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  1. Dawnie

    9/13 - Live Feed Updates

    713 bbt all sleeping on 4cams
  2. Dawnie

    9/11 - Live Feed Updates

    6:17 am BBT all 4 cams are on sleeping F3
  3. Dawnie

    9/10 - Live Feed Updates

    6:01am bbt all sleeping on all 4 cams
  4. Dawnie

    Thursday's live show 9/10

    roflmao, gotta love him
  5. i thought of that last night, her water breaking live...i wonder if she would be one of those calm ppl who just continues on and afterwards, heads to the hospital, and an hour later, deliver the kid lol
  6. Dawnie


    hmm, thats a hard decision to make, chelsea or natalie...eh, its equal in my book lol
  7. Dawnie

    Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show

    Hugs Yana, I had the same issue this for the last 4 1/2 yrs, after I had abby(when she turned 6 mos old) I had to drive to San Antonio(2 1/2 hrs away) and get the gastric bypass..it was that or get my thyroid cut out...so far (surgery was on July 31, 2008)I have lost a total of 119 lbs...it was the best decision I have ever made in my life and I hope that when you do decide, it will be the best thing for you as well..pt's to you, the first few days was the hardest for me, after that it was a breeze..I still have about 30 lbs to go(to my target weight) but I am happy if I stay the weight I am now...GL and hugs again i do have to say though, being that i was more 145 lbs overweight myself, the best one for me was the gastric..you lose at a faster speed and you do not have to worry about going b ack to the docs all the time for fills..the only crappy part is the dumping syndrome, but your body does get used to it (or at least it has for me lol), the e rcising gets easy and its the best feeling in the world Ugh I cant believe jordan fell oh well, here's hoping she kicks azz in round 2!!
  8. Dawnie

    9/9 - Live Feed Updates

    5:53am bbt all sleeping 635am bbt still sleeping
  9. Dawnie

    Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show

    michelle has been evicted star
  10. Dawnie

    Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show

    noooooo urgh
  11. Dawnie

    Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show

    ditto here too JF lol
  12. Dawnie

    Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show

    lol i do believe so
  13. Dawnie

    Tuesday, 9/8 Live Show

    yay!! julie chen looks amazing this far into her pregnancy