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Week Two - It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Evicted

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Latecomers Rohan and Katie & Lucy entered the Safe House on Day 8.

On Day 9, as punishment for passing food over the divide, Tahan had to paint an entire bucket of black coal white.

On Day 9, this week's shopping task, "An Ashes Test", began as the garden was transformed into a cricket pitch. When instructed to do so by Big Brother, one-by-one each Safe housemate took turns to bat for the house and protect their stumps against an automatic cricket ball bowling machine. The Halfway housemates also must keep the fire burning in the garden throughout the whole task. To pass this task, the housemates mustn't lose 20 wickets.

On the night of Day 9, Xavier and Tully had to become watchmen and sleep outside on the cricket pitch to watch the night through a telescope. As the housemates only lost 19 wickets, they passed the weekly shopping task.

On Day 9, Ben had to impress Big Brother in an interview to become Big Brother's personal assistant. He passed this task.

On Day 10, it was Ben's first day as Big Brother's PA.  Tahan and Rohan were given a Diary Room challenge to win luxury ingredients for their family dinner. They had to answer a series of questions whilst sitting in an ice bath. Tahan passed the task despite Rohan getting out of the bath within seconds of entering. While all the housemates received a luxury family dinner, Rohan was given canned chicken.

On Day 12, Housemates took part in their second Showdown. Ed won this and was rewarded with $5,000, the nominations superpower, and a night in the Presidential Suite with the housemate of his choice. He chose Sharon to join him in the Presidential Suite.

On Day 7, Drew and Jade's secret task was revealed to the housemates. However, they failed this as everyone except Ben and Matthew didn't believe they were a married couple. Therefore, Drew and Jade were automatically nominated for eviction.

On Day 8, as Katie & Lucy are competing as 1 housemate, Big Brother told them they have to stay within 3 metres of each other throughout their stay in the house.

On Day 9, after the nomination results had been announced, the nominated housemates were sent to the Halfway House.

On Day 10, Tahan volunteered to answer a question by Big Brother unaware that he wanted her to save a nominated housemate from eviction and replace them with someone else.  She saved Mikkayla and named Heidi to take her place.

On Day 7, as Drew and Jade failed their secret mission, they automatically face eviction.

On Day 9, the housemates nominated for the first time. Mikkayla, Sharon, Jasmin and Tim received the most nomination points and therefore join Drew and Jade as housemates nominated for eviction. Because they face eviction, they had to move directly to the Halfway House.

On Day 10, Tahan volunteered to answer a question by Big Brother unaware this meant she had to save one of the nominated housemates from eviction and replace them with another. She chose to swap Mikkayla with Heidi. Mikkayla then moved to the Safe House whilst Heidi moved to the Halfway House.

On Day 15, Sharon became the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house after on receiving 4% of the vote to save. Jasmin received 5%, Heidi got 9%, Jade and Tim both had 22% and Drew was the most saved with 38% of the final vote.


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