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  4. CBS Baltimore Ellicott City's Main Street Reopens Following 2nd Deadly Flood In 2 Years CBS Baltimore BALTIMORE (WJZ)– In a race to recover from devastating flooding, much of Ellicott City's Main Street opened to the public Tuesday, just three weeks after water poured down, killing one man and washing away businesses. Business owners say they did not ... and more » View the full article
  5. This June, Big Brother is turning 20. The past 19 seasons of mayhem, manipulation, and madness have all been leading to the biggest summer ever on Big Brother, June 27. Only CBS Get the live feeds at www.MortysTV.com/to/feeds and share the link with your friends, it helps to support the MortysTV.com site!
  6. CBS Miami “Black Panther” Gives MTV Award To Waffle House Hero CBS Miami “Receiving an award for playing a superhero is amazing, but it's even greater to acknowledge the heroes that we have in real life,” Boseman said. “So I just want to acknowledge somebody that's here today. James Shaw Jr. Where are you? Stand. If you don ... and more » View the full article
  7. Tyler Oakley Launches LGBTQ Event Series on YouTube for Pride Month Variety In addition to his main YouTube business, Oakley and his best friend Korey Kuhl launched “Psychobabble,” a weekly podcast discussing “unfiltered gossip” and untold stories, and the duo also placed third on season 28 of CBS's “The Amazing Race.” Oakley ... View the full article
  8. CBS 8 San Diego Frankie Grande 'So Happy' for Sister Ariana Grande After Pete Da - CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB ... CBS 8 San Diego Asked about the song on Sweetener dedicated to Davidson, the RuPaul's Drag Race star gushed about the whole record. “There's an interlude called 'Pete' on the album,” he said. “Yes, I've ... It's amazing.” See more on the Grande family below. RELATED ... Frankie Grande 'So Happy' for Sister Ariana Grande After Pete Davidson EngagementEntertainment Tonight all 146 news articles » View the full article
  9. Surviving Tribal Big Brother 20 cast does not feature Survivor players Surviving Tribal Another year, another case of CBS reality crossovers involving Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race excluding a casting combination yet to happen. It's an odd time for CBS reality competitions. The Amazing Race season 30 had players who had just ... 'Big Brother 20': Snap judgments on the 16 new Houseguests [PHOTO GALLERY]Goldderby all 105 news articles » View the full article
  10. Dawminatrix

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    interested to see how this lady does with her "character"
  11. Dawminatrix

    JC Monduix

    yeah...baby face....
  12. Dawminatrix

    Faysal Shafaat

    https://www.rapsheets.org/tennessee/chattanooga-jail/Shafaat_Shawn/58905 same dude?
  13. vyvashuss44

    JC Monduix

    So he looks like he's 12, he's shorter that counter tops in the kitchen and he admits to a temper....GOOD LUCK BUTTERCUP!!
  14. Last week
  15. Mynx

    Steve Arienta

    I don't know what to make of this guy. He's lived a colorful life.
  16. Mynx

    Sam Bledsoe

    Catches snakes and raccoons with her bare hands, and then cuddles with her rooster. She has just enough crazy in her to make it far.
  17. Mynx

    Haleigh Broucher

    Maybe the first one to cry
  18. Mynx

    JC Monduix

    Such a baby face, probably very loud.
  19. Mynx

    Kaycee Clark

    That's a tough bish
  20. Mynx

    Tyler Crispen

    Sounds like he will play the game hard.
  21. Mynx

    Bayleigh Dayton

    She seems down to earth and has a good wit about her.
  22. Mynx

    Kaitlyn Herman

    She sleeps with her eyes opened and sages people without their permission.. Draaamaaa
  23. Mynx

    Winston Hines

    He'll be the first to hook up with someone.. or try to.
  24. Mynx

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    I could see her getting on peoples nerves.
  25. The Inquisitr 'Days Of Our Lives' Star Alison Sweeney Asks Fans For Help Choosing 4-Legged Hero The Inquisitr Ali Sweeney, star of 'DOOL' and 'The Biggest Loser,' made a plea to her fans, asking them to choose their favorite Hero Dog. Araya Diaz / Getty ... Star of the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives Alison Sweeney recently requested help from her fans ... View the full article
  26. Mynx

    Brett Robinson

    First time I saw someone describe themselves as a trophy. If he can stick to and pull off that strategy..
  27. Mynx

    Angela Rummans

    She really admires herself.. I'm sure her roster of boy toys will be lost without her
  28. Mynx

    Scottie Salton

    He probably won't be distracted by any kind of shomance.
  29. Mynx

    Faysal Shafaat

    Seems like a likable dude
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