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  1. Heya guys. Yup its just about July and time for BB! I'm not lurking.... jumping in head fiiiiiirst! <splash!>
  2. Welcome to Morty's, LostIsland. I like to listen to podcasts and Lostcasts is one of the best. They're very thorough in exploring theories and the clues. Not a barrel of laughs but get down and deep into Lost. LostCasts
  3. I have never seen Jeff cut in like that on a question, was he embarassed or annoyed?? It was weird to say the least and even if she has girl tendencies why at the 11th hour would you ask that question? and if really made her seem more coo coo than she is,lololol I'm thinking Natalie was calling Parvati out on some "promises" made to see if she was talking trash or if it was for real. That gave Survivor a little spice they've not had before...
  4. If they want a smut show for Showtime they should not have hijacked the Big Brother we all loved. Indeed, Marty. You nailed it. I've been a DIE-HARD fan of Big Brother since BB1, Day 1. I sensed the ominous circling out of the corner of my eye last season but its dishearteningly official... Big Brother has Jumped the Shark.
  5. Cool, mailie! I couldn't load the billboard (just yet) but did go to find815.com. Coooool! I spent maybe a wee bit too much time there but it has a great design and lots'o stuff to click and find.
  6. What about yellow guy (Paul?) showing his hand about having 1000 cals left for the day?! And then eating 900-some cals to only lose by 13 calories. Gotta hurt, both to the gut, scale, and ego.
  7. Easy and painless and clean hands to give it to the two teams that finished 100 seesaws (blue and brown). That would have been fair. But turning around and giving it to WHITE... not so sure. I would have given the cards to those that will be there for the duration and longest away from family. Also, those same folks *may* remember your gesture of kindness down the line and do you a favor one week when you need it. Self Reflected Hole in my Theory: I thought brown was "in for the duration..." lol
  8. I literally howelled when I watched her crawled up the hill. This show loves to have moments that are borderline parody of reality TV. ...did you like the way she came down the hill...? lol
  9. No, I loved Ana too. She was cool sh**. Is there a way to bring her back? lol I watched the episode the other day where Kate and Juliette were handcuffed together in the jungle. Then they fought and Kate dislocated J's shoulder and then J. made her yank it back in to place? Oh my. Good times! I gotta get watching Season 3 over again and bone up. We're only just over 2 months away... I'm telling ya, BB9 better not interfere with m'Lost.
  10. I know, Nicole was so obscure for so long. I guess they bring certain personalities/players to the front and it's Nicole's time for a little camera time. Poor thing w/ the teeth. Holy crap! I was hoping for the escalator challenge. That looked brutal and it made you actually make the decision to quit to get out of it. These guys are all looking spiffy. They sure are kickin butt.
  11. So what's next week all about? The trainers go head to head and the loser's whole team has to leave...?! Interesting. My $$'s on Jillian to slam dunk that comp.
  12. That live weigh-in of Kae was a nice touch to the show. I wondered if the producers aren't fond of the most successful players leaving the show early and thought to make the big To-Do with her last night.. Let's hope Bill isn't next... The finale's gonna be cool.
  13. Ok, next week's episode promotes a live weigh in. What exactly is a "live weigh in", in the middle of a show, that took place months ago?
  14. Hey, BB8 Addict.... Are you gonna hop on the "BB9Addict" name before it gets scooped up...
  15. Mimi

    Missing Pieces

    I'll have to pull my dvds out but didn't Jack and his dad have a convo by the pool the night before Jack's wedding? Was this mobisode thing an alternate scene to that scene? Did Christian give Jack a watch by the pool...? Questions for myself, I'll go check it out.
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