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  1. 1:45 PM BBT Cliff is saying the people who are outcasts, are not going up. He is also not targeting Tommy and Christie, so that leave 6 people who he is considering. Tommy said if one of the 6 has to go, then so be it. Cliff said he hates the way Nicole was treated, Tommy said he did too. Tommy said he couldn't say anything prematurely, but he was in on conversations to save her because of the way she was treated. Cliff says the people he has to play with are not necessarily who he would want to play with. Tommy agrees. He said he isn't here for an easy numbers game. He said Jess and Kat need to get involved. Cliff said he didn't want to be so risky this early. Tommy talks about his risk taking in Backgammon. Cliff agrees. Cliff said he would really like to work with Tommy and Christie. Cliff said even if he has to work with Nick and Bella this week, it isn't because he respects their game. He said it is a numbers game this week. Tommy isn't sure if Nicole will go for it because of how she was treated. Cliff said if the veto is used, he isn't opposed to a backdoor. They will just have to see where it takes them. But....he doesn't want Tommy or Christie to go up. Tommy leaves. Christie comes in for her one on one with Cliff.
  2. 1:37 PM BBT Cliff and Sis are in the HOH talking. Downstairs, Michie, Tommy, Sam and Nick are talking about slop. Looks like Michie and Tommy are on slop, Sam said he will lay off the milk in respect for them needing it for the protein shakes. There is vegan, soy-free and regular slop in the SR, along with some in the crock pot. Michie decides to go take a cold shower. Tommy goes to the HOH room to talk with Cliff. (no noms yet). Cliff tells Tommy he isn't gunning for him, he has never done anything to Cliff. Cliff feels Christie is pretty straight forward, and he hopes he can trust her to work together, and will she believe him that she isn't his target. Cliff said they have a past, but he is looking to going forward. Cliff hopes next week if Tommy or Christie gets power, they remember that. Tommy said he understands. He will always be straight forward with Cliff. Cliff asks if there is anyone Tommy couldn't vote out, and Tommy thinks for an minute and says no. Cliff said he knows Tommy knows the game and is playing to win.
  3. 11:58 AM BBT Tommy and Nicole are in the BLR. Tommy is telling Nicole the plan was to save her as soon as she was put up. He said they couldn't tell her because it wasn't a sure thing, plus they didn't want her to know so she wouldn't act differently. Nicole says Tommy as a gay man and Christie as a gay woman know what bullying is, and she was sure they should see it. Tommy tells Nicole Michie's plan, to put himself and Nick up. Nicole said what if Bella wins the veto and takes him off? Tommy said she won't do that, she gets to frazzled. She can't win anything. He said if Michie comes down, then Bella goes up and they can get rid of whoever they want. 12:04 PM BBT FoTH. Feeds back again, Tommy and Nicole are still talking. BB says for the HGs to go to the HOH room for a lock down. They are surprised, said does that ever happen? They head upstairs.
