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Who played Best Game? Worst?

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#21 sibesrul



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Posted 18 September 2011 - 02:24 AM

About 35 mins into the show, our local station had a power outage so all I got was colors of the rainbow for the remainder of the show. I watched the final parts online yesterday. Oy, that CHIP that Dani wears on her shoulders is making her a very very small person. I could not stand to be around *me* if I were always that unhappy with life. Just too young to carry that much hate around. Congrats to Rachel.....a well deserved win. And Shelly....voting for Rachel was your best move in the game. Kalia..."I am no one's slave".... "this is what Dani would have wanted"...well, the irony is not lost on me.

#22 kywildcat


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Posted 18 September 2011 - 07:18 AM

dani, Kalia & Adam showed their inability to play fair up to the end. ALL 3 LOSERS n my mind.

I have to overlook Kalia's decision though. She only did what her queen demanded. :animated_rotfl:

#23 bbjag



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Posted 18 September 2011 - 08:49 PM

Bbag, GREAT assessment of the players imo!!

I think Lawon's move will go down in history as THE worst though. lol poor Lawon.

Many blamed Dani for Dominic's demise, but I honestly think he cooked his own goose by blabbling.

Shelley - lol, what can you say about Shelley that hasn't already been said. Personally, I thought she had a great thing going & made the right decision to get rid of Jeff. If it hadn't been for Pandora's Box, she would have stayed in the game longer. . .but there's no way she could have made it to the end without winning at least ONE competition.

Jeff & Jordan - I thought Jeff played well for the most part but probably should have heeded BB's subtle hints to work things out with Dani instead of getting her evicted. lol (on a personal note: I didn't want J&J to win and would have been pulling for ANYONE who got him out of the house! Yes, I know he's fine & 1/2 of America's Sweetheart couple but they had their season - I wanted a newbie to win!) Jordan's biggest asset is her genuine charm. . .and that was the only contribution she made to her alliance. You have to wonder if Rachel would have won without Jordan's influence on Shelley. Shelley needed redemption and Jordan supplied it.

Kalia - she has a chip on her shoulder about being Dani's ummm, whatever. . .but honestly, I think her inability to stick to her guns when Jeff & Jordan went off on her because she put them on the block cost her some respect points in my opinion. It was a move that needed to be made and she chickened out - very unattractive.

I would agree with you, Lawon really made a Stupid move. When does anyone come back into the game with Super Powers? Lawon was not thinking at this point, while he thought he would come right back he still should have been smarter than that. He was never going to go home that week and it would have been rachel. Kalia had a chance that week to really switch up the game by getting Rachel out of the house. If Brendon comes back or she comes back after that fine, it still would have put the vets at a huge dis-advantage at that point in the game, and the newbies would have been able to take control of the game which they struggled to do from the beginning.

I would agree that Dominic cooked his own goose in blabbing the plan to the others. If he kept his mouth shut and focused on staying in the game he would have been safe and Adam would have been the one going home, but because he blabbed he got himself evicted.

Jeff played well for the most part, and actually probably could have made it to the end if it wasn't for that clown shoe he threw out of his bin accidently. I do disagree with him when he said all a sudden the people woke up and started playing the game, because all of them played the game from the beginning, it was just their way to do it. The Vets controlled the game from the beginning and it actually wasn't until Daniele won HOH that the game started shifting slightly, its just that the Vets continued to win competitions.

Jordan had no choice but to play a social game and hang on the coattails of the other Vets in the game, without Jeff and the other Vets in the house she had no chance to actually win because she couldn't win competitions. But the one thing I think she had going for her, was her not wining competitions. Winning a lot of competitions puts a major target on your back, when you lose competitions people in the house seem to let you coast, it happened her season and it happened again for the most part here. Look at Adam who really had a hard time winning anything, and because of this people let him coast for the most part, that in itself took him to the final three. And his prediction that he would have won the whole thing if he was in final two is absurd, I think Porsche would have won if Adam and her were in the final two, and I knew Rachel would win before the episode even started.

Kalia was in the house because she was supposed to be this hot head, but in the end she remained calm (bit her tounge a lot). Kalia had a backbone and it did seem for a long time that she was trying to ride on the coattails of Daniele. I think her down fall was in fact what you said her being unwilling to stick to her guns and follow her heart. Daniele said it to her many times in the game, and was right. In this game you have to stick and do hat your heart says in right. Follow your instincts, it comes back to getting lawon out, she even said that was a big mistake for. If she gets Rachel out that week the whole game is completely changed, but in the end she let the possibility that Rachel would come back in the game to control her decisions.

#24 Team Jolie

Team Jolie


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Posted 19 September 2011 - 01:31 PM

WORST------DANI, she tried to ruin ALL the vets chances in the hope she would be the last vet standing........her fear of trusting men she can't control made her the BIGGEST LOSER....... and helped to make sure other strong vet players never had a chance.

Rachel outplayed everyone.....she was ready to dump J/J when it would have helped her & she grabbed on to Jordan when she needed to. Even as a J/J fan, I give her kudos for being able to roll with what was best for her at different times. I'm sure she held resentment for learning Jeff "may have" thrown the veto comp & not tried to save Brendon but she put it aside and IMO played it well to benefit herself. She also "overheard" the deal between S/J/J for final 3 and was able to put THAT aside......totally different Rachel this season and a well deserved win because of how she rolled with how things shook out.
I thought her taking Porche was a mistake but she lucked out that Shelly based her game on gameplay......
dani, Kalia & Adam showed their inability to play fair up to the end. ALL 3 LOSERS n my mind.

loved Dani in season 8 but in retrospect now think ED carried her...she played her hand way too soon...worst player

hated on Shelley for turning on Jeff but love her for her vote for Rach...now think she is a "class act"

Rach deserves the win for playing the "best game"....she turned around her social game when it was necessary...thanks to Jordo too

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