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8/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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1:13 PM BBT

Joe comes to talk to Shane in sneaker room. "It's Brit. He wants Brit." Joe says.

"It's because they are so close in the house (Ian and Brit)." Shane says

"Dan went up there and told him everything." says Joe.

"I just had to tell you everything, I told you I'd tell you everything." Joe says

"I went up there to talk to Frank earlier and he told me that I was going to be shocked but not to worry. I thought I was going up against Dan." says Shane

They wonder how badly Frank wanted Dan out.

"We need to tell them what they want to hear, until we can win (HOH)." Joe says to Shane

"You're right, thanks Man." says Shane

"You've got a bitch freaking week." Joe tells him. "Yep, I do" say replies getting a bro slap on the back.

Ian is drinking his HOH beers. Quite quickly.

1:21 PM BBT

Ian grabs Joe to come talk in Sneaker Room.

Ian: Your head is probably spinning just as much as I, remember yesterday when I said you ought to pick a side? Now would be an excellent time."

Joe: laughs

Ian: I'm obviously on the opposite side of Frank. Frank can't play in the next two HOH's and they are most likely going to be endurance, which either Britney or Danielle will be here for and are really good at, or Quizzes which I an good at. We will be putting up Frank and he will be going home. SO you probably want to pick a side. That's all I had to say.

Joe: I already picked a side. I told Shane. I'm with you all.

Ian: That's cool, that's all I wanted to say.

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1:16 PM BBT Joe tells Shane that Frank wants Brit to go home. Joe tells Shane that it was Ian who was the mastermind not Dan. We get FOTH

1:17 PM BBT Brit telling Dani that she can beat Dan at anything - they have a 2 weeks pass. Whispering ad difficult to hear. She is crying. Dani is recapping that Dan threw her under the bus. Brit says she will vote for Frank over Dan to win this game.

1:21 PM BBT Brit says that Dan held his own funeral last night and then went upstairs and made a deal with his nemesis. This is classic Dan Brit says. Ian asks Joe if he can talk to him. Ian says "here we are". Ian tells Joe that now would be a good time to pick a side. Ian tells Joe that Frank is on the opposite side. Ian spelling it out for Joe about the HOH comp. Promising Joe to keep him safe. Joe tells Ian to talk to Shane and he is already on Ian's side.

Ian tells Dan they can go out an play salsa ball. Shane in WC with Dan. Says they will talk later. Dan says that Ian didn't own up to anything and now Brit has to pay for it. Dan tells Shane that HOH will be huge for them. Shane asks Dan if he worked out something with Frank. Dan tells him that no - Frank saw there were bigger fish to fry.

Brit crying. Telling Dani that she is a beautiful beautiful person inside and no matter what in 3 weeks they will be friends forever. Dani crying. Brit telling Dani that she is such a good person and not to under value herself. Brit tells Dani that she deserves everything.

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Shane and Dan having a convo about how Dan had to do this, what sucks is that now Britney's going home but he's with him, he's with Shane. It's going to be ok.

Britney and Danielle sobbing in the lounge. "You're such a good person Danielle, don't ever undervalue what a good person can be in this game. YOu are such a good person. You deserve everything good that happens to you because you treat people with the respect they deserve, you wouldn't choose because...snifflesnufflesob you're a good person."

Frank in HOH talking to Jenn.

Frank: Every time I think I'm the next one to go home I find something dude.

Jenn: I know, I told you I had your back.

Frank: I'm going toe to toe with the little man and I start thinking, "I'm doing this in a carrot suit, I'm having a blast in this carrot suit."

1:27 PM BBT

Dan comes up to the HOH, enters stops and says, "There's a new Big Brother Queen in Town. Congratulations"

He gives Jenn a great big hug.

