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Guest ranster627

September 7th Live Feed Updates

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A is telling M that Michael hated Ive, she thinks maybe that might influence Jan's choice. M to A your the only thing that has kept me sane in this house. A hopes it is a game like last time, pretty fair, you know what I mean. A says it is almost over honey, almost over to Mag. Mag says she can't wait. A says it is going to be so great, so wonnnderrrrfullll, so great. She doesn't want to be at the wrap party to long, just show up and leave. Mag says Eric and Julie will be there and A is all excited now. A forgets all the people who will be at the wrap party, some she wants to see, some she wants to not see, but it will be amazing.

A: I am sure Jan will work on her tomorrow, again.

A: she doesn't even f*cking know about the tie breaker, that is why she isn't talking to you, Ive is the important one.

M: yeah

A: hilarious

A: Jan asked me for her pink bathing suit back, I put it back, I forgot about it, she is going to work on Ive, she wouldn't care if she thought I was 100% staying, about the bathing suit

M: She wants to separate our group, that is why she asked for the suit. There isn't anything to worry about.

A: if for some reason she changed her mind and kicked me out, she is f*cked anyway, am I going to cry, f*cking cry? No, trust me I don't have any doubt, it just secured

Howie came in to the work out room while Jan and Ive talk at the table.

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Mag is asking Howie about Star Wars, mainly she is asking how the dark side could convince the good side to change sides. Howie is explaining in detail while Mag is asking more questions. (Just my thought, I think she is trying to figure out how How and jan are working Ive). Now Mag is telling Howie that she thought the dark side caused the other side to have nightmares. Howie is talking about this one kid who everyone thought he was dumb but he was listening to all the information and gathering more. (I swear this sounds like this season of BB instead of Star wars) Howie talking about his dream of being a Jedi and A asked if he had to go to school to be one and he said yeah, then we have fish.

Back now. Jan and Ive are talking about Ive's brother's girlfriend. Jan wanted to know if she was latin, Ive said she is "this is my world and your in it". Jan wants to see Bridget, she just had a boy. Something happen to her and it is f*cking sad. I think Bridget had a child killed by accident, not sure though, trying to piece this conversation together. Bridget is a friend who lives in Minn. Jan's other friend Rachel had a daughter. Jan misses her dogs, she is talking about them

A,M talking about knowing about drugs and how doctors will rx older drugs instead of new drug.

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A says that she has NOTHING in common with Jan, she has only had 10 minute conversations with her ever.

M wants to know if A has any bad feelings about HOH tomorrow. A says that she feels either her or M will win, Mag says she feels that way to but if it doesn't happen she isn't going to kill herself over it. A says they have to take what God gives them.

A; Do you think Beau was pissed when he left?

M: I don't know, I think his feelings were hurt

A: not everyone could stay

M: I know that.

A: God it is going to be so nice (In the back ground you could hear Howie and Jan singing carpet muncher song)

A: we have got to win it tomorrow

M: yup

A: that is why I want to pack tonight so I can be non stress tomorrow

M: after this I will start the cookie dough and go sit with you.

Ive came in. Mag is telling her she is going to make M&M cookies

Ive: I am so blah

A: why

I: I miss home

A: almost over

Ive to April: you don't have to pack everything

A: I know I shouldn't be but I am worried, I just feel like if your on the block you should pack everything, your not better than anyone

I: after tomorrow a week and five days

A: you should ask them that see what they say

I: I wonder how things are going back at home.

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A left, Mag asked Ive what was wrong other than being here, Ive just said she ws thinking.

Ive: tomorrow is a big day in the BB house, but Veto is a bigger day

M: yup

M: don't let it hurt to think to hard

I: what?

M: don't let it hurt, is there anything I can do?

I: no thanks

I: we just have to hope for the best

M: in a game like this it is very hard to see what is best and what isn't, if I am gone it is going to hurt to come this close and not win, but it is going to be best for someone else.

