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Angelo Joe

9/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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1:46pm BBT

Kalia walks out of the room and adam says "deep digging your ditch" (to himself and the cameras)

Adam joins everyone outside

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Jordan is telling Adam Porsche said about him and Jordan are close, just telling him she did not let them know how they had been together since week like 2, she Porsche was hemmin and hawin about trying toi get info, then started talking about old stuff and that Jordan laid in on the linem, and Adam saying Kalia is just diggin her ditch, and how Kalia is tellin Adam that she will be fine if she goes, she wants to be with Jeff, and Adam is telling her that Jordan has friends in the jury house, and Jordan says I knew she would say that, Adam says she is baiting him big time but he flat told her he would not give up info to her, and he said well her arguments are valid somewhat but only if I trusted her, and he doesn't, and he has his speech ready for tomorrow something like you were fighting for veto now Kalia will be fighting for votes in the jury, in other words he aint using it. Jordan says just because Rachel is talking to Porsche does not mean that you are in trouble, then she tells him how Kalia was workin her hard, and Adam says I know right? she was working him constantly and Kalia wants him to make a big move but that move is for her not for Adam

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1:46PM BBT:

Kalia walks out of the room and Adam says "keep digging your ditch" (to himself and the cameras)

Adam joins everyone outside

Jor says come inside Adam to talk to me. Jordan says Porsche said she wants Adam to use the veto

Adam said a short version of what Kalia said Jordan said Porsche wants her out because she won Jordan tells Adam she

wants me out she is throwing me under the bus. Adam says well I think she is just nudging you

Adam says to Jordan Kalia is digging her own ditch. Adam says Kalia is making valid arguments but only valid if I trust

you and I don't trust her.

Jordan said she 100% wants to be there. Jordan said Porsche is trying to get in good with her but it's not going to happen cause

I don't trust her. Adam said we all have to fight whoever wins that HoH and veto deserve to be there.

Adam says Kalia keeps saying the same stuff over and over again while I cook while I eat same thing over and over.

Adam says Kalia wants me to make a good move to keep her and not help me.

Adam tells Jordan they have been together almost the hole game. He says I was working with Rachel but didn't really want to

but I have been wanting to as of lately.

Adam says he wants to call Kalia out on her BS but him and Jordan agree it will just be un needed drama

They are talking about how much stuff Kalia is full of beans about. Adam says Rachel deserves to be there.

Kalia comes in breaks up talk

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It's driving them both crazy they say, and Kalia is tellin her Jordan Rachel and Kalia ut can be us, and that rally is pissin off Adam and he wants to call her out but sys he won't cause it is unneeded drama, also told him Kalia says how she wants to be here she needs the money bad , it isn't fair cause she has played, how they threw her under the bus with that hinky voting for Adam to go,(lol) Jordan says she jsut told her hey I changed my mind last min when Kalia confronted her, Kalia is even using the Lawon thing, she is pulling out all the stops, someone comes in oh it's Kalia, they change the subject and go about their biz leaving Kalia in the kitchen, then Jordan says Adam I am not going to talk to you any more about ut, I think we are talked out, music, (by by all)

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2:07PM BBT:

In kitchen Rachel to Jordan "I hope we at least have a few fans rootin for us" Jor, "well at least we got our parents" Rachel "and Jeff and Brendon"

Jor,"well we will see when we get out of here" (From all of the poles that I have seen and the FB pages, it seems to me that "Jorchel" is a

fan fav. I know I am a HUGE one)

Of course Kalia comes in and breaks up talk

Jor Rachel and Kalia fixing lunch Jordan says Jeff can stack his sandwiches real good

Porsche outside talking to Adam about votes and upcoming stuff. Porsche says Daniele will not vote for him. Adam says well if

I earn it and I don't want it handed to me and she still doesn't vote for me then she has no respect for the game.

Porsche says she is down for Adam earning his resume. They are now discussing the veto. Porsche is saying how great she is yada yada

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3:11 BBT

Adam Jor Rach outside talking. Adam tells Jord Kalia said jord didnt want to be there she wanted to be with Jeff.

Jor "what??? that is it! She is outta here (with a big smile on her face)

Adam said "know whats funny, ALL of the arguments Kalia is saying to get herself to say is ALL of the arguments

Dani made. Like "you have to make big game moves" ect.

Rach just saying "yeah, yeah" in the backround

Por laying out getting sun, adam sitting on by couches he looks deep in thought, no talk going on

Rach, Jord, Kal inside somewhere all 4 cams on backyard

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2:00BBT to 3:00BBT

You havent missed much. Kalia naired her airpits and above her eyebrows.

