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  2. Nicole's cred went up with this dubjob someone did to her singing along in the HoH room yesterday about 2 in the afternoon... Nicole_Shady.mp4
  3. Tonight, 12 more acts will compete in the second round of the quarter final shows. Terry takes the stage and introduces the judges and we’re about to get started. Our first act is Charlotte Summers and she’s a singer and she’s 13-years old. We see her and her sister on a Starline Tours sight-seeing. She says she has to step it up this round. Charlotte takes the stage and she performs Diamonds are Forever by Shirley Bassey. Howie says there’s no denying her talent is so far beyond her ears, but he’s not sure he’d have chosen that song. Gabrielle says she stepped up and gave them a fully dynamic voice. She has an amazing, unique talent. Julianne says her voice is so rich and full, but she thinks her personality is so dynamic but they didn’t see that. Simon says they have one of the best personalities and her body language is telling them everything she is feeling and that was a terrible, terrible, terrible song choice for her. Simon is praying dismisses the song choice and remembers what a great singer she is and how much better they could advise her. Up next is a violinist and an opera singer who performed a knife throwing act. They are literally putting their lives on the line for a spot in the semi-final. It’s Nick and Lindsey. They are risking everything to win. Nick is singing Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Lindsey drops a heavy melon on a glass that is on top of Nick as he’s laying down. We then see him throw a couple of knives at her. The first doesn’t stick, but the second does. Then Nick is placed against the wall and Lindsey blindfolds herself and throws knives with her feet. Then she stands up and takes the blindfold off and lights some knives on fire and throws them at him. Then he lays down on a bed of nails and Simon hits his buzzer. She then plays the violin and puts her foot on the top bed of nails. He then sits up and she breaks some bottles against his back, and then one final bottle on his head as Howie hits his buzzer. Simon says what she was doing with the knives trying to kill him is what he was thinking while he sang. He says that was the worst live performance he’s ever seen. Gabrielle loved when she cleaned her toes before throwing the knives. Julianne says it was so bad that it ended up becoming so good. It was comedy! Howie thinks they went down in a ring of fire. He says America will tell him, he promises him. Up next is Chris Klafford and he’s going to sing an original song and it’s a reminder to him to enjoy the moments with the ones he loved. The audience seemed to enjoy it. Julianne thought at first maybe he should have a band, but then he took over and owned the stage. Simon says he didn’t feel the emotional connection on that song. Gabrielle says he had the audience in the palm of his hand. Howie didn’t like the song choice. He has an amazing talent and an amazing voice. Marina Mazepa is our next act and she’s a dancer/contortionist. She has a scorpion themed set-up this time. Simon hits his buzzer. She makes her way and finishes in front of the judges table. Simon is booed because he hit his buzzer. Simon says when they first met her she had an element of surprise and tonight, he hated the music and he got bored. Howie says one man’s boredom is another man’s dream. Gabrielle says she’s like a video game come to life and it was amazing. Julianne says she is so weird and she loves weird. Our next act is Robert Finley and he’s going to perform an original song about his time on AGT. This is his now or never moment and he has to give it all he can. Robert takes the stage. He gets an ovation from the audience and Terry tells us his daughter is on backing vocals. Gabrielle says Robert is a gift to us all. Howie says he loves Robert, but he wonders if that song connected to people. Julianne 100% disagrees because she was listening to every single word. She says he is exactly what America needs right now. Simon says we have a mixed panel tonight, but he agrees with the girls this time. Simon says that was bloody fantastic. Simon tells him that 5,000 people just gave him a standing ovation. Up next is The Sentimentalists. When they got sent home after judge cuts, they were gutted. But then they were contacted to be a wild card for the live shows. This is their second chance. The five human senses are transferable. Tonight, they will start with the sense of touch. She blindfolds herself and asks Julianne to use her finger and write a letter on Mysterio’s palm. Julianne writes an R and she guesses R. Howie is up for the sense of taste. There’s an assortment of different treats and they want Howie to choose one and take a bite. Howie takes a bite and she tastes…she says it’s crunchy but with cream filling and she thinks it’s a canoli and it is. Mysterio has a bowl of candy for the judges and they all look the same but they will taste different. Gabrielle selects a candy. The woman guesses bubblegum and she is correct. She tastes menthol…she seems to be struggling. She takes her blindfold off and looks at Julianne and asks her to look at her. She guesses lemon but Julianne shakes her head. She says orange and this is correct. Mysterio wants Simon write down a treat, any treat and then pass the notebook back to him. Mysterio blindfolds himself so he can’t see and he tells Simon to think of what it is and look at the woman. She says it is