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Sunday, July 7 Live Feed Updates

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9:57pm BBT:

Kaitlin and Jeremy playing pool, as Aaron and Spencer(?) play some toss game.

In the kitchen there is Andy, Nick and Candice talking about fav BB cast. Andy and Candice are Dan fans. That in his season he played a perfect game, and was diabolical the second time. Candice doesn't like sore losers. Gina Marie comes in eating something. Andy mentions that he loves her eating habits; that its always something interesting. She says that she has eating problems and quickly corrects herself. Idle talk continue.

Now Kaitlin and Aaron doing laundry and drinking. Most are watching the tossing game.


Judd beat jerm at pool by a lot. Andy and Nick still in the kitchen. Going over what happened when. Sounds like they are trying to figure out the comp schedule/what comp was what.Tells Nick every morning he goes over what happened and his trick on how to remember. Gina Marie eating fiber pills like they're candy.Nick tells her it'll do the opposite.

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#BB15 9:00BBT Nick and Gina are in the color room talking about getting Kaitlin out and so on Helen Andy and Judd are on
the couch in the BY with Aayrn alot of background noise Gina talking about all the medication talk going on in the house

#BB15 9:10BBT Gina and Nick are still talking about jeremy and kaitlin and Gina saying jeremy cant going around scaring
people all the time jeremy is in the HOH bed with Kaitlin, gina is saying that we need to protect aayrn and how much she loves
aayrn that shes like a sister to her same with jeremy gina is saying how she wants her and nick in the top two and how she has
good friends and family back home, Nick is saying how we dont need kaitlin to go we need her vote, gina saying she has her back
nick is saying that hes not going to be flying the kaitlin flag for his game tell aayrn that we are going to protect her we have to

#BB15 10:15BBT Not much going on Helen and Andy are in the KT Helen is eating Gina is now in the HOH with jeremy and kaitlin,
Elissa is making slop in the KT aayrn is looking for ginamarie nick is also in the HOH.

#BB15 10:20BBT Elissa goes outside to play ball andy and helen are in the kt talking about food the HG are now in the BY
starting to play some kind of ball game looks like kaitlin and howie throwing around the banna ball

#BB15 10:26 BBT aayrn and jessie are now in the hoh talking about kaitlin and how shes putting a big target on her back now
and how thats not a bad thing for them. aayrn is saying that kaitlin is totally freakin out now the first eight people that need to
go candice spencer howie helen amanda and elissa judd I hate candice she needs to go mccrea doesnt do anything for me either does amanda
and they just keep on throwing names out but aayrn says that no one can know that you and I have a thing going now she on to mccrea and how
he threw her under the bus ECT ECT.....

#BB15 10:35 Now in the room is andy and amanda and spence and aayrn and jessie are still just going on and on about the same thing in the hoh
and andy asked about DR and gets the youre not allowed to talk about the DR warning from BB and mccrea is in the room with them they are now talking about
whose the sexie one and andy asked how Helen is being viewed and spencer like the bitch of the house (No that title goes to Aayrn) and they get alocohol party time

#BB15 10:30BBT most all of the HG are now in the KT with the drinks helen is in the Bathroom, with howie who just got out of the shower and they are also doing
this ball tourment thing spencer just peed in someone shampoo bottle

#BB15 10:40BBT the HG are in the BY drinking some playing pool some the ball tournment still dont know whose shampoo bottle spencer peed in but he took someones
shampoo bottle in the toilet with him came back out and put the cap back on and put it in the have not shower (hmm guess whose bottle Elissa)

#BB15 10:50BBT Elissa is by herself doing dishes in the KT everyone else is outside

#BB15 11:00BBT Elissa and andy are talking about Rach and season13 and who she still in contact with Elissa asked if anyone asked if anyone asked BB if the have nots
can have any wine no but theres none left, and they just continue with past seasons.

#BB15 11:05BBT looks like for once we may get a calm night the HG are enjoying themselves with BB ball, or pool in the KT candice and andy and nick or talking about
past seasons of BB

#BB15 11:15 Ding Ding its now 11 all quite on the western front lol

#BB15 11:20 all the HG are finally getting along with each other no one is being ugly even with Elissa so nice to see

#BB15 11:25 ok so BB ball is this one person stands at one end of the yard theres another person at the other end and they throw the ball into a basket that is
in the middle of the yard.

#BB15 11:30 BBT still nothing happening just more BB ball

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10:11 BBT GM, Nick, and Andy are in the kitchen. Idle chit chat. In the backyard, Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer, Amanda, Elissa, Helen, McCrae, Candice (maybe more) talking about Chima being expelled in her season. Talk about who is going to play who in bandana ball.

Back to the kitchen, Andy and GM are saying if either one of them are in power, the other one is fine. GM is talking about how she feels weird when she walks into a room because you don't know if they are whispering. GM is saying you have to have votes at the end so you have to be nice to people. GM has been holding a cucumber in her hand during her 5 minute conversation with Andy.

