the show. 8:32PM BBT: Kandi and Dina continue to walk through hypotheticals on who would get the most votes with the F2, depending on who is sitting in those seats. They agree that Lolo won't win in any case. 8:54PM BBT: Ricky is out of bed and makes his way up to the bridge to sit with the girls while they play pool. Lolo and Tamar are still sleeping in bed. 8:56PM BBT: Ricky gets philosophical talking about showing his community more of his internal life, as all are developing certain parts of their character. Ricky asks Kandi to play chess.
  15. 6:52PM BBT: Lolo is talking about Olympic sponsors with Tay and Ricky. She said that people wonder why McDonald's is a sponsor, and she explains that that's all they eat during the Olympics, because they know exactly what the nutrition is no matter where they are. The Olympic Village food can be like slop. She once posted a pic of the village food from Russia on her FB page and almost got kicked out of the village for the backlash they got from it. She was asked to take the pic down. 7:15PM BBT: The three in the BR are asleep and Dina and Kandi are still playing cards at the KT counter. 7:18PM BBT: Dina tells Kandi that it's so quiet in the house and if Kandi wasn't there, then she really would be in "Tom mode".'' 7:57PM BBT: Dina leaves Kandi to go use the washroom. The house is very quiet while the 2 player cards marathon continues.
  16. 6:27PM BBT: Lolo grabs a bag of potato chips and goes to her bed. Ricky laughs at her and she said she just wants to have a chill day. Ricky goes to the SR to have a look around, while Tamar eats her dinner standing at the KT counter. 6:40PM BBT: Tamar, Ricky and Lolo are chatting in the BR. Tamar says that Dina has been blatantly disrespectful to her. Lolo said it started at breakfast and maybe it's menopause. 6:41PM BBT: Tamar is eating cookies in bed, saying that they're straight up sugar. They wonder how they can be vegan with butter, and Tamar tells them they're made with molasses. The subject turns back to Dina and how she takes even the slightest comments to heart. 6:45PM BBT: Dina and Kandi are playing cards while Dina eats dinner. Dina is doing dishes in between her turns.
  17. 6:01PM BBT: Lolo and Ricky are talking in the LR about how his mentor told him "early on when you're with someone, try to intimidate them. If it doesn't work, then that's someone you can work with". All cams then focus on Dina tweeting. 6:04PM BBT: In the LR, Tamar joins the conversation and starts giving Lolo dating advice. Ricky is in the KT making dinner and Tamar goes to help. 6:08PM BBT: Dina cries as she tweets in the lounge. Tamar wonders where she is and Lolo answers that she's probably laying down. 6:10PM BBT: Ricky tells Tamar and Lolo (from the KT) that women need to be very clear right up front what their expectations are, and then always come back to that. Tamar said that's very good advice. Lolo explains to them that the guy she was seeing said he loved her, wanted to marry her, but wouldn't introduce her to his family during the holidays, and you couldn't be more clear than that. 6:15PM BBT: Dina comes out of the lounge with her sunglasses on. Lolo asks her why she's wearing them. "Because I feel like it". "OK". Tamar said that being in the house is like being in the hospital because you can't get any rest. 6:20PM BBT: Tamar says she's got to go directly to tape three shows when leaving the house. One is with her sisters, the second is Tamar and C (previously Vince), and the third she can't talk about on camera. 6:21PM BBT: Lolo tells Tamar and Ricky that she's interested in doing stunt work, that she has a teammate that makes a good living doing that in LA. 6:23PM BBT: Dina is in her BR talking to herself about how they're all evil. Tamar hears this from the LR and starts whispering to Ricky trying to understand why Dina's upset because there's on five of them left. Ricky asks "how is she even still here??" Tamar answers that she's been carried.
  18. 2:27PM BBT: Tamar's face is now made up and DR ready. She goes back into the BR to get her scarf and Lolo/Ricky wake up. Lolo says she'll need to put on her lashes before she goes in. 2:41PM BBT: Ricky and Lolo revisit their conversation about who should go up as a replacement nom if needed. Ricky goes through hypotheticals about who she feels she could beat in the final. She tells him that she's learned from him to let the chips fall where they may. 3:02 BBT: Ricky, "you actually just gave me an idea." He wants to put a program together for athletes to improve their performance. Lolo starts talking about her game plan and how she doesn't feel good about things, but she just keeps praying on it. 3:09PM BBT: Tamar comes in the room and Lolo heads to do makeup for DR 3:13PM BBT: Tamar tells Ricky she is not taking Kandi to finals....she is taking him. Ricky says if Dina or Kandi win veto, he will put up Lolo. 3:16 BBT: Ricky tells Tamar he will go for the final HOH and if he wins, he will take her...if Tamar wins, she will take him. Tamar, "A Zillion %". Ricky asks Tamar which one (Kandi or Dina)? 3:21PM BBT: Ricky tells Tamar he is most impressed with the way she has played the game. She tells him she appreciates it. 3:22 BBT: Dina is still sleeping. Ricky thinks when Lolo finishes DR it will be time for noms. Ricky plans to nominate Dina and Kandi. If one of them win veto, Lolo will go up as replacement. 3:40PM BBT: Ricky and Tamar wonder if the jury will be "salty". Tamar was worried about Jonathan but Marissa was apparently in the house yesterday (or on monitor?) and assured her that he's fine. 3:46PM BBT: Ricky asked Tamar if she will use the veto if she wins. "Yep". They laugh. She asked him the same and he says "I'm not gonna win the veto". 3:48PM BBT: Tamar pokes her head in Kandi's room, where Kandi and Dina are waking up. They talk about when they had their DR's. Tamar goes back to her own bed to lay back down and talks to her stuffed animal. 3:53PM BBT: Kandi is looking for a plate that the caterers said was missing. Tamar thinks it's petty that they're asking for it. 3:55PM BBT: Kandi is in Tamar's room and Tay asks if she knows a good videographer in Atlanta, will they travel, and are they expensive.Tamar is going to Africa and wants her own videographer.
