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  1. spr1ngtime

    Live Eviction Taping

    Surprising how year after year someone offers to be the pawn, it's rarely ever works and the pawn goes home. Is Chima even really interested in staying in the house. I haven't watched online for a couple days, last time I saw her seemed like she just wanted to leave.
  2. spr1ngtime

    Live Eviction Taping

    Maybe I can try taking pictures with my cell phone so its not as noticeable. That would be cool if we get to see her tape the morning show interview as well.
  3. spr1ngtime

    Live Eviction Taping

    They were free, I signed up on this site: http://www.ocatv.com/shows/show/265 I got an email letting me know there were seats available and went to the site to get them, the seats were all gone within a couple hours. But you can register for the waiting list and they might notify you when more dates are available.
  4. spr1ngtime

    Live Eviction Taping

    We are really looking forward to going, so exciting, can't wait. I'll try and post how it went after the show.
  5. spr1ngtime

    Live Eviction Taping

    Hi There, just wondering if anyone has ever been to one of the Big Brother tapings. I just got tickets to this Thursday and wanted to get an idea of what time it tapes, and how it goes, like do you get to meet the evictee?. It says be there by 3:30, does it tape at 4 or 5. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
  6. spr1ngtime

    Sheila's Baby Daddy

    I noticed Sheila is a friend on his myspace page also http://www.myspace.com/georgdolivo
  7. spr1ngtime

    Tributes, Gag reel and anything

    This is the video shown at the wrap party. Its not very clear, looks like its from a camera phone, but its fun to watch none the less.
  8. spr1ngtime

    Wednesday, August 29th

    Ok, thank you that makes more sense.
  9. spr1ngtime

    Wednesday, August 29th

    Does anyone know if what amber is saying is true? I'm refering to her saying that Eric called Jessica an F'ing whore during one of the late night games. She's repeated this story several times.
  10. spr1ngtime

    Jameka Week 1

    I also believe it is his mother that is the preacher. As for the bible talk, I think the twins in season 4 were worse. Yana, i saw that on the other site how he was saying or implying that you misqoted him, and then didn't seem to respond to your apology.
  11. spr1ngtime

    Blake And Jordin On Today Show.

    here's an article with video clips of their appearance on the show. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/18960075/
  12. spr1ngtime

    Young and the Restless

    I don't remember what year it was but found some info on Victor, Jr. Victor began a new life in Kansas with blind farmer Hope Adams, whom he met after being presumed dead when his car was stolen and crashed. Victor's return sent shock waves throughout the lives of his family, friends and foes in Genoa City, especially Nikki's, who was devastated when Victor wed Hope. In time, Hope divorced Victor and returned to Kansas with Victor's son, Victor, Jr. http://www.theyoungandtherestless.com/show...detail_387.html
  13. spr1ngtime

    General Season 3 spoilers

    Here are some spoilers from this article 'Lost' producers talk about setting an end date and much more Just some quick hits on some things that are coming up: We have not seen the last of Michael and Walt. We will be seeing Bernard and Rose again. There will be revelations relating to the Season 2 finale scene of an Arctic scenario: