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  1. 7:00 pm BBT Tyler is going through his post-shower routine and KC/JC are talking in their den. JC hopes that Ellen is paying attention to the LGBT representing in the BB house and that they'll be invited on to her show. 7:02 pm BBT JC asks KC what other tv show she'd want to be on. She said her dad always wanted her to get one of her teammates and go on Amazing Race. 7:03 pm BBT JC said he wants to try his hand at stand up comedy and then maybe host a show. He used to be in theater clubs. He said it's hard for him to learn lines. 7:19 pm BBT JC quizzes Tyler about capitals of countries. He asks "Bob" for yes or no answers when he's not sure. KC is in the BBR packing up her suitcase. 7:59 pm BBT The F3 continue to play guess that capital with each other, and continue to get help from production "Bob". He will tell them if they're right or wrong, or what letter the capital starts with as hints. 8:42 pm BBT The F3 finish up with the geography test and talk about what else they could play. They did Heads Up 7-Up, but KC wants to play Duck Duck Goose. 8:51 pm BBT Tyler said that one time he was in the HOHR with Sam and Rockstar came up to do a one on one, and Tyler hid behind the bed for about 15 minutes until she left. The cameras almost gave him away. Apparently the conversation was boring. 8:59 pm BBT JC didn't learn until Day 50 that Swaggy's real name was Christopher. Tyler laughs about Swaggy's comic book character called "Swaggy Sea" and he was riding a manta ray giving out t-shirts. 9:18 pm BBT Tyler, KC and JC give a tour of the house. They are going to each room and talk about their favorite moments from each. They start with the HN room. 9:19 pm BBT HN room: Kaycee talks about Rachel's crying breakdown because she was on the block, but apparently she has a funny crying face. Then it was quiet and they both started laughing at the squeaking of the cameras. Tyler and JC say that their favorite was when Fessy was talking about his dry d*ck and that JC started making noises. 9:30 pm BBT Next stop in the tour was the PBR, where they all talk about memories of Swayleigh in the corner bed. Then they move on to the BBR where "the magic happens". They said that this where most of the game talks occurred, that it was their happy room. 9:34 pm BBT They move on to the SR where they discuss looking through the cabinets for nothing. KC talks about being in lockdown by herself for almost a whole night. JC hated going into this room as a have not, but it was a good room for conversations. 9:36 pm BBT The living room had blindsides in every seat of the couch. They reenact where they sat the first night in the house, and they were spilling their drinks. They move seats as they talk through where they were sitting during the evictions. 9:38 pm BBT They F3 talk about the entrance of the house, and recounted how they first came in. The KT table was big and fully set. Apparently Bayleigh broke one of the front doors and Brett broke the other. 9:45 pm BBT They are now in the KT and discuss how Sam always looked busy in there, but nothing was every done - the KT would still be a mess. They also recount Sam's meeting and then the whipped cream fight. 9:48 pm BBT They move into the geo room and talk about how you could hear through the wall so they had to be careful. KC talks about her time comforting Bayleigh while in her peanut suit. 9:54 pm BBT They enter the WA and all agree that this was the living room the first 2 weeks and how comfortable the couch was. It was difficult to use the bathroom with everyone hanging out there. JC reenacts Rockstar walking around like a vulture and talking, that she'd pace back and forth. Tyler talks through his hair straightening and how JC was speechless. 10:03 pm BBT The F3 are upstairs and decide to play their last game of Foosball, Tyler and JC against KC.
  2. 7:12 pm BBT The final three houseguests sit in the living room and share a Lindt roasted hazelnut chocolate bar. 7:28 pm BBT JC looks at the wall and laughs at the pictures on the wall, because Steve is next to Kaitlyn and they have such different noses. 7:40 pm BBT The F3 are talking through the middle and last names of the other houseguests. 7:49 pm BBT Tyler asks production to play some Bebe Rexha. "Bob" answers no. 7:55 pm BBT JC sings the peanut song just to fill the silence. 7:59 pm BBT The F3 make up names for showmances. The funniest was Baggy C for Bayleigh and Swaggy. 8:12 pm BBT JC shares the prosciutto with Tyler and KC, who've never had it before. They pair it with the cracked pepper Wheat Thins. 8:15 pm BBT JC tells them that in Spain, they have supermarkets that are just ham with different cuts. 8:39 pm BBT JC keeps annoying "Bob" by singing, but is teaching Tyler a Spanish song in the KT. 8:53 pm BBT JC and Tyler talk about what Tyler may want to do for a living, and what makes him happy. He says he doesn't know, he hasn't done it yet. He has never thought about what he'll do for a living, and life guarding isn't forever. But he does enjoy traveling.
  3. 7:31 pm BBT Tyler is cooking dinner on the stove while JC and KC rest in the LR from making the tie dye shirts. 7:44 pm BBT Kaycee and JC inspect their tie dye hankerchiefs and shorts, which sort of look like a CSI murder scene. 7:57 pm BBT The HG are eating dinner. A little chit chat and laughs, but nothing major said. 8:41 pm BBT JC talks through his part in each eviction this season, that he was responsible for all of them.
  4. 11:03 pm BBT Tyler and JC recount the OTEV comp with Rockstar's mistake. They feel sorry for her that she'll always have that to her name, but Tyler said it saved him from being backdoored. 11:22 pm BBT Tyler asks JC what his pitch will be to KC, that he doesn't expect him to not try to be picked. He said that he helped KC decide to get rid of Angela by getting into her head and convincing her that she couldn't beat her. 11:35 pm BBT Tyler goes through the HOH basket food and then returns the empty basket to the SR. 11:47 pm BBT Tyler said that Kaycee beat JC by 40 seconds. 11:48 pm BBT JC tries to convince Tyler that Part 2 was unfair. Tyler responds that production didn't change the comp to make it hard on JC, that it was pre-planned. 12:14 am BBT KC finally gets out of the DR and is starving. JC keeps singing and "Bob" fusses at him a lot and we get fish interruptions from the feeds. 12:22 am BBT Kaycee goes to bed, JC is not far behind, and Tyler just got called to the DR.