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1:28 PM BBT In the HOH room Jenn and Frank still enjoying their afternoon. Jenn tells Frank that she had him. Frank says he has her back. Shane comes into the side room with the girls. Comforts Brit. Brit says :Sorry to pull a Jani but someone could have told me to fix my hair". Brit wants her husband to tell her that she will be ok. She apologizes to her main twitter fan that he will be so pissed and will put a hit out on Dan (laughing)

Dan goes to HOH and says "there is a new BB queen in town and it's Jenn" and gives her a hug. Frank tells Dan that he told Joe & Shane that Dan was still his target but that he tried to "create" an alliance with them for the future. Dan leaves to make Jenn a slop burger.

1:32 PM BBT Jenn tells Frank that Dan took all the heat for Ian and now Ian is upset Brit is up. Ian outside rocking on hammock and Brit joins him. Ian tells Brit that she has his vote to stay. In the side room Shane and Dani talk. Shane tells Dani that Dan must have ratted out Ian. Shane tells Dani that they have each other. Dani asks: promise? Shane nods. He is going after Dan though.

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1:36 PM BBT Brit and Joe talking. Joe tells Brit that Dan passed the buck on to Ian and told Frank that Ian was the rat. Brit says Dan is a piece of trash. Joe gives Brit her word and says it wont change.

Frank asks Ian outside if they are not going to speak. Ian says no - he is just angry and needs to hammock it off for a bit. It's a game and they all need to let it go a little. He apologizes for swearing to Frank.

1:50 PM BBT Dani is having an allergic reaction to something. Sunbathing going on in the BY. Dan tells Dani that he would like to know what is going on in her head. She just smiles. He asks her if she loves him, hates him or both at the same time. Dani tells Dan that if he gave her shingles...Dan asks if that is bad thing? She says it's terrible. Dani tells BB that she needs a Dr.

1:54 PM BBT Dan tells Dani that he thought she would be upset that Brit is going home. She says she is but it's not her. Dan says and "It's not me". Dan tells her that some people buy that they are no longer working together anymore. They count how many people left - Dan tells her "almost there".

Dan says he needs to calm down. He is getting cocky and that's when he will make a mistake but he should get until at least 3PM. Dani just smiling and laughs at him. Dan says "OK America - I'm done gloating". Dani tells Dan that she pulled Jenn out of bed at 3AM for him. Dan asks Dani what percentage does she have Shane's vote. Dani tells him 100%. Dan asks her if Brit is going to lie down and die. Dani nods.

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2:04 PM BBT The house has quieted down. sunbathing in the BY. Frank in the pool. Ian still rocking and Dani sitting by herself at the KT table.

Dan and Dani whispering. Dan tells Dani that he would never cut her. Joe lying out and Frank right by him but in the pool. They have been gen chit chat but no game.

2:16 PM BBT Dan and Jenn in the KT getting their slop burgers. Jenn says she has lost weight but no idea how much. She doesn't weigh herself.

Dan tells Jenn that he is going to play salsa ball in the pool with Ian if she is cool with that - if not he won't. She tells him to go ahead. Dan decides to eat outside because Brit will be out of DR soon. Jenn asks BB if they will find out about America's Choice soon - she would appreciate it.

2:27 PM BBT Jenn eating quietly. Frank/Dan plating ball in the pool.

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2:33 PM BBT Ian is enjoying his second beer and playing in the pool. Jenn still eating in the KT.

Frank and Ian talk about the costumes they have gotten to wear on the show. Jenn cleaning up in the KT and heads outside to enjoy the sun.

2:44 PM BBT Frank and Shane in the KT. Shane tells Frank thanks for the heads up. Frank says right now everyone wants Ian out which is good for them. Frank says they need to have a convo with Joe. Says they will get Ian out and then go after Dan. Shane says with Brit leaving it's one less person for HOH.

2:49 PM BBT Shane/Dani in the BY on the couches. Dani says Brit is still in the DR (she has been in there a really long time). Dani says that she can not campaign against Brit. Frank heads back to the pool so he doesn't have to wear his costume.

2:53 PM BBT Shane asks Dani why Jenn didn't use the veto on her - wasn't there a "girl" thing. Dani says she told him yesterday that it ended when Ash left. Shane teases Dani that she would be in med school if she was home. Dani says whatever she would be doing she had to drop out to do BB.

