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  4. 6:30PM BBT Feeds are back. Mark told Ari she did well. Ari has won POV. It was a puzzle with the HG faces. It was face morph.
  5. 10:30PM BBT Ross reminds them that there are only 4 days left in the house. They don't think they could make it in the house for 3 months while constantly gaming. 10:31PM BBT Brandi brings up the jury and who's pissed off at them when voting. She says you can't get through this game with integrity. They all agree that you can't win without being deceptive or misinformation. Mark says "that's just how it works" 10:33PM BBT Mark says that he'll have an Angry Orchard at 11PM BBT, that it'll give him something to look forward to. Brandi is wearing plastic gloves that have a lotion concoction in them. 10:35PM BBT Ross and Ari tell Brandi that she should consider going brunette because it looks good on her and that she looks younger. 10:39PM BBT Mark talks about how his "turn" recording for the opening of BB shows is awkward, that he didn't like doing that for the show Xtra either. Omarosa said she had to have a fan and to put gel on the lighting when recording hers. 10:41PM BBT Brandi and Ari talk about giving Chuck a makeover with his nails and a green mask, and then how much fun they used to be. Mark says that the house has aged him 10 years at least. 10:42PM BBT The HG know that they will be asked about the show for the next 6 months and should be prepared for the people telling them what they should've done differently, and how they will react. 10:43PM BBT James says that he doesn't want to spend his time after eviction watching the show at home preparing for his vote. They feel like they will learn quickly who has been talking smack about them. 10:45PM BBT "Free Marissa" - they are sad for Marissa, who's missing the outdoor time while in the DR. They wonder how disgusting the KT and BR would be with 16 people who've never lived on their own and don't clean dishes. 10:48PM BBT The HG talk about how many people they'll meet at the wrap party. Ross said he'll stay for about 5 minutes and then he'll leave. Mark "all we can do is speculate and talk sh*t in here". 10:52PM BBT Ross tells the story about how Metta whispers to him "I wanna go home" before the first comp even started - 45 minutes after walking into the house. Metta then told him on day 7 "remember that thing told you before? spread it around!" 10:53PM BBT Brandi goes into the KT to get some candy and then heads back outside. Marissa is still in the DR. 10:54PM BBT The HG wonder if BB showed Metta really wanting to leave the house on the episodes. Brandi tells them the time and even though they want to go inside, they stay because they know they won't have the opportunity again. 10:56PM BBT Mark goes into the KT to get a soda. (he foregoes the Angry Orchard - "I'm not in the mood for booze"). James also goes in to eat something because he'll have to go in the DR soon. 10:59PM BBT Brandi says in the BY that she wishes she was better at kissing a$$, like when people she doesn't like are in power. 11:00PM BBT James eats the chicken from yesterday and Ross brings a sandwich out to the BY. They again talk about how cold it is outside. Omarosa, Brandi, Ari and Ross are in the BY saying that they'll just go to bed early when they're stuck inside.
  6. 10:01PM BBT Mark goes up to HOH while Marissa and Ross chat in the RBR. Ross fills Marissa in on what Mark just told her. They say that they have to make a choice, and then O walks into the room and the stop talking. 10:05PM BBT Ross tells Marissa to find time to talk tonight. Ross tells her about his earlier conversation with Brandi and how Brandi said that she was upset that he didn't keep his F2 with her. 10:07PM BBT Brandi said that they have "a thing" tomorrow morning, but they'll be up late with long DRs. Mark said that they asked "a million questions". 10:08PM BBT Mark joins Brandi and Ross in the BY, saying that it's their last night outside. Mark doesn't believe that there will be a double eviction on Friday, that they'll bring 6 HG to the finale. 10:10PM BBT Brandi says "we're all going to need a lot of therapy after this". Ari brings chips outside. Mark in the KT tells O that Ari is so much more fun when Brandi isn't around her. 10:12PM BBT Mark says that he thinks he'll be "more present" after leaving the house, taking more time with his kids. He likes that this is a takeaway from this experience. 10:13PM BBT James said that he would have a hard time taking a long weekend just to go visit his sister in FL, but yet he's taken a month to be in the BB house. They are now all around the fire in the BY. 10:15PM BBT The HG talk about the differences between regular BB and celebrity BB, both physically with the house and the people in the house. (i.e. open BY hours, smokers, etc) 10:17PM BBT They all say that they've never been smokers. Mark said that his parents were smokers, which was a turn off. James asks if there are any good shows in LA, that he saw Cirque before coming in the house. 10:18PM BBT The HG give a shoutout to Metta and ponder what he is doing right now. Brandi talks about how gross the KT was and that it was dirty and hard to cook in, but that it's clean now. 10:22PM BBT Brandi pours a beer into her wine glass and asks Production for a bottle of win, and that she'd share it. "Instead of drinking 3.5 glasses, I'll only drink 2". She rejoins the others in the BY. 10:25PM BBT They confirm that veto ceremony will be done mid-morning tomorrow. They wonder how they will eliminate so many people in 2 hours on Friday. "Double eviction - double on Saturday? Or Thurs, Fri, Sunday?" They are thinking out loud the different possibilities. 10:28PM BBT Brandi says that the wig she's wearing is Marissa's, and that while it keeps her warm, it is really itchy. Mark talks about Paul wearing the pink flamingo "Trejo" into the DR with no shirt. 10:29PM BBT They flashback to Victoria being on the block 9x, which was from Season 16. They all were given that season to watch as a reference to what to expect in the house.
