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Morty's TV Poll Of The Week

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Week Seven Nominations Poll Results!

WHO DO YOU LOVE!!!!!!!! JEFF!!!!!! Yes, its the Jeff fest here at Morty's TV, all Jeff all the time! Well, not really but as HoH, Jeff will play a center role in all of this week's activities, from naming Porsche, Daniele and Kalia as Have Nots to nominations, and if necessary, the replacement nominee.

So our first poll question was who do you THINK Jeff will nominate. 67.24% of you thought Kalia was going up, 16.38% said Porsche would go up, and 13.79% of you said Daniele would go up. 2 of you were goofing around and said Jordan would go up, but actually, Adam and Shelly are the two who had no votes at all.

When asked who you WANTED Jeff to nominate, the preference was more evenly distributed with 31.9% saying Daniele, 29.31% saying Kalia and 22.41% saying Rachel. Porsche got only 10.34% of your vote, Shelly 3.45%, Adam 1.72% and one joker voted for Jordan.

42.24% of you wanted America to give the Have Nots Hardboiled Eggs and Jalapenos (35.34% for Beets & Bologna and 22.41% for Dates & Durian), but I suspect many of you voted after the food was revealed (I asked what you WANTED, not what you thought).

The vote is in and 62.07% want to see Jeff in fitted boxers. 23.28% wanted to let Jeff swing free in loose boxers. 10.34% wanted to see him in colored or patterned briefs, and only 4.31% chose the tighty whities.

You guys are romantics where it comes to Jeff, 37.07% preferring to see Jeff and Jordan cuddling. 17.24% like seeing a shirtless Jeff sunning by the pool, and 11.21% want to see muscular Jeff lifting weights. You least wanted to see Jeff eating, on the elliptical or jogging around the backyard.

That's it for this nomination poll. We will find out if you correctly guessed Jeff's nominations shortly.


Who thanks you for playing and hopes you have a great weekend...

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Morty's TV Week Seven Power of Veto Poll

Jeff is on a roll and during Jeff week here at Morty's TV, and that's all right with you. Well, most of you. So Kalia and Porsche are nominated but Jeff won the Power of Veto. Jeff is winning EVERYTHING, Daniele/Kalia/Porsche supporters cry, but that's the way the BB pendulum swings. Oh, and not only are Daniele, Porsche and Kalia Have Nots, but Daniele is cramping and more miserable than usual. Shelly said she was going to pick a side but she seems to still be playing both sides of Rachel. More exactly, Shelly is friends with sober Rachel to Jeff/Jordan, but bashes drunk Rachel with Daniele/Porsche/Kalia. And Adam, he's just keeping quiet and in the background with his bacon and dreams of Tori Spelling.

So, presuming Jordan is safe because Jeff enjoys a warm bed as much as he enjoys cooking and rubbing lotion all over his chiseled chest, here is this week's Morty's TV Week Seven Power of Veto Poll!


Who knows three House Guests who will be sweating all week...

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So the results of the Morty's TV Week Seven PoV Poll. How did you guys do? Let's find out. 18% of you thought Jeff was not going to use the Power of Veto. Really? 82% of you knew there was going to be a big move, because Big Jeff is all about Big Moves.

91% of you were dead on target thinking Jeff would take Porsche off the block and let Kalia sweat a little longer. You don't cross Big Jeff. Does it mean anything that Jeff calls himself Big Jeff but Rachel talks about missing litte Brendon? Just saying.

Y'all were nearly universal in the expecation that Daniele would be named as the replacement nominee if either Kalia (95%) or Porsche (97%) were saved. The difference in the percentages being that a few of you thought if Kalia was saved, Rachel might go up. Not a chance, though. Jeff and Jordan agree they need her for a few more weeks to keep the numbers.

Lastly, 56% of you placed Shelly at the top of the Hypocrite list (none of you ranks Jordan first), followed by Rachel as the two biggest false dealers. Kalia lead the second position, with Rachel, Shelly and Daniele running even. Here is a samping of some of your reasons.

"Shelly is the worst. She is always going on about setting a good example for her kid, and how Rachel talks about everyone behind their backs but she does the exact same thing." "Shelly plays both sides and lies to all." "Five minutes after Shell told Rachel not to talk behind her back, she was talking shit behind Rachel's back. She says she doesnt lie, she does."

