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  2. He’s being used, poor guy. Honestly, he just doesn’t have what it takes to play this game though. Probably not even with just regular houseguests. Certainly not with All-Stars.
  3. 7:25 PM BBT Ian comes in and asks if it is okay if he comes in and says yes it okay. Ian then asks them if he encouraged them to play and they both say yes he encouraged everyone to play. Nicole F then goes in with Nicole F Ian and Kevin. Christmas gives David some advice, don't mope around don't isolate yourself stuff like that. Bayleigh gives him some encouragement. Janelle and Nicole A are talking the KBR. Nicole tells Janelle that she is a loyal player and Janelle says she knows. Janelle says she talked to Memphis and he told her it because she didn't play in the comp. Nicole A says did he watch my season I went all the way with a showmance, Janelle says she knows. Nicole then mentions Nick from her season and she won against him, 7:30 PM BBT Kaysar comes in where David is talking to him and to see if he is okay. David tells him yeah he is going to change and eat some food. Kaysar then leaves the room. David has a monolog he says he doesn't know if this appropriate for the cameras. He talks about the handshake that he was given meaning about it being a soft one than the word he said. he said he felt the tension and he hates to be up against his sister referring to Nicole. He is gonna change then eat some food. Nicole F comes in and talks to him he tells her he wants to go down stairs and eat some food she says okay and leaves the room.
  4. So, he basically put up two floaters. Good way not to “get blood on his hands” by pissing anyone off. However, he’s not going to score any points for making a big move. Sadly, to keep the numbers within reach Janelle and Kaysar will have to push for David to go. What’s up with Memphis referring to him as “boy?” What a racist thing to say. Don’t these people realize that they’re on TV?
  5. I don't understand why he would put up Nicole A. This was a very weak move.
  6. 7:21 PM BBT Kevin is comforting NicoleA in the KBR Nicole- I don't want to say this on camera....but it just triggers, like from last season...it's my own fault Kevin- she was fishing for information Nicole- and I told her everything...so she was like just put her up [Nicole is talking about Janelle -MamaLong] 7:25 PM BBT Bay and Day join Christmas to console David. They refer to Memphis and his speech as "big personality.....he had to change the words... inappropriate, rude" 7:30 PM BBT Janelle talks with NicoleA in the KBR. Janelle says that she meant for it to be NicoleF but she didn't have enough time to talk with Memphis. Nicole is pissed at Janelle saying that she is f*ing loyal "didn't y'all watch my season, I went to final 3 with a showmance" Janelle- I was just talking with him up there... I threw her name out there, hers and Ian's....he was uptight about the safety suite thing NicoleA said she told him exactly why she didn't want to use it "because it was my show of faith...I am working with you" Janelle- he said he told you to play it and you said no...I think you'll be okay...we are gonna look like idiots if you leave....this is terrible Janelle says Memphis was too scared to put up NicoleF and that he is playing scared [no, he actually has an alliance with NicoleF and Janelle is his backdoor plan -MamaLong]
  7. 7:15 PM BBT Christmas and David are in the Have-not room talking and Christmas tells him the same thing that she would tell Nicole to tell him to get his head in the game and play the veto. Janelle Kaysar and Memphis are up in the HOHR talking. Cams switch to Kevin and Nicole in the Key room. Nicole A says she knows this is a game and this is irrational and it just sucks. Kevin tells her when she was sick everyone came to her. Kevin says when he wasn't feeling sick noone came
  8. Wow. He's crying after being put on the block. After all the stuff that happen to him last year, he was able to keep it together during that season.
  9. 7:15 PM BBT Janelle, Kaysar and Memphis in the HoH Room. Kaysar tells Memphis that NicoleA hangs out with the (Cody's side) then tells them (Kaysar and Janelle) everything "NicoleA will never go after you. Da'Vonne will never go after you. David is with them." Janelle- yes, David is with them Christmas tells David in the Have-Not room to go for the veto and take control of his own game. "Just win the veto...please listen" David- I won't ask anything until I play all my cards (meaning he won't campaign until he has to) Christmas- I'm gonna give you unsolicited suggestions. Don't isolate yourself. Pick up your social game. Make them have to keep you. Don't promise anything you can't. Don't over promise. This is when you have to begin working with people. Pick up your social game, be involved, go down there, get your head right. If you mope, I mean....just show that you want to be here ....what did he say....said welcome to the big kids table?" David- the grownups table Christmas- Oh...the grownups table....well, that's my non-winning ass advice
  10. :7:00 PM BBT Dani goes in to check on David he is now in the PBR. Tyler, Ian and Nicole F are all in the room with David. David gets up and hugs each one and tells him he appreciate everyone of them. Meanwhile Janelle Kaysar and Memphis are up in the HOHR room talking about david.
