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  2. well, that was that. He wasn't pretending and he WILL give his vote to Paul. Cody isn't good at pretending or setting up faux relationships. It's pretty simple if you ever watched documentaries about primates. All primate troups have a distinct order. Cody is an alpha, dom. Paul is close but probably very strong beta, everyone else is lower on the pecking order and serves dom for scraps, constantly plotting how to survive and go up the social ladder, fighting among peers. Alphas are more concerned with projecting leadership than lying and plotting. When the alpha is taken out, strongest beta will step up.
  3. I am getting sick and tired of the faux king bossing Josh around and treating Josh like his b*tch. How sweet it would be when Josh gets to evict the faux king and then be able to tell the faux king "who is the b*tch now? Josh has had to put up with a lot of bossiness and doing the faux king's bidding so that the faux king didn't "blood on his hands".
  4. I remember Cody BSing Paul IE: 'great game play Paul/I respect your game Paul' yada yada, all to pretend he respected him to set up faux relationship , but I never heard him say he would give Paul his vote. When did you hear that?
  5. lol!! And since Wicked referred to her 'chicklet teeth' that pops into my mind each time I see her.
  6. Who should get AFP?

    Have been in love with that man all my life !! Thanks for the memory. And right on point.
  7. She reminds me of a female Daffy Duck.
  8. fixed or not, the element of physical competitions always made it somewhat palatable to not 100% fix the game. What I can't believe is X calling herself an athlete and a competitor and accepting her position not to be able to compete physically, that's something that a true athlete would never do, accept a handout when not at his/her 100% shape. Pathetic. Cody will vote Paul. He said that few times. He doesn't like him, but he respects his ability to accomplish the goal, something that no other HGs could get beyond, their feels as oppose to logic and merit. The last show seeing Matt run like a hyena to Paul's court to tell the latest tidbit he got from Kevin, even though he said he'd keep it private ... I can't blame Cody being in the same room with these dumb POS SOBs.
  9. Damn Josh, looks like you have a reasonable chance of winning 500k. Of the three hg's left he's the least objectionable.
  10. Raven had the opposite effect on me. I damn near puked every time she open her mouth. My AF vote goes to the same person for the same reason as yours!
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  12. (update)11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Josh, Paul and Christmas playing cards and just general talk going on about the card game. the house starts shaking some and paul tells them to move to the BY. Paul says it is an earthquake. after iy is over paul says wait for the aftershock. Christmas says they just lived through an earthquake. Paul tells them they are all ok as they head back inside. Josh gets pots and pans and runs through the house banging them saying earthquake. Christmas talks to Josh and tells him to do what is best for his game if he wins the final HOH comp and to take who he thinks he can beat to the final. Paul in the other room practicing his final two speech. (update)12:00am-2:30am BBT: Card games and general talk going on. Christmas gets called to the DR and Paul tells Josh that Christmas told him to take who he thinks he can beat to the final two with him . Josh says she told me the same thing. Paul tells him that good now he can tell her that she told him to do what is best for his game. Christmas out of the Dr and the Hg head to bed. In the RBR HG are in bed lights out and quiet.
  13. If HGs aren't upset now, wait til they get home and find out that the fix was definitely in throughout this season and that we all knew it. 'Paul for the win' at every turn. Cody is only one to see it from the beginning. And how repulsive to watch these 3 last abusers/torturers that are left. The Spawn of Satan and his minions. Truly heartbreaking and unnecessary. Can't wait to see teeny tiny Paul's mommy driving her Bentley. Reminds me to go now and vote for Cody for America's fav !!
  14. Exactly. This is the problem. There have been layers and layers of corrupt actions, or in Matt's case, inaction. And it is totally unfair to the many HGs who get into this to try to play a fair 'game' to whatever level that used to be. Just a huge pile upon pile of Dodo. This mess reminds me of the guy (or gal) who is happy and successful until they hook up with a negative person who gets them completely off their successful track and they end up with nothing and no one. What a loss.
  15. I understand. As a newer viewer who swore I'd never watch those 'reality shows', I had enjoyed the first few seasons but this year has left a bitter taste for many of us. Sad to see it happen, hope CBS/BB correct it. If not, well it's had a great run. Too bad, many people upset. On to Survivor and for me, hope to get busy painting.
  16. Who should get AFP?

    So you won't vote for anyone....
  17. Lord I hope and pray the people on jury dont buy into anything dished out in Pauls favor. Something else I read yesterday was how a contestant was taken from the game because of breaking rules and not complying. I forget who they said it was but it was pointed out how come Matt was taken out of the game for not complying with the slop rule. One of the game rules is something like they cant stop complying with the rules to get another player further in the game. Isnt that what Matt did?
  18. Visit Seattle puts its spin on 'The Amazing Race' for new video series Marketing Dive Visit Seattle has launched a video miniseries called "The Emerald Race" to tell the city's story in an authentic and entertaining way, according to news made available to Marketing Dive. Created with the agency PB& and in partnership with CBS and the ... View the full article
  19. Im kinda sorry I started looking things up on the net now that I have..... BB will never be the same for me unless they do something huge for next time around. Like go back to basics.
  20. Perhaps Im wrong because NOOOO I did not have the live feeds but at times I would watch BB After Dark. One thing I did notice about Cody was when he did talk and speak every other word out of his mouth was NOT the F bomb. Which to me in many ways shows a person whom does know how to speak to others without cursing them off every other word. As much as I do like Kevin that was one of the things I noticed about him with the F bomb dropping all the time. From what I saw most of these people seemed to think their point would go across better if they cursed their way through it. Along with yelling and screaming it as well of course. For that alone he gets more of my respect.
  21. Thankfully we have message boards.
  22. Well there goes my plan to call FCC. But still might just to let off steam. I would imagine the FCC might (?) let CBS know about complaints but if it's been going on all these years them it's futile.
  23. I think it was on the message boards.
  24. Thats because Paul is a spoiled brat at the ripe old age of what 21? He has no clue what the world is really like yet. At the rate he is going Im not so sure he will ever figure it out.
  25. I don't understand why they think it is entertainment if they mess with the game. They only thing that accomplishes is it pisses off the fans and probably some of the players. This season I'm not sure the players are upset. I hope they are and they don't vote for Paul to win.
  26. Me too ! And maybe half the country will be doing same.
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