It's Sunday May 20th 2018

Why Watch TV Alone?
Join our TV Chat Rooms

Do you like to heckle the contestants on those talent contests?

Why talk to the friend in your head, when you can join us in the chatroom.

If you enjoy watching TV, but have no one that shares your interest, turn on your TV, join us, and log into my TV chat room.

Don't be afraid, we're just a group of people that like to watch TV and share their opinions and comments while they watch.

Reality TV not your cup of tea? Stop in and tell one of our chat hosts (Dade or Fuskie) and they'll try to start a chat for your interest, maybe Shameless, or maybe something lighter like, Modern Family.

          You're Invited...

In an attempt to block spammers from the TVFanForums, you'll need special invitation code number to register.

Your Invitation code is:

Copy Code To Clipboard

Just click the "Copy Code to Clipboard" button. The code number will be copied to your clipboard.  Then, Click Here, to go the the registration area on the forums.  When you get to the place that asks for your code, press Crtl +V to paste the code into the form.

After you've replied to the confirmation email (your email address is safe with me, we don't spam), log in to the TV Fan Forums, and click of the chat tab (like in the picture, below).
Click on the Chat Tab

I hope you enjoy our community.


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