Jan walking around back yard and Howie playing with light sabers

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Ive wishes she could be like Mag and work out every day, Mag says it is her time, she only has her time with her coffee, working out and being with the girls at night. Ive says Mag has discipline, Mag says that was a great compliment because it is hard to have that here in this house. Now Mag is doing sit ups.

Ive: I don't know if she is trying to be nice because of what Howie told her, she did the dishes did you see?

A: Yeah

I: I don't care what she does now, it is to late. We have so much in common we both look at baby clothes and sections and look at baby names

M: I don't think so, she hears you talking about it all the time and now she is bringing up conversations. She is now asking me medical questions, she never mentioned these things before

I: she said she gets baby magazines and stuff

M: i don't think so, she is lying, she is playing the game, she is very smart.

A: has H told her everything we said? Absolutely, she is thinking shit I don't know these girls I had better get to know them. She is manipulating us like she does the guys. She is trying to break us up, if she hasn't made friends this far in the game she isn't going to now.

I: it really bothers me, it is mean to take my dream and use it against me. It is my dream to have a baby

M: I know I take my job f*cking seriously, it is mean

A: she was asking you the other day "you want a baby?" and you said yeah

A: she doesn't know any of us very well so if there is a game she has to know us so everything she does is for stradegy only

I: I didn't know I talk about having a baby so much

M: it is okay, that is what friendship is for to share these things

M: then she will incorporate questions like do you have any brothers and sisters, she will ask it 1/3 into a conversation to use against you, she did it tonight at supper

A: she does it all the time

M: I can't knock her for it, it is cleaver, it is part of the game, I wouldn't do it because it is mean but smart

A: she is closer to the money

M: oh well

A; she was trying to figure out which of the three would she knock off, she does it.....she has a reason

M: first of all she calls us the f*cking dorks, she is to cool to be around us, now she wants to get to know us?

M: your not taking this personally are you

I: no

A: you know she is an evil person, you should know it the most

I: yeah, even if I have a f*cked up family, I want to get back to them

M: that is the great part about any family, they love us

I: it maybe f*cked up but it is my family and I love them

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A; just be careful what you tell her, she is getting information for the game, the HOH's. (this was said to Ive, no response to A)

A: you know Jan isn't going to vote to evict Howie

M: oh she told you that?

A: yeah

M: well that is good that she is being honest with you

A: yeah she said sorry A I can't evict Howie

M: will if there is one vote that is wrong it is me

A: it will be the first tie breaker, Ive will be the breaker

A: she didn't talk any game with you?

A: Ive

still no answer from Ive

M: you don't have to do the dishes Ive, I am going to..........to cook, dont' worry about doing them

Ive still not talking, just doing the dishes

Ive: I think I need to listen to my cd

A: so did she talk about the game, anything personal

I: no not really, she just talked about me and stuff, I can't believe she does that in her spare time. She doesn't have a f*cking kid, why would she do that.

I: the other thing that upsets me is the only security you have is HOH this week and I can't even go for that

A: you have two of us working for you

I: yeah but the only true security you have is the HOH

A: yeah but only one will have it so not all of us in on a level playing field

A: you have to hope and pray, the only safe person is HOH, but be thankful that you got to experience HOH

M: it makes me feel bad to hear you say that, I don't know what to do to make you feel better

I: you don't have to feel horrible, there isn't anything you can do, there are things that are out of my control, tomorrow is out of my control

A: we all have been in that situation where we are out of control, we have to understand money don't make the world go around, if we don't win the money we will have the same life as before, money doesn't solve the problem, God has it in control, if she wins 50 we have to accept that. I believe everyone deserves the money, even her, she knows the f*cking game, but she isn't in the running for it unless America comes out of the blue, we have to put our hands in God and hope for the best. I mean it sucks the closer you get to it, the more you want it, you didn't expect to come in the game and win it did you? We have to have open minds and shit, not all of us will be there, it sucks. It is okay, don't be sad, or...... I know it sucks that you can't compete, but think of the wonderful things you got this week, I know you wouldn't change that for the world. She probably has heard how you want to help your family out, she is going to play on that, unfortunately.