something…like Turkish delight, angel delight. Simon says not exactly, it says butterscotch. Mysterio says taste is transferable. But up on the table the entire time, is Howie eating pretty much everything, but in that box on the table, they left something for Howie. Mysterio has Howie open the box and there is a canoli in the box. There’s also a napkin and on the napkin it has the letter R, Gabrielle will choose bubblegum, Julianne will choose orange, and next time they’ll bring Simon some angel delight. Julianne says she’s been a fan since the beginning, but this didn’t seem as rehearsed. She says it didn’t feel locked in to her. Simon says it was a total mess from start to finish. Simon couldn’t understand a single thing and Howie needs to stop. Howie didn’t help because he was eating everything and they couldn’t understand what he was saying. We’re going to continue on with Ryan Niemiller. He says high school was his first stage because he was the class clown. He was a starter in football and he was homecoming king his senior year and it was a great feeling. He doesn’t want people to vote for him because they feel sorry for him, they want them to vote for him because he’s the funniest person we’ve ever seen. Howie promises him everyone at home was laughing and he needs to be in the finals. Julianne says she didn’t know how he could top his last two performances, but he was born to be on this stage. That was better than both of his performances combined. Simon says sometimes he thinks they’ve made terrible decisions, but he was born to do this. Everything worked, his flow, his confidence, it was a great, great performance and he really believes he’ll be moving on. Next is V. Unbeatable and they are a dance/acrobatic team. They take the stage and are using a rolling cart in their act as they do various acrobatic tricks and throws. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Simon says all he will say is every time they see them, they push the boundaries. The creativity is incredible and they made every second of those two minutes count. Julianne says a clap doesn’t even compare to what they deserve. They literally raised the game. This is the best performance of tonight. Gabrielle says they were her husband’s golden buzzer and sometimes it takes a champion to see a champion. They just put the rest of the act’s on notice. Howie says by far the best performance he has ever witnessed on the show. The next young artist wants to leave his footprint on the world and Howie left his footprint on the golden buzzer. Joseph Allen is the next act and he’s a singer. He knows you don’t get chances like this very often. He performs an original song about his parents. He gets emotional as he finishes. Howie says he is a shining light and he could feel the pride from his mom as she watched. He’s authentic and he makes them smile. Gabrielle loves a vulnerable man and he put his heart on that stage. Great job. Julianne says he’s vulnerable and he put it out on the stage and she tells him not to compare himself to anyone because that is the death of artistry. Simon says his favorite part of the whole performance was his mom’s reaction. Simon says this song, without his family’s reactions didn’t connect and the background graphics were horrendous. Light Balance Kids are preparing to take the stage. They are living their dream and they do everything together. They are hoping to make it to the semi-finals. Their act is set to Bad Guy by Billie Eillish and then switches to Sucker by The Jonas Brothers. Their act was a robot/lab themed light show. Gabrielle says just when she thinks they can’t top themselves, they top themselves. They are blown away. Julianne says it’s amazing what a great song can do. What they just did was beyond anything they could have imagined. That was unbelievable. Simon says they are unbelievably talented, but it didn’t have the wow factor, he didn’t like the music, and it felt tame compared to previous performances. He’s disappointed. Howie says he loved the music and he loved the technology and the dance. Tyler Butler-Figueroa is the next act and he’s a violinist. He’s four years cancer free and he was Simon’s golden buzzer. When he goes in for appointments he takes his violin to play for other patients. Tyler takes the stage and plays Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia. He plays while dancing on a large platform with piano keys on it. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Simon says he was America’s golden buzzer. He says Tyler hashtag Amazing, inspiration, current. Such a great talent, such a great moment, and such a great choice of song. He’s hoping a DJ will come on if he makes the final and they’ll make an incredible record. Howie says he really is inspirational and amazing and he’s a wonderful talent. Gabrielle says he just inspired a nation full of kids to put down a controller and pick up an instrument. Julianne says it’s one thing to be an incredible artist, and he’s an incredible human being. The final act is Ndluvo Youth Choir and they are from Limpopo, South Africa. They take the stage and perform Beautiful Day by U2. They get an ovation from the entire room. Gabrielle says they set the stage on fire. Simon says they popped tonight. There was something about their enthusiasm, great song choice, everything just worked and clicked. Julianne says they were great and she’s so excited. Howie says wow! He says they were his window to the world with the sun shining in and there was no better way to end this evening. They inspire!
