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Brekkie Boy

BBUK: THE WINNER'S STORY (Special programme!)

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We're down to the last drop now as C4 milk Big Brother for all it's worth with this final one-hour special.

The first part recaps the housemates and evictions and goes behind the scenes on the night of the final.

The ex-HMs are reunited for the first time, family and friends watch on as the remaining HMs are evicted, the final four attend post-final press conferences - where "Did they or didn't they?" is the questioning line for Makosi and Anthony, with Makosi saying YES and Anthony saying NO. Finally we get to see the finalists reunited with their families.

The second part focuses on the evictees, screening material previously shown in "What the Housemates did Next" on E4.

We have Sam and Orlaith's photo shoots, Lesley and Science trying to break into the music business and Mary aspiring to be an actress and Roberto a TV chef. We also see how Saskia's and Maxwell relationship is developing on the outside, Kemal doing PA's at a gay club and Derek meeting up with friends and opening fan mail!

Interestingly we don't see Vanessa - in fact I don't think she appeared at all on E4's "What the Housemates did Next" series last week!

The last half of the show concentrates on the finalists. Makosi does her photoshoots and interviews, claims she wants to be a UN Ambassador and use her nursing background to help people in poverty across the world and reveals she made more than what Anthony and Eugene won in the 24 hrs since leaving the house. Anthony meanwhile reveals on top of the

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