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  20. October 16, 2019 Episode 4 Lairo Night 8: tribe talks to Karishma about the vote, she says she understands but that she knows she is expendable. Dean and Chelsea snuggle up and Aaron says that is dangerous. Dean says he is super drawn to Chelsea. Missy says if Dean doesnt help in some way he needs to go, she is ready to make a big move. Aaron says Karishma will keep for later. Vokai day 9: They take the raft out for the first time, Jamal stays on shore and looks for the HII. Jamal says you have to be present in the here and now...he finds the HII Vokai, Boats coming in.....one of them must come to ioi by a unanamous vote or draw from the bag. Noura voluteers to go. Noura meats Sandra and Rob on the beach. They offer her watermelon and she screams. Rob tells her her lesson is about the art of persuasion. Persuasion has to line up with what someone wants, different people need different types of persuasion, scare someone, or rumors, this for that. Rob offers her some insight in to the next Immunity Challenger...the caller is the most important person in that challenge, if she can persuade them to make her the caller she will be able to block the vote of another player, if she fails she loses her vote. She goes for it. Sandra says she didnt give it much thought, that is her mentality and it will get her in trouble. Rob says she is living in Noura world, is her perception reality? Noura comes back to camp, she tells them she gets an advantage in the next immunity challenge for her and her tribe, she tells them that they have to unanamously make her role, she tells them if they all agree she gets to pick the part she plays she can tell them the game. They agree and she tells them she is the caller and they are blindfolded. Jamal asks what makes her the caller? Noura says she already the caller by their agreement. Kellee says its a bad lie. They practice, Lauren says Noura is not a good caller, if she insists on being the caller then she better follow thru or it will be her a**. Day 11 Immunity challenge time: A caller will lead them through a course collecting keys,use the keys to unlock puzzle pieces, the caller will then tell a still blindfolded member to put the puzzle together. The tribe votes Noura to sit out. Noura says this might blow up her game, its a friggin nightmare. Elizabeth calling for Lairo and Jason calling for Vokai. Both get their first keys, Vokai get their second. Vokai has all the keys. Lairo is having trouble. Vokai gets to the mat and heads out to the puzzle area. Lairo gets their third key. Kellee working on the puzzle. Elizabeth grabs her tribe by the hand and heads across the course to the puzzle area. Aaron starts on the puzzle for Lairo. Kelle and Jason almost have it. Lairo working quickly. very close......Lairo thinks they have it but no. Vokai thinks they have it and they do. Vokai wins immunity. Missy says she is going to keep Karishma in her pocket and use her vote. Lairo day 11: Elizabeth says sorry, tribe says they put her in that possition. Karishma thinks she is at the bottom, she doesnt want to go home, not like this. Dean says Karishma's name has been around a while, it wont be a blindside. Chelsea says her relationship with Dean will take her far. Aaron says the game needs to blow up now he suggests Dean. Elizabeth and Missy are shocked. Dean helps out while Karishma takes a nap, she is not ready to see Dean go. Elaine says if Aaron is willing to cut the throat of his friend what will he do to her? Aaron says this koombya nonsense has got to go. Missy is her to play the game and kick some but, she needs a name that is not attached.....she talks to Elaine about Chelsea. Elaine says her ablilty to drop names like that scares her. This one is going to draw the line in the sand, it will be gut check time. Time for TC: Rob and Sandra go into their hidy hut. Sandra says they just love TC. Chelsea says that line hasnt been drawn in the sand yet maybe it will be tonight. Karishma says its the Survivor God that she is still there, no one will talk to her. Elaine says she is lost all the time. MIssy says if you say you can do something do it. Karishma says maybe chaos is a ladder and she can climb her way out. Dean says there is some sort of sorry in their and thanks for playing. MIssy wouldnt be shocked if it were her but she didnt hear her name out there today, but in a good blindside she wouldnt hear it. Rob says it could be anybody. Time to vote. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Karishma, Karishma, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, 4th person voted out is Chelsea. Sandra says yup you wanted a blindside you got you one. Chelsea says good luck guys. Jeff says well I guess that was plan Z. Next time on Survivor: In a game of lies, new battle lines are drawn (drop your buffs).
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