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  1. 9:54 AM BBT All HGs are in the KT. Kaycee says they only have 5 minutes. Kaycee talks to the live feeders, thanking them and POP, but they are ready to get out. JC's turn is next. He jokes about seeing his teeky teeky. Tyler wants a count. JC thanks live feeders. Tyler says he appreciates the live feeders. They are the true fans. Tyler said live feeders make them feel loved. If they love this final three, good. If they hate the final three, then too bad. Kaycee said to say hi if they see them out of the street, and continue to watch BB, it is a great game. Tyler said to apply! Tyler and Kaycee said this has been a ride, they get out today. They are shouting out to live feeders, and thanking us for watching. They said the live feeds will cut at 10:00. Kaycee said we can run into JC at Wendy's, Tyler at McDonald's, Kaycee said she is a peanut. Tyler asks if we are still watching, why? 10:00 AM BBT FEEDS ARE DONE FOR THE SEASON!
  2. 9:43 AM BBT Feeds went to FoTH again. Must have been a second wake up call. HGs are in bed, but talking and laughing. Tyler tells JC to go make some breakfast. Tyler said it is the last time JC can make them breakfast. He asks if they want eggs. JC asks what are they going to do today? Tyler said the same thing as yesterday probably. JC is excited to be able to sing. Tyler is still in bed, JC is looking over the wall and Kaycee is sitting on the side of the bed. Kaycee said they get out of here today. They are happy about it. They are talking about this morning's songs. One was Final Countdown. JC was singing Tiny Dancer earlier, possibly another song. They are talking about how relevant the lyrics were this morning. 9:48 AM BBT They are talking about BB Celebrity. Kaycee said Rhianna can have her bed. Tyler says Justin Bieber for his. JC is just laughing. HGs are up. Kaycee asks if people are even on at this time of day? She said they are at work on a Wednesday. (not all of us!) Kaycee hopes they can get the clippers before the final lockdown. Kaycee and JC in the WA, Kaycee doing her hair and saying her shoulder is still messed up. JC is running water and digging in his nose. Tyler went to the SR to get a new battery. Tyler goes to WA and tells JC to just stay in his boxers one more time. Feed 4 shows Orwell sitting on the couch on the gay pride flag. JC goes into the KT, Kaycee says something about making coffee. She is brushing her teeth. Every time they do something, they say it is the last time. Tyler laughs, says last time he will put ice in his cup. Kaycee said last day, today. Tyler said they made it 99 days.
  3. 9:12 AM BBT Feeds are back, lights are on, everyone still in bed. 9:39 AM BBT Feeds are still on sleeping HGs. Lights are on and there is a lot of moving around. Tyler grabs the emoji pillow with the heart eyes and cuddles it.
  4. 8:34 AM BBT The wall is open between the bedrooms, light is shining in from the LR/KT area. All house guests (all 3 of them) are still sleeping. 8:59 AM BBT FoTH. Possible wake up call?
  5. 1:35 PM BBT The HGs are finishing up their lunch that Tyler made. JC was saying who the hot guy and girl in the house might be this year. He said maybe Tyler, Tyler disagrees. Thinks Brett or Winston. Hot girl might be Haleigh or Angela. Kaycee said maybe Rachel. JC starts quizzing them on their days. We get FoTH for a minute or more, then feeds come back to JC quizzing Kaycee and Tyler still about days.
  6. 1:19 PM BBT Kaycee is talking about her brother. BB calls Kaycee to the SR. It scares her. She said Bob is really loud. Kaycee gets her allergy medicine. JC wants one too, but she only has one. JC said he got one the other day, it expired in 2016. He said it was just crumbles. JC is complaining about how Bob treats him. Kaycee gets called back into the SR, while JC goes to the WC. Kaycee comes out and eats the bagel sandwich Tyler made. She said it is sooo good! Tyler tells JC his breakfast is ready.
  7. 1:17 PM BBT Tyler is making bacon, egg and cheese bagels. While he is cooking, JC is talking, and talking.... He tries to remember a word, it is trademark. He said Kaycee's trademark is her bun.
  8. 12:30 PM BBT All three house guests are in the KT. They have brought the blue loungers out of the BBR into the dining area. JC and Kaycee are talking about going to Disney World in Orlando. They debate whether it is worth it to get the fast pass for Disney. Tyler joins them, and JC is saying they need to go the Halloween at Disney. Tyler talks about a hunted house in Michigan, where you have to sign a waiver because they grab you. He said it is a maze and haunted at the same time. They are happy they get out of there tomorrow! JC wants to know what day it is in "real life" 12:32 PM BBT Tyler wonders what time they have to be ready tomorrow for the live show. Now they are discussing this morning's song. Tyler said one is the gummy bears song, sounds like chipmunks. Kaycee doesn't know that song. JC said he never heard the songs. Kaycee said this morning she was doing origami, and BB told her to slow down. She didn't know why. They are talking about different things that BB says to them. Tyler said BB tells them to turn on their mic, but he doesn't know how to turn it off. JC is talking about french fries. He is having trouble explaining it, he says he doesn't eat them. Everyone is chatting and laughing. 12:48 PM BBT Feeds are back JC was talking earlier about a previous boyfriend, so we got FoTH. Then we got several minutes of FoTH. JC is talking about Kaitlyn, and how bitter she is. He said she took his sweater. Tyler is looking for food to eat. Earlier they were talking about bagels and cream cheese. Tyler said they can make bacon egg and cheese bagels. Kaycee said they have McDonald's coming to them! 12:56 PM BBT JC, Kaycee and Tyler are still talking about this season's house guests. Tyler said his plea will be he put up with JC for the entire 99 days. JC is talking about Brett, then Rachel. Not much going on, just chilling for now.