  7. 9:31PM BBT Ross is asked what celebrity he's made out with. He says that he was going a segment and the woman kissed him with tongue in his mouth. The cameras then go to James making tea, so we don't get the name. 9:34PM BBT Ross asks Marissa which actor's performance was the best she's seen on Broadway. "Patty Lupone in Gypsy" 9:35PM BBT Marissa asks James how old he was when he got his first job. San Diego children's choir, doing La Boheme. (wasn't clear on the age) 9:37PM BBT James dares Omarosa to put her hand in the fish tank, and she does. Ross brings up the pedicure fish that eat the skin off your feet. 9:42PM BBT Bottle lands next on Ari, who takes truth. "how old is the oldest man you've ever dated"...."50, but he doesn't look like 50". 9:43PM BBT The bottle lands next on the owl, who picks Truth. Ross "Owl go first. What ruffles your feathers?" "I don't like when people rip my seams open". (Brandi plays voice of owl) 9:45PM BBT Ross asks Brandi what celebrity she'd like to date if given the opportunity. "Lenny Kravitz" She's met him briefly and that he's nice. 9:46PM BBT Bottle lands next on James, who takes Truth. "How old were you when you first had sex?" He doesn't want to answer on camera. Then asked oldest lady he's had sex with "she was older, and I was younger - she was 18 years older". 9:49PM BBT Ross is asked who he's never had the chance to interview. "Adele, I've never met Adele". Mark is out of the DR and they fill him on the game they're playing. They're trying to kill time until 10, when the BY opens. 9:51PM BBT Ross is asked who "dead" he would like to have interviewed. "Bea Arthur or Michael Jackson". 9:52PM BBT Brandi is next and chooses Dare. Ross tells her to do the cinnamon challenge, and then retracts it. Marissa is called to the DR. 9:53PM BBT Game is over, Brandi never gets her dare. They decide that the game would be more fun outside of the house. 9:54PM BBT Mark cleans up in the kitchen, drying and putting away the dishes. Omarosa comes into the kitchen and throws away her paper plate. James says that it's hard to not sing in the house and that he sings in the DR all the time. 9:57PM BBT The BY is now open. James wants to do a small load of laundry. Mark says that the BY is cold. Ross talks to Mark and asks who's going up as replacement nom. Mark says "most likely Omarosa" 9:59PM BBT Mark tells Ross in the KT that he's in a weird spot. Mark said that it was "nice getting off campus today", Ross said he didn't get to.
  8. 9:02PM BBT Brandi and Ross are talking upstairs. He is telling her where she went wrong and not being faithful to the F4 when she voted for Shannon to stay. Also, her blowing up at James didn't help. 9:05PM BBT Ross says that he didn't make a deal with Marissa, and that he'd like to vote for Brandi to stay, but he appears to be trying to let her down easy. 9:06PM BBT Ross tells Brandi that if it's a tie, she'll go home. 9:08PM BBT Brandi tells Ross that he won't get her vote in the end. He says he's not even thinking about the end. 9:10PM BBT Ross tells Brandi that it's not up to him. Their conversation is a bit awkward as Brandi appears to be guilting him. They realize that Pop TV is on and pep up. 9:15PM BBT Marissa and Ari are with Omarosa and James in the LR going down memory lane. First question is "who did you talk to first when coming into the house?" 9:17PM BBT Ross and Brandi head downstairs and Ross finishes up their conversation with "we have time". Brandi joins the others in the LR. 9:19PM BBT The HGs play "Ends on A$$" word game. 9:24PM BBT Marissa asks the others to do her makeup since she still has to do the DR tonight. 9:27PM BBT The HGs play Truth or Dare. 9:28PM BBT They spin the Coke bottle to see who's next up in the game. It points to Ross and he is jokingly asked by Ari if he's straight in the house and gay outside.
