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Sunday, July 14 Live Feed Updates

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Amanda advices Aaron not to go around saying that because it'll just cause paranoia and that Elissa won't be there that long anyway. 




When Andy comes in Amanda asks if he knows what Kaitlin and Howard talked about. Now talk  to consequences if Kaitlin doesn't use veto. Could someone other than who they want out go home. Aaron is scared. 


Judd throws out that maybe howard was just saying whatever Jeremy wanted to hear. 



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11:05 PM BBT Meanwhile in the cockpit Aaryn, Andy, McCrae, Amanda and Judd are running scenarios for the vote this week. Aaryn has spotted Jeremy speaking to everyone and she's getting scared.  Judd agrees that Jeremy spoke with him and made a pitch to get rid of Spencer this week.  Amanda and McCrae tell the group that it's not possible Jeremy's going home.  Aaryn points out that Kaitlin and Howard were in the lounge for about 15 minutes before they arrived.


11:12 PM BBT Amanda asks Andy to talk to Kaitlin to find out what Howard was talking about with her.  Andy says if Kaitlin doesn't use veto this week then she is going home for sure.  Amanda questions it.  Andy says he'll speak with Kaitlin.  Andy suggests not getting worried yet.  He'll ask Kaitlin first chance he gets.  Amanda says she'll feel more rested after they know what they spoke about.


11:15 PM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy have moved up to the chess board.  Kaitlin is explaining to Jeremy that Helen is going to act relieved when Kaitlin does use the PoV to remove herself that way the house knows they'll owe her one for taking herself off the block, knowing that her showmance will be the replacement.  In the BY most of the HGs are trying their hand at improv.  Candice and Helen were trying to get a rainbow.  Gina and Howard jump in and Howard mentions that they're finally going to get some color.


11:19 PM BBT Feeds switch to Aaryn joining Kaitlin and Jeremy at the chess board.  Aaryn asks what Howard talked to her about.  Kaitlin says he was scrambling by trying to get her to use the veto on herself.  She reminds Aaryn that not everyone knows she's using the veto so they're more likely to treat her better if she takes one for the team by doing this.  Aaryn seems surprised to hear this.  Talk turns to how Howard threw Jeremy under the bus.  Jeremy isn't shocked.


11:23 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae have remained in the cockpit whispering softly to each other.  McCrae doesn't like Candice.  Aaryn comes in and tells McCrae and Amanda what Kaitlin told her about Howard's conversation.  Aaryn rehashes her convo with Kaitlin including the part about Helen trying to keep her using the PoV a secret.  McCrae and Amanda think it's crazy as well.  Aaryn says they didn't hear this from her and she'll do what she can to keep them safe.


11:29 PM BBT Talk turns to who Kaitlin would put up if she were to win HoH.  Aaryn says she'd probably put up Howard and Candice and Elissa could put up Spencer so they wouldn't be able to vote for each other.  Aaryn says if she wins it that's what she's going to do.  McCrae doesn't know what to think any more.  Amanda agrees.  Aaryn leaves the room to go check on her cake.  Meanwhile up at the chess board Jeremy and Kaitlin continue to play while having idle chit chat.


11:32 PM BBT Down in the lounge Amanda asks McCrae if he wants her to go get the other half of the grapefruit.  McCrae denies.  Amanda asks if he's depressed because he's been down all day.  McCrae says yes a bit.  Amanda reminds him that the couple that slops together stays together.  Amanda sings something about looking like a zombie woman and the feeds switch to the BY where Candice is telling a story about a kitten that one of her numbers found and was trying to find a home for.  Candice agreed to keep the kitten.  She crawled into the bed without her contacts in and smelled something foul.  She laid in the spot where the kitten pooped and threw up.


11:37 PM BBT Andy left the BY to go pee and feeds switch to him whispering to McCrae and Amanda in the lounge.  Amanda is grilling him about why Helen is having Kaitlin act undecided about using the veto this week.  Andy is explaining the logic that Helen is using.  Amanda doesn't get it.  Judd comes in and asks Andy if he talked to Kaitlin.  Amanda points out that Aaryn did.  Judd is stressing out a bit.  He took Jessie's wristband off while he was taking a shower and lost it.  McCrae says that's more important.  Amanda says it's not and he should go look for it.


11:43 PM BBT Andy reassures Amanda that Helen is very much devoted to their group.  Andy tells Amanda that Helen mentioned to him earlier that Elissa cannot win HoH next week because she doesn't want Howard out.  Amanda says that's great to hear, she feels much better.  Amanda is tired of Jeremy campaigning.  Andy says Jeremy hasn't come to him yet.  Amanda walks out to get her grapefruit.  When the door closes Andy laughs and says "Ok guys we have to get Amanda out now..."


11:48 PM BBT Switched feeds briefly to the BY and Aaryn is telling people about Oprah and how she is running a competition that people can compete in to get their own talk show.  Candice chimes in that she did it back when she left her own talk show.  Switching feeds back to the lounge Andy, McCrae, Amanda, and Judd are still talking.  Andy tells Judd that he should go to Helen and tell her that he doesn't trust Andy and she should put him up.  Everyone has a bit of a laugh.  Amanda doesn't trust Howard, Spencer or Elissa.  Everyone agrees that Candice is a non issue.


11:55 PM BBT Still in the lounge talk continues about how Amanda and McCrae feel like they can trust Aaryn now.  Andy says he feels like he has Kaitlin in his pocket.  Amanda doesn't feel any sort of sympathy for any of them because of the way they've treated Jessie.  Amanda restates that Elissa cannot win HoH next week.  They begin to run what they expect the votes to be this week.


11:59 PM BBT Andy tells everyone that GinaMarie pulled him into the SR earlier and says "There's someone in this house that I don't trust."  Andy asks who.  "Judd..."  They all have a good laugh.  Andy tells Judd to watch out because GinaMarie is going to be gunning for him.  Realization soon hits that if she gets HoH it's going to be a very interesting week.



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Great job everyone!  Can you all keep it going here:

July 15 Live Feed Updates



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