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Angelo Joe

8/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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7:47 PM BBT

Ian slips and dumps a cupful. "What a waste" he mutters. Camera closes in on Shane's lane and there's liquid all spilled everywhere. Boogie is a couple scoops away from the 10k.

7:50 PM BBT

"Money in the bank!" Frank says to Mike. "One more cup."

"Money in the bank - whatcha drank?" Yells Frank as a bell rings. Boogie wins 10k.

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7:58 PM BBT

Shane's got about 1/4 of the way left. He's trying to dump something into Brits mouth when he passes her by. She looks like a baby bird waiting to be fed. Weirdness abounds. Earlier Ashely told Joe that his kids love him, she names them all then says "The girls love you." "Ahh tits!" she groans and moans. "Tits" Jenn echos.

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8:04 PM BBT

"You're beating Dan, Danielle, sorry Dan." giggles Ashley.

Frank says he wants to sleep with Dan tonight. Dan would rather sleep with Jenn.

Ashely tells them they will get beds tonight for sure. "I say that but what do I know?" she laughs to herself.

Britney finally tells Mike that there are towels to dry off with.

Ashely is yelling out shout outs to her family. Mom - I'm feeling good, I'm not hurting. Hi brother Matt.

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7:09PM BBT: Trivia has ended! Ian took a nasty spill. Shane is doing pretty well with filling up his HoH bowl. Ashley is still moving very slowly, trying to fill up the safety jug.

7:11PM BBT: Frank wishes he could participate in the competition, because it looks fun, and Danielle responds with “Negative, Frank”. Danielle says that this is her least favourite competition.

7:13PM BBT: Shane says Brit is whooping Shane’s butt, but we have not have a visual on what Brit’s bowl looks like. Dan says that if they were in the olympics, he would be Qatar and Britney is the USA.

7:16PM BBT: According to Frank, Jenn is ahead of Dan and Joe in regards to the safety jug.

7:18PM BBT: Frank says Brit looks like she has wheelies and ice skates on, and it sounds like she's not having any trouble at all. Ashley: "I don't know guys, slow and steady wins the race!" Ian: "Not when you're competing against Shane!"

7:22PM BBT: Shane's jug looks like it is about 1/3 of the way filled. Ashley slowly makes her way up and down the lane, giving other HG's words of encouragement. Britney has filled her safety jug to the top!

7:24PM BBT: Brit talking with Frank on the sidelines, and says that "Safety means that I get to compete in HoH next week".

7:27PM BBT: Ian takes another nasty spill near the end of his lane, and slowly crawls back to his barrel. Shane's HoH jug is a little under halfway filled. Shane also takes a nasty spill near the end of his lane.

7:29PM BBT: Ashley hopes BB ordered them pizza after the competition, along with some alcohol. Brit calls out that she hopes that safety means she wont be a have-not too, and we get trivia.

7:34PM BBT: The feeds are back! Looks like Boogie's 10K jar is about halfway filled. Joe looks like he's ready to give up. Ashley looks like she's given up on HoH juh, and is starting to pour her cups into the 10K jugs.

7:36PM BBT: Ian takes another nasty spill. Shane's water line is just above the HoH words on his jug.

7:39PM BBT: Jenn takes a nasty spill as well. The feeds didn't show it, but we sure heard it: Dan took a spill as well. Shane still in the lead, followed by Danielle, then Ian.

7:46PM BBT: Shane still in the lead. His water level is near the top of the HoH words on his jug.

7:38PM BBT: Judging by the sounds of the other HG's and Boogie, he only has around 2 trips left to get his water line to the top for the 10K.

7:48PM BBT: Judging by the sounds of the other HG's and Boogie, he only has around 2 trips left to get his water line to the top for the 10K.

7:51PM BBT: Boogie has gotten the ball out of the 10K jug as a buzzer rings! We now have trivia.