Kalia comes into KT and checks out her armpits. Jordan and Rachel getting lunch.

An exciting discussion of putting laundry loads together for the afternoon

Porscje telling Kalia how to finish plucking her eyebrows. Kalia going to head in to finish her eyebrows - says she needs a nap too

Kal: Thanks you for being a friend (singing) trying to sabotage me and make me look crazy on Thursday

Kalia uses the WC - comes out and runs her hands under water and dries them. heads to purple room and talking to FT.Kalia singing to FT that she has not helped anyone this summer.

Kalia: Everyone wants me here and I want to be here. Help me!

Porsche: Says that sometimes the wind smells and some times it smells like ass and I hope we have a water comp to wash the goo away.

Adam:That hot sauce is so hot BB:That's what she said

Rachel and Kalia talking about carrots and how Kalia would eat a whole bag after getting back from her spinning class.

Kalia also loves coconut water which she started drinking after her yoga class. It s complete hydration.

Kalia now debating with herself on how much she misses her BF - she can't believe how seriously she misses him

Rachel: Porsche - do you think my butt is getting as big as yours? Por: No

Kalia says that she and her dog have a stare off. She says they have such a good time

Rachel and Kalia playing cards - Adam exercising - Porsche in DR. Jordan not on feeds

Kalia has decided that she needs a nap - just trying to decide if she should nap inside or out.

Jordan in WCA putting on makeup (They are getting called into DR)


Jordan comes outside, tells Rachel she doesnt want to go in there, with Kalia.

Rachel: I am so over Kalia. She is off her rocker. Adam asks if they can get mute button for Kal.

Jordan: Kalia says one thing to me and another to Adam.

Adam: she says you dont want to be here.

Jordan: What?!!

Adam: Her arguments are the same as what Dani said to me.


Jordan goes in, comes out says everyone is quiet. Jordan describes her neighborhood, the complex has a pool. She gets called to DR.

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BBT 3:19pm

Jor says if she was at home, she would of went to church today and layed out by the pool. Her neighborhood has a pool

Adam and Por sitting on couches they are just talking about the builder that built her subdivision went bankrupt and all of the homes that were supposed to go up didnt.

Jord gets called to DR she told adam if he is ever in charolette he can stay at her house

Adam and Porshe still outside rach laying out I think she fell asleep.

Por asks adam how his shade tan is ooming along? He said "awesome"

Por goes to yard to lay out.

all 4 cams on by with porshe putting on sun spray, rach laying out, adam on couches rach just flipped over to switch sides Adam sitting quietly no clue where Kalia is and Jord in DR

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Adam and Porsche joke around. Porsche asks if Adam wrote the BB theme song. He sings it. She asks if there is a rock version, he gruffs his voice.

Rachel says the jury will be surprised to find out Tori was here. They start with the "you're welcome" that Jesse did with Rachel.

Say they should wear the shirts Jesse gave them for pics. Rachel asks when pics are. She is messed up with her days, her brain is in lala world. Porsche says its cuz of Jesse.


Rachel says the HOH is boring. she may come back downstairs. Porsche say she reigns for 4 more days (no she doesnt!) Rachel asks Adam if she shares her wine with will he use the pov in her. He asks if its a certain kind, no then. Porsche says same thing about her champagne, asks if its a certain kind. They talk about the size of PD room. about the size of HOH bathroom.


Adam washes all their bathing suits from the comp yesterday. Porsche says they got really gross. Rachel called to DR.


Kalia tells Porsche she needs to say to them. Do you think she is campaigning to stay? Kalia going to nap so she can stay up, she wants to be the last person he talks to.

Kalia: he said in the KT he is thinking of using it. She told him if he just wants to talk.

Porsche: you get thru to him better then i do.

Kalia: its what I do...the gift of gab.


Porsche says the BY stinks, she has told DR about it. Jordan says she doesnt smell it. Porsche says it smells like spoiled milk.

Jordan getting ready to work out. She feels better, she sleeps better, nothing else to do.

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Jordan getting ready to work out. She feels better, she sleeps better, nothing else to do. Rachel says she looked terrible in that DR session, her make up was bad. Porsche and Jordan tell her she looks good with less makeup on.

Jordan tells Rachel to come outside with her. She says she will read out there. Jordan likes Porsche top laying on the WCA couch. Porsche says she has 3, maybe by the end of the show she will give her one.

Rachel and Jordan go outside. Jordan says Kalia told her she was campaigning to stay not get her out. Kalia is so fake. Rachel: alot of people here are. Its worse in the Bachelor. They talk of the Bachelor.