"Shel - not because she is a bad player but because she is protecting herself. Daniel is the knife in the back - great player but can't trust her, and evil dick is probably rolling in his outside world watching her wishing he could help her. kalia can't stand - so don't even bother asking. she would top my list but then Danny and shel get in the say. and then at the bottom the angel Jordan for obvious reasons."

"Rachel - I like because she is so very bullied and is pretty you see what you get kind of person, and I like Jeff always have and always well. So the mean girls are on top." "The theft of property & Porsche putting something into the protein drink mix is crossing the line." "Rachel will backdoor anyone. Jeff will prob. backdoor Daniele. The rest are not much."


Who wonders if we even need to have a poll about who is evicted between Daniele or Kalia...

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The Reign of King Jeff Comes Raining Down on Daniele

It has been a tense week in the Big Brother house and Big Jeff isn't even aware of the half of it. Slop, PMS and a generally bad attitude have left Daniele in a perpetually pathetic pity party state. But while Kalia is confident enough in her safety that her biggest concern has been her BFF's state of mind, Shelly who just last week swore fealty to King Jeff and Queen Jordan, has been down right treasonous in her subversive betrayal, campaigning to Adam on Daniele's behalf to flip the game on Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. It is a risky move that can backfire even if she succeeds at evicting Kalia and keeping Daniele so she can go after Jeff & Jordan for you.

So let's get this week's live show Double Eviction poll!



Who hopes you enjoy this live show poll...

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Morty's TV Week Seven Live Eviction Poll Results!

We are only minutes away from the start of a wild roller coaster as Jeff's term as Head of Household comes to an end. And boy did you have plenty of opinions, so lets get to it. 84% of you are confident Daniele will be evicted, despite last ditch efforts by Daniele and Shelly to get Adam or Rachel to flip their vote.

Based on who you think will be evicted first, 53% of you think Rachel will win the first Head of Household competition. 17% think it will be Jordan, and 10% think it will be Daniele if she is not evicted. 8% think it will be Adam, 7% Porsche, 3% Kalia (if not evicted), and 2% Shelly.

You think as HoH, Adam will nominate Kalia (37%) and Rachel(25%) or Porsche (10%). Rachel would nominate Kalia (34%) and Shelly (27%) or Porsche (19%). Jordan would nominate Porsche (44%) and Kalia (36%) or Daniele (10%). Kalia would nominate Jeff (43%) and Rachel (37%) or Jordan (9%). Porsche would nominate Jeff (45%) and Rachel (28%) or Jordan (18%).

Shelly would nominate Rachel (35%), and Jeff (22%) or Kalia (17%) or Porsche (13%). If not evicted, Daniele would nominate Jeff (48%) and Rachel (25%) or Jordan (22%). Assuming everyone got to compete for PoV, a massive 65% of you think Jeff will win, 11% think Rachel will win and 8% think it will be Adam. 66% of you think Veto will be used at the veto meeting.

Based on you think will win HoH, be nominated, win PoV, and whether or not you think it will be used, 38% think Kalia will be the second HG evicted, 16% think it will be Jeff, and 15% think its a tie between Shelly and Rachel. 46% of you are most looking forward to Daniele's eviction, 17% Shelly's, 16% Jeff's and 11% Rachel's.

Finally, 73% of you access these polls through @MortysTV on Twitter, 12% through the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat, 10% from the Morty Port news feed on Facebook, and 5% through the Morty's TV group on Facebook.


Who notes that however you choose to participate in these polls, we thank you!

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Morty's TV Week Eight Live Show Poll - Double Eviction: The Aftermath

Wow what a weekend it has been. Just minutes before last Thursday's live show, all heck broke loose in the Big Brother house as Shelly's plans to save Daniele to target Jeff became exposed and her alliance with Jeff & Jordan unraveled. To say that emotions were raw during that tense double eviction hour would be an understatement where first Daniele was evicted, then Kalia won Head of Household over Jordan and nominated Rachel and Jeff, then Jeff accidentally tossed his shoe and Porsche won Power of Veto. All of Jeff's patronizing conversations undoubtedly contributed to his being the second evictee of the night, and then Jordan went off on Shelly, who made the mistake of saying she was hurting too. What a role reversal for Rachel, comforting Jordan and keeping her from saying or doing something she would later regret.