  5. 9:33 pm BBT Kaycee is in the shower, so KC tells Tyler in the KT that he is mad at himself for losing part 2. He starts to pump Tyler up to win part 3. 9:37 pm BBT JC is in the PBR talking to himself about how they mixed a physical and mental comp into one, knowing that he couldn't do that. He said he feels like such a loser. 9:33 pm BBT In the WA, (and KC in the shower) Tyler and Kaycee high five and congratulate each other for being in the F2. 9:47 pm BBT KC asks JC if he's ok. He says yes, but feels like a loser. She tells him not to feel that way, because he's not. She says she's nervous, and that she just wants to get it over with and needs to win. 9:59 pm BBT KC goes into the PBR and Tyler tackles her with a big hug in the bed. JC gets ready to shower. 10:01 pm BBT Tyler and KC are discussing if/when to break it to JC that neither of them are taking him to F2. Tyler wants to wait until right before the finale so that he doesn't freak. They continue to talk about how dismayed they are. 10:08 pm BBT Tyler is cleaning dishes and JC is in the shower. 10:14 pm BBT KC is in the DR. JC walks through the KT where Tyler is eating cereal and says he hopes that the finale is tomorrow because he doesn't want to spend one more minute in the house. 10:18 pm BBT JC tells Tyler that he's frustrated because there's nothing he can do, and that it's not even about the money anymore. Tyler tells him to stay positive. 10:25 pm BBT Tyler does push ups before going into the shower and KC sits at the KT counter. 10:45 pm BBT JC tells Tyler about a dream he had a few days before Angela was evicted, and that Kaycee won. He's trying to interpret his dreams, but "not like Kaitlyn". And another dream about Scottie celebrating a victory. 10:48 pm BBT Tyler finally finishes up his long shower and then proceeds to lotion down his body while looking in the WA mirror. 10:50 pm BBT JC says that if he makes third place he'll have to find a job, and he doesn't wanna work. Tyler laughs. 10:52 pm BBT Tyler tells JC that they're there in the F3 because of each other. JC says that he feels like he couldn't do his part. 10:56 pm BBT Tyler tells JC that he will probably win America's Favorite Player. Tyler says that F2 aren't eligible to win AFP, but he could be wrong. They can't think of any previous winners that were also AFP. 10:59 pm BBT JC thinks that Swaggy is going to campaign for himself or Bayleigh to win AFP. Also that it depends on how they are portrayed on TV, that he could be shown as a villain.
  6. 9:10 pm BBT The feeds are not back yet, but POP is showing the F3 in the kitchen on Big Brother After Dark. It appears as though it was a questions and movement combo comp, and that KC won. 9:13 pm BBT JC asked the other two if Part 3 will be live on Wednesday and that he'll just have to wait in the background while they compete. 9:15 pm BBT The feeds are back on. (in addition to POP) 9:16 pm BBT The HG still have a feeling that they will have the finale tomorrow night, but then realize that they haven't been told to pack.
  7. 7:05 pm BBT Kaycee and JC are at the KT counter. She still has issues with her arms feeling numb, so doesn't want to work out with JC except for maybe some indoor running. They chat about how much the F3 may be discussed outside the house. 7:15 pm BBT Kaycee and JC start snacking on Goldfish crackers and Haribo bears in the KT. 7:42 pm BBT JC talks to production from the KT counter, asking "Bob" if he was going to miss him. 7:45 pm BBT Tyler came down from upstairs where he was running laps and heads to the shower. KC goes to the BBR to lay down. JC is just aimlessly toodling around the house. 7:50 pm BBT Tyler and KC discuss what they'll wear to the finale. KC said white pants, white shoes, pink shirt. He's going to wear a short sleeved buttoned up shirt. 7:52 pm BBT JC asks Tyler one trait that he likes about each:Haleigh - that she comes off as innocentRockstar - her positivitySam - unique AFKaitlyn - she expresses positive stuff and mindset Rachel - goofy AF Brett - funny, hard a$$ laugh Scottie - funniest one in here Angela - resilient Swaggy - his swag Fessy - not the smartest guy in the world, but he tries Kaycee - everything JC - nothing Bayleigh - appreciate that she always tried to fake liking him Steve - was a character 8:00 pm BBT They turn the tables and Tyler then asks JC to give something he liked about each HG: Scottie - crazy in his different mental states Kaitlyn - they could joke, better when she wasn't around the boys Steve - was father-like Angela - she wasn't unexpressive and quiet, which he liked Swaggy - he tried to be nice no matter what, no matter how fake he was Rachel - her singing and artsy side Tyler - hates more every day Winston - liked having conversations with him Haleigh - he really enjoyed her, but not her gameplay Brett - motivating with his workouts Rockstar - crazy character, open mindedness, loves her a lot Bayleigh - always tried hard to understand what he was saying Sam - was a character, enjoyed her stories KC - her positivity, even when she wasn't winning Fessy - he was real with his feelings or what he said
  8. 7:25 pm BBT The feeds are back and the three remaining HG are in the KT. 7:28 pm BBT In the BBR, Kaycee says that Angela forgot Louis. Tyler said that he has her pillow and that Ang put her sweater in his bag. He thinks he might just live out of the suitcase the rest of the time. 7:30 pm BBT The three remaining houseguests talk about when they first started working together. JC said that the last alliance was gone after the final 6. Tyler said that the hardest to get rid of was Rockstar. 7:34 pm BBT JC jokes to the others that this is the first time in BB history that three gay people have been in the F3. Tyler laughs. 7:35 pm BBT Tyler says that whatever happens, he just hopes that they stay busy. Kaycee laughs..."busy??" 7:38 pm BBT Kaycee hopes that they don't have a comp going on in the middle of the night. JC goes to the bathroom and Tyler/Kaycee start whispering in the BBR. 7:46 pm BBT Kaycee said that she saw poles or scaffolding, so they feel like the comp will be something with balance, moving, and holding on. They wonder if they're going to get outfits. 7:55 pm BBT JC said that they never sat on the couch the whole season without knowing who was going to be evicted. Even with Brett, he still had a feeling as it went down. They laughed at Fessy's face during blindsides. 8:00 pm BBT JC, Tyler and Kaycee talk through the other players and laugh at Haleigh sending home Rockstar. They all agree that none of them were fans of Fessy from the beginning. 8:15 pm BBT They're talking through the timing of things for the last week and the possibilities of what will happen when. They think that the breakfast where they're asked questions about the season will go fast. 8:26 pm BBT JC is in the WA. In the BBR, Kaycee tells Tyler that Angela looked shocked to be going home. Tyler told her that Angela thought that he had a better chance with the jury. They confirm with each other that their GBM's told Angela about their F2. 8:29 pm BBT Tyler and KC are happy that Angela got a loud applause when she left. Tyler said "she probably thinks I'm in love with her" and they laugh. They both agree that they can't see Angela in a relationship because she's so work oriented. 8:34 pm BBT KC asks Tyler how confident he is with the days. She feels better with him in that comp because she doesn't trust her knowledge or being fast enough with answers. JC is playing with the drawing yellow wall, writing their social profile names as F3. 8:48 pm BBT JC tells Tyler that he was loyal til the end and karma hit those who weren't. [or something along those lines] 8:53 pm BBT JC, KC and Tyler are in the geo room talking about their social media accounts and how many followers they may now have. JC said his is private. Tyler said that his followers are 80% women.
