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  1. The talk eventually returns to Mitch working with both sides. Saying he didn’t control the decisions, he had a part in them though. He said when he made his POV speech he could see jarred was fuming. He said those moments sucked, he wanted to tell Raul what was on his mind, but he couldn’t. He tells Raul that if he doesn’t do well now he will never forgive him. He said he came in the house wanting to find a real friendship when coming on the show. He tells Raul he would never put him up, and he would have been okay if Raul had beaten him in the end, just being there with him. Mitch said the show has never had 2 open gay guys have that kind of friendship. Raul mumbles “I don’t know” Mitch asks about what and Raul said he feels like if he says something you would change your perspective on our friendship. Raul said if I keep you would help me in the outside world better and he doesn’t want to look that selfish….can you see my point. Mitch said he gets it, that’s fair. Raul keeps saying I don’t want to use you like that, what are you thinking? Otherwise you would think I was just keeping you to help me You Tube. Raul said if he kept him it would be for a selfish reason. Mitch said if you kept me, I would never think it was for that reason, I know our friendship better than that. Mitch said it’s up to you how you want our relationship to be. Raul said I want it to be honest, I don’t want something like that to affect our friendship. Mitch said don’t worry about that, he said now I’m having the opposite thought’s, if you kept me, I could help you. Mitch said we might not have to worry about this, it’s not a decision you may have to make. Mitch said they will still be friends, he will just know that Raul made this mistake. There are long breaks of silence while they think. Mitch said they ca maintain their friendship outside the house or if he stays. He told Raul that he would not think Raul kept him just to further him outside the house. Raul starts to cry and said I just don’t want to use you like that. Mitch said it’s so different outside the house with thw science world that it couldn’t help him, and not to worry about it. He said don’t think you can use me, you can’t so don’t worry about it. Raul is still very quiet and upset. Mitch is trying to comfort Raul now, and Raul says he doesn’t know what to do. Mitch said if you’re going to keep me, do it because we’re friends. They are both quiet. Mitch said don’t put that in your mind, it’s not going to help you. (he really is trying to comfort Raul) Raul is confused and said he doesn’t know what to do. Mitch tells him the same thing could be said about Tim & Nikki, and raul tells hin oh, I’m using them and laughs. Raul said we’ll see what happens and they hug. Raul is crying and says I hate being the reason you are on the block right now, and Mitch says it’s okay. Mitch said he’s going to bed. Raul said Kelsey was going to sleep in the HOH tonight, but she can f*ck off now. Mitch says he didn’t want him to feel this way. Mitch says he’s going to go and try to campaign a bit more, they hug and say goodnight, and Mitch leaves.
  2. Wednesday evening, in the BB HOH room, Mitch and Raul are talking. Mitch tells Raul, since this is coming to an end, I can’t be mad at you, I want to hug you. Raul tells him no, you called me a cancer. Raul said it was so offensive I would never call you that. Mitch said it was his only chance to show people he was against them, he said it was his only chance to stay, but that’s over. Raul said he wanted to talk to him, but he couldn’t and it made him so sad. Mitch apologises again. He said he wants to have a nice night; it’s his last night in the BB house. Raul says tell me everything that happened. Mitch said there is stuff I want to tell you but not about the game about me. Stuff you don’t know yet. Most of the stuff I said was true. It was where I was working with you and with Loveita, and he had to get Kelsey out of the group. It was that I always had your back, I never said to put you on the block. It was a situation I got stuck in, I never planned it. He realised later that they would want each other out. Mitch said it’s game. He said at the POV if people thought he’d go after them, they may keep him. Raul asked if Mitch thinks he made the right move, Mitch said no, you little shit. I just wanted you to know the Veto speech was my last attempt to save my little ass. The hardest part for me was to lose you as a friend, I knew in my head we would rekindle after the show. Cass walked in the HOH room and Raul told her to give them some time, go use the other washroom, Cass told him oh, yah, okay and left (just clueless) Raul talks about the totem pole and mitch asks him to explain and Raul said you’re leaving soon, you’ll see. Mitch said no, I’ll be in jury. Raul changes the subject and asks Mitch to tell him “those things” What where you going to tell me? Are you a porn star or