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  2. I went from such a high at Jack and Michie being nominated to such a low on hearing Michie won the veto. I was so happy Cliff nominated Jack and Michie and that, more than likely, one of them was going home. Now it looks like they will both be safe and Cliff will be in the hot seat for picking them. They may not have happy that they were picked but the whole house should see it as a great move.
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  4. Christie cannot be trusted and I don't understand why everyone in the house doesn't realize it. After promising not to say anything about her conversation with Nicole and Cliff she immediately went to the 8 and told them all that way said. I know it's necessary to lie in this game, but she takes it to another level. I would love for her to go right after Jack and Michie.
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  6. 11:33PM BBT KT Cliff sighting. He has been in the DR forever! 11:35PM BBT CBR Bella, Nick Bella wants to stay til next week so she can win HoH and do something crazy. Nick says after next week everyone goes to jury. 11:41PM BBT KT Kat is trying to make ice cream putting the liquid concoction in a bag and that in a bag of ice with salt on it and Tommy brings over a coffee can to let them roll it in the can as it freezes. He was going to put the can in a bag so it doesn't leak, but he's decided to wait to see if it leaks first. He sits on the ground and rolls it. Kat pulls ice cream out of the freezer saying we could be eating this but why, when we can do this (roll the can). He says, we just do this for 1 hour. They open it and say it's frozen so they are gonna add more of everything. Cliff watches and giggles. Kat says, "Mensa didn't teach me much but it did teach me how to make ice cream." Cliff says, "WoMensa" and Kat replies, "Wamensa" Cliff says, "Hear me roar" Kat, "We're really good at putting together puzzles and ALMOST really good at changing on a jetski (giggle)" Kat and Tommy sit rolling the can between them. Tommy thinks it will take another 15 mins and it may be like really melted ice cream. Tommy asks if he should just put it in the freezer. What else does he have to do. [Orwell saves me from this, told me to go to bed! Thank you Orwell! -rms]
  7. 11:08PM BBT Christie, Tommy She says he has villain in him. I'm not working with him. I don't like the way he was yelling at me in the HN room. You burned your bridge homeboy. and if i have to i will put holly next to him I will. (thinking Michie) [She eats an olive and smacks and talks with her mouth full. ugh, gross - rms] Kat walks in and says Holly and Michie are F'n. Kat says the couples will pick the other,... Christie fills her in about the conversation with Cliff. Christie says, I'd be lying if I said that i wasn't looking to get to (muffled burp) a final 8 or 7 or 6 with (muffled burp) but (muffled burp) I know that I would be agreeing to take 6th place and I am not. She says she told cliff that she can't speak past the next 2 weeks because that's all her power's good for, but that if he he puts up Bella and gets their blessing to vote her out. She would love to make sure that we have each other's back like 1(Tommy), 2(Christie), 3(Kat), Jess, Cliff, don't know how you guys feel about Nicole, ... She says Kat and Jess she really cares about, Tommy obviously and Cliff if he lets her keep his power,... She repeats all she told the others. Tommy says they were talking about bringing her into the 6 as the 7th but that when it gets down to 7, they won't be working with the couples. He and Christie distance working with the couples. Christie brings up not liking how Michie treats her and you (Kat) too. [note that Kat had mentioned couples when she came in and now it is used by C&T as is "how X treats people" is one of their go to items for anyone with the other always confirming - rms] 11:18PM BBT Bella, Nick Nicole says she will play her best game going forward but she knows she won't beat Jack. So we need to turn her and would be 5-5 and cliff would break the tie. Nick needs to win HoH next week and put up Michie and Holly since Nick would be in Jury anyway. They keep discussing who they would need to put up and if Christie would use her power. Nick hopes he can use that Jack's a beast and Christie wouldn't beat him but he thinks they may have a final 2. Bella thinks they could say if she keeps them, they wouldn't vote her out, ... Nick says if she uses it and Bella goes home, Nick will win HoH and put her up next week. Bella says Sam said that too. 11:27PM BBT TBR Christie, Kat, Tommy still talking about Michie They hope Holly doesn't let Michie drag her down. Christie, "She needs to check him" he's a schemer. Kat doesn't true him. Christie says really nice guys don't treat women the way he does. and he gets heated fast when someone interrupts his story. She has no intention to go to the end with 2 couples. Christie says i would love if you'd be in on it. They hug. It breaks up. Christie hickups couple of times. 11:30PM BBT CBR Bella, Nick. If Bella was Jackson, she would't care how close she is with Jack, she would get him out. Bella says she could say something since she's going up anyway. Nick says that isn't necessarily true. Bella continues that Jackson said he knows Jack is a threat. She recalls the couple of times when he told her that. He supposedly said, Bella, you're good. She wants to point out he would still have the numbers as he's in good with Jess. Nick doesn't want her to bring Nick up. Nick says they said they trust him but not her.