  9. Julie Chen appears to the house and asks all houseguests to head to the living room, with nobody sitting in the nomination seats. Sam, JC, Kaycee, Angela and Tyler all gather together. Julie counts to five to make sure all are present. Julie announces to the houseguests that eviction night has come early. All jaws drop. She continues that by the end of the night, one of them will be evicted and sent to the jury and that she’ll be back shortly to get things started. Julie turns to the audience, "One should always expect the unexpected. Welcome to the surprise eviction episode of Big Brother". Previously on Big Brother, Level 6 betrayed Brett. Angela used the Power of Veto on JC and Tyler nominated Brett, sending him to the jury by a vote of 3 to 0. With only five remaining, an all important HOH was up for grabs, and Angela had a blockbuster victory. Level 6 was planning to take out Sam next, but when JC badgered Tyler, he painted a bigger target on his back. At the nomination ceremony, JC and Sam were clearly in Level 6s sites. Tonight, will the Power of Veto save Sam or JC? Plus, another houseguest will be sent to jury in a surprise eviction. And the next HOH will be crowned. All this right now on Big Brother. "Good evening, I’m Julie Chen Moonves. When we last left the house, Angela made the nominations, keeping her Level 6 safe, for the time being." In the DR, Angela is shown talking through her loyalty to her alliance. Sam and JC talk through how they can only save themselves and will fight for the veto. Tyler says the key to winning is to stick with Level 6 and sit next to someone strong, showing the jury that he’s not afraid to sit next to them at the end. JC talks to the POP owl on the couch that he should be proud of himself for almost making it to the end without being on the block. “Are you proud of me, Orwella?” *hoot hoot hoot*. The others watch this from the upstairs HOH monitor and laugh. JC tells Tyler that they’re never alone and it’s hard for him to talk to him. Tyler says there are five people in here. JC explains that he feels completely alone in the game, and that he feels he needs to remind him that he’s his friend and not a pawn. JC says that if he or Sam win the veto that he wants Kaycee or Angela to go up and send Kaycee home. Tyler is frustrated, but it makes it easier for him to send JC home. Julie: Up next, it’s the power of veto competition. Let the games begin. Angela is stirring up whipped cream and it turns into a food fight in the kitchen, with whipped cream flying. Sam is shown threading plastic flowers in the have not room, making a faux feathered bird. Angela comes out of the storage room and announces that it’s time for the veto competition. “Get in your gear, head to separate rooms, and Big Brother will call you when it’s time to compete”. Tyler and Kaycee get out of their beds and Tyler playfully wrestles her. In the backyard is a maze with the houseguests dressed in medieval gear. Tyler is first. “Welcome, brave knight. Your goal is to break a curse so you may remove the sword from the stone. Here’s how the game works. On your horn, your clock starts and you may enter the BB Labyrinth. From there it’s as simple as 1-2-3. You may lift the curse by visiting the one wizard, two wolves, and three witches in that order, solicit the curse. Once your curse is lifted, head to the sword and pull it from the stone to stop your clock. However, it’s not quite that easy. If it takes you more than 30 seconds to get from any station to the next, then you’ll hear the witches cackle indicating that the curse is back and you must start again. If you do not break the curse in less than 30 minutes, you’ll receive a max-out time of 30 minutes. The brave knight who successfully retrieves the sword from the stone in the fastest time will win the power of veto. Are you ready to play ‘Your Maze Are Numbered’” Tyler runs through the maze and makes it through on his second try. Kaycee goes through the maze so that she knows where everything is before starting the first timer. They do not show her completing the maze. Angela runs through the maze several times but keeps ending up at the witches buzzer, repeating her mistake. They do not show her completing the maze. Sam struggles with the maze, getting very lost and panics a bit. They do not show her completing the maze. JC memorizes the path before pushing any buttons, but appears to forget them as soon as he presses the first buzzer. They show him at the end completing the maze and removing the sword. Julie is back with the audience. “So, the veto competition has been run. The only question is who won?” Kaycee: 5:46 Sam: 30:00 Tyler: 6:29 Angela: 10:50 JC: 11:09 “Kaycee is the veto queen” Kaycee calls the houseguests for the veto meeting and they gather in the living room. Kaycee announces that she has decided not to use the power of veto with the number of people left in the house, that it doesn’t make sense for her game. Julie: “Coming up, the game ends for either Sam or JC, who will be heading to the jury? Whoever’s left will have to take on Level 6 alone.” Julie: “Welcome back to Big Brother. Who will become the 7th member of jury? Let’s head back to the house to find out. Last chance to plead your case:" Sam: “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting company today. My fellow houseguests, we all know each other really well by now. I love all of you. I’m not ready to leave, and if I do – please feed the fish, I don’t want them to die.” JC: Says hi to everyone in Spanish. Gives his love to Sam and funny shout outs to the others on the couch. Votes: Kaycee: I sadly vote to evict my girl Sammy. Tyler: I sadly vote to evict Sammy. "It’s official, Sam will leave the house tonight. By a vote of 2 to 0, Sam you are evicted from the Big Brother house." She asks that they pack up her things and to feed the fish. On the stage, Julie tells Sam that she looks beautiful and asks if Sam was