Dani confirms with Shane that Frank wants Ian and then Dan gone. Shane talks about hiking his pants up hides his belly fat. Dani tells Shane that her heart is broken about Brit being nominated. Shane says Brit is taking it very well.

2:56 PM BBT Brit has emerged from the DR. Brit: Well that's that. Shane tells her he was looking for her. Feed moves and we have all four on pool. Can no longer see/hear Brit.

3:02 PM BBT Brit telling Dani that she can win the HOH. Brit tells Shane/Dani that they need a stacked team that can win next win next week.

SHane asks Brit why Dan would do this. Brit says because Dan is only looking out for himself.

3:05 PM BBT Brit says if one of the 3 (Ian, Shane, Dani) then she will refuse to vote.

3:07 PM BBT Brit tells Shane that she doesn't want him in a bad position with his vote. Brit tells him that his decision will not affect her feelings for Shane/Dani.

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3:13 PM BBT Brit telling Dani that she (Dani) has stuck her neck out in this game. Brit says that she will be fine. Brit says that Dan knew they (Brit, Shane, Dani) were okay with him leaving then he went to the other side.

Brit says Dan is a poor example of the Catholic faith because he took the bible upstairs to make a deal with Frank. BB:Ian - are you wearing someone else's microphone?

Brit says she wants to bring his Arkansas t-shirt outside and burn it because is offends her.

3:19 PM BBT Shane: we have brought Dan this far - he hasn't won anything" Brit: I know but he figured out we were okay with him leaving. Brit says she knew something was up when Ian's VETO had to go first.

3:23 PM BBT Shane: I hope Chelsea divorces him because of this. Brit: He screwed people over in his season Shane:It would be funny if I lit his bible on fire but I wouldn't because it's not good for my religion. Brit: Dan says it's not personal after I tried to make him feel better last night? He says it's a game.

Brit says she regrets not fighting in her season but she can't fight this time because it's going against the sweetest person she has ever met. It's not right to make Shane choose between the two of them.

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3:30pm bbt Brit tells Shane/Dani she's at a point of rage now. Shane: Me too. Dani: I've been there. Brit goes inside, Shane decides to nap on the patio, Dani there also.

Brit meets Frank inside, says she knows Dan is behind all this, he knows what he's doing. He took the bible up there, it will be my dying day to let him win this game. He will cut your throat. He is mad at her because she wouldn't throw the veto to her. Frank thought yesterday was a ploy.

3:34pm bbt Frank tells Brit Ian's at the top of his list, but Dan is #2. Brit tells how sorry she felt for Dan last night, because he's 'such a good person'.

Frank: trust me, I haven't forgot what kind of person he is.

Brit: It will be over my dead body. I'm trying to settle myself down. He's a traitor, he told us final 5.

(Dani comes in)

Brit: This girl was going to die for him.

(Dani keeps going)

BB: Danielle, please come to the DR

Brit: Right now, he is to me, like the worst person I know.

(Dan walks through, then Frank/Brit hug, and Frank goes outside).

3:37pm bbt Brit finds Joe in BR, says she's about to go off. Frank finds Shane on patio. Frank/Shane think they can rope Joe into F3 deal, and also Dani in F3 deal.

3:41pm bbt Joe asks why 'they' would believe Dan? Brit says they are still after Dan, he's just slick. Joe says if Brit doesn't have Shane, she goes home. Brit knows people get their mind made up, like she did to vote out Jani, and nothing can change it.

3:43pm bbt Frank/Ian are civil with each other, now in the pool with basket/ball again. Dan sitting poolside, Jenn sunning, Brit back on patio with Shane.

3:47pm bbt Brit tells Shane she has Ian's vote, thinks she has Joe's vote.

Brit: Joe told me if Shane votes out Brit, Joe plans to go to the other side.

Shane: Joe told me 30 mins ago that he will vote the way Frank wants.

Brit: Why would he lie about it?

Shane: Is he sleeping?

