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  1. From Plano, so I'll give him a chance. But, I'm with PaganMOM, we'll see if he's smart enough to follow through with his agenda.
  2. One of my early favorites, which means I'll hate him by week 3.
  3. He's from my neck of the woods. I'm going to have to go back through my old baseball pictures if I can find what computer they are on. I guess he graduated HS in 09 maybe? I may have some of him playing back then at Dallas Christian. Dang, I've lurked on this board for 9 years. I should be notsoloudmouth51 now.
  4. I'm right there with you. Just kinda of blah right now. Can we do a month of BB in a night and just get on with it?
  5. loudmouth42

    Meg Maley (Week 6)

    I was hoping for the same thing. Its not a #bbscandal if nobody says anything about it. Maybe it will come up today while trying to convince people they need to vote him out. I know I saw a feed update that someone mentioned them spending a lot of time together, but not them getting all over each other. LOL, love it.
  6. She was described in her intro the first night as a free-lance poker dealer and having worked at all of the casinos in the LA (or maybe Calif) area. She could be just small time and not into the WSP tours and online tourmaments. Maybe free-lance means she works the charity casino circuits on weekends. I hoped that she would recognize her after the first night. I thought it could be fun.
  7. Whats funny, is every one of the HG will be hitting up Jeff and Jackie on how to go on TAR. Or what J&J can do to get them on TAR because (insert couple here) would be the best pair like in forever!
  8. I would like to see Jeff & Jackie, they were one of my favorites on TAR. I would expect them to be targeted right off the bat since they are a couple (or at least have history together). Someone in there will know who they are. I also don't mind the new twist every week. It will keep them from manipulating the twist to fit their group goals week after week.
  9. It would be fun on tonights show, if during the night while the first set of HG are sleeping, the second set enter. With the 2nd set not knowing there are 8 already in there and snug as a bug in a rug in bed. The second set runs in jumping and screaming only to have the half asleep HG run out and bumb out the newbies. CHAOS! If there are only 14, I bet they have Da'Vonne play HOH with the new group of 6. Then they could have the 2 HOHs only nominate someone that played the HOH game with them.
  10. loudmouth42

    Austin Matelson (Week 1)

    Having only read about him from his time in NXT and WWE training school, I wasn't impressed. But after watching last night, I kinda like him. Seems funny, down to earth and self aware of who he is and what he portrays.
  11. I'm not a fan of the twin thing, but it may work. I wonder how long it is before someone suggests someone else may have a twin playing, but not realizing there is someone playing that twist this year? Every year, there are people trying to guess whats the twist, is there an Americas Player, a saboteur (already last night), coup d'etat but I really don't remember anyone ever saying maybe its twins. Could be the twist was so bad, nobody remembers it or thinks they couldn't possibly do it again. Anyway, Ill still enjoy watching it play out and I hope they get busted just for the drama.
  12. I was going to go with you on #2. I almost wrote Austin will take his shirt off to show off his tats and brag about being a wrestler thinking it will impress the other, but only to have blank stares from everyone.
  13. 1. James and Austin both make the worst first impression. James because he will try to hard to impress and Austin because he will want to be the alpha male. 2. Becky will sit on the edge of her seat, eyes and mouth wide open, smiling, nodding and saying uh huh after every time someone speaks. 3. Jace first HOH and he will tell us he never throws anything. I also haven't watched any of the videos. Just waiting for tonight.
  14. I'm still here, but I'm usually a lurker. Maybe they did a better job of vetting the house guests this year, so there's not much to say until we see them introduce themselves. Other than Audrey nobody seems to have a past to bring attention to them before the show. I like that. I'll be sitting in front of the TV picking out who I like and hate based on what they say.....and be episode 2, I'll be picking out new favorites and hating the ones I liked. Cant wait!
  15. loudmouth42

    GinaMarie - Week 1

    So another loser wants to quit....just do it...I hate these players that go there and then don't want to be there. Taking the place of someone else that would love to be there....I hope they show her uglyness on TV.