surprised. Yes she was, she thought Tyler had her back and that JC is annoying. Julie asks why she said she felt alone in the house. She answers that she did it to herself and was not prepared for this life changing experience and is honored to have been a part of it. She sends out thanks, that she’s a better person for it. Head of Household competition begins. "It’s a Big Brother classic, What the Bleep, and here’s how it works. You will view a number of videos containing statements made by your fellow houseguests this summer. Each statement will feature a bleeped-out word or phrase. I will then tell you what the bleep-out word or phrase MIGHT be. Your job is to determine if it’s true or false. For ever correct answer, you’ll be given one point. The houseguests with the most points after seven videos will be the new HOH. Video 1: Brett screaming and then “I just had a vision, and you’re supposed to ___ me off.” True or false – the bleeped out word is “pull”. JC – F, Tyler - F, Kaycee – T. Word was “take”. JC and Tyler have 1 point each. Video 2: Angela talking to house “I’m so excited to ____ each and every one of you, and have an amazing summer.” True or false, the bleeped out phrase is “spent time with”. JC – F, Tyler T, Kaycee – T. Correct phrase was “get to know”. JC has 2 points, Tyler has 1. Video 3: Kaitlyn “Out of the five people that could’ve gone up, you weren’t thinking about me, and that could have been me. So I found that to be really ____. Love you, but sorry. True or false, the bleeped out word was “disappointing”. JC – T, Tyler – T, Kaycee – T. Correct word was “selfish”. Score stays the same. Video 4: Scottie: “And I want to make sure I apologize to the people I ____. And I apologize for my immaturity. True or false, the bleeped out word was “hurt”. JC – T, Tyler – T, Kaycee – T. The correct word was “hurt”, everyone gets a point. Video 5: Bayleigh. Rachel, I have nominated you because we haven’t really _____ very much, but I know that you’re a great girl. True or false, the bleeped out word was “talked”. All three answered true. The correct word was “talked”, everyone gets a point. Video 6: Hayleigh said “Last week, Tyler _____ Bayleigh and asked that Angela be backdoored”. True or false, the bleeped out phrase was “spoke to”. JC – F, Tyler – F, Kaycee – T”. The correct phrase was “came to”, which makes the score JC – 5, Tyler - 4, and Kaycee – 2. Video 7: Rockstar “Who would you like to _____ in this game? Probably yourselves.” True or false, the bleeped out phrase was “trust”. JC – T, Tyler – T, Kaycee – F. The correct word was “empower”. JC wins the HOH comp! JC takes a victory lap around the backyard saying “Final 3!! Can I get a bottle of tequila?” Julie: JC has just solidified his spot in the Final 3, as for the others, one of them will be evicted live tomorrow night. Who will win the final veto of the summer? And whose dream of winning it all will come to an end? Then on Sunday, the battle for the final head of household begins. And one week from tonight, on Wed, Sept 26, it’s finale night, where the last head of household will be crowned, the jury will return to cast their votes for the winner, and one houseguest will walk out the front door with the half-million grand prize. And it all plays out live. And from outside the Big Brother house, I’m Julie Chen Moonves.”
  10. 7:02 pm BBT Sam is deep in thought in her saucer. JC and KC are at the KT table, and Tyler and Angela are in the KT. Tyler jokes with JC about taking a bath, and JC asks if he's embracing his 100%. 7:05 pm BBT Sam is talking to herself about spending time in the sun and how she looked forward to this Summer with all her heart, but has spent very little while here. 7:09 pm BBT Tyler quizzes JC about his last name. He gets that right, Crispen. He then asks about his middle name. Tyler tells him to guess, but that it's 4 letters. JC guesses TOM. 7:13 pm BBT All cameras are on JC and Kaycee at the KT table. Kaycee says "let's go lie down". They straighten up the KT and head back. 7:25 pm BBT In the BBR, JC tells Kaycee that he was not born in Spain, but on an island that is really close to the US. She guesses Hawaii. He says "that is not near the US!" She answers "YES IT IS". He explains how far Hawaii is. Her next guess is Somoa. 7:30 pm BBT JC talks through how much they'll be on tv shows after the season is over, even online. Kaycee can't picture that happening, but realizes that it's possible. 7:41 pm BBT Sam continues to tell stories to live feeders from her saucer. Most regarding the farm back home and horses. 7:44 pm BBT Angela, Kaycee and JC are in the BBR talking about what titles are probably under each of the HG's names for Big Brother. 8:02 pm BBT JC and Kaycee wonder what is going on in the jury house and if Rockstar is roasting Brett. 8:12 pm BBT Sam is laying underneath the foosball table. Downstairs, JC wears the HOH Snapchat glasses while the others talk through Bebe Rexha's visit. 8:23 pm BBT JC tries to talk Tyler into letting him do his makeup. He says no way, he saw what he did to Haleigh. 8:26 pm BBT Tyler tells JC and KC how he was on the TKO with Kevin Hart. He said that he was on it right before and that's why they brought him here. It was shot 2 weeks prior to BB, which was filmed in one day. 8:29 pm BBT The JC and say that they hope that can get on Ellen's show, especially since they're gay. JC takes the snapchat glasses and says "Hi, we're the gay kids from Big Brother. Me, this one right here, Tyler a little bit (pointing to KC), and Angela's exploring" pleading his case to the public. 8:39 pm BBT Angela and Kaycee both say that neither carries a purse. Angela carries a phone, credit cards and keys. KC carries a wallet, chapstick and phone. 8:44 pm BBT JC is scolded by "Bob" for singing. He hopes that he can meet whatever actor does the recordings for production. 9:03 pm BBT All is fairly quiet in the house, mostly a lot of laying around. Kaycee is in the DR.