  8. 10:47PM BBT TBR Jack, Tommy, Sis Tommy is still trying to get them to add someone else to their 6. Christie comes in and says Bella is scrambling knowing something is going on. Jack asks if Christie want to bring Kat in as a 7th. She says yes. [ PoPTV code word is Jury] 10:55PM BBT CBR Sis, Nick Nick talks to Sis about how he shouldn't have played so hard. He thinks it was bad he moved into the room where Kemi was as he listened and started to entertain things. He is afraid Michie will put him up if they use the power. 11:03PM BBT CBR Nick and Nicole talking about nick's mistakes and hers in the game. They laugh about poor Sam saying Ho Ho Ho, Nicole's gotta go. Nick says he was made they didn't tell him to vote for Cliff. He didn't care.
  9. Get a outdoor antenna. $30, problem solved, and the video quality is better (less compression).
  10. 10:14PM BBT TBR Christie, Michie, Jack, Sis Christie is downloading her conversation with Cliff. Cliff had admitted Jack was his target because he is "terrified" of you. She claims he said Jack is the strongest person socially, mentally and physically in this game. Christie says to tone it down and then says she is the same as him but in a girl version. She said Cliff considered putting jack up against Tommy or Christie but he would've felt bad if they went home like happens to pawns sometimes. He thought about backdooring Jack but wanted them the chance to fight. Now he feels it may have been a mistake because Bella keeps digger her a bigger hole. Everyone's fear on that side of the house is how united they voted and they are "the six." She says, that he thinks morals and wanting the bigger evil out is taking a backseat to fear of having no numbers. She claims he regrets doing both of them and is afraid of both coming off the block. Then he supposedly started asking if is there anything he can do to keep her from using her power. She told him she was leaning towards using the power but she didn't want to put the girls in a hard place of feeling like they betrayed him if they didnt vote with him. Then she claims he offered up if he put Bella up, then he wants to be safe for 2 weeks AND she gets to KEEP HER POWER. She also claims he held up his family's picture and said he will hold this to my heart, hand on the bible, look you in the eye, swear on my family and Texas and give you a handshake on it and i won't break my word that i will put up Bella if you talk to Nick with me about it first. [wow, someone needs to go review her and cliff's convo. Why would he have offered up to let her keep her power without prodding? - rms] She repeats a lot of this in bunch of ways. She even supposedly said if you support me, i will use my power to send her out and you can pretend to not know and stay clean. He said no, i do things with integrity and believe in doing things fair. That's why i wouldn't backdoor Jack. She claims that since she earned the power you shouldn't have to use it. [WHAT? isn't that the point of a power, to be USED? - rms] She says he wants to work with strong people, he said, i put them up because i was scared of them and i need numbers it was my only shot but as i lay here with my bum leg and i realize i lost the veto and one of them won and it was a mistake. She says he knows she would use the power and both Michie and Jack would stay. She claims he knows he doesn't have much options. 10:29PM BBT TBR Christie, Tommy, Michie, SIs She continues to sell it. Jack comes in interrupting everyone with a pineapple top on his head acting like the Madagascar character. They ignore him. Christie says we can't put him up the next two weeks and he won't put them up either. He also said he feels more comfortable because he will tell Jess, Nicole, Kat he supports it and they can vote her out. She says he doesn't want her in Jury because she's reckless and mean. She claims Bella came to him week 1 when gr8teful was first formed and told him about an 8 person alliance. If you agree to be a pawn for 5-6 weeks you won't go home because i have pull. He said at that moment he knew he didn't want to work with her. Sis says, "He's really sweet" then she admits to having been really mad at him earlier and saying she wanted to cut his d*ck off [wow, classy, these people are so toxic - rms] He said if one of them hadn't won the veto he would've kept the noms the same. She says he worked me and i worked him. Tommy points out he wasn't the target anyway, nick, bella would've been anyway so he would've been safe anyway. We just save him til last. We still have the numbers. She says come to me Monday and then repeats this family, bibelot, texas pledge. She was up there 1-1/2 hours. She says he's really smart, she respects his game. She claims he want time in the game. Tommy says, he isn't trying to protect anyone else with him? She says, no, he didnt ask for anything. Michie says, "No one else is gonna win 500 grand with hi." Christie says, that's what he said, ... [no way Michie guessed what he said -rms] 10:35PM BBT Christie leaves to take shower. They continue to discuss it. 10:44PM BBT HoH Nick, Sam, Bella Sam says Jack has to go it would be stupid anyone kept him here. Nick says if he couldn't get a fifth vote, sam would have to vote me out. Sam says he would still vote the other way since he is at the bottom doesn't matter. Sam says he feels like he's be judged talking to Cliff. Holly told Sam that you were up there 4 times we've only talked to him once. Nick tells Bella to not stay up here. Because it looks too obvious with them together up there. Sam says if Christie values that power, and she doesn't save it for herself, Sam would put them up together to get rid of it. Sam says if she doesn't use her power and sticks to her guns then she is working with our side. If she uses it, then the line is drawn. Sam's concerned Christie will claim people bullied her into using the power if people keep going to her.