Ive has not responded to April through any of this and there have been pauses, Mag has also kept her mouth shut

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Ive: I didn't tell her about the money at all, she talks to much about the money

M: I didn't say anything about the money either

A left to check on towels before Ive said this, so I am thinking she is talking about A.

A back now so M started talking about her mom making choc chip cookies and homemade bread.

A wants to start practicing for the HOH again. Mag says okay. A is saving cookie dough for J and H and Mag says they can eat the cookies so they don't need dough. A says is that enough, Mag says way more than I would give them. A says they are going to eat it with ice cream. (A acted like she didn't even hear Mag say no to saving them dough)

A: it is so funny to see my BB bag

M: it isn't ever funny to see the BB bag

A: it is funny, I haven't seen it for a while. I forget that we are a show, I mean we have cameras but it isn't nationally televised

I: feels so unmotivated to do anything

M: well what do you want to do

I: shower I guess

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Guest BigSis

A,M,I talking in kitchen while M makes cookies. (Ed. Unbelievable, A & M now telling I that J is only talking to her about babies because she knows that is I dream. They are so afraid that I will make a connection with J. I can't stand to listen to them, switching to H & J in BY)

H & J in BY. H asking J questions for HOH comp. H has come up with really good questions and J is firing right back with correct answers. (Im really going to miss Howie)

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A: you want to help me pack, my house if very clean

I: it doesn't matter if your house is clean, you don't fold your towels in a pretty way

A: who sees my towels anyway I mean if they are sitting out I fold them nicely but who cares what they look like in the closet.

I: you don't fold your underwears either

A: no way, they are all thrown in a drawer

M: I don't either

A: matt does, he color cordinates everything

I: do you fold them for matt

M: I fold Daves

A: I fold Matts

I: that would drive me crazy

I: tush over packs, when we went to NC she really over packed

M: to go skiing?

A: I always over pack when I go skiing, you can't wash your clothes

A: Oh I am horny and I can't wait to see Matt

M: what made you so horny right now

A: oh thinking about Denver and staying at the hotel

M: yeah hotel sex is the greatest

A: i ask Matt all the time if we can go stay at a hotel just for the sex

M: it just seemed like it hit you like a ton of f*cking bricks, like a freight train

A: this has been fun, don't know if I would call it fun, interesting, i wouldn't of missed meeting you all for the world. She is getting bigger and bigger, even though she works out she is getting bigger and your getting smaller

M: she has a disorder for sure

I: she eats and then goes and lays down, I have picked that up on her

A: she grabs a handful of M&M's and then goes lays down

I: she had an ice cream sundae for breakfast and then went and laid down

M: I believe she does work around her house on things.

I: I can't believe she was talking to Howie about living in Boca like that

M: the worst she can make others feels the better she feels about herself.

A: I didn't know anything about her, I thought she had a sister that was it, I can't even relate to her, giving a bum fake money, I can't relate to her, that is why I don't even talk to her

M: I don't understand how you can be so mean and think we are going to forget about that, in the bedroom she was trying to get me to talk about my sex life

A: yeah like it is okay Maggie, it is normal

M: yeah she was asking me if I had sex about dreams and I finally asked her if she liked to recieve it in the butt.

A: you didn't did you

M: yeah

A: what did she say, yeah?

I: then Howie said make 12 in there

M: tomorrow we are going to wake up and it is going to be a different day, we have great things in order for us, Ive your going to talk to Julie tomorrow and she is going to make you feel like she knows you

I: I talk to her often, she talks to me all the time, you don't notice that?

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Ive is asking Mag about apples and baking at home with her mom

A: what the f*ck is she going to do without H

M: she has you two to connect with

A: so Jan who do you want to go home

M: it doesn't matter if your HOH, you have no control over who goes home

Mag goes out and offers Howie and Jan some cookies, Jan runs in and grabs the dough and starts shoving it in her mouth (get ready for more complaints about her weight and then a nap)

Howie is talking about jerking off while he sticks his hand in the cookie dough bowl for dough. (GROSS)

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