  4. 11:37 AM BBT Kat says Jackson keeps saying he wants to go up as a pawn to keep Jack safe. Kat says that is so stupid. Cliff really doesn't want Tommy to go home. Cliff said it has been suggested to make the easy move to put up Kat and Jess, but he said he isn't going to do that. It wouldn't help his game. Cliff is leaning for Jack. BB calls Cliff to the downstairs DR. Kat hugs him, as they think it is Nomination time. Kat goes downstairs. Nick says Cliff has nothing to lose if he makes a big move. Everyone says the same thing. Jack goes to the BLR, trying to get info from Nicole, Holly and Kat. Kat is playing stupid. They say they didn't get any sleep. Also they don't think Jack will go up. Christie comes in, says good morning. She said she didn't get a chance to talk with Cliff one on one, and he is already called to the DR. Christie said she is probably the biggest threat, and she didn't get to talk with him. Jack said he didn't hear anything bad from Cliff about Christie. She said she told him she will respect him no matter what. Christie also tells them about her Diamond power. Now the entire house knows. Tommy comes in and Holly, Kat and Jack all leave. Kat goes to the WA with Michie and Holly and tells them they are not going up, they are safe. Holly is upset she hasn't been included in any game talk. Kat reassures her they are both safe. Michie is talking with Kat, trying to get info. She is telling everything she knows (she asked Cliff for it to be just between them, but she is spilling it all). 11:50 AM BBT Kat and Michie still talking in the WA. Jack comes in, and Kat said Cliff didn't mention his name. Michie hopes their plan works. Jack says what he told Cliff (which was talking in circles) Jack said something about integrity. Michie keeps saying if this work, he will be ecstatic. He said he will have to look devastated, but he will be ecstatic. Michie compares Cliff to the bass that has been in the lake forever. You can go swim after it, but cast a long line. Jack is now telling Holly what he said to Cliff, and how Cliff hasn't made a decision yet. He said Cliff just mentioned who put him up (Christie and Nick) and Jackson banished him. Kat is brushing her teeth, hard to hear Jack. ( he thinks he knows what is going on). 11:57 AM BBT WBRB/ Foth
  5. 11:30 AM BBT The parade continues. Sam leaves, Bella talks game to Cliff. Bella leaves, Jack comes up. Jack talks in circles without really saying anything other than Cliff has a big move that could help him. Jack goes back to the KT to finish the fridge, Kat comes up and rings the doorbell. Cliff stands behind the door and says come in, Kat is like...where are you? Cliff pokes his head out and scares her. Kat and Cliff discuss if Michie offered himself up as a pawn, Cliff said no, he just went over some scenarios. Kat tells Cliff that Ovi had the power, and what it was. Cliff keeps saying that is interesting. Kat thinks Jackson might have a power. Cliff says he doesn't think Nick and Bella are his targets this week. Kat agrees. He said he is not going after her, Jess, Nicole, or Sam. He said that leaves 6 people. He really doesn't see putting up Michie and Holly. That leaves 4 people. Kat says she loves Christie, Nicole and Jess love Christie. They don't see Tommy going home. Cliff says if Jack goes up and takes himself off, he really isn't interested in Sis going home. He said if he puts up Jack and Tommy, and Jack comes down, he would put up Christie, and that isn't his target either. Cliff is trying to figure out the best combination to put up.
  6. 10:47 AM BBT Cliff goes to TBR to get more of his things, Holly is back in bed with Michie. Cliff forgot something, went back in, then out again with a bag. Feeds back to KT, where Jack is saying the dreams in the house are really different. Cliff heads back upstairs. Someone is singing, no FoTH or BB warning. Jack is still cleaning out the fridge. Tommy goes into the WA where Nick and Sis are talking. Tommy offers to leave, Sis said no, they aren't saying anything. They are just talking about Cliff, wondering what he are going to do. Nick says he was upstairs for a few minutes this morning, but didn't get any idea of what he is going to do (good cover). Nick is lamenting that He is either going home this week, or the next couple of weeks, so it doesn't matter. Sis is telling him he doesn't know that. 10:51 AM BBT Sam is up in the HOH room talking to Cliff. Sam is complaining about not being in on what the vote is. Sam asks if he wants to make a big move. Cliff said he doesn't know if he will ever get another HOH, and he isn't going to waste it taking out Jess or Kat. Sam tells Cliff whatever he does, he will still be a target next week. Sam is pushing to put up Jack and Michie. He says Cliff will have the votes to take out Jack. Sam is giving points on what next week would be depending on who goes home.