In the after hours on Thursday, Jordan came just short of winning Head of Household for a second time and Porsche took all the power, leaving Jordan and Rachel despairing that they were sure to go on the block, one of them going home. Then Pandora's Box intervened, and Porsche, having sworn to never open it, did just that. For a measly $5000 (And another $5000 to Kalia), Porsche released the Duos twist back into the house for the week. Upon learning of this twist, Rachel and Jordan quickly tied their fates together and formed a duo. Porsche let Shelly and Adam know where they stood by taking Kalia under her protective HoH wing. Rachel and Jordan were nominated and then they waited for the PoV competition. And waited. And waited.

Finally, the moment came and Rachel rose to the occasion, winning the Power of Veto and thus ensuring that she and Jordan would survive to the ninth week and the final 5. With only three duos in the game, the duo of Shelly and Adam were the only option for the replacement nomination, and they did not wait until the PoV meeting before they began campaigning against each other. Can you remember there ever having been a more dramatic, exciting, momentum-shifting weekend in Big Brother? If you do, you'll have your chance to tell us at the end of this week's Morty's TV Week Eight Live Show Poll!


Who appreciates your helping us track the pulse of the Morty's TV Big Brother community...

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Today, about 4 hours before the live show, Shelly offered to pack something in her bag for Rachel to send to Brendon. Rachel coyly asked, what makes you think you're going to see Brendon?

Yes, it's been that kind of week. Rachel & Jordan have been going back and forth on who to evict, driving Kalia crazy because she doesn't know what is going on. She complained to Porsche that that Jordan & Rachel hadn't talked to her at all. That's because she's irrelevant, at least until she either wins HoH or PoV again. Your poll results aren't irrelevant, so lets see what you had to say.

First, 98% of you are confident Shelly is going to get her comeuppance and is about to be evicted tonight. 2% think Jordan and Rachel will twist it up and send Adam packing. 64% of you think Rachel will win HoH tonight, 26% think it will be Jordan. Is that wishful thinking, or do only 6% of you really think Kalia has a chance?

You guys were nearly unanimous in your expectation for the Final 3, 30% sure Jordan will be there, 29% that Rachel will be there, and 24% that Adam will be there. 10% think Porsche has a chance, and 7% give Kalia a chance. Almost no one gives Shelly a chance (see the above eviction question).

46% of you still want Jordan to win Big Brother, but in a reversal of fortune, 42% of you now want Rachel to win. Adam has only 4% of your vote and Porsche, Kalia and Shelly have less than 3%.

As to your most dramatic, exciting, momentum-shifting moment in the previous 12 Big Brother seasons, many of you had a hard time reading directions and listed moments from the current Big Brother 13 season (shame on you), but you can find all the responses in the next post.


Who thanks you for participating in this week's live show poll...

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[*]Janelle, as a player, was just everything a Big Brother player should be. Entertaining, dramatic, a fighter, she is one of the best players in the show's history.

[*]The twist of Pandora's box. Porsche's 500K mistake.

[*]when Jeff won the special power and sent Jesse packing in BIG BROTHER11. Nataliealie, Chima & lydia went beserk...how stupid...but entertaining, in a naucious sort of way.

[*]Brendon's return

[*]Seeing all that was involved in the run-up to Jeff's eviction.

[*]Daniele getting put on the block.

[*]Chill Town!!!

[*]Jeff's cou'de'ta

[*]Just one? Ok, the time when Dick was playing for final 3, I think. He was standing on something and freezing and wet. Shivering and turning blue. Saying he would do it for Daniele, then Daniele told him it was ok, asked him to get down.

[*]Danieleele winning the final POV in season 8.

[*]Nakomis's six finger plan.

[*]Whenever Jordan stands up for herself.

[*]Jeff being evicted


[*]loved it all!

[*]Jeff's evition

[*]coup de tas


[*]Shelly staBig Brothering Jordan in the back, even after there relationship became personal and with the Big Brother phone call home

[*]Jeff using the kuedetah(spelling)

[*]BIG BROTHER6, Jen convinces Kaysar to take his finger off the button(barely winning out over Porsche washing her hair this morning lol)

[*]Jeff's eviction in season 11

[*]Chima throwing her mic in the pool.