Rachel and Porsche are going to soak their feet in the hot tub then pedi egg together. Jordan jogging, Adam listening to music.

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Talk of periods, Porsche thinks Dom was cuter then Brendon, she prefers darker toned guys. Kalia gets called to DR. Rachel spills oil on her silk pants. Porsche tells her she should put water on it.

Porsche asks if they had ex boyfriends contact them after their shows. Rachel says yes, Jordan says no. Jordan: people you dont think watch the show watch it. Porsche says her ex probably has the live feeds.

Porsche says they can use the Jesse candle and do a paraphin treatment. Warm it up in the microwave then put it in a ziploc.


Porsche sits down to soak her feet in the hot tub and gets a bug in her eye. Rachel finishes ped-egging her feet. Goes back to reading the Bible, Porsche suggests a passage to read. They talk about what genre they like to read. Jordans brother is dyslexic it took him a long time to learn to read, even now he will read prices backwards.


Porsche is done ped-egging. Adam asks if her feet feel smooth. Porsche says this is the first time she has gone this long w/o heels. She goes inside.

Jordan tells Adam what Kal said about campaigning to get Jordan out.

Adam: oh really? everything changes in 5 min. Adam says he doesnt know how long he can..

Jordan: you cant say anything, it will just be drama. Just keep busy.

Adam: To use the same exact argument Dani used...

Porsche repeats a convo she had with Adam to Kalia. She asks Kalia if she wpuld take her over him. Kalia says of course. They need to keep pushing it.

Adam folding laundry sighs. Rachel asks if he is ok. He says he is just pissed at Kalia. Kalia goes out side/Mid sentence Adam says had the headphones on & asked if they called me.

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5:15pm BBT

Rach on couch in BY doing her nails

Adam is laying across the yard on the lawn chairs (He looks like he is in a serious deep thought)

No sign of Jor, Kal, and Por as all 4 feeds are on the backyard.

Not one word being said

Adam is now in thought still just shaking his head no

BBT 5:20 (waiting for the wife to get home from work. Got the show recording on tivo so I will update while the show is on in Chicago)

Adam still in thought

Rach still doing nails

still not one word being said

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5:25pm BBT

Adam got up grabbed his laundry off pool table, and heads inside.

He is now putting his clothes away.

Rach still sitting quiet on Backyard couch playing with her nails.

Someone (it's a blonde but didn't catch who) is laying quiet on the hammock.

Adam now heading to the bathroom and passed up Jordon (Must be porshe in the hammock) who is in the bathroom doing her make up and said what is it with this house giving me so many boogers? Jord just chuckled.

Adam heads washes hands and says to Jord the show is on back home and we get WBRB

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5:30pm BBT

Adam and Jor talking in the bathroom about Tori Spelling and Rach decision to open Pandora's box. Adam said he would trip Rachel if she didn't open Pandora's box.

Jord says it is hard to think of Tori Spelling as anyone else but Donna from 90210.

Adam if Tori was at finale and Farah got to meet her that would be an awesome memory to have with her. He giggles that Tori gave him a kiss on the cheek, and all the pics he has of it. More Tori talk and we get WBRB

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5:31pm BBT

Adam and Jor still talking in bathroom. Adam talks of his rejections from the show. He said that the other years he tried out they told him not to give up. When casting opened for the show he called them and said look what do i have to do and they told him that is funny you are on our call list.

Jordon said really that is so cool

More Tori talk from Adam.

Adam heads out of the room and said he cant wait to give people hugs he says hugs not drugs people.

Jor saying she needs to work out with adam on arms one of these nights.

Jord still primping turns on hair dryer

Adam goes outside and is talking to Rach how all the people are watching tori and jesse right now. Talking about farah watching the show. Some of his friends are big fans of bb so they are prob getting together watching it

Por in purple room sleeping on 2 cams

Jordon blow drying her hair on other 2 cams

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5:42pm BBT

Adam and Rach talking in backyard about when the vets came in the house how shocked people were to see certain people

Adam and Rach were both suprised that Dick and Dani were there

general chit chat between adam and rach kal sleeping in hammock por sleeping in purple room jor still primping

im out for a little bit someone take over I will be back on later to update

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6:05pm BBT

Adam, Porshe, Rachel working out. Kalia walking around the backyard and Jordan in the HOH listening to music. Not much going on.

Before Rachel went down to work out Jordan said that she wanted to sleep downstairs but she was afraid she would be cornered by Kalia so she is staying up in the HOH.