Brit: He's laying down, but not asleep. If he's going to vote me out, then your vote doesn't matter anyways.

Shane: It will matter if he is wishy washy.

Brit: I will have nothing against you if you want to keep Danielle. It's funny Joe was saying I've got to work on Shane. I said I'm not going to do that.

Shane: We can pull Joe into a room and ask him.

Brit: You can talk to him and say Brit said you told her she has your vote. If I go, I go.

3:52pm bbt Shane says they need to talk to Joe, Brit isn't dead in the water yet. Brit says she was her coach, even if she goes, she will still want him to win.

3:54pm bbt Frank stroking Joe's ego, saying he is on board with keeping JOe around, because he is good at playing both sides, and sometimes you have to do that. Frank proposes Frank/Joe/Shane/Jenn work together to call the shots. Frank doesn't want either girl to go, but Brit is most dangerous. And he feels Dan/Dani are separating after what happened last night.

3:56pm bbt Frank says Brit is dangerous because she was covered from all sides, he figured it out! (umm, after being spoon fed everything by Dan?) Joe agrees to everything, Frank goes back out, Joe stays in bed.

3:58pm bbt Frank/Ian meet in the WCA, almost giddy with delight now with each other.

Brit on patio describes Dan's gameplay: He will be playing with kittens, then breaking their necks, or showing you his bible, and fireworks blow up in your face. Or let me hear personal stories about your life, then use them against you to cause you harm. I'll put on your heart strings, then turn around and kick you into the middle of the ocean with a cinder block around your neck. Come take my free swimming lessons, so I can drown you in the pool. Come play pool with me, then he undoes the stick and it turns into a shank. Hey, lets be a team, death or dishonor.. death for you! Oh you guys, I'm so dazed and confused, except for knowing I'm going to turn on my alliance. Here Britney, made my bed, so I can push you into it. Thanks Britney for helping me clean the have not room so it doesn't stink... tomorrow I kill you! Sweet Dreams Britney, sweet dreams dan... tomorrow, your game is over! Hey Danielle, the moment I saw you that first night, I knew I wanted you on my team... you're dead to me! Stand up guy.

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4:04 PM BBT

Joe and Dan in KT. Joe teaching Dan how to make slop balls. Use have to use olive oil and something else to make them stick together.

"Is Ian still buzzing?" asks Dan

"I think so, he drank a lot. I can't be around that kid when he's buzzing." Joe says "There went from being beer in the house to none. #empty"

"I didn't hear much cause I was in that room." says Dan "Everything ok?"

"He just gets loud, a little heated." says Joe.

Outside Ian talking with Shane, Britney and Frank about Dan. "I said, what a good guy, such a buddy, he's been so nice. Cutting Ian off at the knees, Britney's got to go. I only wish I knew all of this at his funeral." Says Britney

"I shed tears!" says Shane

"So did I! I was the biggest idiot, I was crying at the guys funeral."Brit yells.

"Don't say that Britney, don't say that it's not true." says Ian.

Britney mad because Dan was nice to her for 7 weeks. She says there is no way Dan will win. It will be over her dead body. Over her dead body.

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4:12 PM BBT

Ian says they are playing replacement roulette.

Inside Frank laughing because he left the WC door open. He's got to go to the DR. Ian comes in, "What's going on Frankie Boy?" Ian is not using up his instant cookie mix. Frank only has one beer left. He's going to finish it off. To say goodbye to Ian.

"I'm sorry guys, I'm sorry I'm buzzed," says Ian.

"It's ok - no worries, you're fine." Dan says.

Outside Britney is saying she has to give Dan some credit. He came back from the dead. Britney is about to burn the house down. She yells out to JennCity.

"Don't let no one in the house be a fool. If that guy can cone back from this, what can't he come back from? Do you want to sit on the block next to that? If he can call us to his own funeral and have us passing out kleenex and crying and then he can turn around and turn on everyone who has been loyal to him. Since day 1. Remember that next week you guys." Britney says.

"I will remember that. I know that." says Jenn.