  11. 7:02 pm BBT JC tells Sam in the WA that he thought she was good at puzzles. She said "what on earth gave you that idea?" They can't believe that Kaycee finished the comp in 5 minutes. Sam said she was running like a f'in psycho for thirty minutes and still didn't finish it. 7:08 pm BBT Tyler is cutting red and green peppers preparing dinner. Sam and Tyler jokingly talk through comps she could win, such as keeping the fish alive, Swiffering the house in less than 30 minutes, waking up 3 seconds before the morning songs... 7:29 pm BBT Tyler, JC, and KC laugh about how they were thinking of Rockstar and her saying "I love vegetables" as Tyler continues to cook dinner with the veggies in the pan. 7:35 pm BBT Sam is sitting on one of the spiral stairs eating from a plastic container. 7:39 pm BBT Angela and Tyler mention that he's cooking in a wok and JC thinks they said guac. He goes to the SR to get avocados. On his way back, he whispers with KC in the BBR about Sam being sad and congratulates her on her win. Back in the kitchen, he starts to work on the guac. 8:05 pm BBT Tyler, JC and Ang are excited for the backyard to open - they believe it will be tonight. 8:09 pm BBT JC goes into the HN room and invites Sam to dinner. She says she's not hungry, but thanks. She uses her 3 year old girl sad voice. 8:13 pm BBT Tyler and Kaycee are in the HOHR talking through the struggles of the comp they just played. Angela joins them and agrees to the cardio. They said that Sam fell and hurt her ankle. 7:42 pm BBT Angela is washing dishes, but as usual forgets to use soap. She then proceeds to make more puppy chow at JCs request. 7:46 pm BBT Sam nestles into her saucer in the HN room. She says that if she could call her mom right now, she would. 7:48 pm BBT JC tells Tyler and Angela that he doesn't like the sound of stirring macaroni and cheese. They laugh and say he's dirty. 8:24 pm BBT The houseguests eat dinner together at the KT table discussing the comp. Sam is sleeping and sinking into her saucer. 8:32 pm BBT They eat Angela's HOH cheesecake for dessert. 8:36 pm BBT Tyler asks if there is cheese in the cheesecake. Angela says no, it's cream cheese. Kaycee explains to Angela that cheesecake is indeed cheese. 8:48 pm BBT The houseguests are cleaning their dinner mess and eating the newly made puppy chow. 8:50 pm BBT JC, Angela and KC agree that they're not going to get the yard tonight. Or probably tomorrow. KC wants to get to be early tonight so she can get this day over with. 8:52 pm BBT Tyler heads up to the HOHR to use Angela's shower. He thanks her on his way up. She answers "of course". 8:55 pm BBT KC and JC talk in the KT about how this game is so hard because they care about these people and don't want to see them sad. They are in awe at the number of days they've made it. 8:57 pm BBT Angela is doing her nails up in the HOHR.
  12. 8:41 pm BBT Feeds are back. Angela in HOHR; with Kaycee, JC, and Sam in the KT. 8:42 pm BBT JC is fussing at Tyler in the PBR about blood on his hands and Brett. Tyler tells him that he's not going going home, even if Sam wins the veto. 8:45 pm BBT Sam and JC are on the block. 8:46 pm BBT Angela is upstairs alone eating her HOH sushi while watching the house monitor. 8:52 pm BBT Angela talks to the monitor in the HOHR saying "Would one of you come up here? I need emotional support" (just out loud, not where they could hear downstairs) 8:54 pm BBT Kaycee goes up to the HOHR and reassures that her noms speech made sense. They said that no matter what, Sam goes home. 8:59 pm BBT JC and Tyler are eating at the KT counter, not much talk.
  13. 7:05 pm BBT JC and Sam are talking at the KT counter, while Tyler eats at the KT, joined by Haleigh and Kaycee. Angela is laying on the KT table bench. JC talks through different cities he's been to that are on water. 7:09 pm BBT Sam said that she's freezing and that she has to pack. KC goes up to her HOHR to apply deodorant and change clothes. [exciting feeds] 7:19 pm BBT Kaycee is moving the rock climbing mat into the den. 7:34 pm BBT Brett keeps Haleigh company while she packs for tomorrow night's show. She said that production took a lot of her bikini bottoms. 7:45 pm BBT JC walks around the house knocking on the walls trying to figure out what is behind them. Production calls him out. 7:48 pm BBT Sam tells Haleigh in the WA that she is dreading putting on the black dress for tomorrow night, that it probably won't fit because of all the eating she's done in the house. 8:03 pm BBT Sam is holding court in the living room, telling jokes to JC, KC and Tyler. 8:05 pm BBT Sam realizes that you can hear voices of HG when they're in the DR. They all shake their heads. She is shocked. 8:13 pm BBT As they move the LR back into position, JC pushes it while Tyler rides the top of it. KC comes out and also pushes it faster. JC sings "Over the Rainbow" and the feeds go to fish. There's a lot of fish tonight because of the singing. 8:13 pm BBT Sam asks the other HG the definition of affectionate. JC shows her that it's touchy feely. 8:17 pm BBT Sam puts on her black dress and heels and said that it's too tight. JC tells her that she looks amazeballs, and sexy. "what do you want? no body?" 8:17 pm BBT Brett is in the KT combing his beard with a fork which he calls a mustache rake. Angela and Haleigh are in the WA - Ang tells her that she feels good, and that it helps that the person she's up next to is crazy. 8:32 pm BBT Brett fake cries for JC and gets an eye roll. 8:36 pm BBT Haleigh asks Angela is she was nice in her GBM. She's going to talk to JC in a little bit. Ang said that he's being weird and won't talk to her.