something? Raul said I just not sure, if I leave you’ll tell them after. Mitch said he is debating telling them all now. Mitch said he’s making him nervous, Raul asks if he’s a killer. Mitch makes him pinky swear. He says that he is not a video editor, but he is a you tuber. My boyfriend and I have a science show and we have over 5 million followers, and I know Gigi Gorgeous. Raul started squealing and Mitch said well not personally and told Raul about a New York show. Mitch is feeling Raul’s heart beating. Then he says he’s met her at shows maybe 5 or 6 times. We have a bestselling book and our faces are on the sides of buses and that’s why they can talk about You Tube. We – staffers, he said Greg was a teacher. Raul said “so you have a bestselling book” Your friends are going to be so mad at me. Mitch says your fine, its fine. They talk about You Tube and who they know. Mitch said their Instagram has 250,000 Raul says WTF? He tells Raul you are my best friend in th house. I still want you to win. Mitch says it’s too late now, no one will go against you three, and then says well maybe it’s not, you could change it. Mitch said seriously you should consider how you will get them out. They talk about if they will be friends after. Mitch asked why he wanted him out, and raul said, you lied to me. Mitch said you just took it out of context. Raul said you hurt me a lot when you lied to me, Mitch said, you know I never lied to you. I just knew if you knew I had any part of Kelsey going home, you would be mad. Mitch keeps joking about not being friends after the show, then saying we’ll see. They are talking and Mitch said that Jared had Kelsey, and you had me, you could still have me….buy maybe that train is gone (he really keeps throwing in those little comments to try and change things) I obviously want to stay here, but…. Raul asks what the book is about and Mitch tells him science stuff like on our You Tube show. Raul said your followers will hate me 5 million, and Mitch said no, they don’t all watch this show. Mitch said it makes me feel better to see you smile, you weren’t looking at me before. Mitch said he still loves Nikki, she’s been an amazing friend. Even though I was acting the part it still affected me, I lost 8 pounds this week. He said he doesn’t care what happens to Jared and Kelsey, they’re not good people. Mitch said he is not dishonest, he asks what Raul’s game plan is. Kelsey comes in and Raul says can you give us some time, she asks if he wants a chicken burger and he says yes, and she leaves. Raul asks Mitch if he will still give him his vote if he is on jury, and Mitch tells him it depends, He said he’ll give everyone a fair chance. Raul said if he ends up in jury too it will be so much fun, Mitch said it will be, that’s why I want you to go next week., and laughs. He said it would make him so happy and he could just get over it because he didn’t win. Raul said so many people are going to hate him, Mitch said maybe and joke about it some more. Mitch keeps going back to you could keep me, you could change it. Mitch says ½ his followers are from the states, like 250,000. Mitch tell him how the You Tube thing started and. Raul asks if any celebrities follow them on You Tube, and Mitch says some b listers, but can’t think of any. He says they have worked with Bill Nye, the science guy and Raul asks who that is, and then says they guy that looks like Joel? And Mitch says yah. Mitch names a few more people he’s got to meet and some they’ve worked with. Mitch is talking about having employees and not being there for the 1st time, and he is worried what would happen if they needed him. He said te tried out for BB last year….and the feeds black out (production is right on this) when they come back Raul is asking if he could do You Tube and Mitch said you have to know what you’re going to do, and what your niche is
  3. 8:41PM BBT Mitch is in the pink room with Tim, Cass, Maddy, Ramsey and the bothers. He is chatting and doing his math pitch, what he hasn’t said is those same numbers work if they keep Joel as well. He said he’d like to talk to them personally too and asked if anyone had questions. Tim asks what his plans are if they move forward. Mitch said he can throw more stuff out on the table if they want now. Tim asks if they should talk privately or together, so Mitch starts to tell them again that if he goes, they are their (the 3 headed monster) next target. And if he stays and wins HoH, he will go after them (sounds like basic campaigning)
  4. 7:25PM BBT: Maddy tells Ramsey that she’s voting for Mitch to stay, Ramsey says I told you it’s a win/win. She tells him she thinks Cass may vote for him to stay too. Maddy tells Ramsey what Raul said about having 3 motes votes in Jury as opposed to 1 from Mitch. Ramsey says not necessarily, you are not on the top of their list. Maddy’s talking about her game and Ramsey keeps saying “our” game we’re in it together. Maddy says they like different people.
