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  2. 2:53 PM BBT The houseguests are joking about some of the lighting going out in the house. Nicole in a pompous accent- my lighting has gone out....fix my lighting Michie- yes, our stage lighting needs to be fixed (joking around) Nicole then starts singing the lyrics from Blinded by the Light. Nicole- Blinded...NOPE (she catches herself before she gets carded) wait are the lyrics, Blinded by the light Michie- revved up like a douche Nicole- It is douche? I always sang it that way, but Michie- yes, it's douche...another runner in the night [It's actually, "revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night" or "cut loose like a deuce" depending the version of the song Blinded By The Light they remember. Deuce is referring to a hot rod car. I'm not a Springsteen fan, but I do know this. LOL! -MamaLong] The final 3 decided to feed the fish. Nicole drops some food in and the fish called Michie eats every piece Michie- look how fat Michie has gotten Holly- I know Nicole- he's like I eat first...you guys get crappy leftovers Michie- he ate all of it Michie- Holly! Holly! Nicole- She is hiding. She'll come out. Holly- Where is she? Michie- (raises his voice) Holly! Dinner is ready. Nicole- I saw Nick bite Michie the other day....just chomped his tail Michie- Jack just bit Michie Holly- Good! He sucks! [the irony of this is killing me -MamaLong]
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  4. 2:21 PM BBT Nicole tells Michie that another thing Cliff did before he left was to leave just one ice cube in every tray.
  5. 1:00 PM Michie is done with the dishes. He broke a wine glass in the process. He is now sitting at the dining room table playing Solitaire. Nicole and Holly are napping in the WA on what they now call the "poop particle couches". 1:24 PM BBT Michie has made a fairly large omelette. 1:35 PM BBT It's lunch time for Michie while Holly and Nicole continue to nap. However Michie says grace first. 2:00 PM BBT Michie has eaten his lunch, cleaned up his dishes and has joined the others on the couches in the WA for a nap. BB calls Holly to the DR downstairs. 2:12 PM BBT Now Nicole has been called to the DR downstairs. 2:20 PM BBT Everyone is up again. Michie continues to play Solitaire. Holly is eating what looks like cereal. Nicole tells them that Cliff did one last prank on his way out. He left a single ice cube in each tray. He dumped the rest out in the sink. 2:26 PM BBT Nicole is making pizza bites and says that she wants to tie dye. Holly says that she is over pizza and hopes she never has to eat Digiorno again. 2:29 PM BBT Holly calls out to BB asking that the air be turned down some. She says it is freezing. 2:35 PM BBT The feeds go to a brief WBRB and when the feeds return, the HGs are digging out tennis shoes and putting them in the SR.
  6. 12:40 PM BBT For your viewing pleasure, an image of the two houseguests that have complained the most all season about "not getting any sleep", especially the last few days. 12:50 PM BBT Michie heads into the kitchen and sees the dishes in the sink, "That's annoying" He begins to wash the dishes, but he's making more noise than necessary. He breaks a wine glass off its stem in the process.
  7. 12:03 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Nicole and Holly in the WA. They wonder if BB is going to let them have competition shirts that they didn't compete in. Feeds 3 and 4 just keep switching between Orwell and the other owls in the house. 12:08 PM BBT In the WA, Nicole and Holly are trying to remember details about previous Part 2 competitions. Neither of them are comfortable in their recollection. 12:24 PM BBT Michie is now out of the DR. He and Holly snuggle together in the WA. Nicole goes and retrieves another blanket from the bedroom and then joins them in the WA. Nicole asks her to move their tea off the stool so she can prop her foot on it. Nicole jokes "yes, I am your humble servant." They hear production working outside and after Knock, Knock, Knock Nicole calls out "Hello?" like they are knocking on the door. She then tells them that she had a dream about Tom Felton (Malfoy from Harry Potter). 12:48 PM BBT Holly and Nicole are napping in the WA. Michie goes to the KT and washes dishes.
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  10. 9:00 AM BBT No wake up call yet. It appears BB is letting them sleep in this morning. 9:30 AM BBT Still sleeping. BB has turned on all the lights except in the bedrooms. 10:00 AM BBT Wake up call. 10:18 AM BBT The feeds return and Nicole is in the shower. Michie and Holly remain in bed. Holly is running her fingers through his hair. 10:20 AM BBT Michie and Holly are talking in their sleepy baby talk. She says she is sweaty and he calls her a stinky girl. 10:27 AM BBT Michie and Holly are out of bed. Everyone is doing their ADL's. 10:37 AM BBT Michie and Holly are talking about how he is needy today. Holly made some tea water for her and Nicole. Michie is making some coffee. Michie mentions champagne and Holly says she and Nicole may be competing today. 10:48 AM BBT All 3 HGs are in the WA. Holly is showering, Nicole is finishing up getting ready. Michie is napping. He is using the bill of his ball cap to cover his eyes. 11:02 AM BBT Nicole and Holly have both had a shower. Nicole says she feels so clean. Nothing like the power of a shower. 11:15 AM BBT WBRB 11:23 AM BBT It's a quiet morning. Feeds 1 and 2 show Michie napping in the WA while Holly sits close by putting on her makeup. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the Camp Owl and Orwell. 11:36 AM BBT Another WBRB. 11:43 AM BBT Nicole is out of the DR and Holly has been called in. Nicole makes a bowl of Lucky Charms and joins Michie in the WA on what they now refer to as the "poop particle couch". 11:59 AM BBT Holly is now out of the DR and Michie is called to go.
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  12. 3:30 AM BBT The house is dark and silent. The final 3 are all sleeping in the target bedroom. Nicole is in the round bed.
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  15. 2:24 AM BBT Holly is asleep. Michie and Nicole are both sitting in the WA. Michie admits to her that he is worried about what the jury is saying about him. He is probably the most hated one in the house. He probably gave at least 4 or 5 of them the shaft either game wise or personally. Kat, Jack and Nick are the only ones that he didn't. Nicole tells him they may actually respect that and to remember that it was her votes that did it too. They think that Holly is the most liked one. 2:27 AM BBT Michie and Nicole are sitting up in the WA. The think that Part 2 of the comp with be later today. Nicole says that if she doesn't win part 2, then she will be honest and admit that she is going to campaign to both of them. What will she have to lose? Michie says that this is the only time that he would be willing to campaign against Holly. 2:29 AM BBT Michie tells Nicole that Holly came to win. And he and Holly do not have a Final 2. Nicole says her biggest fear is looking stupid. She is afraid she is going to campaign to both of them and then they are going to go in a different room and laugh at her and she will look stupid. Michie tells her that he would never let her look stupid. 2:31 AM BBT Michie tells Nicole that if he wins part 3, he wants to sit on that chair with someone that deserves to be there and that he thinks he can beat. BB tells him to put his mic on. Nicole says she is undecided on what she wants to do. Does she go with who deserves it more because that could be either of them. Nicole says she thinks the jury will be objective. Michie jokes and asks her if she is talking about a different jury. Has she not met these people? 2:36 AM BBT Michie and Nicole are sitting up in the WA debating if they are going to go back to bed or not. He is thinking about playing a game of solitaire. Michie says he just wants to make it to one of those chairs finale night. Nicole says that if he wants to play solitaire, she will go sit with him. Nicole sings "Lack of sleep, lack of sleep. Actually I have no lack of sleep because I slept all day, awake all night. Michie and Nicole head to the dining room table and Michie shuffles the cards. 2:40 AM BBT Holly is asleep in the TBR. Michie and Nicole are in the dining room. Michie is playing Solitaire. They talk about the memory wall. Michie says Nicole has the cutest picture and Nick has the funniest. They discuss what would happen if a jury member came back in the house. They would both be upset if that happened. 2:42 AM BBT Michie tells her that he is afraid Nicole is going to win Part 3, get the key, and send him out the door. She asks him why her and not Holly. Michie says that Nicole is a smart girl and has a good shot of winning that key. 2:46 AM BBT Michie and Nicole continue to talk in the dining room. He tells her that he has nightmares that he and Holly are in the eviction chairs with Nicole having won the 3rd part of the HoH. In his nightmare, it is Nicole that has the sole vote to evict and sends him out the door. 2:53 AM BBT Michie tells Nicole that he is going to cast the sole vote to evict her because she didn't drink his cattywompas chocolate milk and ate her brownie without allowing him to squish the sprinkles. 3:00 AM BBT Michie and Nicole have insomnia. Michie has been playing Solitaire with Nicole watching on. He then goes to the fridge and eats watermelon at the KT counter with the refrigerator door wide open. 3:08 AM BBT Nicole and Michie remain awake in the house. They are discussing the memory wall. She says that his picture does not look like him. And he thinks that Holly's picture doesn't look like her. Michie jokes that his eyes in his picture are full of hope and joy. They laugh. 3:12 AM BBT Nicole and Michie are envisioning going to head to head in part 3 of the HoH. 3:25 AM BBT Nicole and Michie have been keeping each other company since neither one can sleep. She has watched him play Solitaire. They finally decide to try to go to sleep again. 3:30 AM BBT Once again, everyone is in bed and the house is quiet.
  16. 2:22 AM BBT Michie and Nicole are in the bathroom area. Michie helps Nicole apply ointment and an ace bandage to her knee. They talk about how they are exhausted all day, but then at night they can't go to sleep. Nicole- it's not like jury votes having anything to do with it (sarcasm)....it will be like, wow, wait a minute Michie- that's fucking haunting me....."fucking Michie...that piece of shit"...if the jury gets pissed at all three of us. It's necessarily...you know it's like the old saying about running from the bear. You don't have to be the fastest running from the bear; you just can't be the slowest. You don't have to be the most liked by the jury. You just can't be the most disliked. Nicole- who is the least disliked Michie- probably Holly or you....and is sure not me. I take the cake for being the most disliked. I like on a game and personal gave the shaft to 4 or 5 people. The only ones I didn't were Jack, Kat, and Nick. There are still 5 other people. All 5 I either sent out the door or had a strong hand... Nicole- they might respect that, you don't know Michie- I know when Tommy and Cliff get there, they are gonna have some things to say Nicole- yeah, but Tommy could also say me and Cliff were the ones voting Michie- Well, that's the thing. We don't know. 2:49 AM BBT Nicole fixes herself a wine glass full of chocolate milk. She notices the glass is crooked Michie- it is a little cattywampus Nicole- cattywonkus? Michie- cattywampus....a little crooked Nicole- askew? Michie- yeah Nicole- I should have gotten a brownie Michie goes to get her a brownie from her HOH Basket stash Michie comes back with her brownie and she thanks him for flattening the sprinkles into the brownie for her. He says that he notices she does that Nicole- yeah, because otherwise they fall out. What good is a brownie without the sprinkles? That's just bullshit. She then teases him that she will not vote for him because he squished the sprinkles. Michie- I figured you wouldn't mind. I took a little of the legwork out for you. Nicole- I do mind. And that was a half million dollar decision Michie- Shut up.... (He then pretends to be Nicole and deliver ... with sarcasm) 'You know Michie, I was gonna take you to the final two but the other night when you got out of your game of solitaire and went out of your way to go and get me a Little Debbie brownie while I sat there on my butt and waited and drank my cattywampus chocolate milk. You came back with said brownie, however you took the pleasure away from me of smooshing the sprinkles. For that...Sorry, but I cast the sole vote to evict to you.' Nicole is laughing 3:10 AM BBT Michie and Nicole are still up chatting in the kitchen Nicole- Weeks ago I was asking myself who would you sit next to in the final 2...(she tells Michie it was him) Michie- that would be cool Nicole- 'Nicole, don't fuck it up....don't fuck it up' Michie- could you imagine the two of us going toe to toe in the final HOH....heart palpitations....I'll need a defibrillator
  17. 12:00 AM BBT Holly is in the WA getting ready for bed. BB asks her to clean the sink over the mirror. She does and then heads to the WC. 12:07 AM BBT Nicole is in the round bed in the TBR. Holly crawls in bed. Michie is off camera, last seen playing solitaire at the dining room table. 12:15 AM BBT Feed 1 is on Orwell. Feed 2 is on the living room. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Nicole and Holly asleep in the TBR with the lights off. 12:18 AM BBT Michie comes out of the DR. He goes to the bedroom to change before he goes to the KT to refill his water. We have WBRB and when the feeds return, Nicole is getting out of bed. "Oh man." Holly "Have fun." 12:21 AM BBT Michie and Nicole hug as she heads to the DR. Michie crawls in bed in the TBR next to Holly. 12:25 AM BBT Nicole is out of the DR. She heads to the TBR. Holly "That was quick." Nicole "Yeah. It is so dark in here. I thought it was dark in the RV." Michie "Yeah, it is straight up black in there." Nicole, Holly and Michie say their goodnight's and I love you's. as she crawls in bed. 12:30 AM BBT Everyone is in bed asleep. 2:12 AM BBT Nicole is awake and heads to the SR. She pulls some pills down from the cabinet and takes a couple. She goes to the KT for a drink of water before heading to the bathroom. After using the bathroom she stops by the RV for a pillow and then heads back to bed in the TBR. Michie is awake and they discuss how dark it is in there. Michie tells her that he can't sleep. It's ridiculous. Can it just be 5 days from now?. Michie heads to the bathroom. Nicole opts out of going back to sleep after bumping her leg on the side of the bed and instead joins Michie in the WA to treat her bruise on her leg. Michie tells her that he walks away exhausted all day and then at night, he gets in bed and can't sleep. Nicole says "Well, at least you don't have to worry about the next comp." He says "Yeah, but I have to worry about the next one after that." Nicole "If I don't win number 2 then I won't make it to number 3." Michie "I already think that it will you and me in number 3." She asks him why and he says it is because she is a smart girl.
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  23. 7:10 PM BBT Our HGs are resting in the WA. BB speaks up out of the blue "House guests did you know that more than 1500 batteries will be used this summer to power your wireless microphones?" Holly "So random." Jackson: "Sick." Holly "That was so random. That is crazy. I thought about that before" Nicole "1500 batteries?" Nicole: "Wow." Holly "That was a random fact, Don. What else you got?" BB "You are welcome." Jackson "Thanks Don." 7:12 PM BBT The HGs are trying to have a two way conversation with Big Brother. They call BB Don. Jackson "Are there any other cards that we haven't heard yet?" Holly "I expect every button to be pushed before we get out of here." Jackson "Don?" BB "Yes?" Jackson "Can you play a never before heard card? Just one?" Holly jokes that Don probably thinks they are being greedy. Nicole says that it is amazing how much work goes into the show and that they don't deserve it. Jackson and Holly agree with her. They say that they are ungrateful too. They ask for stuff, then it shows up in the SR, and then they complain about it. 7:30 PM BBT The feeds have been in and out. It appears that while we were on WBRB BB called Nicole to the DR. Nicole "Did you hear what they said? I told them I just needed 15 minutes and they said okay Holly." 7:36 PM BBT Nicole to Holly and Michie "You might want to get up and get ready." Michie "He said it would still be a while." Holly "And then we can have dinner afterwards." Nicole "And then tie dye." 7:41 PM BBT In the WA Michie sneezes. Holly "No, I was going to pineapple you." Nicole "I feel like we are on like a sitcom. The Lovebirds and Nicole." Jackson: "Nicole I have so much love for you." Nicole: "Its like every possible moment that you guys are trying to have a moment I'm just like hey guys, you wanna tie dye? Not now Nicole. Why not? What you two be doing that could possibly be more fun?" Nicole goes into the DR and he have a very brief DR leak. We hear Nicole say "Alright. How is this? Thank you. I'm a little wrinkly but I think the bracelets are pretty good." 7:51 PM BBT Holly and Michie are laying down in the WA while Nicole is in the DR. Michie pops a pimple on Holly's face. He inspects his finger afterwards and then wipes it on the couch next to them. He says "I got to get up and wash my hands. I know the feeds saw that and they are going to roast me for it." 8:07 PM BBT Michie is in the KT cutting up chicken. Holly and Nicole are in the WA. Nicole picks up Orwell the owl said that it is kind of creepy because one of his eyes is shiny. Holly "It's a camera." Nicole "What?" Holly "One eye is a camera. The eyes are different." Nicole "No way." Holly "Don't you think?" Nicole "Maybe. I don't know. That's creepy.: Holly "Orwell is sauce." Nicole "I know we are being filmed all the time but Orwell?" Meanwhile in the KT, Michie is cutting up some chicken and looks at the camera: "I am not weird. I am making sure it isn't bad. I am not just smelling raw chicken to smell it. Just FYI." 8:19 PM BBT Michie "How many hours are in 5 days? 120?" Nicole "Yep." Holly "I don't know. I don't math good." 8:23 PM BBT BB "House guests, did you know there are 121 marble slots on a Chinese Checkerboard?" The HGs laugh. Michie "No we didn't Don. Thank you." BB "You're welcome." Michie asks Nicole if she wants to go with him to feed the fish and play chess. Nicole says sure and then Holly expresses her frustration. "Why do you always say that you want food and then ditch out on me?" Michie "I prepped the rice, I cut the chicken. What else do you want me to do?" Nicole in a child-like British accent "Mommy and Daddy are fighting again. I don't like it when they fight." It lightens the mood. Michie and Holly start to wrestle a little in the KT when he goes to kiss her and she plays hard to get. Nicole in the child-like voice again "Mommy and Daddy are flirting again. It makes me very uncomfortable." 8:26 PM BBT The HGs are playful. Nicole is calling the other two mom and dad. Holly says they are leaving mom in the KT to cook. Michie says well, he wanted steak but Mommy said No. Holly "That's because Daddy said the chicken was going to go bad." 8:30 PM BBT Nicole and Michie go upstairs to feed the fish. They make note that there is a lot of fish poop in the corner of the tank. Nicole calls it the poop particle couch of the tank. Michie points to the fish at the bottom of the tank. Nicole "Did you know that dogs are the only animals that will look at what you point at. They did a study and chimps don't look. But dogs do. They've been with us for so long." 8:35 PM BBT Nicole and Michie are playing chess and looking at the fish tank. Nicole says she is a big believer in signs. It bothers her that Michie the fish is thriving. Holly the fish is doing fine. Nicole the fish died violently, came back alive for just a second and then died again with an eye bulging out. 8:46 PM BBT Nicole is losing terribly to Michie at chess. "That's depressing. This is horrible. No, just leave her alone. This is like bad to worse. I have gotten worse." She jokes that she has lost all her abilities in both chess and pool and she wants to go back to Nicole before this game.
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