  14. 7:29 pm BBT Angela and Kaycee are in the KT cooking dinner. JC comes in and asks about their pot luck, expecting a buffet. 7:36 pm BBT Sam is playing cornhole in the BY. Brett and JC are in the WA while Tyler showers. 7:50 pm BBT Haleigh does laundry while JC talks to Brett from the shower about Brett having three balls. 7:52 pm BBT Kaycee and Angela are in the HOHR. Angela says she has a weird feeling about JC and Brett, she doesn't know why. Haleigh comes upstairs to use the shower. 8:14 pm BBT Angela and Kaycee chat about how much they're looking forward to meeting each other's family and friends. KC can't wait to hear her mom call her peanut. 8:15 pm BBT Angela tells KC about her brother, who is a DJ in LA called Chas3r. 8:32 pm BBT Angela, Kaycee and Haleigh are in the HOHR talking about their blood types and what foods/drinks don't agree with them. 8:40 pm BBT Game talk from Brett and Tyler in the storage room. They are seeing what a threat Kaycee is. They feel that the girls have been loyal, but they will let them take shots at each other. They agree that they cannot throw comps. 8:46 pm BBT Brett and Tyler are talking through the double eviction scenarios. Brett says KC has to go. He said that if the comps are physical, they for sure will win. Lots of back and forth talk with various scenarios. 8:51 pm BBT The HG head into the SR one by one to pick up their meds/vitamins.
  15. 7:04 pm BBT Sam and Kaycee are playing pool. Angela is on the BY couch and they talk about her athletic background and how everyone in the house knows except for JC. Jaycee pretends to pole vault with her pool cue. 7:19 pm BBT Sam tells Kaycee that her mom is 6'2 and her dad is 5'10, so he must've been wearing boots to look tall in their video. Her mom wears a size 12 shoe. She said she's short for her family. 7:52 pm BBT Haleigh is in the hot tub, Brett/JC are working out with weights, KC and Ang are in the hammock. Tyler is in the KT with Sam. 7:59 pm BBT Sam and Tyler talk in the KT about complexity. They say they're both weirdos. 8:09 pm BBT Brett and JC talk with KC and Haleigh about how their gym has pizza delivered and it seems counter productive, but they love it. 8:15 pm BBT Sam, JC and Brett recollect their memories of 9/11. They said they were in school, 4th grade, when it happened. They think it's crazy that Haleigh doesn't remember, that she was 4 years old. 8:23 pm BBT Brett is thinking about shaving his face before Friday. JC talks him out of it. 8:27 pm BBT Brett and JC talk about the Tangela showmance. They know that they genuinely hang out because they are from the same place. JC talks about how that fux them gamewise. 8:33 pm BBT Brett and JC talk through scenarios. Apparently Angela and Tyler sleep in separate beds, but are face to face to be close. JC said he used to know who was working with who, but now he doesn't know and is getting paranoid. Brett agreed. Brett thought he was going to be a replacement nom today. 8:57 pm BBT JC says that he forgot that there were cameras on them during their game talk. Brett questions him "why do you care?"
  16. 7:01 pm BBT Sam is in the HN room making up a large pillow and talking to herself. "I'll be snug as a bug in a have not rug" 7:04 pm BBT Brett and JC are talking in the BY hammock. Brett says that he hopes Rachel has kept her sense of humor because he's been roasting her. 7:06 pm BBT JC is prompting Brett to discuss and compare the girls' bodies in the house and Brett is having none of it. He is not engaging in the conversation. 7:27 pm BBT Angela is going through the BBR smelling thingst that smell like Febreze. She wants to wash her pillow. She said everything smelled like Crisco before. 7:30 pm BBT The houseguests are yucking it up for Snapchat in the BY. 7:42 pm BBT Brett goes in to ask production to turn on the hot tub. Haleigh is in the hammock and Angela is eating a salad in the BY. 7:56 pm BBT Angela and Haleigh are discussing how Fessy would push Angela to not put Haleigh up and how it was not good for Haleigh's game. They both agree that Swaggy set the mood for the season and they wish that he hadn't. 7:59 pm BBT Tyler and Brett have finally learned which HG has been peeing on the toilet seat, as JC told them that he doesn't like to hold his peepee when going to the bathroom. Hilarity ensues. 8:02 pm BBT Angela describes her apartment decor as white and grey, with a monogrammed couch. She doesn't sit on her couch though, she's always in her bed. 8:16 pm BBT Angela, Haleigh, Kaycee and JC are eating ice cream in the KT, all eating from the same pint. Angela then eats from the low cal Halo Top pint. Brett comes in and finishes off the pint outside. 8:23 pm BBT Haleigh pokes her head in the back yard where Sam is doing laundry and asks her if she minds if she cooks that pie. 8:38 pm BBT JC is trying to figure out how the memory wall works and messing with production, who is telling him to stop. 8:44 pm BBT Angela celebrates beating KC at pool. 8:46 pm BBT Brett works out with weights while Tyler chills in the hammock. 8:55 pm BBT The houseguests try hard to explain fire crotch and red hair to Kaycee. She's a little slow on the uptake tonight.
  17. 9:53 pm BBT POP TV on #BBAD show, JC is sleeping on the couch in the HOHR.
  18. 7:09 pm BBT JC suggests to Sam that they make a chocolate pie. She thinking through what they'll use for the crust. She sends JC to the SR for butter and a pack of cookies. 7:13 pm BBT Kaycee is asleep in a BBR chair. 7:16 pm BBT Sam assigns the task of crumbling the cookies to JC, which is he beats with a roller in a plastic ziploc bag. 7:30 pm BBT It's like watching paint dry in the BB house tonight as they all mentally and physically rest up for the POV comp. 7:42 pm BBT Brett said "they're still going out there", referring to the noise in the back yard. 7:51 pm BBT JC was just called to the DR! It sounds like they'll be playing soon. KC said "COME ON, JC - THROW THAT A$$ IN A CIRCLE!" to get him to move faster. 7:54 pm BBT The feeds have gone to the previous season reels, so the POV comp is upon us.