  5. 6:45PM BBT: Maddy, Raul and Ramsey are still in the the HoH room. Maddy is asking if the iPod will last while she has a bath. Maddy goes to the HoH bathroom and asks Nick to get out of the tub (now we know where he was). She asks Raul to take the iPod to be charged and he does. Maddy jumps on top of Ramsey after Raul leaves the room. They are whispering about something being awkward. Raul runs in and catches them cuddling and Maddy jumps off the bed. Raul tells Ramsey to go wash his face, so they go in the washroom. Raul is trying to catch a peek at a naked Nick rinsing off in the shower. Nick says he could rub one out and no one would even know, Raul said, "You can do that in my shower honey." Ramsey and Raul go back to the sofas in the HoH for Raul to do make up on Ramsey. Ramsey asks if he has even tried to talk to Mitch, Raul said no, he can come to me to talk.
  6. 6:38PM BBT: Ramsey, Raul and Maddy in the HoH. Ramsey asks if he and Maddy can sleep in the HoH room tonight. Raul screams, "Nooo," and tells Ramsey he can sleep with him. Kelsey, Nikki and Cass (stuffing her mouth again) are in the kitchen. Kelsey is going over what her and Loveita learned in the hidden room and how Mitch has reacted at the PoV ceremony. In the hot-tub room Joel is behind the bar, and Tim, Mitch Phil and Jared are in the hot-tub. Kelsey and Cass join them. Just general chat going on.
  7. Kelsey asks Raul if he smelt "it"
  8. 5:13PM BBT: Outside, Mitch tells Cass he wants to get everyone together and then people can make their choice, he won't use names, he'll use numbers. They get up and go in the house. Joel goes out to the hot-tub, but says it's too cold and leaves. Mitch is just walking around, going in and back out. He goes to the pool table and whispers something to Phil, Phil replies, "whatever," in a, "It's OK," kind of way, "You're on the block." He starts playing pool with Phil. Maddy is hanging out there with slop cookies. Nick joins them. Maddy and Nick leave and Mitch and Phil start playing pool. Phil asks who he wants to get in the room, and Mitch says everyone except the three, and Joel. He says it's just a math lesson. Phil says he's like to hear what he has to say, game and not game. Cass, Ramsey, Nikki and Tim are in the pink room. Tim said he won't do strawberries in the kitchen, he's in a state of distraction. He wants to go in the hot-tub. They are talking about Mitch again, asking if he'll be able to get everyone in the room. Nikki says I think we'll get a party if you two (Tim and Cassandra) stay up all night. Then Tim says they won't be able to stay up to enjoy it after.
  9. 4:55PM BBT: Tim and Nikki are in the pink room, Nikki saying Mitch needs to stay. Tim asks her if she realizes that if Mitch stays, then he’s won and Nikki says, good on him! Tim says he will talk to Jared and go over the options if Mitch leaves or stays. Tim is upset that it would be Joel that goes. Nikki says c’mon, he doesn’t have what it takes to get to the end. Nikki says this has been her worst week so far, she said she sobbed last night. It’s because she feels so alone in the house. Nikki says she lasted 6 weeks and she’s totally ready to go home. Tim said he doesn’t think Jared is the enemy, that the other 2 are the toxic pair, Nikki says Kelsey is poison. Nikki said if Kelsey or Jared get HOH next week, she cannot wait to leave, she can’t go through this week again.