  11. He doesn't fit in with this merry band of oddities.
  12. Well it’s a good thing I haven’t been that into the season of BB, because now I can’t see it. I live in Los Angeles and have ATT Uverse cable. Starting early this morning CBS is on a blackout. Anyone else effected?
  13. I'd throat punch her and send her backflipping off the bed.
  14. 9:08pm BBT Tommy and Christie in the rv bedroom. Christie is telling Tommy about her conversation with Cliff and the possible deal she discussed with him. Meanwhile Jack is in the target bedroom talking about Christie. Michie, “that's not cool man, she can't go around promising all these power moves, then...” Holly tells Michie to cool off, Jack tells Michie to cool it. They leave the room, Michie with a pretend good attitude. 9:38pm House guests are in the bedroom in front of the rv door. Everyone is waiting for the celebration of the moon landing Cliff has for them. Tommy and Nicole are getting ready to surprise them, and Jessica is helping them with make up. They have created cute costumes with household and kitchen items. Tommy and Nicole emerge from the rv to the applause of their audience. Cliff recreates the landing with sound effects and a countdown. He comes out of the rv in his aluminum foil helmet and American flag. Cliff also has a helmet for Orville. They plant the flag in front of the rv as Cliff quotes Neil Armstrong's words. The crowd goes wild and asks for an encore. This was an epic moment for Big Brother. Orwell looks especially natty in his space helmet. 9:46pm BBT Tommy and Nicole are asking to go into the diary room, but access is denied, even though they claim to have come in peace. After a few minutes Tommy and Nicole are called to the DR and the house guests cheer. House guests are asking Cliff about the moon race and his experiences as a child. Cliff is happy to tell them things he remembers. General talk about the space program and NASA, movies that have been made about space travel, oil drilling on asteroids. They talk about the Challenger explosion and other craft that have crashed during space exploration. Cliff tells them that small problems caused these deadly events. Cliff says NASA stopped night time launches because the cameras could not see the launch, he also tells them that his children knew the families of two people that were killed during our excursions to space. Cliff say United States is funding to go to the moon again, as well as to Mars. Cliff says a trip to Mars will take a few years to go and come back, but we have landed other capsules on Mars, that people who travel to Mars would remain awake for the travel, it won't be like in a movie. (he was asked about that). Cliff tells them that NASA has also done studies where subjects have to lay flat for three months to study muscle reactions. After a few minutes house guests are lounging around and we hear general chatter.
  15. 9:39PM BBT CBR Nicole, Tommy, Jess Jess is putting green makeup on Tommy and Nicole and everyone is waiting just outside. 9:41PM BBT The aliens are coming out to the Space Odyssey 2001 music sung by the HGs. Cliff starts his show with commentary, puts on his Helmet and flag. Carrying Orville with his own helmet. Places the flag and then does the famous quote. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" Then congrats to the astronauts and houston,... They all clap, compliment Orville's helmet. Nick brings up some of what they are doing reminds him of the part in Toy Story (he said 2 but was in first) when the claw comes down and they all say "The Claw, The Claw" Tommy and Nicole are trying to get into the DR together. after a bit, Bob calls them both in.
  16. I hope someone can cover Cliff's tribute to the Lunar Landing. I'm out for the night. I'll try to fill in gaps in the morning. -MamaLong
  17. 9:21PM BBT KT/DT gaggle of all HG and just bunch of chatter 9:29PM BBT CBR Nicole, Tommy Nicole is fashioning some alien antenna for both of them. Tommy is in on it and brought in some aluminum foil. He lets it unroll a LOT. OOPS. They wrap it with foil.
  18. 9:08 PM BBT RV Room Christie and Tommy Christie is revealing everything to Tommy, as usual and I suspect this is what Cliff expected...he even told her he didn't care if she told people everything other than the Southerners alliance (he revealed the "Southerners" to her...which she is revealing right now). Christie has proven her word means n o t h i n g ! She swore to both Nicole and Cliff and broke her word with both within minutes. [can't help but wonder what Cliff has up his sleeve..he is smarter than this -MamaLong]
  19. 8:23pm BBT After a long talk in the HOH room with Cliff, Christie comes downstairs telling the others she had a nice talk and is done talking game for the day. Cliff comes downstairs and tells the house guests the moon launch will be in about 15 minutes. Christie goes into the loo and Tommy whispers, “Tell us!!” then giggles. Holly, Michie and Jack are in the target bedroom. They are slapping hands on “Team 1,2,3”. Cliff comes in and tells them the moon launch is coming. He will use the rv as the background. Christie and Jack go to the boat bed lounge. She tells Jack she spent the last hour (she says it seemed like 2 hours). She says she didn't even have to pitch, but she told him that Jack was not vindictive, but a mush, a kind guy. Christie tells Jack that Cliff offered to replace Michie with Bella after he was reassured that Bella would go home and Nick would not be upset too much. Christie enhances the handshake offer quite a bit, but we can call it sort of accurate with fluffy frosting. Jack questions if it is word for word, Christie yells, “Jack”, sounding frustrated. Now Christie tells Jack that Cliff picked up the photo of his family and offered a handshake (that did not happen). Christie insists that she will keep the bargain, and expects Jack to do the same. She calls herself the “best Big Brother player ever.” After Christie promised Cliff this is private, Jack decides he must go tell Michie and Holly, he will tell them that Cliff has been promised two weeks of safety. Christie insists she trusts Cliff, Jack says he does too. Christie says Cliff is on the up and up, and she says she has not agreed to the deal, but has agreed to consider it. Christie also tells Jack that Cliff told her he put up Jack and Michie because he respected them and wanted to give them a chance to compete. (Not saying this is more frosting, but I didn't hear him say that) Christie tells Jack they are doing the moon landing, he needs to act excited. Christie tells him she is excited now, because “if this man will do this..” When Christie, Jack and Cliff leave the room Tommy and Sam try to gauge their demeanor. Tommy says Jack seemed angry covering it with happy. Sam says he isn't sure. Sis is laying on the sofa, she whines that she wants to talk to Christie, but Christie doesn't want to talk game. Tommy tells Sis that they want to bring in Kat and Nicole in and let them know they want to bring them into a group of eight where the last eight play towards an individual win.
  20. Yeah, she wouldn't be in this position if she had kept her mouth shut. No one could pressure her into using it. She could talk to Cliff and get his word that she was safe. I think she would know that if he had told her for sure he wasn't putting her on the block, he would keep his word. But these people can't keep anything to themselves. Any time they get some kind of info they run almost immediately to someone and blurt it all out. They never think about holding on to something for possible use in the future.
  21. 8:37 PM BBT Jack and Christie in the Boat Room Christie shares the plan she and Cliff agreed to with Jack. Cliff will backdoor Bella if they (Jack, Christie, and Tommy] keep him safe next week. Christie won't have to use her Diamond POV. Christie- He swore on Texas Jack- On TEXAS! [Cliff means business if he swears on Texas, but I don't remember him doing that -MamaLong]
  22. I don't think she wants to, but feels she needs to because everyone knows she has it and she doesn't want to be on the outs with her alliance. It's too bad she and Cliff couldn't come up with a deal that will give her the chance to tell everyone that Cliff said he wants to put up Bella so she is going to keep her power. Then Cliff puts up someone else, like he tricked her (but they were really both down with it). Of course that makes Cliff look bad, but these people don't care about him anyways. Jack would be the best choice for everyone to vote out. They need to play with their minds and not emotions. The real lesson here is keep your freaking mouth shut when you have a secret power. She could sit back and let the game go on and no one would know. Even if Cliff puts her up I think she stays over Jack.
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