Britney telling everyone how sometimes how you treat people in the house is more important than you play the game. She tells Ian to think about Dan did him. Ian says that "Dan put up his Best Friend and His Girlfriend. Mike F-ing Boogie, the scumbag of BB was right. Mike Boogie was right."

4:23 PM BBT

Britney carries on reliving Dan's sins and how she's not bitter or upset and maybe Dan did what he had to do but her feelings were hurt. Her feelings were hurt. Oh, and Danielle is lying there on her death bed with a rash on her face - and WHY? WHY? Dan. Because Danielle wouldn't turn on him.

4:24 PM BBT

Britney: He pretended he was going to go to jury respectfully, he threw a funeral for himself. He threw a funeral for himself. He said a few days ago that we were all on this show because we had inflated egos...

Shane: I think he was only talking about himself.

Ian goes to hug Britney. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Even though it was Dan's fault.

Britney: It's ok Ian. I'm just worked up. A little bit worked up.

Britney comes inside. "There's the man of the hour." she says as she walks past Dan.

Frank is tipsy. He says to Britney, "BTW because I am tipsy I will tell you, that if you were not a married woman you'd be in trouble."

She laughs and thanks him.

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4:29 PM BBT

Frank outside with Danielle and Dan. He asks Dan to get his water for him. He tells Danielle that they are in a really good spot. Frank had to do many retakes in that last DR, his eyes are very red.

Jenn says that she took slop for the whole summer, just for this.

"I don't know what he promised you but... don't expect him to make good on it if it was anything. He promised me a lot." Britney reminds her. "I'm not going to be sold on you, if I leave."

Dan in the KT with Brit. She stares him down. He checks his food. She says he never even gave her a hug and apologized. She sings "Coldblooded"

"How did the Have Not room smell last night after I helped you clean it?" She asks him "How was your bed that I made for you?"

"Very nice, thank you." he replies

"No problem, I just wanted to help you anyway I could. I knew you were having a bad day." she replies.

"I know you're not happy with me, I'm just giving you some space." Dan says.

4:39 PM BBT

Shane alone with Jenn. "Wow, that was ridiculous.I just wanted to say that wow."

"I appreciate that, it was my decision, not yours." Jenn says, unflappable.

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4:43 PM BBT

B: What did I ever do wrong to you Dan?

D" Nothing

B: So should I take it personal that I come to your funeral, pass the Kleenex around, cry with everyone, tell everyone to just talk nice to you all week then you take the bible upstairs and blatently it was all lies.

D: I just hope that at some point, some time soon... I just hope.

B: I was trying to win that POV, I was going to go on slop for the summer for you. I wanted you here so bad that I was willing to take all the punishments for you. You were trying to win that POV even though you said you weren't.

D: I didn't do it against you, I decided that I had to play the game. It's unfortunate that it turned out to be you. Do you think I was mean to you?

B: You don't think it was wrong that you said you didn't want to talk game anymore than you went upstairs and did exactly that.

D: I'm sorry that you thought I was mean to you, I'm sorry and I would do what I could to rectify it.

B: You don't think it was insulted that I can to your funeral and it ended up being mine?

D: I apologize, I don't expect you to forgive me anytime soon. I just hope that one day you can forgive me.

B: You came into this game as Mr. Honesty, you play like you're not going to lie and then you leave it all behind. It was needless Dan, it was needless. You could have just come out and told us you were going to try your best to stay. That would have been that. It was a direct line. What do you have to say to that?

D: I'm sorry. I apologize.

B: I guess my biggest mistake in this game was every believing anything you say.

D: I'm sorry, that's all I can say. Obviously if you want to talk later, we can talk later.

B: What are you going to say to me later that you can't say right now?

D: Nothing. I mean, I hope one day we can be friends. (Indicates he's going to head outside)

B:I'm about to go outside if you're thinking of going outside to avoid Awkwardness.

D: Then I'll stay inside then.

She goes outside and says to everyone, "I"m sure he'll apologize to all of you when he gets around to it."