  9. Connacht Tribune Group Galwayman in search for stars at the helm of American Idol Connacht Tribune Group Jonathon then went on to become Senior Producer for America's Got Talent, which saw him based in New York for four months, producing packages in Radio City Music Hall for its live shows – a highlight, he says. There was a stint in Asia in 2014, as ... View the full article
  10. 8:56 pm BBT Still in the Kitchen Omarosa, Marissa, James and Brandi are talking about the comps and how they put there all on every comp. Brandi said that she is still so so sore from the last HOH comp. Omarosa said they were live in 5 minutes so lets get excited. None of the three don't seem excited . Marissa said that she wouldn't get chuck eyes. Ari won the POV they said that they knew a girl would win..
  11. 8:47 pm BBT Omarosa says the only thing that will help her get over missing her husband is hard drugs and alcohol. James is eating his taco salad. Omarosa tells them that tonight is the last day to wash there clothes. They want have any more days. Omarosa said James will have a hundred million emails and then he will get back to them. We have fish again. We come back to James eating and Mark gets called to the DR. He says I'll go pee first. Omarosa is cooking in the kitchen with a blanket around her she must be cold. Marissa said that she left her phone at home but if her husband is there then she don't need it. Marissa tells Brandi she loves her wig on her.
  12. #BBCELEB 8: 43 pm BBT James says tomorrow will be the worst day tomorrow because they want have anything to do. Mark tells James it would be a crusher if they made it to the end. James tells Mark that his knees haven't felt right the past two days so that's why he is putting the ice on. Mark ask what's he making and he said taco stuff from the other day. Mark is eating popcorn and James is still fixing his taco food. James said he thing Saturday will be the long one if it's and endurance.
  13. 8:36 pm BBT Thanks for the time BB I got to see James and Omarosa in the kitchen. James was asking if they were going to open up the back yard for the after show. Now feeds are back and James is quiet. I see that James has two bags of ice on his knees one for each of them. Now he is up checking on his food that he is warming in the kitchen. Now he is back to sitting down with ice on his knees. James says that there is only 4 days and one night they have to skip.
  14. #BBCELEB 8:33 pm BBT They are all sitting around the pool table laughing. We have fish..
  15. 8:27 pm BBT Nothing really going on at the pool table. Just a lot of small talk and Ross and Ari attempting to play pool. Marissa and Brandi are sitting in the chairs making comments on how they are playing. Right now there is only one red ball left on the table. Ross is trying to hit the black ball in and didn't do it. Ross calls his pocket he is hitting it into but no luck. 4 rounds and the black ball still hasn't made it. Now Ari finally made the last play. Now Ross is going to play Marissa.
  16. 8:20 pm BBT Mark is in the HOH room listening to his music with his glasses on. He's just in there enjoying his HOH room. Ari, Brandi, Marissa, and Ross are at the pool table. Ross is playing Ari. Brandi must have got a punishment she is wearing gloves, brown wig, black hat, pink and gray pants. Haven't seen Omarosa anywhere in the feeds. All 4 want to go into DR together, they think it would be so funny.
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  18. 8:11 pm BBT They are all talking about the book. I see Fifi is by the stairs wrapped in a blanket. They can't get over the nasty bathroom. Now Marissa is still reading about the instruction book.. Ross keeps telling them to follow Metta he knows where to go. Marissa keeps going on and on about the instruction book. Ross is looking in the refrigerator. Marissa wants them all to go to the movies. Marissa wants to make some cookies but nobody else seems to want any. Ari and Brandi are sitting there so quiet.
  19. #BBCELBE 8:00pm BBT Marissa, Brandi, Ross and Ari are sitting in the kitchen talking. Marissa is making there chores due to big brothers rule. The house guest have responsibilities such as cleaning the gym, the kitchen, windows, bathroom, living room, meal prep , tables and feeding the fish , trash removal, taking out the trash and vacuum the floors. Brandi has blonde hair and brown hair. She also has a black hat on. They said that they can't clean the bathroom. Now she is telling them where to be in an earthquake go outside thru the sliding glass door. Some how they have found the instrution book for the bb house and there duties.
