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7/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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3:00pm bbt
Wil pulls Kara aside to tell her she is going home. Says he tried all he could to campaign for her(although he doesn't plan to vote for her). Dan comes in to help, asks Wil how 'they' will know? Wil's concern is 'they' will come after him, plus he doesn't trust Willie/Shane/Jojo.
Wil doesn't like the risk of him being targeted if he changes his vote. Kara is the last person he wants to see go home though.
Wil:This game sucks, and I'm left to bring you the bad news.
Kara:I just thought you were my friend and I'd have your vote no matter what.
Dan:There are so many loose votes, so it could be anyone.
Wil:I have to do what I feel is best for me.
Dan:You feel you have a better path thru Frank than Kara?
Wil:My back is against the wall. I can't go against Joe/Ashley. I understand if you hold it against me, but it has nothing to do with you. If this was the real world, it would be a diff story.
Kara:Frank's going to win the whole game. Good for him. Why do we have to do this tonight, just let me go home.
Wil:I'm so sorry.
After a bit of silence...
Dan:ultimately, if you feel you can trust anyone, you know you can trust Kara.
Wil:I feel I can trust Joe/Ashley.
Dan:Do you think it benefits Joe individually more to keep Frank or Kara?
Dan:What if there were no teams, who would benefit you more?
Wil:It's not an easy decision. You can print my picture and throw darts if you want.
Kara:I don't know what to say.
Wil:I came in knowing I get in trouble because of friendships, so I have to be careful. You lasted 13 days, and it's not fair.
Kara wallks out wiping tears, followed soon after by Wil, then we get WBRB.
(I big thank you to BB for saving the WBRB until after that conversion was held!)



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4;44 BBT Feeds are back and Boy is Kara Dolled up ... Blue skirt and Black halter top .. where were these clothes all week ? Well as I said earlier ... the return of the Feeds on eviction night is Fleeting ... we are back to Trivia Now



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Feeds are back.

Wil/ Ashley say they definitely can't trust Jojo, Shane, Willie and Danielle.

Dan tells Boogie he definitely wouldn't trade Danielle, he'd be trading for someone in the middle of a war.

Boogie tells Dan to just keep Danielle quiet this week.

Storage Room: Ashley and Ian talk. Ashley thinks the have/ have not comp will be separate from the coaches comp, Ian thinks it will be tied in.

Brit and Shane talk: Shane tells her she has to win the coaches comp, Brit apologizes to Shane because she's the odd man out and feels bad he's on her team.

Brit and Jojo talk alone: Brit tells her this is Willie's fault that they are in this position. Jojo says she knows.Brit saying she doesn't know what she'll do if she wins the competition tomorrow. Jojo saying she hates Janelle, she's so fake, etc.

B- I know you like him (Willie) and he's your friend, but he put us in this position.
J- I know, I know. He played too hard too fast, it shouldn't have been like this the first week.


Brit and Willie now talk alone in the arcade room. B saying they had Ashley, but Ashley saw Willie as a sinking ship.
B: all I want is that you've seen what you've done.
W: I'm going on the block, I'm going home. And that's fine.
B: no doubt about it!
W: I don't know whether they'll want to get rid of me first or Danielle to get rid of Dan.
B: I can't go around defending you anymore. I tried to defend you for days. I made myself look bad, going around saying he's a nice guy and he's trustworthy. Now who looks like the fool? me.
W: I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself. I didn't come here to play with a coach.
B: that's true. good point.
W: I love you Brit, I just don't like this whole situation. I've been in a bind. I had to defend myself.
B: No you didn't.
Willie saying he had to defend himself.

Meanwhile other HGs are in one of the bedrooms talking about Julie and her questions.



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Willie saying he came into BB to play alone, not to listen to other people tell him what to do.
B keeps saying he's right.
Willie hopes they will still be friends outside of here.

Willie suggests trading him off her team. W saying he'll still love B if she trades him.
B: I tried so hard.
W: if you think that's the problem, just trade me. They'll gun for me over there. Trade me to Boogie team (then he laughs).
B: If I trade you, they'll keep you. No matter what, i'm down a number.

Willie saying to trade him to Boogie's team, then Danielle goes.
B: No. Then Shane goes home.
W: I know I'm the problem.

B saying the way Willie ran around the house made Ashley not want to be with them anymore.

Willie saying Brit is the only person in this house he trusts.

W: what are you thinking? This is the worst case situation. Or Wil, or Joe. We were in a bad spot.
B: We didn't have to be.
W: I know, I feel bad. You can't make me feel worse than I already feel.
B: Unfortunately it doesn't matter how bad you feel, it doesn't change anything.
W: I'm a guy that forgives people.
B: well you're the only one in this game.

B: If I could have physically removed your trachea and put it into my fist so that you can only talk when I opened my fist, I would have. You literally cannot shut your mouth to save your life. Your big brother life.

