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    Big Brother 9 Commercial!

    I am so excited!!
  2. suechick

    Thursday, September 6th

    I don't think they'll have a time where the feeds won't come back on this year. With "afterdark" they can't really do that, right?
  3. All Hg's are sleeping
  4. Both Jameka & Jessica are working out. Amber watching, but not working out.
  5. Dustin asked if Evel and Kail have an alliance. Jen said that Kail hasn't mentioned anything to her. Dustin said that some people are playing the game too hard.
  6. Eric & Dick still up. They've bashed Nick. They think in final 2, they'd beat Jessica.
  7. Dick tells Dani he doesn't want to be in HOH for very long. Dick tells Dani that he told Nick that if he's playing his daughter that he'll kill him. Dani giggles like a little girl, and asks what Nick said. Zack rang the doorbell and Dani goes in the Bathroom. Zack leaves, and Dani comes out asking Dick what Nick said. Dick tells Dani that Nick said he's not playing Dani. But Dick says, "there's always that risk." Dani starts talking to Dick about order of keys in the box, and what to say at nomination ceremony, etc. She tells him to scare the hell out of everyone. Dani said Kail has been approaching her about who's going up. Dani seems very happy. Dick is leaving the HOH room, hides the remote and slides down the bannister downstairs.
  8. Dick tells Dustin in HOH that Jen and Kail are going up.He tells him that Zack's key will be last in the box to keep him on edge.If Kail or Jen win PoV and uses it, he'll put up Mike instead.Dick & Dustin talking about Jen & Kail and how they would never put each other up. Dick says he likes to stay downstairs & mingle and sleep int he Round room, he doesn't want to be like the "godfather."
  9. FOTH, FOTh, FOth, Foth, foth....
  10. There will be no slop this week. They got lunch meat, chicken, eggs, cereal and milk, beer and then choppy feeds for me. Eric said they jumped into a big, green bowl of pasta. Jameka says she hopes she still gets a birthday cake. FOTH
  11. It's back! Woohoo, HG's showering. They are on Indoor Lockdown as BB must be cleaning the BY. Looks like it could've been a non-slop comp, and more foods won for the house.
  12. Foth for about 40 mins now (that I've been watching)...
  13. Joe is pushing for Zack to go up in place of Dani. Joe says he thinks Amber pushed for him really hard. Eric says he thinks so too. Asked Amber how close she and Jen were getting and Amber said her and Jen were only talking about cakes, and birthdays, etc...Said Amber had another "Kail moment" of proving they are not in an alliance. "Kail moment" seems to mean...trying to deny the obvious? Amber and Dani talk about the next HOH competition. Amber says one on their side needs to win it. Dani thinks Zack might throw it again. She thinks Mike isn't strong enough. AMber immediately is defending Mike, "I am not falling for him or anything, but he's a good person." Danielle reitterates that she thinks Kail is a "mess." Nick, Joe, Eric & Dick are outside talking and Joe is saying how he'll be going up. Dick says he thinks Nick is going up. Joe pushed Zack and apparently Jen told him it's their problem if they have a problem with him. Dick said, "She won't put up Zack, that' her alliance." Dani now joking that she won't use the Veto.
  14. Taco's are almost done. Dick is asking who's eating shells & who's using tortillas. Jen & Mike working out.
  15. Still FoTH, long food comp.