  19. 1:22PM BBT: All cameras are on the sleeping houseguests 1:51PM BBT: Ricky is awake and up/walking around. All cameras back to the others sleeping. Ricky returns back to bed. 2:13PM BBT: Tamar appears to be the only one awake and is applying makeup in the WA.
  20. 12:06PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo are talking in the BR about how negative Tom's energy was and how tired Tamar was. 12:09PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo talk about seeing Marissa yesterday. Tamar asks if that was all her hair, that it was a lot. Lolo tells her that she had clip ins for the show. 12:12PM BBT: Dina goes into Tamar's BR and Tamar admires her dress. She looks at the label and it's made by Melinda Looi, an African American designer. 12:23PM BBT: Kandi is in the DR, Tamar/Ricky/Lolo are napping in their beds, and Dina is doing dishes in the KT. The house is quiet. 12:26PM BBT: Dina is now in the lounge on the Tweeter. 12:28PM BBT: Kandi is out of the DR and in the lounge with Dina, helping her with her Tweeting. Next up is Kandi tweeting after Dina leaves the room.
  21. 12:00PM BBT: Ricky leaves the BR saying he's going to "go start some sh*t up there". He goes up to the upstairs lounge and sits by himself.
  22. 11:27AM BBT: The feeds are back and all of the remaining HG are on the LR couches talking. 11:28AM BBT: It appears as though they were taping a memory episode for the end of season. Ricky and Tamar are drinking OJ from a champagne glass (mimosa?). They are discussing their cleaning habits. 11:31AM BBT: Dina and Ricky tell Tamar that her words are right, but her delivery is scary. She agrees. 11:32AM BBT: They all get up and head to the KT to clean up their brunch feast from the KT table. 11:36AM BBT: Tamar and Kandi are collecting Tamar's belongings from the HOHR and Kandi asks her what winning means to her. Tamar said she doesn't really know. 11:46AM BBT: The HG decide to take a nap. Dina is left alone and talks to the camera "they're all putting me up...they don't like me. Love you guys - pray!". The nomination ceremony will be later today. 11:51AM BBT: Ricky, Tamar and Lolo are in their beds and Ricky tells them if "one of them" wins the veto, he'll have to put one of them up, and do they care which one? They don't have an answer and he tells them to think about it. 11:54AM BBT: Ricky says that Dina would be easy to beat in the final, but her being in the end doesn't really represent the show. 11:57AM BBT: Tamar talks about her relationship with Kandi, and how Kandi trumps everything she says. Tamar said she's not one to talk about herself, but to be a silent cheerleader for herself.
  23. 8:20PM BBT: Dina is in the SR writing down her beauty products for productions to order more on the order sheet.
  24. 7:40PM BBT: The feeds are back with all HG in the BR. Lolo is putting on lashes and hoping to get an HOH basket. 7:45PM BBT: Kandi goes to her bed and breaks out a deck of cards. Tamar does the happy dance for Tom being evicted. 7:48PM BBT: Tamar tells Lolo and Ricky that this one tonight's gonna be messy and Lolo says she always sits out the fun ones. They wonder if it'll be an endurance HOH. 8:02PM BBT: Feeds are back for a minute, showing Lolo and Ricky are chatting in the BR about the game and what's good for their brand. Then back to CBB1 reels. 8:16PM BBT: Feeds are back again with Lolo by herself unpacking in the BR.
  25. 8:43PM BBT: Lolo is playing with a bowling game while Dina tells Kandi a story about how when Lindsay once lost her passport 8:53PM BBT: The girls are back at the KT table. Tamar says that the voicemail was the way to catch a man cheating back in the day. That's how she found out that her boyfriend had a baby on the way. All feeds then go back to Ricky rolling dice in the lounge.
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