[*]Too many to pick just one

[*]getting jesse evicted - I think by Jeff. That was the first time I relied on Twitter to find out the results ahead of time. Thanks. Morty

[*]When "CAPPY" got evicted and Mags, April & Ivette went on screaming, balling rampages. Friggin Hilarious and very entertaining.

[*]When they changed the Jury set-up, instead of everyone being able to watch feeds and get full information leaving a chance for a tie, the last seven evictees from the final nine would enter sequester and see what was aired via dvd.

[*]Jordan screaming at shellly

[*]When Jordan chest butted Russell and went on to win HOH and the game

[*]When Brendon came back into the house .


[*]Marcellus not using the POV on himself.

[*]Shelly finally being exposed & drowning in her own lies. I fully believe that she loves Jeff & Jordon. Shelly & her family DO NOT deserve what is happening to them right now. But Shelly had been playing with fire all season long. It finally caught up to her on Thursday & I have no doubts that she will be evicted this week because of it!

[*]Jeff backdooring Daniele


[*]When matt had the golden Veto and used it...

[*]Jeffs eviction

[*]Janelle sticking with Dr. Will

[*]The doubles again to save Rachelel & Jordan from the block

[*]The double eviction!

[*]Jeff's coup d

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Morty's TV Week Nine PoV Poll - Rachel Rules the Roost

Everything's coming up Rachel these days, to Jordan's chagrin. In fact, the most exciting part of Thursday night's Head of Household competition appeared to be the race for 2nd place. But that position has no power; only first and having won Veto last weekend, Rachel made sure the vets were still in control of the Final 5 in the game. Her nominations of Kalia and Porsche were no surprise, and she and Jordan have firmed up their Final 3 alliance with Adam.

But as everyone knows, at this stage of the game, it's all about the Veto. Even Jordan isn't 100% safe, if Adam wins Veto and takes one of the nominees off the block, then she could be the only remaining replacement nominee, with Adam and the House Guest he saved having the power to evict. That makes for a tense couple of days, especially with the House Guests unaware that the next Jury Member will be chosen Tuesday evening during a taped live show to be aired on Wednesday. One can only assume that this will be followed by a week of Big Brother in the next 24 hours, leading to the live eviction Thursday night and the start of the Final HoH competition.

So this makes your vote in this weekend's Morty's TV Week Nine PoV Poll even more important than ever, so step right up and let us hear what you are thinking! And be sure to read each question carefully!


Who cautions everyone to read each question carefully...

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Morty's TV Week Nine PoV Poll Results

Kalia and Porsche wasted no time trying to make good with Rachel after their nominations, as well as hedge their veto bets with Adam. But while I know what they are thinking, what's on your mind is much more interesting. So without further ado, here are your Morty's TV Week Nine PoV Poll results!

56% if you think Rachel will win Veto, followed by 19% for Jordan, 13% for Porsche, 6% for Adam and Kalia. Wow, you equate Adam to Kalia. If by some miracle (according to you, not me) Adam does win Veto, 91% of you thinks he would leave Rachel's nominations in tact. 9% say he would save Porsche, making Jordan the automatic replacement nominee. None of you think he would save Kalia. Sorry Kalia.

If Kalia won Veto and saved herself, 98% of you think Rachel would replace her with Adam, 2% with Jordan. For Porsche, the numbers change only slightly, with 3% thinking Jordan would be at risk versus 97% who think Rachel will not go back on her best friend in the game right now.

Now it gets interesting. 88% vs. 5% think Kalia would be voted out over Porsche; 7% think it would be a tie vote. But only 22% think Kalia would be voted out over Jordan (17%) with 61% thinking Adam and Porsche would split the vote. Interestingly, Jordan (25%) would be evicted over Porsche (17%) if not a tie vote (58%). Kalia would be evicted over Adam 32% to 1% but most expect a tie vote (68%).

An overwhelming majority (75%) think Jordan and Kalia would split a vote against Adam and Porsche, with 22% thinking Kalia would turn on Porsche and 3% thinking Jordan would turn on Adam. Let's take a closer look at the possible tie situations. 93% of you think Rachel would evict Kalia over Porsche. Nearly 100% of you think Rachel would evict Kalia over Adam (one holdout). And it was unanimous that in the event Kalia and Jordan were on the block, Rachel were send Kalia packing.