7:54PM BBT: Shane's water line is now above the HoH words on his jug. They haven't shown the other HG's water lines in their jugs, so we aren't positive where everyone's water lines are at. The feeds are only showing Shane's.

7:59PM BBT: Ashley sounds as though she's in a lot of pain. Shane is still in the lead.

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"If we were on the Titanic I would definitely be dead." says Ash. "Come on keep going keep warm."

Shane takes a liquid break. They are still all randomly encouraging each other. "Good job Shane. Good job Dan" etc.

8:11 PM BBT

Danielle is the closet to Shane at about halfway. Next Dan then Ian and/or Jenn.

8:12 PM BBT

Shane has a mixed CD in his HOH options. Poison's Greatest Hits, Blink 182. etc. Shane asks Frank "Where's Danielle at?" "A little over half of the H" he says. Danielle asks "Frank where's Dan at?" "A little over the bottom of the H" Frank replies.

8:15 PM BBT

Danielle wipes out. 'It's ok baby girl" says one of the girls.

Britney talking to Boogie "Did you fall at all? I never did. I think I slipped a little once but then I got right back up." "Yeah, I fell." Boogie relies.

8:19 PM BBT

This is Britney's favourite comp. "But you were spending way less energy than anyone else out here," Frank says "It was your technique."

Shane almost done.

8:22 PM BBT

Britney thinks it was cool about the female NFL referee. Back to trivia.

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8:26 PM BBT

"By the way, just peed myself." says Ian.

"were you just kidding or did you really pee yourself?" Britney asks

"No, just kidding, that was last time." Ian replies.

Shane a couple of trips away from HOH. No one else can catch up.

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8:29 PM BBT

Shane wins HOH!

8:30 PM BBT

"you can't nominate me, sorry" Britney jokes with Shane.

Everyone toweling off/laying on the turf. Shane hopes he gets a bunch of junk in this HOH basket - nothing healthy.

"Hey Ian, can you get my water bottle?" Britney yells.

Trivia back [probably will last for a bit of clean up till they go inside]

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8:02pm Frank told the other hg there is no have nots this week: Ian takes another hard fall, ash is still moving very slow but still trying, shane is about three fourths filled.

8: 04pm joe just took a very hard fall. danis bowl is almost half full. ash still sliding real slow and says you are beeting dan danielle.

8:09pm Frank tells dani that she is ahead of dan . brit says but his safety jugs is fuller dani says that one doesnt matter now. shane is still ahead he is getting closer to the top.

8:12pm Ian just took a hard fall.Ash still sliding down hill on her knees and up hill on her feet going really slow. dani cheering her on.

8:19pm Brit cheering jenn on she fell hard and hurt herself a little Frank says. shane is gettin g closer to filling his bowl.

8:20pm Frank telling Brit that she used very little energy on her time in the game than anyone else with her tecnique.

8:21pm Shane is in the lead followed by dani then Dan then Jenn. Boogie won 10k and Brit won safety for the week.

8:25pm Shane is really close to winning the hoh just a little bit more.

8:27pm ian fell again and Frank laughs Ian says by the way i just peed myself then says just kidding i didnt really. shane is getting closer.

8:29pm Shane just won hoh!!!!!!!

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8:43pm hg are back in the house Brit wants to eat anything besides cod or slop. dani in wa looking in mirror. joe in kt washing hands. brit and dan in sr Brit getting chips.

8:45pm Dan gives Dani a hug and tells her good job. Brit is now eating her chips. Frank and shane in sr frank gives shane a hug and says you killed it.

8:50pm hg taking showers and eating. Jenn sitting in wa floor. Frank has thrown pizzas in the oven. Joe is cooking chicken.

8:58pm Ian and Shane in sr Shane now going to go get boxers so he can shower.Jenn is in shower now. Boogie has a rash on his head he says it is a combinatiuon between the hair dye and shampoo he says the shampoo is drying his hair out

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