  4. Tommy, Azule, Nicole and Amber tour the house to meet the other houseguests. Their dialogue is pretty funny. 6:45 PM BBT Holly is putting Taco Tuesday together
  5. Today
  6. Don't have live feeds, so I am little behind on whats going on. Just reading todays update. Does Tommy have a Veto? What did I miss? Is he going to use it on Christie. I sure hope not.
  7. 5:45 PM BBT Sis and Christie are talking in the RV Bedroom about the people the miss . Analyse says she misses her mom and best friends because she normally spend so much time with them Christie- to be a hundred million % honest, and I hate to admit it at all Sis touches Christie's shoulder as she gets teary Christie- the person that I really miss the most out of anyone is my ex. (her voice is shaky) but it's weird because I was already missing her. We broke up in January. I left (for BB) missing her. It was so bad Sis- but it didn't....you were distracted by this Nick comes in and starts listening in Christie- I was so distracted by this process...for me, I was already so used to that and so distracted by getting myself ready, packing, buying clothes ...this...that.So I didn't have that chance to like..... I mean I did, trust me, ..living in the house we got together was rough Sis- you guys got it together? Christie- well technically....technically, like, whatever, yeah...like we did everything together. I hate to even admit that. I miss my family but the one I think about the most is her. Like she would be the first one I would want to call the second when I get out of here ...but I won't because I know she doesn't want to talk to me. Sis- but how do you know Christie- I just know...well, I guess I don't know Sis- she could have taken this time to realize she misses you Christie- or she could be in a full blown relationship right now Christie asks Nick what singularly one person does he misses the most Nick says he can't say and doesn't know if that answers the question (insinuating his ex) Cliff comes in and Christie tells him what they've been talking about Christie- I know yours is Sharon Cliff- she is Christie- she is your anchor...your everything Nick- I don't know who I miss the most. I mean my family...but the m=people I think about most are Bella and that person I can't mention 6:05 PM BBT Tommy and Nicole are in the kitchen making dolls out of fabrics, sticks and yarn. They begin laughing about how Big Brother will take their conversation and show it on the television show while they are making dolls. Nicole says she can't forget what Kat told her in the storage room...that she needs to play her own game and not someone else's Nicole is talking about how all the stress is making her sick...run down feeling, her body is aching, sore throat. They begin playing with the dolls. Nicole's is named Amber. TOmmy's is named Azule. Tommy as Azule- there's actually just 11 of us now (using a British accent)...just because we are dolls doesn't mean we aren't people Nicole as Amber- we are doll people Tommy as Azule- yes, we are doll people. Should we go say hi to the other houseguests Nicole as Amber- okay
  8. 5:30 PM BBT Jess has been giving the houseguests 45 minute massages. Sis said she is amazing. Jess- I want a 5 star review, but say that you would have given 6 if it weren't for the unsanitary conditions. Jess is currently massaging Tommy
  9. Yesterday
  10. She has just threw Sis under the bus to Jackson. She called Sis a floater and stated that Sis has not done anything in this game. Good job Christie.
  11. 4:00 PM BBT Christie is in the HoH Room talking with Michie...not any new conversation....just Christie praising her game play and trying to make Nick the next target. Christie- I told him I was going to call him out and he started panicking. So then I told him, okay I won't blow up your game but let me ask you a question.....you threw comps...you're trying to stay to the end. But, my question is, who are you planning to go to the end with (because he is working with three different pairs)... like, who are you really loyal to. Christie is trying really hard to convince Michie that she will gun hard to get rid of Nick, thus good to keep her in the game [it won't work....Michie knows she is dangerous for his game -MamaLong] Nicole and CLiff were chatting in the Boat Room about Kat and wondering where her head is at Nicole- I don't know if she is mad at me or mad at you. I don't know, the way she went out...I just don't know where her head is at Cliff- yeah, I know Nicole- I hope she has cooled off after thinking about things The rest of the houseguests are just hanging out fighting boredom
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  13. 2:03PM BBT In the LR, Christie is cryng to Tommy, Nick, Cliff, and Nicole. She is exhausted and can't eat. The game is hard.Nick says they need a movie. Analyse says that BB owes them something. They joke about a movie. 2:18PM BBT All HG except for Cliff are sitting in the LR. Just chatter about being bored.