Shane/ jojo/ Ashley in the living room.

Not much going on with them.



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7:06 PM BBT Jani talking to Brit. About how much Willie has messed up and what a bully he is. Brit says she has told him over and over

7:08 PM BBT Ian, Jojo and Dan in spiral room talking about the HOH comp. Frank changing and talking with Brit about the comp.

7:10 PM BBT Brit tells Frank that she knows he has to do what he has to do. He tells her not to take it personal.

7:11 PM BBT Willie stop Brit in the WCA - he tells her not to take him off if she wins coaches comp - to let him try and win POV. Brit looks at him like a deer in the headlights

7:15 PM BBT Brit and Shane in the lounge. Brit wants to know what she should do if she wins. Should she trade Willie?

7:20 PM BBT Ashley and Ian in the SR - holding hands in a cute way while Ashley asks him if he has a F2 deal with certain HG. He denies it all.

7:24 PM BBT Ian tells Ashley that unless someone comes back in the game - they are on the jury but they don't know for sure.

7:25 PM BBT Jojo and Willie sit at the KT table. (You can hear the crickets)

7"30 PM BBT Ashley in music BR talking with Ian, Frank, Jani and Wil. Talking about Willie. Frank says he never had a F2 with Willie.

7:36 PM BBT Brit and Willie talking in the lounge. Brit tells him that he didnt have to act the way he did. He feels he had to stand up for himself.

7:39 PM BBT Brit tells Willie that he shouldn't have done what he did. You don't stand up for yourself in the BB house. Willie says for her to trade him - he understands.

7:42 PM BBT Brit upset that she gave up her family to be there and Willie caused this. He says he knows it is his fault but he cares about her and says for her to trade him if needed.

7:46 PM BBT In the LR the HG go over the HOH comp questions.

7:50 PM BBT Jenn and Wil talk in the music BR - topic of discussion is WIllie and what he said about Wil (which he didnt actually say)

7:52 PM BBT Willie and Shane in lounge talking. Willie says he isn't going to talk to Frank. He will try and win veto.

Angelo Joe

Angelo Joe

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Please move to the 7/20 thread, here:


Thank you!



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8:00 PM BBT: Dan tells Joe in one of the bedrooms that he would never tell Danielle to go against the house. Meanwhile, Boogie, Frank and Jani are in the washroom and are theorizing about the teams being switched around.
8:07 PM BBT: Wil, Joe and Jenn in the storage room looking at the new food they’ve got. Joe tells Wil and Joe that Dan told Joe that he will let Danielle float around the house until week 7 because no one will go after her.
8:10 PM BBT: Joe debates whether to make amends with Willie to ease the tension in the house. Jenn and WIl both vehemently try to persuade him not to. Wil says he will not look at Willie or acknowledge him, says he doesn’t stand for ignorance.
8:13 PM BBT: Frank, Boogie, Ashley, Jani and Britney are talking about how crazy this week has been and how fans speculated this season was going to be boring. Britney feels bad for Jodi because she thinks viewers have already forgotten about her because it’s been such a crazy week.
8:17 PM BBT: Britney says Ian put in a request for alcohol, but Boogie thinks the producers think there’s still too much tension in the house and are afraid of what would happen.
8:22 PM BBT: Britney says she was no help. She thought she could memorize the BBTV updates because she could hear them from her bed, so she never bothered to get up, but the audio wasn’t the important part.
8:25 PM BBT: Generally, the houseguests are making food with the new food they got tonight. Dan talking to Frank in the music bedroom, and says that Frank can't throw any competitions because he's already proven himself.
8:30 PM BBT: Ian comes into the washroom and says that the request for alcohol was denied. BB said that alcohol is a privilege and not something to be requested and that they would only give it to them if they decided to.
8:40 PM BBT: Boogie, Jani, and Frank in the music bedroom discussing why Dan wants to win the coaches competition so badly. Frank thinks that Dan’s scared of being stuck with Willie and would get taken out of the game.
8:45 PM BBT: Britney apologizes to Willie if she’s been hard on him lately and that she’s been stressed. Brit now alone in the washroom looking upset and mutters “What am I gonna do?”.
8:47 PM BBT: JoJo comes into the washroom and says the only person she can’t stand to look at right now is Janelle because she’s so fake. JoJo thought Britney and Jani were friends before entering the house. Britney said Janelle stopped talking to Britney because it was the best for her players.
8:49 PM BBT: “Houseguests, the lockdown is now over. You are now free to move about the house”
8:54 PM BBT: Most of the houseguests in the kitchen eating tacos that Joe has made. General talk about food and diets.
8:55 PM BBT: JoJo and Willie in the BY having a cigarette. JoJo hopes Britney doesn’t trade Willie for Danielle, and Willie thinks it might happen.

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