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Angelo Joe

9/6 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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10:00am rach comes down from hoh saying she has a shirt she dyed with eyeshadow before she wants to redye she runs to the bedroom to get her swimsuits and socks to dye

10:04am rach and adam startign to get things ready to do their tye dye adam saying it is weird to play with regular cards they feel so weird and big

10:10am adam talking to the cameras saying who wants to watch the price is right when you can watch big brother rach and adam trying to figure out what time the talk and the price is right come on during the day

10:15am adam jor and por in wca adam says i dont know about yall but i am taking a nap at 12 jor asking adam is eviction at the same time tonight adam says i think so but they said they would let us know adam leaves wca heads back to kt where rach is still mixing tye dye and kal is still drinking mamosas

10:19am adam and kal playing cards at kt table por and rach doing tye dye jor doing hair in wca

10:23am adam asking rach why she is so chipper rach says i wake up every morning in a good mood why you hate my guts adam says i dont hate your guts rach laughs

10:32am adam and kal still playing cards at kt table kal says its weird playing with real cards jor was called to dr por and rach doing tye dye por did a shirt laying it in the kt floor getting tye dye on the floor adam says whoa be carefull and he cleans up pors mess

10:39am adam called to dr jor vaccuming kal sitting at kt table por and rach still doing tye dye por cant get the purple dye off her fingers

10:49am adam doing a tye dye shirt now he has wrapped rubber bands around the shirt adding color now rach has colored her bikini now doing a shirt as well por just standing back watching rach and adam kal still at kt table playing with the cards jor vaccuming in kt around everyone

10:53am por sits at kt table to eat and drink her memosa kal mumbbling to her cant understand what she is saying adam says the 13 is turning into almost like an 18 on his shirt now por says maybe it will turn into a B

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So I read above that CBS is blocking the live feeds today and tomorrow.

Mine are on but under the cams it says "on 9/6 and 9/7 CBS is preparing for a special episode.

during this time, please enjoy exclusive live show programming and big brother after dark on

the live feeds"

I am not sure what this means if I still get the feeds or not??

No the feeds are supposed to go down at 2pm PST today until after the show tomorrow night.

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12:03pm all hg now up heading to hoh for a ld jor asking rach if she has tampons in the hoh bathroom rach says yeah everyone carrying pillows and blankets up to take naps adam says i am the man of the house i am taking part of the bed and he lays down

12:05pm por and jor lay ion the couch por says oh man i forgot my razor to shave i totaly forgot kal laying on the other half of the bed rach in wc packing her stuff to move back downsyairs soon

12:07pm rach now in hoh bed between kal and adam all hg going to sleep everyone quiet as a mouse

12:38pm all hg still on hoh ld everyone still sleeping

1:09pm all hg still sleeping in hoh

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1:40BBT still sleeping. Jordan uses WC and heads back to the couch. **you can hear the BB music in the background.**


after WBRB HG up, gathering their things, helping Rachel bring her things down. They all slept hard. There is no more room for Special K, Adam wants to throw a 1/2 box out but girls say no they will eat it. Kal tells Por she didnt sleep much up there, she is going to sleep for an other hour & 1/2. Rach left her Continuously Awesome cup upstairs, she says the door is locked already but they should give it back to her.


AAdam keeps singing "Look at me I'm on the Adam show." to the BB music, we get WBRB. Rachel says it sounds like they are putting water in the BY.

Adam wishes for sub buns. Rachel suggests a pita. Adam says he would rather put it on a hamburger bun and look like a dummy.


Adam, Rachel, Jordan and Porsche keep talking about the (production) and we get alot of WBRB. They speculate on the show being tonight. Adam gets it right when he says maybe they are taping it tonight and showing it tomorrow night.


General chat, joking around. Did you know that Rachel has had a crush on that HG Brendon for a year and 67 days. They were actually engaged when they came into the house. Adam and Shelll adopted Dom, Adams real name is Tony and Dom is Jose brother.

Talking about their tie dye shirts. Adam brings a bunch of stuff Rachel left in HOH, BB had put it in the SR. Face stuff, slippers, a tampon but not her cup.


Adam lays back down, says Rachel doesnt understand what they went thru last night. She says she was right there with them.

Rachel finds her cup on the way to her dresser. Porsche does some packing. Rachel asking them all if they want Shelly shirt. Porsche says put it with her stuff and she will give it back to her. Porsche says its weird they didnt locke the HN room, Adam says maybe its not over yet.

Adam says over the few years he has become addicted to shoes, he is excited for the shoes BB gave them. Probably now has 16 or 17 pairs of shoes, he rotates them so he wears them all.

Kal asks to speak with Rach:

Kal: it would mean the world to me if you kept me. She knows she can get HOH, knows she can keep them safe. There are 2 or 3 competitors left in the house. Want to show what I am made of. Really really dont want to leave. If you do keep me, I will a million times protect her.

Rachel: I dont know what I am doing. I have thought of what you have said.

Kalia: a game move, for yourself, for me. Who wants to go with an Adam. Yeah I beat him-so has the rest of the house for most of the season. I think I can get you there more then he can.

Rachel: I know what your saying and everything.

They leave. Kal says she is going to try againg to get some sleep.


Feeds are now on Dom/Bren act with Franklin. They are dressing up in their capes. .....its reruns

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2:38pm BBT: Trivia... here we go. Long wait.

Trivia over. But we are seeing the feeds from the beginning. (Brendan as a super hero)

2:42pm BBT: Scroll back through the feeds and you'll find what we're seeing. :P

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