  20. The Mercury News 'The Amazing Race' finale: And the winners are … The Mercury News (L-R) Conor Daly and Alexander Rossi during the season finale of 'The Amazing Race.' (CBS). Expand. By Chuck Barney | cbarney@bayareanewsgroup.com | Bay Area News Group. PUBLISHED: February 21, 2018 at 8:04 pm | UPDATED: February 21, 2018 at 10:08 pm ... The Amazing Race finale sneak peek: It's a nail-biter, says Phil KeoghanEW.com (blog) 'The Amazing Race' Finale: Everything to Know About the Final 4 TeamsUs Weekly When Does Season 31 Of 'The Amazing Race' Premiere? The Iconic Reality Show's Future Is Surprisingly UncertainBustle Heavy.com -CarterMatt -Tribune-Review all 42 news articles » View the full article
  21. 7:05pm BBT James tells Mark in Gym that they have to be very clear to Marissa there's 0% chance she's going home. Mark agrees, saying the others won't mind because it takes the target off them this week. Mark will be happy to see Brandi out of the house. James lifting 10lb weights over his head. Mark is surprised they have 10lbs and 25lbs but no 15lbs. Mark says it helps to have the noise of someone else exercising. 7:10pm BBT James says this won't lead to an acting job but Pilot season is right after the season ends. There are no losers here. Mark says it's a privilege to play the game. James says the shows don't show 90% of the time they spend [but we see it on the live feeds! -- Morty]. James now skipping rope. Brandi now combing out her real hair in the Hollywood BR. Mark says Brandi will be pissed with Marissa's nomination. 7:15pm BBT James says he won't say anything unless someone comes to him. Mark says he's not worried, he'll talk to Ari. As long as she stays with the plan, Brandi goes home. If not, Ari has to go home too sometime. He'll tell her that if she saves Brandi, she'll be the one going home instead. James is now doing leg pushes. Mark is headed off to the shower. James says he's almost done too. But first, shoulder shrugs while holding hand weights. 7:25 pm BBT James grabs some water, then returns to the lateral overheads with the 25lb weight. James is now shadow boxing a little then it's back to jump rope. It's subdued in the Hollywood BR, with moments of levity. With Omarosa in the room, the girls cannot talk game. James is down in the KT getting more water for his bottle. He returns to the gym. 7:35pm BBT James does some pull-ups then it's back to the hand weights. In the BR, Brandi thinks she could beat James in an Endurance Comp. Marissa says in the comp, she understood the pictures more than the directions BB gave her. Back to the rope in the gym. He keeps telling himself to "come on". Marissa tells the Hollywood BR that she's sure she'll be the replacement nom to ensure the house votes out Brandi. 7:50pm BBT James is now on the row machine in the gym. In the Hollywood BR, Marissa, Ari and Brandi regret not voting out James instead of Chuck. Mark is out of the HoH shower and blow drying his hair. James is on the elliptical now. Brandi and Ari head to the Teal BR. Brandi is crying as she realizes Marissa is probably right. Mark is downstairs and the rest of the house is mingling in the KT. 7:56pm BBT Marissa, Mark, Ari, Brandi and Ross are in the KT planning dinner. Omarosa is in the DR. James is still working up a sweat in the gym on the elliptical, giving himself pep talks. Marissa and Ross talk in the SR. She wants to force a tie breaker so Ross doesn't have to vote out Brandi but Ross says it can't be a tie. Ross and Ari would cancel each others' vote and James and Omarosa will vote Brandi. Marissa thinks Omarosa will vote for her not Brandi.
  22. Indianapolis Star Geography clue derails drivers in 'The Amazing Race' Indianapolis Star A New York-Paris mix-up parked Indianapolis drivers Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly before the duo made it to the final leg of TV's "The Amazing Race." The competitors billed as #TeamIndyCar finished fourth in the global scavenger hunt, winning three ... View the full article
  23. This season on The Amazing Race, our most competitive season began with a photo finish. For the first time ever, teams went head to head and swapped partners. Teams made strategic moves and game changing mistakes. Along the way, seven teams were eliminated, leaving team IndyCar, team Extreme, team Big Brother, and team Yale with a shot at the one million-dollar prize. Tonight, one of these four teams will win The Amazing Race. Alex and Connor are the first to depart and they are flying to Hong Kong. Once to Hong Kong they must find Victoria Peak and a photographer’s kiosk to find their next clue. Alex and Connor and Cody and Jessica share a ride to the airport. They don’t mind they are arriving in Hong Kong at the same time, but they know Henry and Evan have a speed bump and that’s who they want out. They arrive at the airport with Kristi and Jen. Kristi and Jen say if they had predicted the strongest teams at the beginning it would have been the four remaining. Henry and Evan are grateful to be in the race still, but it’s worrisome they have a speedbump. Cody says he’s not counting Henry and Evan out but they are working with Alex and Connor to get out Henry and Evan. All teams have now arrived in Hong Kong and they are racing for Taxis. Alex and Connor are the first out of the airport. Kristi and Jen are behind them. Cody and Jessica and Henry and Evan fought over a taxi and they are out. Kristi and Jen hope a night leg will do wonderful things for them. Henry speaks Mandarin and he thinks that could be an advantage for them. Alex and Connor are looking for the kiosk. Kristi and Jen are lost and