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4:57 PM BBT

He is so good at this game. Brit says. I feel like I'm in the Dan mist right now. That mist we talked about week 1. She admits that she is taking it personally and won't dislike him after the game but she feels soooooo duped. She's not mad at Frank. Ian wants to make it clear to Frank that Jenn was totally against him, she wanted him out.

"Please don't make the mistake that I'm mad at you." Britney says to Frank "I can't argue with good logic. I really can't."

5:00 PM BBT

Jenn and Dan have been talking this whole time about how they have to stick together. He's sorry she had to witness the Britney conforntation. Dan says that he will keep people, as long as they are down. Dan telling Jenn that the reason he played with Memphis so far was that he could trust her 100%. He'll play his role to protect her as long as she plays her role to protect him. They'll play it right to the end.

He thanks her for coming to talk to him. He just needed this after that. It was nice of her to talk to him. One day, when he needs a laugh, he wants to hear all of Britney's speech in her theatrical voice. Just hard right now.

5:05 PM BBT

Pretending that he has to pee Frank sneaks in to tell Dan everything that is being said outside. Dan laughing at how well it's working. Frank describing Britney's coverage of his game play is making Dan laugh. "Good night Britney, tomorrow I will kill your game." etc.

5:11 PM BBT

"I don't have anything legitimate to be mad at him for - why because he wants to win over me? Everyone wants to win over everyone in this house. I'm mad because we were working together. "Britney is starting to calm down.

"If Frank makes it to the final good I will give it to him." says Ian. Shane, Joe and the others agree. "He's worked so hard, he will deserve it." says Brit.

5:12 PM BBT

Frank tells Dan he has Shane believing that they have Dan, Jenn and Joe in his pocket and he can help him get forward. Dan asks what Jenn is thinking, she's onboard.

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5:22 PM BBT

Dan telling Danielle now everything that happened. Asks her if she told Jenn that Dan was more comfortable with her than Britney.

We can hear music in the background, Odd radio sounds too.

Dan asking Danielle to tell him her favourite Dan-ism that Britney did but she won't do it. She's warning him how Britney is outside really just playing up to Frank, telling him how much Mike fought for him etc.

"Did we really think he was just going to sit down and go?" Britney asks Shane "He's good, oh he's good. He was going home and the look at this turn of events! He's really good. He's the Mastermind of this season. The viewers see him that way. He's got the best social game, I respect it. He's so good! He talked himself off the block. Do you understand the magnitude of that? At least it wasn't some sucky player that threw me under the bus."

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5:29 PM BBT

Ian asks Frank what Dan said to him. "You know you've fallen for him sweet talk, Frank? You know that?"

"You don't get it Ian, no matter what, all the heat is off of me and onto Dan. Next week there was going to be so much heat on me.Now it's all on Dan!" Frank says

Ian tried to tell him how solid they were yesterday. "Ian, yes, yesterday you were honest. it was every day before that you lied to me." Frank replies.

Frank and Ian get a little heated. They are trying to tell Frank that he was a victim of game.

"Stop saying that I'm the victim. Every one of you would have voted me out next week. " Frank getting mad

"You were probably good next week." Ian says

"Probably? PROBABLY? Not every week is golden in this house."agitated Frank says "Probably? That's another magic 8 ball answer by Ian Thierry! So don't f-ng give me probably!"

Shane and Brit try to help mitigate the fight about to start here. They tell Frank that Ian didn't want him gone. He really didn't want to.

Frank upset with everyone. "Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining. Don't tell me it's a tough spot and I only did what I had to do."

Ian keeps going despite them trying to make him stop. Finally Danielle just says, Please Stop Ian, please stop. You're making me stressed out.

He apologizes.

Shane lightens the mood by saying, "This game man, look at you, arguing in a carrot suit."

Frank laughs and Ian says it is pretty funny.

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5:44 PM BBT

Ian tells Danielle that his vote will be for Britney to stay. He's sorry but that's just how it is. Danielle understands.

Frank back in lounge now telling Dan all about the conversation.