It's more up in the air with Adam and Porsche being nominated, with 89% of you thinking Rachel would break the tie in Adam's favor, 11% thinking Adam would be blindsided. But we are back in more confident territory if it was Porsche against Jordan, with 2% of you thinking Rachel would stun Jordan, Jeff and pretty much the rest of the world by voting against her. 98% are confident that Rachel would take out Porsche.

Now when it comes to the fortune teller, your ideas of what she might say to Rachel, Jordan, Kalia, Porsche and Adam were all over the place. Some of you were encouraging, some of you were critical, and some of you were disappointingly mean spirited. Check out your Fortune Teller messages in the next five posts, warts, misspellings, bad grammar and all.


Who thanks you for your participation in this poll...

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What would you like the Fortune Teller say to Rachel:

  • your man is not here to help you step it up girl
  • America loves you now!
  • You are better off without Brendon
  • Vegas
  • Stop being a bitch
  • You can't win against Jordan
  • You go girl and do not believe Porsche
  • stay on your path
  • I'm going to come between you and your man.
  • your losing streak is over
  • trust in yourself
  • keep winning
  • Keep it up
  • Get a life!
  • You will be suprised to know america likes you
  • You are normal without "Your Man"
  • Keep up the good work but don't be a sore loser
  • Shelly's ring is a fake.
  • I see a fortune in your future
  • Your future looks bright
  • You have grown alot
  • keep going
  • No matter who you take to the end, you will not win.
  • don't trust anyone
  • Don't open Pandora's Box
  • I see great things for you.
  • you remind me if me when i was younger love the glitter
  • GREAT Job!
  • Keep your head straight.
  • You got this,
  • dont trust the newbies
  • go to final 2 with jordan
  • good things come to those that wait
  • you will get a free wedding
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
  • get rid of kalia and porche
  • Good game play
  • Get rid of Jordan and I cut you but we give you 2nd place
  • You're doing great. I see happiness in your future as long as you dump Brendon.
  • send either kalia or porcha home
  • america doesnt like you
  • America actually likes you this year.
  • Keep must continue to win comps.
  • ur future is bright & happy
  • Where once you were considered hated the cards have changed. Embrace them.
  • could I use your extensions?
  • big red strong...
  • Be nicer and don't cackle, i mean laugh, so hard
  • Tell kalia to wash her hands after she pees!
  • You have grown so much this season! I hope they edited you so everyone knows!!
  • your marriage to brendon will fail
  • Go to hell
  • get rid of Jordan cause she can't win
  • you are on the right track. keep your eye on the prize
  • you are gonna win BB13
  • this is your time to shine
  • Stay true to Jordan and you will be rewarded
  • you hold all the power use it wisely
  • You need to have more self confidence....you doubt yourself too much.
  • ....Stop laughing
  • Crocodile tears never ruin your makeup!
  • you are so much better without Brendon!
  • If you control Brendan the way you control the BB house, you will have the upper hand with him!
  • stick with jordan
  • outlook is good
  • calm and collected is better than hot headed and mouthy
  • Don't let your ego get in the way.
  • America is changing their mind about you! Don't let them down.
  • trust adam
  • Vote with your heart
  • Girl you rock, you must win VETO's to stay.
  • You will make it to the f2!!! Win win win
  • Trust only Jordan
  • Keep your head on straight!
  • Don't trust Adam - only trust Jordan

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What would you like the Fortune Teller say to Jordan:

  • the next hoh is yours win it
  • America and Jeff love you
  • you will win big brother again this season
  • Stop being spinless
  • You will be backdoored
  • Thanks for voting out Shelly
  • you can never trust a liar
  • You're so cute.
  • Win something don't be carried
  • DPOV
  • win something
  • you were smart to evict shelly
  • You are an amazing person!
  • You need to learn to not be so nice to people
  • Ummm...
  • you are stronger than you give yourself credit for
  • Jeff is a lucky guy.
  • You are smart, trust your instincts
  • You will marry soon
  • You are to trusting
  • you're lucky to be here
  • Win something already.
  • watch your back
  • You must win the Veto
  • I see victory ahead.
  • you are wise and kind girl lol
  • The best is yet to come.
  • You will probably be Ok but you might want to win something.
  • You don't need Jeff to win play your game
  • dont trust the newbies
  • go to final 2 with kalia
  • self confidence is a good thing to have
  • you need to step it up
  • Believe in yourself
  • stick wirh rachel
  • Please win head of Household, we love you mostest
  • You are a wonderful person but you must win some comps to have great fortune.
  • stick with rachel
  • you arent such a sweetheart after all
  • America still loves you.
  • Win something.
  • ur future is lovely & joyful
  • Don't subcumb to any glittery temptation, there may be a hidden tarnish.
  • you are worthy
  • hello mighty mouse..
  • Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer
  • Tell kalia washing hands that have been in her croch is a good thing!
  • You are just the cutest little thing! Now you and Jeff go have some booger and make some babies!!
  • You will always be kind to others and your marriage to Jeff will be blessed
  • Go to the jury house, you've already won, go with Jeff.
  • to stick with Rachel
  • you will be hoh next.
  • you arenĀ“t gonna win BB twice
  • follow Rachel, and win a comp.
  • You have won the Golden Power of Veto
  • the fate is in your own hands
  • Honest to a fault .... slightly too trusting, but wise beyond your years.
  • ....Final two!
  • Stay just the way you are never change
  • show some emotion to Jeff!
  • Your feisty side is your secret weapon. Use it more often to win the game.
  • stick with rachel
  • watch your back
  • you are smarter than you give yourself credit for
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Marry Jeff, he's a keeper.
  • dont trust kalia
  • Let have meeting
  • Step it up Girly
  • Trust only yourself
  • Rock on!
  • Don't trust Adam - Only trust Rachel
  • Read a Book

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What would you like the Fortune Teller say to Kalia:

  • stop eating and talking
  • You're an idiot
  • you are not the best person to play big brother
  • Stop eating
  • You can't trust Adam
  • stop talking so much
  • beware of dogs
  • Please stop talking.
  • no more eating
  • it's time to wake up
  • stop eating
  • stop eating so much
  • Learn to eat with your mouth closed!
  • Karma what goes around comes around and when it comes around grow up learn humility
  • Shut your mouth and leave it alone!
  • How did you make it this far by sleeping
  • The maid has left the house. Please clean up after yourself for the remainder of your stay.
  • Wise men listen more than speak
  • Time for a nap
  • Please be quiet
  • see you later
  • Stop eating all the time.
  • you're not all that
  • You are going to be evicted, you talk non-stop
  • Karma is a bitch.
  • quit eating all the food and shut up
  • Silence is Golden.
  • Start praying.
  • Bye bye danis girl
  • you are a fat cow
  • go to final 2 with jordan
  • you already kno your future as it is always about me me me me me and you would not shut up long enough for me to tell you anyways.
  • you talk and eat too much, especially talk way too much
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • you have a huge ego and talk too much. just shut up already!
  • We no like you
  • STFU and don't talk with your mouth full!!!
  • sorry ur outta here
  • shut up!!!
  • Stop eating so much.
  • Stop eating so much.
  • there are dark days ahead 4 u & ur pet
  • Walk softly and learn many things.
  • lazy is what lazy does.
  • your shit does stink...
  • Fight like your half mil is on the line. Win that veto
  • Please be quiet, I'm trying to speak!
  • going to jury next
  • You will go on a diet
  • You've got the Diamond Power of Veto
  • she has to win veto
  • you're time is up
  • Peta are after you, animal abuser!
  • You food intake will be cut in half, and can't talk for 24 hrs.
  • Time for you to pack your backs and leave this house
  • fight to stay
  • Quick to boast....remember a little humility goes a long way.
  • Stop sleeping
  • Instead of using food for yor arm curls try light weights
  • please just shut up already!
  • You have made a sad, sad fool of yourself. And your dog, too.
  • u should think hard about your all
  • I see a jury house in your near future
  • if you slept less, talked less and ate less you may know more than you think you do
  • Porsche's run fast...are you sure you aren't being left at the curb?
  • SHUT UP!
  • stop eating so much
  • Shocker
  • Walk away from the food and start excerising
  • your DONE cowlia
  • Stay true to Jordan
  • You are a dog hater!
  • You should not sleep so much!
  • Quit eating
  • Shut up

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What would you like the Fortune Teller say to Porsche:

[*]quit being a barbie doll and grow up

[*]you're arse is enourmous

[*]you are not janelle

[*]Who are you?