  10. 4:07pm BBT The feeds come back and Tim is stating that Joel is a have not as well. His hero suit has “BACKWARDS MAN!” written in backwards on the back! Nikki asks the difference between maple syrup and regular syrup. Maddie says that they just forget to put the word maple in front of some. Tim said some is made from real trees and some is not. Hat’s off to Tim for explaining to a Canadian about maple syrup, sad that he had too.
  11. 3:53pm BBT Joel is wearing a red super hero costume with gold pants and a white cape. Video Cass is playing on the large TV screen. Nikki is just standing, arms crossed and watching it. Everyone else is in the kitchen. Joel is only walking BACWARDS!!
  12. 3:05PM BBT: Nikki asked for hair scissors and they are in the high roller suite. They are bigger than Nikki is! Lolololol Tim jokingly says to cut her head off and laughs. Tim says if they have kittens coming, not to scream. They are trying to figure out what to use the scissors for. They wonder what is coming next. It seems they are just sitting here and waiting. They got a slushy machine that Dallas asked for, and he's not there to enjoy it. I think they are waiting for production to put the next item in the High Roller suite. Joel gets called to the DR. Tim said they should have an exotic aquarium in the house. The feeds cut out again. They come back and Joel in back on one of the sofas. The brothers start reading again: Tim complained that the TV shows nothing, Cassandra complained she wanted more TV time, everyone starts laughuing and saying it will be 24/7 Cass. But nothing happens yet. The brothers ask if they need to read it again or if that was good and the feeds go down again.
  13. 2:45PM BBT: Tim and Joel are at the bar by the hot-tub. Tim says Cass is an idiot, he then backtracks and says that she will vote to take out whoever is powerful, and she's not good at this game, however, if she finds out info and she will tell them. Joel is explaining how he wanted to get Loveita in and no one listened. Tim said if Joel is there next week, they are in a good position, but the three headed monster still exists. He thinks Raul will make a move against the other two, or Cassandra. Joel asks if Raul would come after him again, and Tim says no. Tim said, "All we have to worry about is the decisions being made now, and combating what Mitch might do." The only thing they have to worry about is people thinking they can use Mitch as a tool and get rid of him at the end. [You can hear someone yelling in the background.] Tim is asking what is that? They go back to Mitch and say he is not crying right now. They say he is good and crafts what he is going to say, but he's not crying now. In the HoH room, Raul, Kelsey and Maddy are talking. Kelsey says that Tim in an evil genius. She asks Raul if he is pretty upset, he says not really. Kelsey takes over the conversation again. They are re-hashing Mitch's PoV speech. They feel like he crossed the line from game on got really personal. Kelsey explains that Mitch kept denying everything when Kelsey knew the truth, and because of that, they knew they could not trust him. Kelsey explains they did not know who was coming back in and they decided it was best for each of them to set up the other as best they could to succeed. So they shared all their info. This is how she learned so much about Mitch. Ramsey enters the room and Jared follows a few seconds later. They are on an indoor lockdown, but it's not supposed to last. SOMEONE JUST CALLED A HOUSE MEETING They are all downstairs sitting, the brothers are standing. They are talking about where they wasn't to stand... and we go to BLACK OUT... and the feeds come back. They are saying they do want pizza. The brothers have a card in their hand, and are reading. They are told they have been lodging complaint to the complaint cupboard they are watching the videos of it and laughing. All of their complaints are being played [Very funny.] It stops and the brothers ask it they're good to go, and we go to BLACK OUT AGAIN! And we are back. The BB Grand has decided to address some concerns, for Joel they got a basketball net for the pool. And the feeds go down again.