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Thursday, May 1 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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11:08PM BBT Neda and Sabrina in BR Sabrina told Neda that she is still on board. Sabrina said not because she wins HoH everything is still the same. Neda is so upset that she lost to Sabrina, Neda said BB please bring me back for all star so she can win a HoH.

11:12PM BBT The girls are getting ready for bed,lots of talking about Adel and how well he played the game. Sabrina looks very happy and talkative tonight. Sabrina said Adel would not win if he made it to final 2.

11:18PM BBT Neda said she is very competitive she hates to loose. just general chit chat about different conversation.

11:22PM BBT Sabrina said she love the letter she got from her sister, Sabrina said her sister told her that everyone love her on the outside. Sabrina trying to figure out why Canada hated her to put her on the block. Neda confirm to Sabrina that it was before that no one liked her.

11:25PM BBT Sabrina said it looks like her sister wrote the letter after she saw her. Sabrina said to Heather and Neda how good it would be to be final 3 all girls.

11:30PM BBT Sabrina told Neda and Heather they made the right choice to keep her, because Adel would of put them both up. Sabrina said she wish one of the girls was Rachelle she really love her. Sabrina said it is better to go over scenarios before Pov.

11:35PM BBT Neda is complaining about not wearing makeup in DR. Jon is now out of DR he said I am back I am not gone yet.

11:38PM BBT Jon is now in HoH he is listening to music. The girls said everyone love Jon because of his social game, (I believe Sabrina is taking over this game) Neda is now called to DR.

11:43PM BBT As Neda leave Sabrina and Heather start game talk. Sabrina told Heather that they can go far. Heather said she is hoping to win PoV and Keep Jon and Neda on the block. Jon walks in and all game talk stop.

11:48PM BBT Sabrina,Jon and Heather trying to figure out what will happen on final night. Sabrina said Adel pull her aside and told her he was just messing up her game. Sabrina said she has the least chance of winning.

11:54PM BBT Jon said he cannot wait until the Veto at least this would be his only chance. Jon called Sabrina Sabrito they laugh and Jon said Good night. Heather just join Jon in Br Jon said they both can beat Sabrina. Heather just confirm that no one know that she and Jon were in an alliance from day one.

12:01AM BBT Jon told Heather if she wins the twenty thousand she can get a loan from his dad to get an apartment. Jon asks Heather what is Neda saying, Heather reply she wants to win Veto. Heather said she does not think Neda can beat Sabrina in final round.

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12:01PM BBT: Heather gets up and checks the door. Upon her return she compains about her knee again and Jon says he will have surgery on his again this summer. Heather hopes they will be busy all summer and the audio cuts out on me. Heather talking about wanting her friends to come with her when she comes to visit this summer as they are all big fans of the game. They are the ones taking care of her mom when she needs it. She wonders is everyone from jury will have their families there? She thinks they would only bring the families of the final three. Jon says his dad would not have said anything if he was not sure the jury's family members would be there. Sabrina holding up her pics to the cameras in the HOH and then starts reading her letter again as she is listening to music whily lying in her bed.

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Just two more days and few hours of the live feeds left (they go off for good on Sunday morning), and of course I'm still begging for help. We need people to post updates in the morning on: Friday, May 2 Live Feeds / BB After Dark and probably more, I'll post those hours on: Friday, May 2 Live Feeds / BB After Dark



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