Feeds switch back to the bandana ball tournament where Spencer and McCrae are facing off against each other.

10:24 BBT Same old stuff has been going on, it's just later. Andy/Elissa/Aaryn/Amanda talking about alcohol. Aaryn says she is getting a bit drunk.

Aaryn: I like white wine. I don't like red, therefore you know it was not my idea to take that bottle of wine.

Aaryn: I'm very good at drinking whiskey which is weird

Andy asks if he can go listen to Aaryn's music and if the HOH is unlocked.

Aaryn: Duh! It's always unlocked.

In HOH, Andy finds Kaitlyn in the HOH. Kaitlyn seems wasted.

Andy: I'm so glad you're in here because the cameras will stay off of me (jokingly)

Kaitlyn flips him off (jokingly). She goes into the shower.

Feeds switch back to the bandana ball tournament where Howard competes against Jessie.

Feeds switch to the bathroom where McCrae and Jeremy run into Judd who was in the bathroom. McCrae makes a sign to Judd saying that Jeremy has been drinking a lot.

(Commercial. This lack of drama in the house is making BBAD really boring to watch).

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10:37 BBT Aaryn and GM on the hammock and Jeremy comes to join them.

GM: I'll wipe your butthole (jokingly)

Jeremy: I had a girl go down there once and I pushed back

GM: You didn't like it

Aaryn: I never had anyone bite my butthole

GM: I've had someone lick my asshole

Jeremy: It was a bit more of tickle and I don't like being tickled

Jeremy: You have a lot of wine left to be buzzing for sure

Aaryn: That's because I usually drink a lot more

(Glad I stayed up for this :shocking::scared: )

Jeremy requested a winner's bottle of wine for the winner of the bandana ball tournament.

They all appear to be somewhat drunk/tipsy.

Jeremy: I'm having deja vu again. Holy shit

Aaryn: what does that mean?

GM: It means he's been here before, that I told him this.

Aaryn: I have never had this conversation with you

GM: No No No No No Like Like No Like It could have happened three years ago like he had seen this before

GM and Aaryn were questioning Jeremy if his head was in the game to which he responded yes. Jeremy says he told Kaitlyn she needs to quit acting like a ticking time bomb. Aaryn is trying to get reassurance that Jeremy is still with him and Jeremy is saying she could pull him aside any time of day.

Jeremy: She's going home I promise you.

Aaryn: But there's other weeks to come too. And I don't need someone going around emotional crazy causing issues and messing up my game. This is a half a million dollars. I lost David.

Jeremy: This may be the wrong time to talk about it because I do understand it, but I think the alcohol is being a little influential.

Jeremy is still trying to comfort Aaryn who keeps asking questions.

Kaitlyn comes to join them.

They are talking about David playing a bad game and that's why he went home.

BB: Amanda, stop that. All the other houseguests laugh in the background.

Kaitlyn says she and Amanda tried to go to the DR to bribe BB for more wine. She said they would flash the cameras for more wine, and the camera shaked its head no.


10:53 BBT - Andy and Aaryn in the HOH

Aaryn: trying to talk to him about what my concern was and he's just so like wrapped up in it that he can't see what I'm trying to say and it makes me more scared. He then says he's not going to talk to me because I've been drinking. I can't talk to him for a few seconds without her (Kaitlyn) being around him.

Aaryn just relaying the conversation with Jeremy to Andy.

Aaryn is scared of people going after her and not going after Jeremy because the other houseguests would be too scared to go after Jeremy and Kaitlyn. The reason being that Jeremy would come back with a vengeance if Kaitlyn is voted out.

A: Honestly, it's bothering me because I'm doing everything that Jeremy wants and I am on his side and I won HOH. when we met in the middle (for HOH), I beat him there 99% of the time and everyone thinks we won because he's so strong.

In walks GM and Nick. GM asks Andy to leave so she can talk to Aaryn.

Aaryn saying the same stuff to GM that she just told Andy about Jeremy and Kaitlyn. GM is trying to reassure Aaryn about her security and GM says that both she and Nick feel Kaitlyn is the issue. Nick is also reassuring her too. Aaryn is bringing up how Kaitlyn bullied people after Jeremy won POV to keeping her if she goes up in the nomination spot. Aaryn says that it caused Andy to go back to the other side of the house.

Speak of the devil, in walks Kaitlyn and Jeremy. In true GinaMarie fashion, Gina sees Kaitlyn walks in and acts all excited to see the two of them.

Jeremy to Aaryn: You seem bummed

Aaryn: I'm fine

idle chit chat now between Kaitlyn, Aaryn, GM, Nick, and Jeremy.

And that's it for BBAD. G'night.

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What's this, everyone quit early! These dopey HGs are up until all hours, and Here in NJ it's 3AM, so I could really use some help from you guys on the west coast, or east coast insomniacs...

Wake up! And please start posting here:

Monday, July 8 Live Feed Updates

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