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5:44 PM BBT

Ian talking to Frank in KT, "I don't know what the plan is but whatever it is, wherever you're going, enjoy the ride man."

"We don't have to hate each other man." Frank says as Ian walks away and heads outside.

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6:05pmBrit goes to cr and talks to dan she says i cant blame you for anything you turned this game around and made it good for yourself and i cant blame you for it. and i have said alot of things today , i said i hate you and i dont hate you ok ?

6:09pm dan telling brit that he hates hurting people in this game and making them cry.brit says she is shocked she didnt go on the block in the first place and had a good isea that she was going up today.

6:13pm Joe,Frank and dani in by talking about getting cheated on.dan and brit still in cr talking about dan making a good move. brit says i wont go against dani here i came here to coach and not to play the game i wont take that one chance from danielle.

6:20pm Ian walks in the by and says i think i am going to do what my freshmen kids do put a empty bottle of beer on my dresser. they arent suposed to but they do it and i let it go.

6:25pm shane and dani argue over dani danoto dan says shane wants to do something with her, he says no i dont, joe says that dani danoto will put a restraining order on shane now.and they laugh.

6:27pmdan laying in cr alone. brit goes outside to eat her dinner . shane says he has to workout tonight and ask brit is she wants to join she says no what do i have to workout for?

6:35pmBrit, joe , shane and dani in by bashing dan again. shane says you make one move in this game and its backdoor. joe says one thing i have to think through is who is the bigger target Frank or day. brit says whoever stays you put them both up one comes off send the other home.

6:37pm : joe says if we keep them in this game you write him a check and thats that. and i dont want to write either one of them a check but if one stays thats what we are doing endorsing a check.

6:40pm brit says i feel bad that if i stay i feel bad taking this away from dani cuz this is my second shot and i feel bad. shane says dan will sit in that room 24 hours a day for the rest of the week all alone no one will talk to him. brit says i dont feel bad about it.

6:45pm brit says i am just so ready for this day to be over. she says i woke up in a good mood and said happy birthday to my brother. shane says i know. joe says i want a special power this week. shane says you never know what pandoras box will bring this week.

6:49pm Ian sitting on the hammock rocking back and forth talking to himself.he says then the anger sets in and then he mumbles alot .(cant hear him though)

6:52pm frank in by with brit, shane and joe. shane says there was a guy on the roof today taking measurments did you see him? frank says no and we get foth.

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7:01pm dan is reading out loud from the bible in the cr.

7:03pm :dani in by telling joe and frank about catching her boyfriend cheating on her. and when she moved out she took way more then that was hers and my brother punched holes in the bottom of the drawers as he helped me pack.

7:10pm dani tells shane he can lay on the couch in the by with her he says ok just keep your feet away from me. he lays on the couch and says i am kiddin g you have pretty feet. dani says you have cute feet for a man. shane says a boy. dani says samething. shane says i have to keep up my manicures. she says do you really get manicures he says no with being in construction i dont but i have callasus on my hands . dani says thats sexy though he says really dani says yeah.

7:12pm Joe is in kt cooking pork chops. frank says i am going to go lay down for a little bit but when them chops get ready feel free to send someone to wake me up i will eat some of those. joe says you will like these they will be amazing.

7:15pm Ian is rocking in the hammock and making noises. at times he rocks faster and hums to himself.

7:25pm most hg taking naps . joe is in the kt cooking alone, ian is in the hammock rocking.

7:34pm :joe talking to the feeders saying he wished we could tell him what to do this week cuz it is crazy up[ in here this week. joe says i got to go turn the grill on i will just keep cooking and bbq'ing. he walks outside and says porkchops and applesauce. then goes to the grill to light it up.

7:39pm Ian tells joe by the hammock that they need to talk to shane. frank wants brit out and we might have to do what he wants this week and vote brit out.

7:48pmJoe saying goodnight to sarah and tellign her to give the kids and dogs a kiss for him. he says we are fixen to have dinner so incase i miss it goodnight.

7:59pm Joe now has dinner ready and waking up frank , shane is in dr he says. brit fixing a plate

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