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    I welcome newbies. No need to ask permission, just post your update as a reply to the last post. Let us know what's going on it the BB house, and if it's juicy, let us know where and when you heard it, that way we can go back and watch it on the feeds!
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The Talk

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Julie grounds the Talk when she was on vacation it was out of control. Some days I like it some days I find it boring. Love Julie one classy lady, never liked Holly before this show but listening to her talk about family, etc she is pretty cool, on the fence about Sharon, Sarah I love love love she is so smart and cool and I admire the way she has chosen to live it isn't easy. Leah I wish they would fire, most days when I am annoyed at the show it is because she being a loud mouth and stepping what everyone else is trying to say. She is so bad, she thinks she is funny and act like her Carrie Heffernan character loud and pushy and she is so mean to Sarah. Most days I change the channel it is because she has made me so mad I can't watch anymore. my opinion replace when her contract is over and get someone better I have no suggestions who but there has to be someone funny who isn't obnoxious.

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