  14. Worried about Vigneault coaching Flyers' youth? There's evidence to ease concerns NBCSports.comFlyers head coach Alain Vigneault has a track record of winning and, yes, getting the best out of some young players, too. By Jordan Hall. View the full article
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  16. 1:01PM BBT Nick goes to HOH BR to take a shower. Nicole asks him if his day is better. Nick says he spoke with Christie and Christie is going to tell the house everything they talked about in private. He says he told Cliff that he did bring up his name when he was asked who he would bring up. Nick says that Chrsitie is going to bring up stuff from the first weeks because she is petty. 1:19PM BBT Tommy goes into the lounge with Cliff. Cliff says that he is just sitting there. Thinking about going home and having to find a job and deal with the 9-5 grind. Tommy says that they will need a moment to decompress a bit. They discuss family. 1:35PM BBT Tommy and Cliff talk about how much they enjoy the game. Cliff says that he loved talking to Christie about S8 and how her eyes lit up. Cliff and Tommy agree that they have each others back and would be honored to go to F2 together. 1:49PM BBT Christie talking to Nicole and Cliff. Says she feels awkward being around people. Nicole says she understands because no one wants to be seenw ith someone on the block. Christie says it is obvious she is everyone's target. 1:53PM BBT Christie is crying to Nicole. She says she is going because she is the only one who didn't make deals. She says that she deserves to be on the block but she is frustrated because Nick should have been next to her because he is the one that created all this.
  17. 12:03PM BT Fish feeding gong on in the house. Discussion about which fish are getting food. 12:13PM BBT Christie, Analyse and CLiff discussing people back home. Christine is descibing her friend Aaron to Analyse. Analyse wants to meet him. He lives in England. 12:19PM BBT Analyse and Christie talking about Christie being sad. She says she realizes it's all coming to an end. She says she has been thinking about hr ex a lot. Cams change to Jess an Nick playing backgammon. 12:27PM BBT Christie is a bit teary. Tommy comes in and give her a pep talk. She is just feeling emotional about the house and missing her family. Analyse says she gets a phone call when she gets to jury. 12:39PM BBTJackson telling a story about being a server. Tells Jess and Holly aboutthe time a guests left him a checkfor $1000.00 made out to the University of Tenn with a memo for his tuition plus gave him a $100 tip. He says he wrote them a thank you letter and looked them up to see where they lived so he could send it (I guess it didn't occur to him to look on the check for the address). Now he is telling the story how he saved the life of an elderly woman who was naked outside the restaurant. We get cam change. 12:44PM BBT Christie, Tommy and Analyse talking. Christie is upset but not at Jackson but at Nick. She says it should have been her and Nick on the block. She says that she will blow up the game when she starts campaigning. Analyse asks her not to talk about Nick being loyal to hr and Tommy. Christie says she won't. 12:49PM BBT Christie goes into the RV BR with Tommy. She asks him to tell her what happened. That "they" told her he could tell her and we get FOTH. 12:54PM BBT Tommy is looking for a hiding spot for his Veto. Analyse tells him that she has the perfect spot and does he want to know where it is. Tommy says to tell him later.
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  22. 11:04AM BBT Sis IN WA doing her face. Jess decided to have leftover hamburger with egg for breakfast. Christie says it could be breakfasty because it has peppers in it [Peopers make it a breakfast meat? What? - rms] WBRB is on. Back,... HG making big plans to do nothing today. Nicole is gone from fish tank. Christie says the feeders will be bored with us today. Cliff apologizes and says this is as good as its gonna get today. Tommy said they went to bed about 11 and they woke up at 10. Jess apparently asked Cliff how he was born so she plans to do that with each person. Cliff claims his dad was the first or one of the first dads to go in and watch the birth. [That is a bold and no way to substantiate claim, Cliff. - rms] Sis says she was a premie. Supposwd to be born March 26 but came 8th and she was pretty sure it was between 6&7 either morning or night. [As opposed to all the other 6&7 options throughout the day, Sis? WOW! - rms]
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  25. I like it better with the dirty words, but Fuskie is running this and he wants it family friendly, obviously he's never met my family.
  26. I like Nicole, and she still could win to final 2, and maybe even the whole game, but she needs to prove that she can win competitions not just for us, or the others, but for herself. She let's Nick fill her head with nonsense, and she's not quite good at sticking up for herself. I'm starting to dislike people talking about the game non-stop as if it's still week 2 or 3. People who do not know how to relax, and want to talk game 24/7 make other people nervous. Most that talk game all of the time usually get put out fast, but Nick was lucky that there were bigger targets.
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