  9. 1:20 PM BBT Tyler is out of the DR. He goes straight to the BBR, drinks some of his water, then lays down in bed to sleep. Now all 3 HGs are sleeping. Nothing more to report.
  10. 12:39 PM BBT Feeds are back. Tyler and JC are bringing down some things from the HOH room. JC takes some things to the trash in the SR, while Tyler cleans up in the HOHR. Kaycee is putting things away as well. The table is now tiny. It has tablecloths and is very pretty. Looks like they had the reminiscing breakfast. Kaycee is taking some of the things into the SR, and Tyler has to get the door for her. She is complaining her shoulder really hurts! There is a small table that has to go into the storage room. Tyler was hoping it was on wheels, but it isn't. JC gets called to the DR. He said first things first. Kaycee takes the tablecloth into the SR. She told Tyler that too bad there wern't still dishes on it, and she could pull it out leaving the dishes on the table. Tyler jokes that JC said what are they going to do, fire him? Tyler said JC would be the first one fired from BB. 12:47 PM BBT Tyler tells Kaycee the omelette was banging. She agrees. Tyler heads into the WC. JC has already gone to the DR. Kaycee goes into the BBR to change clothes. She puts on long pants and a hoodie. Tyler is out of the WC, washing his hands at the WA sink, then rinses his face and re-does his hair into a man-bun. Kaycee moans as she gets into bed and covers up in the BBR. She puts an emoji pillow over her head. As soon as she gets comfortable, BB calls her to the DR. She gets up to go. JC is in the KT, talking out loud about his plans. He is going to go to sleep. Tyler is using mouthwash in the WA, and JC comes in. JC is washing up, Tyler picks his face. They complain about not being able to go outside. Tyler said the bags under his eyes are growing. He has never had that before. Tyler puts lotion on his arms, then back to picking his face. 12:59 PM BBT The wall in between the two bedrooms is now completely open. Tyler climbs into his bed in the BBR and puts an emoji pillow (with the heart eye) over his face. He theb takes it down and covers his eyes with a t-shirt. All 4 feeds are on Tyler. Kaycee is in the DR, JC goes into the PBR and says goodnight to Tyler. 1:07 PM BBT Kaycee is out of the DR and goes to bed in the BBR. BB calls Tyler to the DR. 1:09 PM BBT Feeds 1 & 2 are on JC sleeping in the PBR, while feeds 3 & 4 are on Kaycee sleeping in the BBR. Scintillating!
  11. 3:15 BBT Feeds go to reruns. Should be down until after the show
  12. 2:10 PM BBT Kaycee brings her clothes into the BBR. Angela says she is vulnerable, not to come lay on them. Kaycee lays on top of Angela and Tyler, an arm around each. Angela starts to cry, and says it wouldn't be so hard if she didn't love them both so much. Kaycee said they have the rest of their lives. After a few moments. Angela gets up. Tyler asks if she (Angela) is getting it over with early. Angela tries to hide from the camera. Tyler tells her that they know she has a heart, even Zingbot knows. Kaycee takes her shirt back to the SR to iron it again, leaving Angela and Tyler alone. They are quiet, holding hands, and Tyler kisses her once. Tyler gets up, asks if she wants some vitamins. She pleads for him not to leave her. He covers her in pillows. JC goes into the SR and Kaycee explains she was re-ironing her shirt. Kaycee and JC goes into the BBR. Tyler is still burying Angela in pillow, sith the crying emoji pillow over her face. She is completely hidden by the pillows. Kaycee, JC and Tyler are up and around. JC said he is going to take a shower soon. He doesn't have to wait on Sam to get out of there, so he can take a shit. They laugh. Kaycee and Tyler go into the KT, joking about loving when they had a comp and got new clothes. JC in the PBR says that they will never close the wall again. Talks about it being a conspiracy room, and Bayleigh and Swaggy love room. Kaycee in the WA plucking her eyebrows. Angela is still under the pillows. (really gotta go now)
  13. 2:06 PM BBT While Kaycee continues to iron her outfit for tonight in the SR, Angela and Tyler are lying on separate beds in the BBR, not really talking, Tyler is just stroking her arm. They both seem down knowing one of them is leaving in a few hours. (I need to start cooking dinner if someone can take over...thanks!)
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