their driver needs to turn around. Jessica and Cody have arrived and are also looking for the kiosk. Kristi and Jen decide to walk because it’s only 8 minutes away. Alex and Connor see Henry and Evan’s speed bump and they find the kiosk. The photographer takes their picture and he goes to print it and they are waiting for their clue. Henry and Evan have arrived at their speed bump. They must illuminate 40 Chinese lanterns representing happiness and good wishes, something they’ll need if they want to survive this leg of the race. Cody and Jessica have arrived at the kiosk and they inform Alex and Connor Henry and Evan are at the speed bump. Alex and Connor are impatient waiting and they have to travel by taxi to their next clue. Jessica and Cody get their picture taken and Kristi and Jen have arrived. Henry and Evan are still working on their lanterns and their taxi driver came to cheer them on while they are doing their task. Jessica and Cody are right behind Alex and Connor and they are staying right on their tail. They are searching for the next clue box with Kristin and Jen right behind and it’s Kristi and Jen who find the clue box first. Detour: Hairy Crab-Teams must work like local fisherman and properly secure a basket of hairy crabs for transport to the fish market. Wrangling these uncooperative crustaceans will be a challenge. And just to ramp things up, teams will have to prepare 50 crabs in a typhoon! Grub Grab-One team member will take an order in Cantonese and then relay the order to their teammate in the kitchen who must decipher the correct dish. When the customers get what they want, teams will get what they want…their next clue. Alex and Connor and Kristi and Jen have chosen Hairy Crab and they have to take water transport to their detour. Henry and Evan have finished their speed bump and they get their picture taken. Jessica and Cody have also chosen Hairy Crab. Jessica doesn’t like crabs, she doesn’t like seafood and Cody says they are going to get slimy. Alex is struggling with the crabs and he’s not good at knots. Connor is also getting aggravated and they decide to switch. Kristi and Jen have gotten started and Cody and Jessica have arrived as well. Connor and Alex go back to get on the water transport and decide to go to the restaurant because they are sick of this. Henry and Evan have found their next clue and they think the other three teams have decided to freeze them out. They are going to do Grub Grab. Cody says the rope was slippery and the crabs were fighting while they were getting tied up. Kristi and Jen note that it’s a lot of crabs. Henry and Evan see Alex and Connor as they are headed to the restaurant. Alex and Connor say Henry has a big advantage because he speaks Mandarin. Henry is taking the first order and Connor is working on his. Connor says it was a very difficult detour. They had to take orders in a language Connor will probably not understand. Connor says it’s impossible. Alex says they have to do this because they can’t switch. Connor asks Henry if he’s writing in English and Henry says he’s doing it phonetically. Henry says they speak so fast. Kristi and Jen are working on their knots. Cody and Jessica have about 15 done so far and she thinks they should have switched detours. She says this challenge sucks and she hates it. She thinks the restaurant one would have been the better choice. Connor is working on his order again and he goes back to translate to Alex and he struggles with the first one. Henry is delivering some of his food. They have to serve 8 plates and he takes back the plates he served. Connor says he’s going to deliver four at a time and he serves 4 of 8 and he’s laughing because he has no idea if he’s right. Kristi and Jen have 36 and Cody and Jessica have 31 done of their crabs. Connor on his first attempt has 3 wrong. Henry has all of his correct and him and Evan get their clue and head out. They wish Alex and Connor luck. They have to take a taxi and search for their next clue. Connor has all of his correct on their second attempt and they are done. Kristi and Jen are getting their crabs checked, but they had several done improperly and had to redo almost half their basket. Cody and Jessica are getting theirs checked and some of the claws were out so they had to fix them. They are done with all 50 and they get their next clue. Henry and Evan have arrived at the next clue box and it’s time for a road block. Phil tells us people in Hong Kong like to blow off steam, and its rage art. Who Wants to Get Smashed? They have to break use a bat to break old electronics to find two halves of a clue. And just because they can, they will splatter what they’ve destroyed with a gallon of paint to create their own masterpiece. Henry is going to do it for their team. Evan is handcuffed to a briefcase. Evan is cheering Henry on. Kristi and Jen are at 48 and Jen has gotten her first bite. They think they are done and they get their next clue. Connor is going to do it for his team and Alex says he’s jealous. Connor broke his bat. Henry found one half of a clue. The other half is behind Henry but he hasn’t seen it yet. Connor can’t find his yet either. Henry finally finds the other half and he throws the paint on it. Teams have their next clue handcuffed to their wrists. To unlock it, they need to search Lan Kwai Fong for signs representing specific leg numbers. The leg numbers are the code to unlock the brief case. And to make it more difficult, the brief cases all have different combinations. Cody is going to smash for their team. Kristi and Jen have arrived and Kristi is going to smash. Alex and Connor have