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  2. 10:19am Big Brother Time Cody gets his sunglasses, grabs a snack and talks to the camera. He says he looks like an idiot. He feels like Ranger Rick. He decides to take his funions are going down to the kitchen, and off he goes. He drops them off on the kitchen counter then goes to the cartoon bedroom. He asks Nicole F if she is going to bed, she says yes, but she will get up at midnight. They are whispering, possibly about Memphis mentioning her earlier. Memphis comes into the room a few seconds after Cody le
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  4. 9:16pm Big Brother Time Cody and Memphis are in the HOH room talking about upcoming evictions. Memphis is telling Tyler that he thinks they need to keep The Committee until the final six and send home the two people who are not in it. (Enzo and David) Memphis says that Danielle wanted to keep Kevin, now doesn't, that she changes week to week-never wanting to do what the HOH wants to do. In the cartoon bedroom Kevin is telling Christmas that Tyler and David are connected and if David is in the final two he (David) will win. Christmas says she agre
  5. 7:20 PM BBT Christmas and Nicole are playing backgammon in the kitchen. COdy looks extremely bored just hanging out at the kitchen table and looking at the memory wall. David has been making something in the crockpot. 7:27 PM BBT Dani is playing with a light up ball Dani and Tyler are discussing the past few days being terrible Dani: all over a 20 second video Tyer: useless
  6. Yes! It seems like we are getting stars more than ever. So, CBS if you are listening. We want the feeds!!!
  7. 6:36 PM BBT General chit going talking about the triple eviction what they think it going to be like. Some think it going to be like Canadas triple. Then feeds cut to stars. 6:40 PM BBT Nicole is in the bathroom talking to Christmas. She is whispering something to her but i can not hear it good. Enzo and Cody are talking in the upstairs lounge talking about Enzo season he was on. 6:45 PM BBT Christmas and Nicole are talking about Dani. Nicole says she throws everyone under the bus and she dont like that. Christmas agrees and Feeds cut then come back they talk about general chit chat.
  8. 6:02PM BBT Memphis finally lays down. No one had come through the door. In the WCA, Nic and Xmas talking about the nail stuff she is putting on. They are like polish strips that you press on. Dani comes in and says something about them being black. Xmas says they are blue. 6:10PM BBT Dani comes through the door and is scared by the toys. She says she came in to get warm. She and Memphis both say the house is so boring. He resets the toys to scare the next person. He tells Dani he is tired of talking to people. 6:13PM BBT Memphis and Dani talking about when a DE is and
  9. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, with only nine remaining in the battle for a half million dollars a neighbor moved in next door to twist up the game. The Committee alliance along with their close ally Enzo were completely domination, and with HOH up for grabs their winning streak continued. Dani wanted to take a shot at The Committee’s own, but fellow ally Nicole wasn’t ready to cancel Christmas. However, Cody made it clear to his number one Enzo that Christmas was in his crosshairs and she wasn’t the only one on the naughty list. Knowing he was in danger, Kevin went to Cody,
  10. 4:45PM BBT Cody and Tyler are talking about voting Dani out. Tyler says that worries him that Nic will not vote Dani out. He says he doesn't want to put Nic in that position. Cody says that he isn't keeping Dani. Tyler says that he doesn't want to put Nic up and she stays and then she is coming after him. 5:00PM BBT Tyler and Cody continue to talk about Dani b eing voted out. Tyler says that there are too many votes against her and there is no way she would be able to stay. Tyler is concerned if he puts up Dani and Nic and Dani wins veto. He would need to put up David but then t
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  14. Thursday, October 1, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 22 observations and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here: https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/272-big-brother-all-stars/ If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text. Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here). Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing
  15. 3:50PM BBT Xmas putting away food. David doing the dishes and Tyler listening to music in the HOH, 3:57PM BBT Memphis asks Xmas and David if they remember what they did on NYE 2019. Xmas says she was home with Loyal. Memphis says he was wondering about a party. Xmas then remembers that she went to this party at this really nice hotel. David says he lost his ID just before it so he stayed home. 4:02PM BBT Memphis telling Xmas about his kid's birthday parties. His ex wife is an event planner. Xmas thinking about her son's birthday. She says she has to figure out how to
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  17. 3:14PM BBT Cody and Nic talking in the HOH. They are talking about how proud David was that he took the 10K in the Veto. Cody says the only way he would vote for David is if David got up and told all of the HG that he actually is a super fan and he just played up the rookie role. 3:17PM BBT Nic says she has been nervous. Cody says that every time Xmas guesses at something, it hasn't happened. They discuss if BB would tell them it was a DE or a triple. Nic explains that they have only gotten rid of 7 people in 56 days and they have to get rid of 6 more in approx 23 more days. Cody
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  19. 2:04PM BBT Enzo and Xmas talk about Nic. Enzo says she has to start winning comps. Xmas says it is not a matter of if, she will start winning. Xmas says that Nic is studying any chance she gets. 2:10PM BBT Enzo and Xmas talk about the order the HG need to go out. She says it needs to be Dani, Nic and then David. Enzo agrees. Xmas says that she adores her but she stil has to go. Enzo says that she scares him. 2:15PM BBT Xmas feels that Nic may be more of a threat. Xmas says that nic is smart. Enzo agrees. Xmas says that they are going to protect each other. Memphis join
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  21. 1:00pm BBT: Enzo telling Cody everything that Kevin told him lastnight and how Kevin promised everyone anything, Enzo says i will leave him a nice goodbye message yo you know what i mean yo and i will tell him tomorrow morning he is leaving. Cody says i do not trust Kevin he scares me and he is here to play but David is just here he is not playing the game. 1:10pm BBT: Cody and Enzo talking about what Dani might do after this eviction and he says what will happen in a double and Enzo says i do not know. Cody says Nicole and Dani are always talking and Enzo says they have to have somethin
  22. I'm just so tired of stars all the time! They let stuff go overnight occasionally but I see more stars than actual live feeds! With no After Dark available anymore this is our only look-see into the house. They cut the feeds for ev-vry-little-thing! Come on production! Let them talk and let us watch and listen!
  23. Hopefully things get shook up this thursday night. Im hoping Tyler wins HOH. He then nominates nicole and cody to go home!!!
  24. 12:56 PM BBT Enzo is talking with Cody in the HOHR about his talk with Kevin. Cody says that Kevin just knows too much about the game Enzo: he's got to go Bro 1:01 PM BBT Nicole is talking with Dani in the CBR about her wedding and being disappointed that COVID has messed up the plans "I don't want to have to do it all again" She mentions that she has had to plan her wedding twice "I just want to get dressed up and feel really pretty...exchange vows". She mentions just having small Michigan wedding and saving a lot of money. Dani: something super intimate
  25. 12:04PM BBT IN the KT, Tyler and Enzo talking about mashed potatos. Tyler says he loves mashed potatos. Xmas says she makes a mean potato. Xmas says she loves food. She sits down and eats her peanut butter and eggs breakfast. 12:15PM BBT HG talking about kids. Xmas says that Loyal is so far physically advanced. He says he can run over and kick a ball. She says he is starting to talk. 12:21PM BBT Memphis is walking laps in the upper hallway. The HG are in the KT talking about HG last names and ages. 12:31PM BBT HG wearing their comp tshirts. Enzo is using t
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