  11. 7:13 PM BBT NicoleF tells David that she's got him and they will get through the week together. Cody tells David that he should go talk to Memphis...not let himself build up anger... and let Memphis know that he is here to prove himself
  12. so he put up Nicole A and David. He has said all along he wanted to take out a previous winner but Christmas won the safety suite and made Ian her plus one so he is safe Not cool that Memphis is calling David "boy" -- not the time in our country to use such a derogatory term. It made David upset too.
  13. 6:55 PM BBT Tyler comes in and tells him he is there for a reason and to remember that when playing the veto. Nicole F comes in and checks on the cam, David says yeah he is just hurt by the word. Nicole F brings up when she was called a fruit loop dingus and tell him to just mention that he is a good player but the speech was not necessary. Enzo comes in and encourages him and tells him there still a lot of fight left the veto comp and he leaves. David says man first Ovi, then Kemi and now Nicole. He doesn't want to be up against her.
  14. 6:51 PM BBT Feeds are back David and Nicole A. have been nominated. Apparently Memphis delivered a shocking nomination speech that offended David. Many telling David "it was a cop out."
  15. Today
  16. 6:44 PM BBT still on reels 6:52 PM BBT Da'vonne and Christmas is in the SR talking, Da'Vonne apoligizing to christmas for crying she feels so bad. David and Nicole A are the nominations. 6:55 PM BBT Kevin tells David in the SR to try and win the veto so he can turn it around. David is pissed off he says screw that he is 30 years old and feeds cut then come back on.
  17. Kelly Clarkson Slams Troll Over Tweet About Her Divorce From Brandon Blackstock Yahoo LifestyleView the full article
  18. #BB22 6:05 PM BBT we still have critter cam going on. 6:20 PM BBT still on critter cam at the momment
  19. 5:24PM BBT Dani telling Cody, Max and NicF that pregnancy brain is real. She flooded their house. She turned on a bath and walked away and forgot. Cams change to the KT with some of the guys discussing oats. Tyler says he has oats every day with fruit. 5:32PM BBT Tyler, Memphis and Kaysar talk about the BY. They are hoping that the safety suite can be repurposed so they can get the BY more often. No game talk. Hg just roaming around waiting for noms to start. 5:39PM BB Cody, NicF and NicA talking in the WCA. Ian is in the WC and Cody yells out to him if he is ok. NicF tells him that he is stressing Ian out. Cody says that he has trouble going with people sitting in the WCA because he is so loud. 5:47PM BBT Kevin and David in the lounge. David in a corner. He tells Kevin there is always a big alliance.Kevin says he isn't part of it then and that means they may be on the block together. David says yes but he doesn't think it would be a good look. 5:53PM BBT Memphis is called to the DR. 5:53PM BBT Reels for noms.
  20. 5:24 PM BBT Dani blows Cody's mind in the PBR telling him about pregnancy brain. Dani- when I was pregnant I flooded the house and I never admitted that to anyone before...one day I went to take a bath and turned on the water then walked away and flooded our house....they basically suck up everything good about you and leave you a rotting corpse Christmas and Dani continue telling Cody how bad pregnancy messes up your body. He comments that it shows women are so much stronger than men. 5:48 PM BBT Kevin and David are talking in the lounge about how they could be put up together David- I don't think that would be a good look...the two of us up there together Kevin questions him as to why Memphis would target him. He says it's just a vibe...."the way he confronts production "he's power hungry" BB call Memphis to the Diary Room David- here we go Kevin leaves and David talks to the camera. He says he doesn't know if it will be him, but he feels that he got asked back because he figured out alliances last season. "I think it's Memphis, Kaysar, Janelle, Christmas" *feeds cut for nomination ceremony
  21. 4:59PM BBT IN the WCA, NicA, Kevin and Dani talking. She is complaining that the carpet is so dirty after a week. They talk about jury house and Dani says it was the worst. Kevin says he doesn't want to see it. 5:07PM BBT Memphis in the HOH BR by himself. Heavy breathing and sitting looking out to nothing. Bay enters the HOH BR. Memphis tells her that his thought is that he hasn't decided. He says if he doesn't pull her name out, he wants to make a gentleman's favor. He wants to make sure she doesn't put him up if she wins HOH. He says he tries not to make an alliance until the second half of the game. 5:16PM BBT 5:16PM BBT Cody, NicF, Dani and Xmas talking in the PBR. They are talking about crying in the house. Cody says that he understands when women cry because they miss their kids. They are talking aout people who are sensitive people. In the KT, Tyler talking about how he and Angela started being vegan at the beginning of the year.
  22. 5:11 PM BBT Memphis makes a deal with Bayleigh that if he protects her this week, he wants her to protect him later. She agrees. She thanks him and leaves.
