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  1. ILoveDaniele

    Aaryn - Week 1

    so someone tell me again (bleeping out bad stuff) wha precisely did Aaryn say?
  2. ILoveDaniele

    Aaryn - Week 1

    ugh...oh man I don't think I can be on this wagon if that is real...
  3. ILoveDaniele

    Saturday, June 29th - Live Feed & BBAD

    after the Brenchel ultra super (give you the game) POV on a match that Brenchel won on once before...how could you think it isn't rigged?
  4. I am so happy to see you again

  5. ILoveDaniele

    Aaryn - Week 1

    VANN! hey hey hey Yeah the last two years I had a lot of personal stuff happening in my life...but back this year and yes I love this hot pile of psychosis i am so pleased to see you again
  6. ILoveDaniele

    Aaryn - Week 1

    I am watching BBAD...she's vapid enough for me to be her fan...don't know if she is gonna last long though
  7. ILoveDaniele

    Aaryn - Week 1

    could this be the Team Blonde woman of the year? :-0 oh...and hello again friends...I missed you
  8. ILoveDaniele

    Coach Britney, Week 1

    a cow princess!
  9. ILoveDaniele

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    ILD checking in!!! I am so pleased to see Britney and Janelle. I haven't seen the first two eps yet but just started my feeds up glad to be back!
  10. ILoveDaniele

    Coach Britney, Week 1

    omg omg omg omg Britney AND Janelle! I am so pleased to see my princess and my queen back. Team Blonde is here again! Dunno who to pick...and yes I did post this in the Janelle area too :-P
  11. ILoveDaniele

    Coach Janelle, Week 1

    are you kidding me?!?! Britney AND Janelle? Team Blonde is on top of the world...problem is I need to choose. Oh btw I am checking in finally. I don't know what to do...it's like a choice I don't know if I can make!
  12. ILoveDaniele

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    I am looking forward to choosing my blonde...period The weird thing is this year I will have live feeds but no satellite...so I may have to cheat and watch the episode online
  13. ILoveDaniele

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    Amen...forgetting for a moment that I loathe Rachel...it was so blatant and obvious I'd like to see a return to simplicity
  14. ILoveDaniele

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    Well here goes nothing! Time for another season soon
  15. ILoveDaniele

    BB 13 Finale Night - Sept. 14th 9:30EST

    been an aggravating year but nice to see you all again adios -Kyo