  19. 7:02 pm BBT JC, Tyler and KC are up in the HOHR talking about how the former HG know them. They reminisce about the experience with them. JC said that Victor spoke to him in Spanish, which he thought was cool. 7:08 pm BBT Tyler and KC said that they're going to hang out with Josh after the show is over. JC knows where he lives and said it's not far from Miami. 7:10 pm BBT Brett joins Sam, Angela and Haleigh in the WA. Sam is cleaning the bathroom like Cinderella while the others relax. 7:23 pm BBT All 4 cams are on Haleigh cleaning the PBR and breathing hard. 7:34 pm BBT In the HOHR, Kaycee says that she's happy to be cleaning at home, but doesn't enjoy it in the house. Angela said she likes cleaning other people's stuff. Sam is still cleaning downstairs while Tyler cuts up chicken for dinner. 7:43 pm BBT Haleigh and Brett are brushing their wet hair in the WA, discussing melatonin and how they wish they had some to sleep. 7:48 pm BBT Sam takes a quick break from cleaning the HN room and waves/smiles at the camera. 7:49 pm BBT Angela is doing her nails while Tyler cuts up veggies for dinner. He asks what she wishes she were doing right now. She said she wishes she was on a tropical beach watching the sunset, or Hilton Head, or on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Tyler said he could handle that. 7:53 pm BBT Sam tells Brett in the HN room that the highlight of her day is the playing of 3 songs when they're getting up. She wonders what is going on in the jury house. Brett says he's probably playing basketball with Fess. 8:01 pm BBT Sam tells Brett about the Sugar Shack. She paid $8k for it, it's a 2016 20'x8' pull behind that was used only twice by its previous owners. 8:16 pm BBT Kaycee, Angela, Tyler and Haleigh are in the KT talking about how good all of the ex-HGs were that visited today, and that they feel like they knew all of them personally. 8:25 pm BBT The HG all eat together in the kitchen, except for Sam and JC, who are upstairs on the bridge. Sam laying on the floor watching them through the window. 8:41 pm BBT The HG are talking about how they'd like to meet Christmas, and that she's pregnant. They wonder if she was pregnant when she was in the house, and then realize that they're tested for everything. They all agree that her baby daddy is not cute. 8:43 pm BBT Sam and JC play chess upstairs. Downstairs, the HG talk about all of the catch words they've used this season, such as "literally, essentially, the point is, the reality is, flustrating", etc. 8:54 pm BBT Sam and Angela are chatting in the BBR about her cleaning. She said she cleaned the HN room floor, but isn't motivated to do more. She goes back and lays in her saucer. 8:56 pm BBT JC is talking to Brett about how they are choosing the have nots and that he does not like it. Brett is hoping that they're done after this week. 8:58 pm BBT JC tells Brett and Haleigh how long it takes to grow avocados and bananas, and in the Caribbean culture they have genetically modified fruits, but they're natural down there. 8:59 pm BBT Haleigh goes into the HOHR to listen to Chris Brown music. Brett said that he hit a mental wall today on Day 80 and that he's ready for the outside world. 9:06 pm BBT Angela sets up her hair extensions on the pillow in her bed to fake people out to think that she's in her bed, covering things with the comforter to make it look like a body.
  20. 8:00 pm BBT JC walks by and studies the wall for a minute and then leaves. Then Brett sits at the KT table and focuses on the pictures for a while. 8:02 pm BBT In the BBR, JC tells KC, Angela and Tyler that the comp was a good core workout and that he could feel it in his back. KC said it's because he was on a stool, and that she could feel it earlier when they were practicing. 8:11 pm BBT Sam is whispering to herself "I wanna be here. I wanna be happy" up on the bridge couch. She appears to be counting days left and talking to the camera. "OK - only 24 more days. That's not so bad." 8:27 pm BBT All feeds are on Kaycee, Brett and Tyler, who are eating dinner in the KT. Brett said "all that lockdown and for the quickest comp" 8:33 pm BBT Sam is watching from the upstairs railing while Haleigh runs laps up there. JC and Brett are talking in the PBR about how close the comp was. 8:38 pm BBT Angela and Tyler hug in the WA. She says "I'm so tired of being personally attacked. What did I ever do to Scottie?" 8:39 pm BBT Angela joins KC in the geo room and continues to talk about being personally attacked. She didn't hear any of the comp instructions because she was fuming. She's so embarrassed, and feels bullied for doing nothing, playing the game respectfully. 8:42 pm BBT Kaycee comforts Angela pointing out that it shows Scottie's character and that he just does too much, and that people will know the truth. Ang said that she loves Scottie, and has to decide if she wants his friendship in her life. 8:48 pm BBT Kaycee and Angela are whispering in the geo room and it's difficult to hear. Brett and Sam talk in the PBR about teeth and her permanent retainer that she has from when she had braces. 8:53 pm BBT JC joins Angela and KC in the geo room where they continue to talk about how Fessy and Scottie attacked Angela during their eviction speeches. JC tells her to not let it affect her, but that he understands how she'd feel bad.
  21. 7:06 pm BBT Feeds are back and the HG are in the KT, except for Angela and Kaycee in the WA. 7:07 pm BBT Brett is kicking himself for losing by less than a second. KC said she would've been P*SSED! 7:08 pm BBT Haleigh is cutting up zucchini squash for dinner while Tyler dips Rice Chex into peanut butter. KC is looking forward to her pictures and said she is looking for hair gel in her HOH basket. 7:10 pm BBT Haleigh reminds the others that there are 10 more comps. They laugh at Scottie cussing in his speech and then flipping them off as he left. Haleigh said "what did he think he'd gain by doing that" and Sam smirks at the camera. 7:15 pm BBT Angela wonders who's winning the most hated in the jury house right now, she thinks it's probably a tie. 7:16 pm BBT Tyler, Angela and Brett are again talking through Scottie's speech and exit. Brett is bummed because he blew it on the comp. 7:18 pm BBT Angela laughs at how funny it'll be when Haleigh enters the jury next week. They think that the only one that might hate Tyler is Bayleigh. 7:21 pm BBT Brett is thinking ahead to what should happen on finale night based on last season's show. He explains it to the others as what to expect. 7:24 pm BBT Brett said he honestly did not expect to see Sam vote Scottie out. 7:30 pm BBT Brett, Angela, JC and Haleigh wonder how much of Scottie's speech was cut from the live show. They confirm that he said "everyone can suck it except for Tyler since he’s been getting all that good Hilton Head". Brett said he got the joke right away, where it took the others a little longer. 7:47 pm BBT There is a lot of chatter in the KT and Sam is upstairs on the couch just listening and taking it all in. 7:53 pm BBT Angela and Tyler are talking in the BBR. He tells her that production told him not to worry about it, but just to defend it. She wonders if it was actually aired on tv, "seriously - how many times can people take a stab at my character". 7:55 pm BBT Haleigh continues to cook dinner, as she finishes prepping the salmon to go with the vegetables she just made.
