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    Geez Geez. So much to address. I'm setting my own clock. Let's see if we can do it in 7 minutes. First off, the boxer's this year were a superb bunch. Last year, if you can remember, some were naturally better than others, and because of editing, it was easier to side with some fighters than others. You can remember the villains (Bonsante and for the second half of the show, Ishe) and the good guys (Alfonso and Sergio. No connection to race). This season is an interesting one. I liked all of the guys, save Stewart. Then I saw them fight SC Rebel, except for two of your predictions, I completely sided with you. Forbes is the man with the gold and the training to go all the way (Old school, as tommy once called him), and K9 showed he was a power puncher in the first battle (2nd battle? Showed he liked to hug and screw up a fight). I hoped Gary Balletto was going to pull it all out and take on Forbes in the end, but Bravo looked like the man would might've stopped him. I completely disagreed, however, about Stewart. He just seemed to me like a lucky guy. Ebo was a gutsy little dude, and he could've won the fight except that he punched himself too far, and ate a big right hand. But Grady was faster than that. I honestly don't think he can be fast forever, though, especially against Steve Forbes. I sincerly hope that the finals will be Bravo and Forbes. Forbes looks like the all around power puncher with enough speed to deliver the combos in due time and enough clarity to make the correct calls punch wise. Bravo is a tough guy, not necessarily fast but he can hold his own. He also can pace himself, which is a huge thing in 5 round fights. Many of these guys come off of bigger fights, longer, and they think that they can go harder in a shorter time. Not the case. Which is why guys like Balletto and Elder exited early. Their pacing, coming off of 9-11 round fights, was shot.
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    'Last Comic Standing'

    No no no, I know you weren't saying that. I just had to make the joke Yeah but Carvin, what makes me suspicious is that she said it in almost the exact same wording and order and Dunham did
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    'Last Comic Standing'

    If I'm lying, may her seemingly eternal menopause stop
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    'Last Comic Standing'

    Little known fact, though. Michele's act might have been pretty good, good enough to keep her alive in the competition not once but twice, but her material is not all original. Now rewind to a few months later. Jeff Dunham releases a special on Comedy Central called "Jeff Dunham, Arguing with Myself". And for those of you who didn't know, Jeff is a very talented ventriliquist who works with various dummies with different personalities, his most famous possibly being Walter, with the duo being on a variety of television comedy shows such as Blue Collar TV as well as various stand up compliations. But in the first thirty minutes of Walter and Jeff's banter, Walter starts to make fun of the Santa Ana cops, saying that they're not very threatening since they're on bicycles. And I believe one of Walter's exact lines is I'm hoping that's the broken house rule. Not using other comics material
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    Pstovall, I have no idea myself, watched that fight with my eyes wide open, saw or heard nothing about 2nd place. I'd imagine he wouldn't walk away empty handed, so he probably got like $400,000 to $500,000, but its just a guess cman
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    In Lucy's pocket?
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    I loved the car, and i voted for it. Ya, nuff said
  8. Im registered, but probably wont be able to chat much
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    http://www.kastner.com/ colored in pink and japanese things?
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    Tribe Name: Mortystribe Rank Team Name Score 1 cappystribe 1669 2 elemteachermom 1559 3 tabitha 1454 4 TheGaYToRGang 1417 5 Nicole 1340 6 unknown08 1186 7 Mortysurvivors 1152 8 ryders 590
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    Celebrities and The Law

