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  1. Fan Favorites

    1. Big Brother 25 - Discussion & Dish

      bb-26-duckie-forum-talk.pngHere is where you can talk about your favorite houseguests and everything that is going on inside the Big Brother 25 house.


    2. Big Brother 25 - Live Feed Updates

      bb-26-duckie-forum-lfu.pngCatch up or post observations on the daily events in the Big Brother 25 house.  By posting, you grant Morty's TV the right to use your content, all or in full, on our websites without crediting you as the source.

    3. Big Brother USA Season 25 - Morty's TV Live Feed Coverage Page   (45,666 visits to this link)

      bb25-morty-duckiel.jpg   Want to see Spoilers at a Glance?

      Download the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 25 HG Reference Guide? Read a summary of the day's live feed updates? Click Here for the Morty's TV Daily Live Feed Coverage Page for Big Brother USA Season 25!


    4. Survivor 45

      Survivor 45 Logo Season 45 of Survivor is the 13th consecutive season to be filmed in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. It continues to follow the post-COVID protocols, including a reduced game of 26 days, with 18 castaways in 3 tribes. The season will be shown in 90 minute installments on Wednesday nights. The cast includes Bruce Perreault from Survivor 44, who was medically evacuated due to injury on the first episode.


    5. The Amazing Race Season 35

      The Amazing Race Logo The 35th running of the Amazing Race, hosted by Phil Keoghan, features 13 teams of two racing around the world for $1 million dollars. The winner will have visited 3 continents, 8 countries, and traveled over 23,800 miles. For the first time since COVID, teams will fly commercial. There are no non-elimination legs and there is also an Express Pass in play, and a required U-Turn. The season will also be aired in 90 minute episodes.



  2. TV - Reality

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  3. Celebrities

    1. Yana's Celebrity Interviews

      yana_forum.jpgOur resident Spoiler Scout has branched out to become our Celebrity Interviewer. Yana's been contacting former HouseGuests from Big Brother and other reality shows. Check in here to post questions and see who Yana'a tracking down next.

  4. Just For Laughs

    1. I Found This Funny (Pictures, Tik-Toks, & Text)

      ifound-this-funny-forum.webpFind a funny picture, or a joke, share it with your friends on the TVFanForums

    2. Off-Topic

      off_topic.webpSports, Music, Hobbies, whatever wasn't covered in a dedicated forum.




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