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Angelo Joe

9/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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4:56 PM BBT

They talk about Jeff Daniels and how he likes living in Chelsea Michigan because everyone just leaves him alone. Dan says 'he's the guy from Dumb and Dumber' [Or The Newsroom for those of us not stuck in a house this summer -ZuZu]. Discussion also about Tim Allen being a Michigander.

5:03 PM BBT

Ian recounting "Married with Children" episodes.

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5:20 PM BBT

Frank and Shane up. "I've fought so much." says Frank.

Shane deflects the conversation to what work outs they should do. Shane says he's getting women's boobies. He opened the turkey in the fridge. It smelled 'like a bad girlfriend'.

Frank asks how it's going talking to Danielle. Shane thinks he got a little bit to her but he doesn't know. Frank hopes he didn't overstep his boundaries by telling Danielle that Shane thinks they should work together. They discuss how everyone has to get Dan out. They hope no one will vote for him if he gets to F2.

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5:44 PM BBT

Frank adjusting the awnings for evening. Jenn laying on outside lounger.

In sneaker room Dan is hanging up clothes everywhere he can. Jenn gone inside to make slop for dinner. Frank comments that she's lost weight. He's called to the DR.

Dan making his bed with the freshly washed sheets. He tickles Danielle's foot.

Shane stretching prior to a work out.

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5:50 PM BBT

Dan talking to Danielle, 'Whatever your doing with Jenn it's working. Maybe you should tell her that if she's willing to trust me you'll trust me too."

"He said, we've got to watch Danielle and Shane. I don't think she tells me everything anymore." Dan says about Joe. They are comparing Joe's {or Ian's?] stories to both of them.

5:57 PM BBT

According to Danielle, Frank told Jenn than Dan and him were going to vote her out if nominations stayed the same. A lot of whispering, hard to hear.

Danielle says she can "vote against him but she can't put him up". Dan says if Ian and Joe end up together whichever one stays up goes home.

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6:01PM BBT - Dani & Dan in the SBR. Dani recounting her earlier convos with Frank and Shane (both separate conversations) to Dan. Dani doesn't know what to say in her goodbye video. Dan tells her to just be nice. He goes to take a shower, giving Dani a hug before he leaves.

Jenn, Joe and Frank general chit chat in the BY at the HT. Shane working out. Ian in the DR.

6:06PM BBT - Dani in the WA with Dan. She is whispering so softly I can't hear her. Something about F3 and someone saying they can beat Dan. Dan also is whispering too softly for me to hear. They talk about Jenn and how to explain to her why they are voting Frank out. Jenn comes inside, breaking up the conversation.

6:16PM BBT - Dani goes to watch her bedding, Dan in the HOH shower, Shane working out, Joe, Jenn & Frank general chit chat in the BY. Haven't seen Ian, so I assume he is still in the DR.

Ian out of the DR and back to the hammock.

6:20PM BBT - Dani picked what look like raisins out of a bowl of cereal and is now sitting down and eating the cereal.

6:23PM BBT - Jenn thinks it will be a FF this week. Joe and Frank agree.

6:36PM BBT - Frank says he'll dispute it if they try to take things from him, such as the red veto from the double eviction night. He worked hard and put on a show from them. He wants to take Ted; he'll ship him home.

6:41PM BBT - Joe and Frank talk about campaigning. Frank does it early in the morning, so it's always fresh on th minds of the HG's. Joe wants to get in another hour or two tonight before it's too late.

Dani called to the DR. Frank tells her they are saying goodbye messages, and one for Ashley too since she never got one. Dani goes to put more makeup on first.

6:43PM BBT - Ian goes to the HOH bathroom. Dan asks how it's going, Ian says it's alright, all is quiet. Dan says no news is good news. Ian thinks Shane is coming upstairs to take a shower. Dan asks Ian who to put up if he wins the next HOH. Jenn and Joe, Ian says. Shane comes up to use the shower.

