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September 7th Live Feed Updates

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April outside now... she has cramps

A says she heard them call M to DR, she thinks they'll call her soon... talking about how big her suitcase is

I - its not that big.. i looked at it and was like what the hell is she talking about

A - its bigger then howies

I - she got you the set or just that big one

A - i have a big one and a smaller one

I - is that what you and matt use?

A - i use it.. matt uses a bunch of swiss army stuff.. i love that stuff.. he doesnt have a set cuz its so expensive... talking about which pieces he has.. his stuff is better then hers... hes very.. hes not anal or anything but hes....

I - hes very what

A - hes not anal, he just definately takes care of his stuff well.. i do as well but i'll throw my suitcase around.. i remember he used to let me use some of his luggage and i came back from a trip and some of it was ripped off.. he was like "only you april.. only you". he never gets pissed though.. we never fight

Now discussing which days comps will happen

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A - unless you get HOH there is no guarantee for the final three.. whatsoever.. none

maybe they'll let HOH decide who's evicted.. cuz that one person is going to decide.. what do you do? if i get it.. i get it.. if i dont im not going to beat myself up about it.. i firmly believe things are meant to be.. thats why i believe in.. like getting the money the right way i feel good will come from it.. getting the money the wrong way, bad will come from it.

I - my stomach is hurting.. leaves to go inside

A outside alone now

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ivette back outside

A - our families and loved ones will be so proud of us if we won that money... just cuz they know we went through the right way of getting it. matt would be like oh my god, im so proud of you. is janelle and H already back in bed?

I - i guess so i dont know

A - i gotta change my battery

A - i cant wait to see the pictures on the wall, what time did they do that last week

I - about 1:00

A - im so done with the picture taking.. i mean what more can you do? I gotta start thinking what im going to say tonight... its nerve-racking .. i love julie.. shes so cute and huggable.. i mean her face - its just so cute.. i like asians

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A - are you going to be nervous tomorrow for hoh?

I - no.. oh the competition.. ya..

A - its a crapshoot

I - im going to be worried about the veto comp.. ah well if its not meant for me, its not meant for me

A - i think they'll do that evicted comp, it'll be in the final 3..

talking about another season

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April back outside

A and I discussing tampons


I - why are they doing me last?

M - cuz youre hoh.. probably when you go, we'll get that stupid camera

back to talking about M's hometown

Ivette chipper and wanting to talk when M is outside. Didn't look like she wanted to talk to A at all when she was out.

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A - I's kind of in a sad mood huh?

M - really?

A - she just seemed like in a sad mood.... she said she didnt get the right hoh week

M - i know.. am i suppsoed to feel bad about that? .. i dont think she realizes how guilty that makes me feel.. like you went for it.. one of us would be going home this week if we didnt win it

A - in order to stay in this house from here on out, you need to win.. for all she knows, she oculd have left this week

M - she doesnt like the fact that we have two chances to stay and she has one

A - i was just saying what matt thinks.. or if i won the mony what would matt thinks.. she was like oh my god if i won my mom would look at it like a godsend.. i think all our families would.. you have to understand, she came in here for the moeny

M - its good then the friendship is going to ensure her movements

A - the odds are high for all of us.. 50/50 chance.. im telling you now, im not going to not pick someone because of money situations... im not going to do it, im not going to do it, thats not why someone deserves.. im just not going to do it.. it seems like they have money.. i mean sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt

M - with her, the worm and frankie are completely attached to that money.

A - she plans on up and moving her family... does she not understand with $300,00 you cant up and move a fmaily?

M - its just a different way of looking at it

A - im one to say money does not solve problems

M - oh me too

A - have you said that to her

M - i remember saying it in the hoh room

A - you'd think she wouldnt continue to say she needs it to help solve her familys problems... love, communication.. all of those things that arent materialistic can solve problems - not a green dollar bill

M- i know

A - i have fmaily things that i havent.. that i would not give out on tv.. so it just doesnt matter... just like im sure you have.. no familys perfect.. there could be financial problems with my fmaily that i wouldnt talk about on tv

M - i feel guilty talking about her fmailys problems...

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M - i talk to you about my degree and things i have in life different then i talk to her about it.. because i feel guilty when i talk to her about what i have..

I think we talk about how it would be icing on the cake that already exists... versus the cake

A - also I think when you are searching for that... to solve a problem.. i think it could add fuel to that problem.. just like her mom .. with her family problems.. shes continuing to add furl to the fire.. if they dont have money now and her mom is continuing to spend the money, what would she do if you had $500,000? Thats like me having enough money to buy one pack of cigarettes a week and then having more money, and buying more cigarettes

H comes outside

H- you guys out here doing your thing?

