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Angelo Joe

8/1 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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7:44PM BBT The family dinner is going on. Joe made salmon cakes and a special dish of parm chicken for Brit. Brit couldnt finish hers so Frank is finishing it. Dessert is avocado cheesecake. Thank yous for Joe all around.

Jani is in the WCA complaining that she feels so sick (she says this every night) after she thanks Joe and told him it was delicious. Jani says she is embarrassed at hoe much she ate and now she is fat.

7:50 PM BBT In the KT Brit is rinsing dishes While Ash rubs them with a sponge and Wil dries them (No soap is seen) They ran out of hot water so they quit washing (rinsing) dishes.

Dani/Ash and Brit are in the HOH room. Ash says she broke up with Ian. Shane enter his HOH room and takes a place on the couch. (the bed is taken by the girls) Now talk about how delicious dinner was.

7:59 PM BBT Shane asks Brit what she would be doing at home. Brit says finishing dinner and putting everything away. Shane asks if her hubby helps her cook and clean and Brit changes the subject.

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8:05 PM BBT Jani complaining that she feels so ill. Frank asks her if she has ever made herself vomit after she ate to much. She said she tried but couldn't tried to use a toothbrush. Says she was jealous of the bulemic bitches. Says she feels so ill.

Ash gves the Hg in the HOH the story of how she ended up in Los Angeles. Brit tells her Regan lives in the same city.

8:11 PM BBT Dani and Ash talk about how they were both supposed to be on "The One" but got BB instead. They just found out they were both supposed to be on it.

Frank and Boogie talk in the WCA. Frank wants to ave a pow wow with Dan. Boogie goes off to see if they can find Dan. They find Dan and head to the arcade room.

8:17 PM BBT Frank says he asked her in the WCA earlier if she was going to vote for him to stay. He says he feels she has committed to him a yes.

Boogie asks about the announcement of no live plea. Dan says they must need the time for something. Boogie telling them about the coup de tat

Wil telling HG in HOH that if Boogie wins coaches comp he is going to trade Jenn for Wil. Wil says he used Ian's quack thing. Jani bashing Boogie. Jani offers her wedding ring to Shane again if she wants it.

Jani says she is going to do bad things tomorrow and get Ian to drop. She is not a mean person but if it gets Ian to fall its worth it.

8:29 PM BBT Jani says that if its endurance she can outlast Boogie because she weighs less then Boogie. Dani leaves the HOH room. Wil goes to follow Dani to make sure she doesnt repeat anything that was said.

Wil asks Dani if she wants to talk - Dani says not really but she will. Dani asks if he was sent down to her. Joe comes into the WCA and rinses his hand because he has play doh on them.

8:34 pM BBT Dani and Wil go to HN room to talk. Dani is upset that they said Ash would prob win it. Dani says that she is tired of being made to feel fat. She weighs less then Ash. She feels she gets dirty looks. She doesn't like the personal jabs. Wil tells her that they don't think of her as a serious player. Wil tells Dani that starting next week he isnt playing with Jani.

Joe telling the HG in HOH - Joe says that Jenn is still undecided on who she is voting for. She can see the writing on the wall. joe wants to talk to Dan but with Jani only.

8:40 PM BBT Wil tells Dani that Jani says she is a pawn in this game and will make it to F5 because she isn't a threat.

Wil doesn't trust Jani and says it sucks that she is his coach. Dan comes into HN room to check on Dani. Wil tells Dan the situation. Dani says she just walked downstairs. Wil says that it just shows how fake of a person Jani is. Dani thanks Wil for coming down. Wil tells Dan that he doesnt want to work with Jani or Joe. Ash is mini Jani...he doesnt trust their team. Telling about Ash telling Ian to stop quacking and then not realizing they said anything.

8:47 PM BBT Wil tells Dan that next week he wants to paid up with Shane, Dani and Dan. Dan says they can never tell. You hear BB say "Frank stop that" and Frank say "Ok"

Dani tells Wil that she is anemic so she is always cold and wears socks. Wil says he had something where if it falls below 54 degrees he can get frostbite. He grew out of it.

8:55 PM BBT Wil leaves HN room. Dani tells Dan that Ash is being pushes to follow her. Dani tells Dan the story about Ash being the only girl able to win.

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