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Houseguest thread: Jon Pardy

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    (Well, You Know....)

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Jon Pardy

Age: 23

Hometown: Clarenville, NL

Occupation: Student

Describe yourself in three words: Fun, energetic, and goofy.

Who is your Big Brother idol (any season, any country) and why?

It would probably be Dan Gheesling (BBUS10 and BBUS14) I really only started watching Big Brother around that episode where he did his funeral (BBUS14). It made me realize there’s a lot more to this than just people thrown into a house. I went back and watched his previous season too, and I have never seen someone play a game smarter and more manipulative than he did. I found that pretty awesome.

Side Show Showdown! Who would you take to final two, Gary Levy or Peter Brown, and why?

I think Gary would be more fun and entertaining to have in the house till final two. It would be hard to beat either of them if we made final two, so we would have to go with the fun factor. Gary it is.

What prized possession (person, place, or thing) will you miss most and least?

Most: My dog. That was the hardest thing to step away from. His name is Harley and I’m sure he is missing me as well.

Least: The dirty shower in mine and the boys’ house.

Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?

Is it safe to say I don’t fear any of them? If I had to choose, I guess the brains would be less up my alley.

Do you have a strategy going in to the house?

You have to play off the house a little bit and go in with a game plan that is subject to change. Hopefully I’ll get in with another physical competitor, and then he’ll bring in a little showmance with a strong girl. Then we’d want to find someone who’s tops in the brain competitions and reel them in... until I don’t need any of them anymore.

What is your biggest pet peeve about other people?

Chewing with your mouth open! Drives me insane. And my family is the worst for it too!

If you could warn your fellow houseguests about one of your character traits, what would it be?

I’m probably not the tidiest guy. So I guess living in a house with me for a few months could get a little frustrating.

What are you in it for?

The experience. It’s cool to think it’s something that most Canadians will never get to do! The money is definitely one of the main reasons too.573x.jpg




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Jon seems great, super friendly and so cute. I can see this guy easily making it to F5. 




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I want to like him but just can't. Very average looking too

sisu power

sisu power


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Congrats to Jon on his win.  The guy sure seems to have a big heart. 

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