Swicthes conversation to james

A - i know he walked into that sequester house complaining about me backdooring him.. not letting him compete.

M - he wanted to stay in the house more then anyone. so when you say goodbye to him.. youre like is this really happening? is he really leaving? if he would have been voted out in week 3, he would have been the one coming back in.

A - i never thought it was going to happen to be honest

M - we knew it came down to us

A - can you imagine if we waited for one more week? how do you think james would have done on the morpho thing?

M - he would not have beat janelle

H - she broke the record

M - did they tell her that?

H - ya

M - sweet

all talking about nakomis now

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A - are you the same person i here that you are outside ( to howie)

H - absolutely.. I've probably toned it down in here.. like the swearing. He says he usually swears more then maggie

M wonders how she got that reputation

Back to james

H - he wouldnt have beat you in that down and dirty

A - i hit em back to back.. i was behind guys... i was quick like if i didnt get them I'd throw it down.

H - i dont think james could have beat you

A - i didnt want to take the chance

M - there was no way around not back dooring james... you had to back door him

A - before jen left she said send his ass home

H - if he was here right now, they'd make comps so he could win em

M - janelle now will do it.. but did you want two people that could do it?

A - look how far he made it and he never won an hoh.. he was very manipulative.. he was hoh for like 5 weeks.. just didnt get the CD or the basket.. right after sarah left he wa saying he really wanted hoh to get pictures of sarah.. i was so pissed cuz theres pictures of her everywhere. you think he threw comps? hohs?

H - no.. maybe the first week or two.. not when he became a hitman...

A - that guy was a piece of f***ing work

H - he was a BB dream - they loved him

M - i can laugh about it now

H - BB would have made it so he could win it

M - you think they are doing the same thing for janelle then?

H - shes been the pawn a lot of times

M - she was never the target though

H - janelle was going home but she won the veto and saved herself.. her ass was on the line.. shes a performer. when your ass is on the line you get it done.

A - i think everyone deserves to be here

H - absolutley

A - we've all won stuff

M - no one flew under the radar this year or was carried.. there wasnt anyone that got forgotten

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A, M, H outside

A - someone could be your target one week and the next week its a totally different target

H - every week it starts over.. the winner shouldnt think they are better then anyone else.. they should feel a little wealthier

M - ashlea is lucky because hers wasnt personal

H - james said she was annoying.. spread the word

M - james is the one that got that going

A - james pretty much got everyone evcited

A - he was a character

H - he was.. he was a gerat player.. im just glad i wasnt a casualty

Ivette comes outside

M - hope theres not an hoh question, how many time COULD james have left.. theres no right answer to that one

H - I your hair grew back already - thats awesome

M - its the tupee they gave her

H - oh i love it.. looks great, i couldnt even tell

M - i gotta have breakfast you wanna have an egg?

all going inside to eat

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I M and A outside again

talking about keeping secrets. M says that after the partnerships came out, no one kept secrets about who they really are anymore

M - eric and I planned everything out but as soon as we walked in the house we were like... shrugs shoulders

A - jennifer and i didnt plan anything when we came in.. it was different for us because we were in different groups when we came in.. so i couldnt even talk to her

M - eric and i didnt even get a chance to talk about the game before he left.. we didnt anticipate losing eachother so early on

I - what was your strategy

M - to not be friends with the same people in the house.. whoops.. i knew i couldnt go in not playing a nurse... it just wouldnt be me and eric could not not be a fireman

A - i know in the first 2 weeks, you kept saying like.. i didnt know the whole house were partners... i remember you kept saying if i get outta here i would hate to see someone not being who they really are.. i remember feeling like shit.. crying cuz i felt like an asshole

M - ivette is good at that stuff.. she made me feel so guilty that i was here with a partner

I - when i found out about maggie and eric, it hurt me.. not that i would never want them to have that relationship.. at the same time i felt very cheated out

H - did you tell cappy about beau before everyone came in the room?

I - no.. i was so into aprils stories

A - it was all true

I - she was telling me how she couldnt wait to get out and go to her house in dallas

A - i felt so bad in DR.. i was always crying because i had to lie.. i was so fond of you (Iventte)

I - that was the truth, i loved maggies stories about her little town, i never pictured her in vegas

M - i thought it was going to be very hard

I - that was a shocker to me ... it still doesnt connect for me

M - it doesnt connect for everyone

A - i remember sitting in the hammock talking to jennifer saying the whole boston thing didnt make sense

I - i can read people sometimes.. i didnt make connections between anyone in this house.. i think it ruined the game for people

A - i dont think rachel and howie wanted the pairs to come out... i told rachel that i thought janelle and ashlea were together.. and to my knowledge she didnt tell anyone

I - i said shit to april about jennifer

A - all the time.. i was very selective to what i told jennifer

I - i couldnt figure jennifer out.. i remember all the things people tell me

A - ya she could not figure jennifer out..