already left. Kristi is struggling because she is in pain. She’s frustrated and doesn’t know if she can do it and she takes her mask off. Jen and Kristi note they have to stay ahead of one team and it happens to be Big Brother. Jen is concerned. Jessica says this is her worst nightmare to be competing against Kristi and Jen. Henry and Evan are in the taxi and they are going over their legs and cities and their driver says they have arrived. Evan says the area is chaotic because of everyone is partying and drinking and they didn’t know exactly what they were looking for. Alex and Connor are in their taxi and they say Cody will get through that quickly. Cody is finishing and has his clue and they head out. Kristi is still struggling. Alex and Connor have arrived and they are looking around too. Evan and Henry are struggling to figure out their code. Alex and Connor feel like the signs will be obvious. Henry and Evan have found 3 and Alex and Connor have found 5. Alex and Connor have also found 3. Krist is still smashing stuff and Jen is mumbling please read the clue. Kristi thought he had to get something checked. She finally goes back and reads her clue and she found the first half. She’s looking through the stuff she smashed for the second half. She finally finds it and they head out. Henry and Evan have found their second number. Alex and Connor wonder if they should work with Henry and Evan. They both have 5 and 3, but they can’t find the last number. They see signs but they’re unsure of which signs they should use. Henry and Evan are trying 3-2-5. (The correct combination will be a combination of 1, 3, and 5). Jessica and Cody have arrived. Henry and Evan see them and they realize their lead is gone. Alex says they have 5, 4, 3, and 6 and it’s just random. Cody is trying to figure out what the signs look like and Alex and Connor show them the bull. Henry and Evan see the Arc de Triomphe from Washington Square Park where they started the race and it’s the last number they need for their combination. Jessica sees Henry and Evan and Alex says they were trying to come up with combinations. Henry and Evan have their clue. Their pit stop is on the corner of Johnston and Wan Chai Road for this leg of the race. The first three teams to check-in will be racing for one million dollars in the last leg and the last team will be eliminated. Henry tells Alex and Connor tell them to go the other way and Evan yells at Henry. Alex sees the sign and thinks it’s France. Cody tells Jessica they seem to know something. Evan tells Henry in the taxi she likes IndyCar but it’s too tight to help them. Kristi and Jen have arrived and they see Big Brother and they feel more comfortable. Jessica and Cody say they can’t find another sign to save their lives. Kristi and Jen found 2 numbers and they say they are close with Big Brother but it’s an us or them situation. Cody has found the sign Henry and Evan needed and it has given them their second number. They start guessing by process of elimination. Kristi and Jen are trying combinations too. Cody and Jessica have their case open and they have their clue. Kristi and Jen see Alex and Connor and they are still struggling to find their last number. Jessica says Kristi looked so upset and she’d never seen her like that. They know Henry and Evan have left. Alex says they haven’t seen Jessica and Cody in awhile. Kristi and Jen see the sign with the Arc de Triomphe, but they also think it’s France. Henry and Evan are hoping they will hit the mat first and Jessica and Cody are looking for the pit stop. Henry and Evan have found Phil but they almost get hit by a train and have to wait for it to pass. Henry and Evan are team number one and they have made Amazing Race history. Only two other teams have ever completed a speed bump and won the leg and they are one of the three teams who will be racing to the finish line. Phil tells them they are going to San Francisco and they will be pampered all the way home because the next leg will be tough. Phil asks Henry and Evan if they felt they were isolated. Evan says maybe but they tried not to focus on it. Jessica and Cody have arrived at the mat and they are team number two. Phil notes they don’t look happy and Jessica says losing friends gets harder. Cody says they wanted the other two teams with them. Kristi and Jen are bickering and they are back to trying numbers. Alex and Connor are by the sign with the Arc de Triomphe and they talk about the other teams being there when they opened their case. Connor says they’ve found the sign but either they are doing something wrong or the answer is right in front of them. Alex thinks the bull is the wrong sign. Kristi and Jen have their case open and they are off. Kristi and Jen hit the mat and Jen gives Kristi a hug before anything is said. Phil says this leg was their toughest leg, but there’s good news. They are team number three and they are one of the final three teams who will be racing to the finish line. Phil says there is one thing about them, they don’t give up. Phil asks if there is anyone on the race they can’t beat and they say no. Phil comes out and meets Alex and Connor while they are still looking for their numbers. Alex says this isn’t good. Phil tells them the other teams have checked-in and they have been eliminated. Phil tells them they should hold their head high because very few teams make it through 11 legs of the race. All teams are on their way to San Francisco where they’ll race to the finish line. Their first stop is AT&T Park where they must find the Say Hey Kid statue commemorating the legendary Willie Mays. Henry and Evan and