[*]You can't trust Adam

[*]you were mean to Jeff

[*]the early bird gets the worm

[*]Stop following and start leading.

[*]make your powers count


[*]stop being an idiot

[*]you've gained weight

[*]Go see the Wizard, he may have a brain for you!

[*]stop trying to just be another pretty face


[*]You got a free ride and money to boot go away now

[*]That pain you feel in your back is Kalia stepping on you on her way up.

[*]Hope your looks never fade

[*]Your cookies in the oven are done

[*]you just plan annoy me

[*]good luck

[*]Start playing for yourself and not what Dani wants.

[*]pretty is as pretty does

[*]Goodbye, you never really wanted to play this game anyway.

[*]The ride is almost over.

[*]i see a personality in your future

[*]Always make your Papa proud.

[*]You better hope Kalia doesn't win veto.

[*]Get a mind of your own

[*]ultimate floater you are

[*]go to final 2 with kalia

[*]learn from your mistakes don't keep repeating them

[*]you are not as great as you think you are

[*]Humility needed

[*]you should have stuck with rachel instead of danille. you're stupid and your ass is growing in the house, stop eating so much and sleeping all day.

[*]We no like you more

[*]Burn your velour sweatsuits.

[*]watch out for the door knob

[*]good try

[*]Please wash your hair.

[*]Your lies are going to catch up with you.

[*]ur future has both sun & dark clouds

[*]Trust in yourself and get farther.

[*]you've got some junk in your trunk girl...

[*]your pants look tighter now then they did when you started

[*]Porsche who?

[*]go shake kalias hands and let her make u a sandwich, really its ok.

[*]I wear this every day because I'm stuck in this box. What's your excuse for those deplorable sweatpants?

[*]going to jury to join kalia

[*]You will change jobs

[*]You've got a special Veto Power, don't mess it up this time.

[*]she has to win veto

[*]you will be gone after Kalia

[*]In a month or two your clothes won

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What would you like the Fortune Teller say to Adam:

[*]let go of cruddy and win something

[*]Pick a side already


[*]Stop floating and DO SOMETHING!

[*]Get some balls!

[*]you are a loser at this game

[*]no pain no gain

[*]Torri Spelling thinks you're awesome too. Now go eat some bacon.

[*]win a competition don't float

[*]Tori loves you

[*]pick a lane

[*]keep shaving

[*]Don't ever shave your beard again!

[*]Way to nice of a guy too hard on yourself


[*]Best game playing-ticked off no one got him far

[*]Loved your late night monologue and agree with most that you said.

[*]Once a side is choosen you are loyal

[*]Your ability to keep your mouth closes serves you well

[*]I love Tory too!

[*]you suck

[*]More of Tori Spelling in your future.

[*]start playing

[*]Try Survivor next

[*]Wise men tell no lies.

[*]i see an open closet door in your future

[*]Life begins at 40.

[*]Do your best impression of Switzerland.

[*]Time to win

[*]you are weird...

[*]go to final 2 with kalia

[*]work hard for your dreams

[*]you are one very lucky man

[*]Be the man you are

[*]donna martin graduates! stick with rachel and jordan.

[*]Floater but we like you

[*]Your dream of meeting Tori Spelling has come true. Your dream of winning BB will not.

[*]when r u going to start playing?

[*]americas favorite fan

[*]Quit flip flopping and choose a side already.

[*]You must win a comp.

[*]ur future has love & joy

[*]Align with the old to prove the new.

[*]long live Metal

[*]eat me I taste like bacon

[*]ULTIMATE FLOATER! Win something dude.

[*]why r u here...oh, AND KALIA MAKES ME WANNA PUKE!

[*]You are awesome.