I - i just couldnt connect how she came into this house and the first night beaus slept in the bed with her and she told beau she had a crush on michael...

A - she said that?

I - april i've said it 5 times

A - she never told me that

I - i woke up one night and shes laying on the couch and michaels caressing her arm.. she laid down in the bed with michael.. so like the 5th or 6th night she said she had a boyfriend for years

M - same with sarah.. she claimed she didnt have a boyfriend

A - jennifer is a flirt

M- naturally

A - thats who she is.. she told me that she would work with the guys and flirt and stuff.. she was going to tell people she had a boyfriend

I - i just couldnt piece it together

M - it was a shock to everyone

A - no one really talked to her.. she was an outcast.. no one talked to her enough to find out anything about her.. no one would have conversations with her

I - beau liked her.. he slept with her like the 2nd night

A - no one asked her questions because within the first few days she was not part of our group

I - i remember telling beau that I was screwed because i didnt hang out with the girls...i would sit down and all the guys would come around... it always happened.

A - i would say i get along pretty well with guys... im friends with pretty much all of my ex-boyfriend

I - i knew the girls would pick eachother off cuz girls start getting jealoud of eachother

M - but that didnt happen

H - why did everyone want janelle outta the house in the first few weeks?

M - no one did

I - she played the game way too early

A - way too early

I - the second night she was saying ivette needs to leave.. she was telling james that they had to get rid of the guys.. he just didnt understand it

M - you go to extreme measure when your partner is put up on the block.. she had to go to extreme measures

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I - J has played an amazing game.. but she forgot one important part.. to make friends to get the votes at the end. Telling howie he has helped out, is funny, cares about people, has a great personality. so at the end, maybe howie wasnt as great as a player but he played a great game. what is the point of playing an amazing game but not getting the prize because you failed to win people? to me whats the point of playing such an amazing game?

no ones going to argue that she played an amazing game... i would say she played better then james because she has been able to stay behind strong players and get them to do moves for her.. and be kind of like the token girl.. an amazing game shes played.. but she pissed off people for 3 months, didnt help out for 3 months, you just dont shit on people for 3 months and expect them to reward you.

its a shame.. it really is a shame.. danielle played an amazing game but people were so hurt she didnt get it.. where as drew played an amazing game but he was still nice to everyone... even his g/f who he didnt pick still voted for him to win.

H - theres a big difference between her knowledge and her wisdom

I - no one can keep throwing you a bone.. theres no way

H- no youre right.. james was a scandelous player but hes still a good guy

I - he took out her partner (M) and she can still have a conversation with him. she can hate him for what he did but still talk to him

I you cant forget the jury and you cant assume that maybe americas going to vote because this is part of the game.. part of the game is to make friends so the jury votes for you. how do you get to the end without pissing people off?

janelle come out

H - youre cute jannie, youre dreamy janie

J sits down with the HG

Discussing which day they played quarters

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M and I outside

M - janelle came out and the only thing she said to me was "can you get a pic with me and april"

I - um hmm (agreeing)

M - whats wrong

I - nothing

M - shes a bitch

I - nothing you can do about it

M says if janelle is smart she'll get rid of her before ivette

I - you know what i love about you? even as you get close to the money, you havent changed what you would do with it

M - no why would i? that wouldnt make any sense

I - you arent saying for my family, for my parents... you arent saying you'd get them out of debt

M - no everyones got debt

April comes outside

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I, M and A

A - eric was very vocal, wasnt secretive, wasnt quiet.. maggie is the opposite, strong, quiet, reserved. you cannot compare her and eric.. its like comparing apples to oranges. eric doesnt hide anything.. not that maggie hides things... do you see what im trying ot say?

I - i think there are so many vocal people here that maggie sits back and listens.. i think shes very vocal

M - when i thought about myself coming into this house, i thought i was going to be in the spotlight. from the second i walked in here i was like oh my god theres 14 people here that want spotlight. i wasnt about to fight people for spotlight

A - with eric he was an open book.. maggie is a half open book.. we got rid of james because we couldnt read him.. With janelle and howie we can read them. howie even told me today that the only person that didnt like me in the house was james.



A - ivette said would you have changed anything in this game.. and he said uh ya. I think i remember him saying that he made a mistake by letting maggie stay instead of eric.

M - that lets me know that i'll be the next to go

A - janelle has told me how many times that she hates ivette

M - that doesnt matter though

A - everyones contradicting what theyre saying

M - they are trying to get everyone on edge... although they've never implied that you (april) should be the one to go.. its always been about me and ivette

A - ive never heard anyone say that we should have gotten rid of april... i thought i was a stronger player in this game then howie is.. i personally think i am.. i dont think howie is all that and a bag of chips. lets say i wasnt part of y'all or them

M - i would get rid of howie

A - because hes a man and physically...