Cody and Jessica are at the airport wondering who is racing with them and they see Kristi and Jen come around the corner. Henry and Evan check their bags so they won’t have extra weight. Cody just wants to win and Jessica wants the money. Kristi and Jen have beaten all the other teams before and they know they can do it again. The plane has landed in San Francisco and all teams are out for a taxi. Cody says it smells like America, this is his place. He’s not a world traveler. Kristi and Jen are comfortable going up against these three teams in challenges. Cody and Jessica are the first to get to the clue box. Teams must now search among hundreds of baseballs and find the numbers that represent the number of career home runs Willie Mays hit, which is 660. They are searching McCovey Cove which is where home run baseballs are often hit. Kristi and Jen ask someone to look up the information and they come up with 661. Cody twisted his ankle and they are looking for kayak’s. Cody says he twisted it bad. Henry and Evan have arrived at the kayaks. All teams are out in kayaks looking for balls. Lou Seal, the mascot is throwing balls into the water. Cody realizes they don’t know the correct number. Kristi and Jen have the correct number, 660 they are looking for and they have found the first number. Henry and Evan crash into Jessica and Cody. Henry and Evan have found a couple of 6’s with other numbers. Kristi and Jen have a 0 now. Henry tries 936 first and they are wrong. They try a few different combinations and they are wrong and they are trying to figure out what they need to do. Cody and Jessica try a few combinations and they aren’t correct. Jessica and Cody ask someone standing next to the water and Evan overhears the answer. Henry and Evan just need a 0, Kristi and Jen need another 6, and Cody and Jessica need them all. Jessica gets her 6 and 0 quickly. Kristi and Jen have their numbers and they take them for the ump to approve and they get their clue. Cody and Jessica also have theirs and they get their clue. Henry and Evan are bickering and still need their last number. Road block: Who has an extra pair of underwear? In the center of the Golden Gate Bridge is an anchorage and it has more concrete than the Empire State building and is larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. It will serve as the highest ascender climb in the history of the Amazing Race. Once they get to the top they must go inside and face the world’s most terrifying free fall. Once complete, they can reunite with their partner and continue on. Kristi is going to do it for their team and Cody for theirs. Henry and Evan have their numbers and they catch up and Evan is going to do the road block for their team. Cody says this is the perfect challenge for him. Cody has a lead with Kristi not far behind. Evan is the furthest behind. Kristi has almost caught up to Cody. Cody’s arms are burning. Cody has reached the top and Kristi is right behind. Cody says Kristi is right behind him and he’s not sure who Yale picked, but they are way behind. They have put Cody into a glowing green suit and they tell him to take small steps off the edge. He goes out and he walks slowly off and Jessica is wondering what is happening. Cody has landed and Kristi is next. Cody and Jessica are off to what they guess is the Golden Gate Cheese Factory. Evan is still struggling on the climb. Kristi hates tall buildings but she walks right off and she lands safely and they are off. Evan has reached the top and she thinks they are about 15 minutes behind Cody. Jessica says she can’t tell if it’s cheese or bread, but they know it’s some kind of factory. Jen suggests maybe some kind of pancake. Cody and Jessica are off their boat and Kristi and Jen are right behind. Jessica stops to ask for assistance on where they are going. The stranger tells them it’s the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. If teams can make 102 perfect cookies, their fortune will be their next clue. Evan is doing her free fall with Henry encouraging her. She lands safely and they head out. Cody and Jessica and Kristi and Jen have arrived at the cookie factor and they cookie master is showing them how to make the fortune cookies. Each teammate has to make a full tray of the cookies. Henry and Evan grab a taxi and ask if he knows what the clue might be leading them to. Cody and Jessica ask for a check on his tray and he needs 14 more cookies. Kristi gets a check and she needs a few more and she’s done. Henry and Evan have arrived and Cody doesn’t know how they caught up to them. Cody has his tray done. Jen asks for a check and they are done and they get a fortune cookie with their clue. They will find their next clue at the USS Hornet. Jessica says this is frustrating. She says they were the first team to arrive but things change quickly. Evan asks for a check of Henry’s tray and he is done. Jessica asks Cody what she’s doing wrong. Henry and Evan seem to be doing pretty well. Jessica has finished her tray and they head out to find a cab. Henry and Evan are done also and they head out to look for a cab too. Henry and Evan have found a cab and Cody and Jessica are struggling to find one. Henry and Evan drive by and Cody sees them and realizes they are in last. Evan hopes to put a little distance between them. Jessica is frustrated and says this is ridiculous. Cody and Jessica have now found a cab and they are in third place. Kristi and Jen arrive first and they open their clue. The USS Hornet will serve as the finish line as for this season of the Amazing Race. But first, teams will have to build an airplane at the other end