Ian tells Dan that Joe and Dani were chatting in the arcade room. Joe thinks Dan is voting Frank out and thinks Ian is breaking a tie on Thursday. Ian keeps telling him to lay low. Dan leaves, Ian and Shane keep chatting. Shane told Joe to walk around like he's leaving on Thursday so Frank doesn't get wind of anything.

Ian wants to set it up so that if Jenn wins HOH next week, he nominates Ian and Joe and if Joe gets it, his will be Jenn and Dan. That would remove a floater, no matter what. Jenn wants a massage from Shane tonight, and Shane is unsure if he should because he believes that Jenn will nominate her. Dani should be close enough to get Jenn not to put Shane up, Ian says.

Ian is really hoping that it's going to be something like "Swamped" for HOH this week. They go over what if scenarios.

9:55PM BBT - Ian thinks this week is a FF/DE as well. More what if scenarios if it is.

9:57PM BBT - Ian says if he ever goes, he just wants someone in the QP to win. Shane agrees.

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7:03PM BBT - Frank on the hammock, Dani working out. Dani explaining the workout moves to Frank. Shane & Ian still talking in HOH. Ian recounts how he told Joe to lay low.

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7:00PM BBT - 9:00PM BBT

  • 7:02-Frank is in the BY in the hammock, Dani is working out, Shane & Ian are in HOH. Shane cant wait to see the video of Britany seeing Frank arrive to the jury house & then relize that Ian sent him there. Ian thinks that Joe has played a better game than Jenn.
  • 7:09-Ian is telling Shane about what Britany said about getting the quack pack back together. She told him to stick w Shane & Dani. They are talking about how Ian won the last HOH. They think if Joe or Jenn win the next HOH, they can dupe them into doing what they want.
  • 7:24- Ian & Dan are going to play chess. Joe & Dani are working out. Frank is in the hammock. Frank says he doesnt have the energy to work out tonight.
  • 7:36- Dan & Ian are playing chess. Ian doesnt like this years big chess set. Dan thinks it is probably easier for live feeders to see & watch. Frank is playin the bag toss, Joe is still walking laps around the BY, Dani is laying on a towel watching, Shane has just got out of the shower, & Jenn is sitting alone in the MBR.
  • 7:48-Dan tells Ian that he is all for making fake final 2 deals w people as long as they are honest w each other. They move on to the different wall paper upstairs for the former seasons. They wonder what Boogie is doing. Dan thinks that Ian has had the best one liners this season. Shane & Jenn are sitting by the hottube outside watching Frank play the bag toss. Joe is still walking laps in the BY.
  • 8:08-Dani & Frank are sitting @ the hot tube. He says he hates Mon-Wed in the house & its worse if your on the block. He tells Dani that she understands. Dani says "yeah, you put me up twice." She is a little snippy w him.
  • 8:15- Ian is @ the stove cooking, Shane is chopping up veggies, Jenn is watching @ the bar. Dan dropped a mug behind the memory wall turning off Wil's picture. Wil's picture is black.
  • 8:21-Dan was called into the DR about dropping the mug behind the memory wall. He cant talk about it but says that they can just put it on his tab. Joe laughs & says he is going to leave owe ing BB money. The HGs are sitting down to fried chicken, mashed potatoes, & veggies. Jenn goes outside & plays a game of bag toss & then works out while they eat.
  • 8:41-The HGs get free live feeds for life after they have been on the show. Dan says that they will have a special icon or their picture will be in a different color so people will know its them. ( Bit of information I didnt know.)
  • 8:54- Jenn is outside working out, Ian is swinging in the hammock, Joe, Frank, & Dani stting @ the table while Shane finishes eating. Dan is making cinnamon& sugar apples. When Shane came out of DR a few minutes ago, he told the other HGs that they would be on OLD in about 30 minutes so BB can fix the memory wall.

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