M - ya.. i would see howie as a stronger player

A - this morning when i woke up, i started to think about weeks and how much time we have left.. i think tomorrow is HOH, tues is eviction, another HOH, then thurs or sat will be eviction, and then final two will be together for like 3 days

M - the second that person wins hoh, they get that third person off

A - but they will need 2 or 3 days to get the jury prepared

I - there will be three days of comp pretty much

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I - that makes sense, what shes sayin

A - if im being evicted i would like that option rather then being here for a week

looking at howie doing something funny... anyone catch what hes doing?

A - im going to have to poop again... asking to look at the camera.. we need to get you (ivette) by the bbq pit

H - with the fire extinguisher

A - thats a good one

ivette getting set up with the fire extinguisher for the picture.... shes bent over pretending shes lighting it

H - we need a hard copy for beau beau.. april in the hot tub.. we'll do play by play

taking more pics

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M: I could be doing the exact opposite of what Eric wants but I will never know

A: Things change when your partner leaves

A: I saw Eric as someone who worked very hard for what he has, he was a fair person, wouldn

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A & M talking of Rachels incident when she was HOH & Jen was going through her stuff.

M: I told Rachel, go to BB they will tell you if someone

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Ivette talking about what she wrote in her HOH blog, she sent out messages to A & M's families on their behalf

M: I think you did the best one ever, how long was yours?

I: Like 2 pages

M & A: Ohh my godd

A: Mine was like a page & a halff!

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april's trying to sing snoop dogg's song "drop it like it's hot" and says how that's what she listens to at home. Howie just woke up and plays with his light saber.

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Jan eatting ice cream (so she can complain about being fat more)

I,A,H,M packing Howie's bag, he is begging A for one of her bras, but she says no because she is married. Ive is telling him what he needs to wear tomorrow. Jan just joined them. All the girls are giving him grooming tips and telling him what clothes he has that is ugly, Jan is going to take him shopping so he can look good. Howie is talking about all the clothing the other house guests have given him during his stay.

He wants the undershorts that James give him for the veto comp so when he walks in the door he can throw them in James face. He says they are clean, he didn't sweat in them. April is going through her clothing to pack and Jan jumped in when it came to her underwear, holding them up and looking at them. Howie wants a pair and April says NO, but Howie says she will be donating to a good cause. I think April gave a pair of her underwear to someone, Howie says it isn't fair because she got one but not him. Jan went to take a shower. April is going through her stuff and trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow, what she is going to wear the first night she sees Matt, Howie is still trying to obtain under garments from the women.

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Maggie tried on one of April's skirts, but said it was to tight, although she had it on over pants. Ive is trying on one of April's jackets and Jan came in pouting that all of her jeans are to small now. Mag asked her if she was sure, she said she tried all of them on (although I only saw her try one pair on and they seem to fit) but Jan said yeah and Mag said you brought like seven pair. (warned you when she was eatting ice cream she would be complaining soon about her weight.)

Jan asked Mag if she ever wakes up super horney and Mag said yes, doesn't everyone? Jan asked if she ever wakes up with an orgasim and Mag says no, Howie asked Jan if she did and Jan said it was normal, Mag said it isn't normal but Jan says yes it is she read it in Cosmo. Now Jan is asking Mag if she has dreams about sex, Mag says yes and jan says that is normal right. Mag says yes it is normal and Jan says Mag is it normal. Mag says "thank God you told me Jan, now I won't feel abnormal." Jan even asked Mag if she does it in the ass, Mag says why are you asking me all this stuff.

Now Ive and Jan are talking about tampons and Jan is explaining how she uses them. To gross to repeat here, sorry. Conversations of this is going on still, Jan is showing her true colors.

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H,A,M are sitting by the fish watching them eat. They are cheering on Jenny the fish, trying to get her to fight back and telling Tigger to behave himself.

I,J are at the table talking. I can hear Ive in the back ground but can't tell what she is saying.

Jan is doing dishes, WOW. Ive is cleaning up the kitchen. Mag is getting ready to work out and April is complaining about being crampy, Howie is going around the house with his light saber yelling MaMa and Naughty Nowie.

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A,M in workout room

J,H,I at table talking about having kids. Jan wants a boy because she is sporty and can totally see herself as a soccer mom.

A,M talking about how they are working Ive, Mag just wants out of there, she isn't being challenged and is bored. Mag knows they are asking Ive questions about what they talk about, she thinks it is weird. A says she doesn't care any more, Mag says she just wants this ordeal over with. A has to go to the bathroom.

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