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Jordan listening to music, Rachel and Porsche check dryer. Kalia walking. Adam waiting for Porsche to continue work out. And the fish are swimming.


Adam coaches Porsche on weights, Jordan sitting on couch watching. Kalia still walking/jogging. Rachel doing squats. Only talking is about weigts.


Porsche keeps mentioning the cloud cover, they all want it to rain. Rachels muscles are shaking, she pushed herself today. Jordan goes inside, knocks on WC door,(everyone is outside) Kalia informs everyone that before she came here she pooped in the shape of 13, asks if it was a sign. Porsche kills a spider. Talk goes back to how humid it is.


Adam hated when he noticed he was getting muscles...it meant he was looking in the mirror too much, becoming a Jesse. Adam says there was a machine at the gym up near the arobics room...gives him motivation to use the machine..seeing all the - - - people doing arobics. (Yes Fara knows)


Porsche and Adam doing ab exercises (exhausted just watching) Shhhh Jordan sleeping on couch. Kalia just got out of the shower. Rachel doing her on ab exercises.

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6:51pm BBT

Rach, Adam, and Por working out together just general work out talk going on

Jor napping on by couch

Kal no were in site

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7:07 PM BBT

Porsche and Adam walking laps (they are sticking to him like glue tonight). Kalia just out of shower. Rachel still working out. Jordan in hammock.

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5;04 Adam laying quietly in chair in BY, Rach/Por quiet on BY couch. Por reading a bottle label, Rach reading bible.

5:14 Adam still laying on chair, staring at sky. Rach files her nails on BY couch.

5:17 Adam gets up! Walks across BY. checks laundry on pool table. Goes inside. Phew..the excitement!

5:19 Kal asleep on hammock , Rach still filing, Adam puts away laundry then picks nose..then notices camera and throws up devil horns.

5:22 Adam talking to Jor about show(airing now on west coast), figures they're focussing on Tori and Adam. WBRB

5:24 Feeds come back. Jor asks ADam "what would you do?" he said he would trip Rach. Jor asks what if Tori was invited to finale night. He would like Farrah to meet her. They discuss how you believe actors are like their characters. WBRB

5:28 Adam said BB had him on a "call list" for this season, they had told him to audition this year. Adam rejoins Rach outside; they talk about Farrah watching w/ her friends. Jor blowdries her hair, Por sleeps.

5:35 Rach says her favorite comp was Lovers Lane. Jeff/Jor came to host it. Rach knew J/J were returning this season, she saw it in prod room.

5:41 Rach/Adam going through what comp's Rach played in. Jor cutting up an orange in KT.

5:59 Rach/Jor discussing who's voting for who. Rach says Por is convinced Jor is voting for Kal. Rach says , yesterday, with the key thing. That said it all. In BY, Por/Adam work out.

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7:25 PM BBT

Kalia making dinner.

Adam outside smoking and chatting to Jordan. Jordan telling him that Jeff thought highly of him.

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7:49 PM BBT

Jordon telling us about the JeJo fansite. How they are super nice people. How they helped her get to Italy to see Jeff. How they would report stuff Rachel and Brendon said online for them. When Jordan was taking anatomy people on the site sent her good references, gave her inspirational messages etc.

Earlier, Jordan told Rachel that she;d vote for Adam to win if she was on the jury. "So would I but don't tell him that." said Rachel. "Oh, I told him I would vote for him already, that was bad." Jordan realizes she gave him something to feel okay about if he uses veto. Rachel told her not to worry about it, just to make sure he stays on their side.

7:52 PM BBT

Adam comes outside and is heading into the Hot Tub. "Look at you in your new swim trunks! It's the new Adam!" Jordan gushes. Rachel gets in the hot tub too. She's so sore from working out. She wants to get into super good shape. "Rachel in you are in good shape, what are you talking about?" Jordan asks "I want to define more, make sure I have no cellulite." Rachel responds. "You have no cellulite! What are you talking about?" Jordan repeats.

She goes inside for more Muenster cheese. The way she says it sounds like she says, "I love that Monster cheese."

Rachel and Adam enjoying their soak.

Kalia still making dinner. Jordan asked her if she needed help earlier and she said no thanks, I've got it.

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8:00 PM BBT

Rachel talking about her boobs. She got them to get noticed. Boy did she. She thought they were too big for awhile but she was in Vegas! and all that so she never had trouble. hey talk about Kathy and her boob job. And how beautiful she is. We're getting intermittent WBRB.

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8:34pm BBT

Rach is in kitchen making something to eat Por in there with her no talk going on

Adam sitting at the table eating quietly


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