    Gary Sheffield takes a punch Gary Sheffield turned to the Boston fan who hit him, his fist cocked and his temper hot. Then, the New York Yankees outfielder stopped himself from doing something foolish. "We have to give Sheffield a lot of credit,'' Boston's Johnny Damon said, "for him to restrain himself the way he did.'' Sheffield was fielding Jason Varitek's two-run triple along the low right-field fence in the eighth inning of the Red Sox's 8-5 victory Thursday night when a fan swung a short uppercut in his direction, appearing to graze the side of the slugger's face with his right arm. "Something hit me in the mouth. It felt like a hand,'' Sheffield said. "I thought my lip was busted.'' After Sheffield picked up the ball, he shoved the fan before throwing the ball back to the infield as two runs scored. Another fan's beer also sprayed in Sheffield's direction. "I tried to get his hand out of my face so I could continue on with the play,'' he said. "To get punched in the mouth, you don't expect that in a baseball game.'' Sheffield then whirled around with a cocked fist, shouting in the face of the first man -- but restrained himself and did not throw a punch. A security official quickly jumped over the three-foot wall to separate the two. Players and more security officials gathered in the area, but order was soon restored. "I guess there's always one idiot in the stands,'' New York captain Derek Jeter said. As Sheffield walked away, he rubbed the side of his face and then looked at his hand. "It could have been worse if I didn't hold my composure,'' Sheffield said. "I almost snapped, but I thought about the consequences.'' There had been plenty of action before that -- three homers off Randy Johnson, the ejection of Boston manager Terry Francona and hitting coach Ron Jackson after questionable calls by plate umpire Greg Gibson and three hits and three RBIs by Hideki Matsui. The teams already have seen plenty of each other, meeting six times in their first nine games with many memorable twists -- a walk-off homer by Jeter, two blown saves by Mariano Rivera, a pregame ceremony where the Red Sox got their championship rings and two homers off Curt Schilling in a poor season debut. Despite their rivalry, the teams had played clean, exciting games. Yankee pitchers didn't even retaliate when Boston pitchers hit four of their batters in the opening series in New York. That emotion has erupted beyond the field's fences before. During the 2003 AL playoffs, two Yankees players got into a brawl with a Red Sox groundskeeper in New York's bullpen. Relief pitcher Jeff Nelson and outfielder Karim Garcia were charged with assault but agreed to a deal last October that called for the charges against them to be dropped in six months. "We have two great teams and two great baseball cities and a lot of emotion,'' Francona said. Johnson got pounded -- although he allowed just five hits -- and reliever Tom Gordon (0-1) gave up three runs in one inning with the score tied 5-5 after seven. "He had good stuff,'' Yankees manager Joe Torre said of Johnson, "but, again, when he made pitches not where he wanted them, they cost him dearly.'' Two-run homers by Jay Payton in the second and Edgar Renteria in the third, and a solo shot by Varitek in the fourth left the game tied 5-5. New York had scored on Matsui's RBI double in the third then added four runs in the fourth on a bases-loaded walk to Sheffield., a two-run single by Matsui and an RBI single by Rodriguez. Damon led off Boston's eighth with a single and scored the go-ahead run on Renteria's double. David Ortiz was walked intentionally before Varitek lined his triple, putting right fielder Sheffield on a collision course with the unruly fan. "These people shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets much less come to a ballgame,'' Torre said. "It was an ugly incident.'' There have been others in sports recently. On Nov. 19, players and fans exchanged punches in the stands near the end of a Pacers-Pistons game in one of the worst brawls in NBA history. The mayhem left several people injured and prompted a police investigation. Last September, the Rangers got into a fight with fans in Oakland, and Texas reliever Frank Francisco was arrested after throwing a chair into the stands that broke a woman's nose. On Sept. 28, Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley was ejected after slamming a plastic bottle down in the front row of the right-field seats after a fan threw it onto the field. He was suspended for the rest of the regular season. Then, there's Fenway's fanatics. "People here yell at you and throw things at you, all kinds of things all game long,'' Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams said. "But what that guy did was different, totally unexpected. It was dangerous.'' It could have been worse. "I just tried to point the guy out'' to police, Sheffield said. "They were telling me to calm down.''
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    Celebrities and The Law

    Thanks to Jems idea, also what i was thinking, a thread to include lawsuits, DUIs, fights, and problems with the law
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    Celebrities and The Law

    Alex Trebek sued in connection with missing horse A woman has sued "Jeopardy!" TV quiz show host Alex Trebek in connection with the disappearance of a $100,000 broodmare she delivered to his central California horse breeding farm. The lawsuit demands that Trebek and Creston Farms return the mare named BeBe Trando, or reimburse the woman, Marion Warner, for her loss plus damages and legal fees. The suit, filed March 16 in San Luis Obispo Superior Court, says Warner believes "that defendants ... sold, traded, gifted or otherwise disposed of BeBe." A spokesman for Creston Farms could not be reached for comment. Warner sent BeBe Trando to Trebek's 700-acre (280-hectare) facility in Paso Robles on Jan. 21 to be bred to Trebek's stallion, Iron Cat, court filings say. On Feb. 24, Creston Farms staff called to tell her the horse would be bred the next day. Then on March 2, the farm's manager informed her the horse had become sick during the night and had to be euthanized. The suit says she later learned that the veterinarian who had supposedly put down the horse had not euthanized any horses at Creston Farms the day that BeBe Trando was said to have died, or in the previous week. A horse listed as "BeBe" was euthanized on Feb. 17, but the animal's description did not match that of Warner's horse, the lawsuit says.
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    Miss USA-Show or Sham?

    Whoops, my bad ding! changed