[*]You have fulfilled all your dreams, time to off yourself

[*]Go Home Major Floater

[*]he has to win veto

[*]you are doing great. F3

[*]Since you were the biggest floater and the weakest competitor, you aren

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The Morty's TV Big Brother Finale Poll - Down To Brass Tacks

Big Brother 13 is nearly over. Long Live Big Brother! But the polling is not yet complete. We have our Final 3, and Rachel already has the ingredients of a winner, having pushed herself to the third round of the final 3-part Head of Househod competition and having won over many begrudging fans. Part II of the Head of Household competition will take place this weekend, followed by the Jury Inquisition. Nobody expects the Jury Inquisition. And of course, we will get the Part III of the final Head of Household Competition live next Wednesday at the season finale, along with the live final eviction, the dramatic live jury voting and finally the crowning of the winner of Big Brother 13. For someone, the summer will be very lucky. Do you know who? It's time for you to play Furtune Teller and reveal to us your thoughts in this week's Morty's TV Big Brother Finale Poll!


Who thanks everyone for their participation in this summer's Big Brother polls and hopes you have enjoyed them...

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The survey has been fixed and restarted. Morty's TV Big Brother Finale Poll. If you took it previously before it was closed, you will need to take it over for your responses to be recorded.


Who apologizes for the false start and reveals that unlike past surveys, this one can be taken multiple times...

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Morty's TV Big Brother Finale Poll Results

The finale of Big Brother 13 is here and our long summer game is just an hour away from being over, the remaining questions soon to be answered. Who will win the F3 HoH Part III and who will they take to the Final 2? How will the Jury vote and Who will win Big Brother 13? And who will win America's Favorite Player? It's time to find out what's been on your mind all week! It's the Morty's TV Big Brother Finale Poll Results!

With 650 responses, 60% of you thought Porsche would win the F3 HoH Part II competition, although to be honest, half of you voted after she had actually won the competition, leaving your prognosticating abilities somewhat in doubt. 89% of you think Rachel will win the F3 HoH Part III competition tonight, only 6% if you thinking Porsche has a chance, and 5% thinking Adam would have had a chance had he won Part II.

6% think the Final 2 would consist of Adam and Porsche, with Rachel closing out the jury. 42% think it will be Porsche and Rachel, with Adam on the jury. And 52% think the Final 2 will be Rachel and Adam, with Porsche as the final member of the jury.

If Adam was in the F2 against Porsche, you think he could win with votes from Jordan (24%), Jeff (24%), Brendon (20%), Rachel (18%) and Shelly (12%), with less than 2% thinking Kalia and Daniele would vote for him. On the flip side, Porsche could win with Kalia's vote (32%), Daniele's vote (31%). Shelly's vote (18%), Rachel's vote (10%), and Brendon's vote (6%), with 2% or less thinking Jeff or Jordan would vote for her.

If Rachel was in the F2 against Adam, you think she could win with votes from Brendon (22%), Jordan (21%), Jeff (21%), Daniele (12%) and Porsche (11%), with Kalia (7%) and Shelly (6%) less likely to vote for her. On the flip side, Adam could win with Shelly's vote (31%), Kalia's vote (26%), Porsche's vote (21%) and Daniele (16%), with Jeff, Jordan and Brendon all with less than 3% likelihood of voting for him.

If Porsche is in the F2 against Rachel, 35% think she will get Kalia's vote, 30% Daniele's vote, 25% Shelly's vote, and 9% Adam's vote, with Jordan, Brendon and Jeff each having a less than 1% probability of voting for her. On the flip side, Rachel is likely to win with Brendon's vote (24%), Jordan's vote (24%), Adam's vote (17%), Shelly's vote (6%), and Daniele's vote (5%). Only 1% think Kalia would vote for her.

A whopping 89% of you think Rachel will win Big Brother 13, with Porsche getting 6% of your vote and Adam getting 5%. 40% of you think Jeff will win the America's Choice Fan Award (again), with 38% thinking it will go to Jordan. Rachel won only 8% of your hearts, while Daniele earned only 6% and Adam 3%. 1% of you thought Brendon, Shelly, Dominic or Cassie would win, and less than 1% thought Lawon or Porsche would win. Absolutely no one thought Keith would walk home with the $25,000 prize.

Finally, 17% of you said you would come to the Morty's TV Hello & Goodbye party, with 38% saying maybe, for a potential total of 110 based on the number of poll responses. However, Survivor just started and there only 15 in chat, so for all you saying you would be here, where the heck are you? It's the Show Your True Fan Colors Big Brother Finale party, with your chat font colors set to Purple for Porsche, Red for Rachel, and Blue for Adam. Come in and join the fun!


Who thanks everyone for taking part in this summer's Big Brother polls...

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