  7. 10:15 AM BBT Feeds are back. Tommy and Jack are in the KT. Tommy said whatever time they tell us is when it is. Cliff is still asleep in the darkened HOH room. Feeds switch to Michie and Holly, but cant hear what they are saying. Holly appears to be asleep, someone off camera is talking, but can't see or hear. Feeds switch back to KT. They are talking about Holly being called to the DR at 4 AM, and Jackson was after that. Also comments on the TBR being so hot. They said it is hotter in there than outside. They thought it would be cold. Nick comes in, Tommy and Jack say good morning. Tommy tells Nick of a dream he had where they were riding bicycles and someone hit the curb and Nick made fun of them. Nick said that is so him. They try to decide if nominations are today or tomorrow, and when were the others? Not much talking going on. Nick goes upstairs to talk with Cliff. It took Cliff a while to open the door, he just got up and in WC. Nick tells Cliff he knows he and Bella are at the top of the pecking order (to go home) from the couples. Nick tells Cliff he knows one of the powers, Cliff said he does, too! They compare notes, Christie told the truth about her power. Cliff wants Nick's input on nominations. Cliff wants to work with Nick and Bella, but he isn't sure who to put up in case the Diamond Veto is used and someone random goes up. Nick says Jack is his main target. He said Jackson does whatever Jack says. They discuss the couples, and wonder if Christie would use the power if not on herself. Nick says Cliff has to do what is best for his own game. Cliff mentioned he and Nicole don't talk much game, as Nick was trying to find out who had the other power. Nick keeps pushing for 2 of the 6 to go up. Cliff said noms are today, he will talk with him later. 10:32 AM BBT Cliff told Nick that if Nick goes home, then Cliff is still at the bottom. Nick leaves, Cliff puts on his mic and HOH key. and heads downstairs. Cliff said it got chilly in the HOH room, but took a while. He heads into the TBR to get clothes out of his luggage. BB says there are fresh batteries in the SR. Tommy is in the WA with Holly and Sis. They are talking about the veto. Sam is in the shower, Holly and Sis doing ADLs and possibly Bella i the other shower (very short, hard to see). 10:38 AM BBT Feeds switch to KT. Jack is cleaning and talking with Tommy. Feeds come in mid conversation. Cliff is upstairs putting his clothes away. Nicole comes through, they say good morning to her. She asks about Cliff, they think he is taking a shower since he got his clothes. Jess comes in as well. Nicole gives Jack and Tommy a hug. Tommy asks if Nicole can make him tea, too. Tommy is saying he swears the clock changed from 8:58 to 10:15. He thinks BB is messing with them with the time. Jack is now going to clean out the fridge. Cliff comes downstairs and Jack asks if he needs help taking his stuff upstairs. Cliff said no, he is just taking a little at a time, and seeing what he has. Cliff goes to the SR to change batteries, camera follows him instead of the group in the KT. (Holly has joined).
  8. 9:44 AM BBT Lights are still off and HGs are sleeping. 9:57 AM BBT We have WBRB/FoTH Wake up time?? 10:04 AM BBT Cliff is still in bed in the dark, Nick is in bed, talking to someone, possibly Tommy. He says it sucks, today is the day, then back to FoTH
  9. 9:07 AM BBT After Cliff goes to the WC in the HOH room (earlier), he is back in bed snoring in the HOH room. All lights are off, everyone is sleeping. It was a late night, so BB must be letting them sleep in.
  10. 10:55 AM BBT Christie says she knows Nicole has to campaign to everyone. Kemi comes in for a minute, talk changes, then when she leaves, back to vote. Christie says she is keeping the faith, and Nicole should too. They leave the camper room and go to the KT.
  11. 10:42 AM BBT Nick goes to the DR to exchange his battery, and picks up his bags with his clean laundry. He thanks BB for the clothes. Christie goes in to talk with Nicole. Nicole starts her campaigning again. Nicole gives a good speech as to why she would be good to keep. Christie said she wants to vote with the majority, but would really like for Nicole to stay. Christie has been planting seeds, trying to rally for her. Christie said she can't say Nicole is good, but Christie has been giving information to others quietly explaining why Nicole should stay. Christie apologizes for joining in with the people who where screaming. She feels Nick and Bella are good at deflecting and creating chaos to change the topic from what they are doing. Christie says she loves the people she is working with, but she said there is nothing in stone, and that scares her. (sure). Nicole said she could get on her side as an outsider. Christie keeps saying she will continue to fight for Nicole to stay. Nicole asks who she should talk to? Christie said Jack and Sis, then Holly. She said the girls will rub off on the guys. Christie said she is close to Jack, and he will listen to her if they have some others. Nicole asks about Jess. Christie said she doesn't know where Jess is lately. She said her and Kat are .... Christie keeps trying to keep Nicole away from Jess, Kat and Sam. She said you have to take a different approach with Sam.
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