  23. Yesterday
  24. 4:36PM BBT Xmas, Dani and Janelle talking about if Josh was supposed to be there. Xmas says he told her he got called back. She thought he would be there. Dani wants to know who all the alternates were. Memphis and NicF is chatting in the HOH BR. He says that he told Xmas that she needs to trust their alliance but he thinks she needs reassurance every day. NicF says she will do that. NicF says he should have told her who to save because Xmas panicked. Memphis says that Ian wasn't his target right now. 4:41PM BBT NicF and Memphis talk about NicA being the only one with a safety pass that is not in their alliance. Memphis says that he could put her up and out and then they will have 100% safety. They remember Enzo has his. Memphis says he considers Enzo a floater and he shouldn't. 4:45PM BBT NIcA came up to HOH ral quick and chatted with Memphis. She leaves and Cody comes in. Cody doesn't understand why Xmas saved Ian. Memphis upset that Ian has been saved twice in one day. Memphis says that Xmas took the only option. He would want to be one of the ones he would have back door. He says he is debating between 5 HG. David, NicA, Bay and Day. He says that he can pull the ripcord with Janelle. Cody says that they should wait until after Veto. 4:50PM BBT Xmas comes into the HOH BR. She says she has a reason she saved Ian. Memphis says he doesn't care Ian was saved but he is upset that he was saved twice in one day. Xmas says she didn't think about it. She chose Ian because she could be in Ian's ear next week if needed.
  25. 4:43 PM BBT PBR (Dani, Christmas, Janelle) Christmas- he says the nomination ceremony will be in like 45 minutes Dani- I'm glad he told us that, at least....should we talk to him again Janelle- I don't know 4:43 PM BBT HoH Room NicoleF and Memphis chatting about Christmas and all the reassurance she needs "constantly". Nicole tells him he should have told Christmas who he wanted her to save "because she was panicking". Memphis says he is okay with that decision (Christmas saving Ian). Memphis- depending on who wins HoH, we will all Well who hasn't used it? me, you Tyler, NicoleA and Dani...so there's 5 - Me you Tyler Dani NicoleF- oh nice....so we could have like 100% chance Then they realize Enzo, too. Neither are worried about Enzo. Memphis is planning to put up NicoleA 4:47 PM BBT Cody and Memphis discuss the noms. Memphis mentions that other options include Bayleighg, Da'Vonne, David, but he isn't sure which one. He also mentions Janelle is not off the table. Cody says he should wait until after the veto. "If you pull the rip cord on her, where do you think Kaysar will be?" Memphis- backdooring Janelle at this point?...who would she lose to Cody- we have 5 (votes) to push her out already...we have the numbers 4:47 PM BBT Christmas takes her turn with Memphis. She begins to say something about Ian and Memphis stops her saying he doesn't care that she saved Ian, he just hates that Ian was saved twice in one day (NicoleF volunteered for slop in his place and Christmas saved him with the Safety Suite) Christmas- he is super grateful; if he wins next week I am a voice in his ear...who thinks Ian is the target? Memphis- every guy that came in here Christmas- I made the best decision for our alliance Memphis- I agree with you 100% Christmas- David doesn't know what the fuck he's doing Christmas hints that he should put up Janelle, but he says they have to wait for veto. [backdoor move is in play, if possible] Christmas and Memphis reaffirm that the 6 person alliance has to trust each other.
  26. 4:02PM BBT Dani and Day talking about why Nic didn't play. (not sure which one). Day says that Nic said she got to the button late. Dani says that is BS. Kevin comes into the room and they joke about their times on the comp. 4:05PM BBT Memphis and Enzo in the HOH BR. Memphis says the HG are probably all downstairs sweating. He says there are 4 or 5 people downstairs he is willing to put up. Eno tells him to do what he needs to do. 4:12PM BBT Kevin and Dani tell Day that Memphis may nominate based on who didn't use their safety. For one less person he has to fight for safety. Tyler, NicA, Dani, NicF, Memphis, and Enzo have not used their pass. There were 7 who played today. Day says that Memphis told her that he respects those that play so to go play. 4:21PM BBT Ian, Dani and Xmas in the PBR. Talking about the room. Xmas says it has cool vibes. All 4 cams on them. We get FOTH. 4:29PM BBT Xmas and Dani talking. Dani says that it seems like Memphis doesn't want any input from anyone. Xmas says that she should probably go talk to him about Ian. Xmas says that she doesn't think they should get rid of the floaters. Dani asks Xmas who she would put up and Xmas says she won't tell her and they laugh.
  27. 4:15 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Kevin, and Dani are in the PBR talking about the competition. Dani says that Memphis was saying he may nominate people that didn't play the safety suite to try and get rid of those passes. She goes over all the HGs that still have their pass: Enzo, Dani, the Nicoles, Tyler, Memphis Kevin- 7 played today (Kevin, Da'Vonne, Cody, Christmas, Ian, David, Bayleigh) Christmas joins them and Dani asks Christmas how she did it. Christmas- I just ran all my pieces down in front of the table and stacked them between my legs Kevin- huh?...oh then grabbed them from your legs...mine felt like 2 minutes...2 minutes and 5 seconds Da'Vonne- mine felt was shorter than 8 minutes. I just knew I did it in less that 5. I was thoroughly excited. They discuss Ian and how excited he is to get a punishment. They can't wait to see what it is.
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