of the runway. First they’ll have to search the hornet for 12 pieces of a plane which are spread out among more than 1000 compartments over seven decks at length of more than 900 feet. Then assemble it so all 12 legs of the race are represented by symbols and it will be this season’s most difficult test of physical endurance as well as mental strength. The first team to complete building their plane and land on the mat will win one million dollars and the Amazing Race. Kristi and Jen selected the red plane because they think it will be easy to see and they begin searching for their pieces. They have found their first piece and when taking it back they find their second. Henry and Evan have arrived and Cody and Jessica have arrived right behind them. Henry and Evan have selected the blue plane leaving Cody and Jessica with the yellow plane. Kristi and Jen have 4 of their 12 pieces. Henry and Evan have found their first piece and they decide to take it back. Cody says this is massive and you could get lost because it’s like a maze. Jessica and Cody have 2 of their parts. They find a third and Kristi and Jen have 6. Henry and Evan have 4 pieces. Kristi and Jen are up to 7. Cody and Jessica have 6 pieces. Henry has noticed that some pieces have two stickers on them, one on each side. Kristi and Jen are trying to be as thorough as possible. Jessica says they did not make this easy, it’s almost like there’s a million dollars on the line or something. Kristi and Jen have now found all of their pieces. Jessica and Cody have found their final piece and Jen has to assemble the plane because Kristi did the last road block. Jessica has to do it by herself and when Henry and Evan get their pieces, Henry will have to do it for their team. Jen notices they have 12 pieces of their plane but they only need 6 of them and you have to find the right combination in order to have a symbol for each leg represented on the plane. Cody says they are neck and neck with Kristi and Jen. Henry and Evan have their pieces and they are heading back. Jen is trying to figure out the parts and the symbols. Jessica is working on hers and figuring out symbols also. Jessica says the pictures were difficult. Henry and Evan are still struggling to get all their pieces back. Jen asks for a check and she is not cleared for takeoff. Henry and Evan finally have their pieces back and Henry is now working on his plane. Jessica is asking for a check. She is not cleared for takeoff. Henry is rushing to hurry up. Jen and Jessica are going over the symbols in their head and what country they represent. Evan is cheering Henry on and Jessica says she’s so annoying. Henry is also unsure about some of the stickers. Jessica wishes Evan would stop talking and Cody starts encouraging Jessica. Henry is asking for his first check. He is not cleared for takeoff. Jen has failed a second time. Henry asks for a second check and he’s not correct. Jessica has a third check and she’s not cleared either. Jessica has also missed check 5 and Jen missed check 4. Jen is getting frustrated and Evan is still encouraging Henry and Jessica wishes someone would tell her to shut up. Henry tells her he’s got it and asks Evan to be quiet for a second. Jen miss check 5 and Henry misses his as well. All teams are still working on their plane. Jen asks for check #6 and it’s not cleared. Jen has 4 incorrect of the 12. Henry has his correct but hasn’t asked for a check and he changes something making two incorrect. Jen has moved a few things around. Jessica ask for check #9 and she is not cleared for takeoff. Jessica has 2 incorrect. Jessica makes a change and asks for check #10. Jen is making a check. Jessica is cleared for takeoff. Jessica has to push the plane to Cody and they run off. They run up to Phil and asks did they do it? Phil says Cody and Jessica they have won the Amazing Race and they have won one million dollars. Phil says Cody looks kind of stunned right now and he’s speechless. Phil says his teammate came through for him in the end and he says she’s the foundation of his strength. Henry and Evan have finally completed and they come in and they congratulate Cody and Jessica. Jen is so disappointed in herself and Kristi hugs her and comforts her and they jog to the mat. Phil asks how they feel right now and Jen says she feels horrible and she feels like she let Kristi down. Kristi and Jen never finished below third and they will eventually be able to look back and be really proud.
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  26. 6:50pm BBT In the gym, Mark & James discuss who would remain loyal to whom, and who might vote for whom in various F2 pairs. They think in the end, Ross will stick with the boys. With Omarosa in the Hollywood BR, the girl chat is surface-only, talking about the images during the comp. Mark thinks nominating Marissa will force the house to vote out Brandi whereas if he nominated Omarosa, she would go. 6:55pm BBT Mark is breathing heavily on the elliptical while James is doing lifts with an empty weight bar. FotH. Feeds return and no change. Mark said his knee is soar. Omarosa is listening to Marissa, Ross, Ari and Brandi talk but is not engaging. James says once Brandi is gone, he has a system for getting everyone else out. The others may not think he and Mark have been playing, but they have. 7:00pm BBT Someone is singing the Barney song in the Hollywood BR and BB tells them to stop. James and Mark are pretending to be BB delivering wake up messages. Brandi is brushing out a wig. James now doing lunges while holding a weight over his head.
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