  22. 9:26 pm BBT The HG got a booze delivery and are playing Pong.
  23. 8:02 pm BBT The HG have been singing quite a bit tonight, so there's a lot of cutting the feeds to fish every few minutes. 8:11 pm BBT Haleigh is in the BBR eating Funyuns. Scottie joins her and she says she's reflecting on her life. "Your entire life?" "just the last few months". 8:29 pm BBT KC and Sam explain to Tyler how the show airs with the different time zones. It takes quite a bit of schooling before he understands. 8:40 pm BBT Tyler goes upstairs and tells Angela that he asked Sam what Chantix was and Sam got upset. They talk about how to have normal conversations in public without giving themselves away. 8:45 pm BBT Scottie and KC are in the BBR and he tells her that he learned so much in jury, like how Bayleigh and Rockstar started the Maneater alliance. 8:49 pm BBT Scottie tells KC that when the two of them were on the block, that Fessy, Haleigh, Angela and Tyler had a F4 deal. KC plays dumb like she didn't know. 8:52 pm BBT Tyler and Angela are canoodling once again in the HOHR bed. 8:53 pm BBT Scottie says he loves Haleigh as a person, but she's been playing him since week 2, and that she had 5 F2 deals. 8:58 pm BBT Scottie tells KC that Tyler is his best friend in the house and that he would never do anything to jeopardize his game. 9:01 pm BBT KC tells Scottie that she loves him and respects him as a person and a player. "but you suck at foosball" 9:04 pm BBT Scottie takes KCs hand and he asks her for a F2 and she says "oh sh*t", thinks about it, and then answers "ok". [DISCLAIMER: this wasn't very clear audio with Scottie, so I'm not 100% this is what he said]
  24. 7:05 pm BBT Scottie and Sam are playing chess upstairs on the bridge, while Angela and Haleigh are getting made up in the WA. No game talk. 7:08 pm BBT Angela is hoping to get some sleep tonight. There was a lot of loud talk coming from Sam in the HN room last night, so she didn't get much sleep last night. 7:10 pm BBT Angela, Tyler, JC, Haleigh and Brett are in the KT. Haleigh is flipping her hair around getting it up top while Angela picks at her nails. KC joins them. 7:16 pm BBT JC asks Brett if "we can go shower now". Brett says "WE are not going anywhere right now". They all laugh. JC tells Brett he has a dirty mind. 7:24 pm BBT JC tells the others that Cory (of Cory and Nicole) is his type. Haleigh said that he was so boring. Angela said "so the most basic white boy". 7:28 pm BBT Sam and Scottie are talking about the Harry Potter books illustrations upstairs. Sam didn't read all of the books, but thinks she did see the movies. 7:31 pm BBT Scottie said he watched the entire series of Harry Potter movies while he was in jury. 7:32 pm BBT Sam said that JK Rowling started the idea of Harry Potter on coffee napkins, and now is second only to the Queen in terms of wealth. 7:36 pm BBT Tyler is eating, JC is playing with the hula hoop, Angie is sitting at the KT counter and KC is doing dishes/cooking. 7:51 pm BBT Random chatter in the KT while Haleigh blow dries her nails in the WA. 7:57 pm BBT The HG are in the KT talking about previous showmances, and some with age differences. Brett said that Rockstar tried to be in a showmance with him. [lol]
  25. 9:05 pm BBT Angela asks Brett what JC is saying. Brett says that JC feels frustrated. Angela said yes, he has contributed a lot, but they've saved him so many times. They wonder how many HOHs he's actually thrown. She heard him say that he threw the tree comp, and Brett thinks he threw the last one. 9:08 pm BBT Angela can't wait til there are 4 or 5 of them. She and Brett say "oh please don't send me into the house with Rockstar". They don't want to go where they're both hated by all there. 9:09 pm BBT Angela said you can't play this game walking on eggshells, worrying about jury votes. Brett agrees. 9:10 pm BBT Angela says that they need to make sure they make sure Scottie feels safe. If he gets wind that he's going, he could call out that side of the house in his speech. 9:11 pm BBT Brett is worried that Sam will not forget the speaker incident if she wins HOH and that she'll put him up. Angela wants Sam gone, but that JC is more manipulative and can influence people. 9:16 pm BBT Haleigh tells Tyler that she's over the freaking out stage of being nominated because it won't do any good. She knows that Scottie is good with people, but she's happy with the reassurances she's getting from HGs. Tyler said as far as he knows, she's staying - but he can't guarantee it. 9:20 pm BBT Angela was mid-sentence talking to Brett in the BBR when KC came around the corner with a loud "BOO!". Angela screamed and jumped around on the bed. 9:25 pm BBT KC manages to scare Scottie as well as he came around the corner in the BBR. He screams and then runs through the living room, jumping over the couch. 9:34 pm BBT Brett and JC try to convince Haleigh to clean the kitchen table. Haleigh says "I don't want Sam to stab me in my sleep". She says she's not getting her vote anyway, so what does it matter. 9:38 pm BBT JC, Angela, Brett and Haleigh talk through different ways they could mess with Sam. They're all tired of dealing with her and want her gone.