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Big Brother 6 Live Feed Video Captures

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From 9-1-05

The sheep dis janie; Howie and Beau talk in the HoH room (40 minutes long)


From 8-23-05

left click

Maggie from tonight realizing *GASP* James might try to evict her!!! (30 minutes long)


From 8-22-05

left click

Howie, Ray-ray-, Janie and James rip on the "Nerdherd"


From 8-21-05

left click

Howie talks about who he'd "bang" in the BB house with Janie and James as well as veto comp and Busto talk:


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Sunday ~ August 14, 2005

HOH room talking about who is the biggest threat. Right before bed time.


link is in the right. right click and save or click on link :D

Sunday ~ August 14, 2005

The birthday party


Kaysar talking to Jen about POV


Howie renaming the maggets


Howie with his team ranting about Jen and April

really funny stuff :lol::lol:



Janelle ranting on Jennifer :lol:


Monday ~ August 15,2005

Kaysar confronts Jen


Janelle and April discuss the arguement


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it was a bright and sunny day.  kaysar was discussing things with april,  april starts attacking rachel, then the sky started to turn cloudy about 3 minutes in...

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courtesy hamsterwatch

Howie: Nobody's bothered to put you up yet cuz you're not worth nominating

April: It was a group decision, it's not just me!

Howie: Bullshit! You're gonna sit here for six weeks for minumum fucking wage!

Howie: You and your fat husband and your ugly dog

April: You look like a fucking idiot

Janelle: At least he doesn't look like a fucking liar

Howie: Did I break a BB rule yet? No, good

Howie: You're going out next week when I get HOH, and I will

April: I don't care!

Howie: You're a waste of a nomination and a vote! You're stuck here with me or you're stuck in sequester with me with no cigarettes

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From 8-15-05

Howie vs April Part 2!!!:


Howie EXPLODES at April, Must See!! 


From 8-14-05

left click

James gets his chance to plead his case to the Friendship of 5 (12:30amPST) (85 Minutes long):

http://s39.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3UKR7BM...V213XREL6C9V5PM (320MB, LARGE Download)

*Need a Video Re-uploaded? Let me know!*http://' target="_blank">

could you please reuplaod these? Thank you so much for sharing these.

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A litle bit of Jan slandering Jen-blow and Ape while drunk.


I shared this over at JU, but thought you guys would appreciate it.

Take it as you can get it though, it has skips and audio drops in it, but still funny as hell.

"I want the un-editted version of this bb!" - Howie

"They couldn't make $50 a fuck if they tried!" - Janelle

"I haven't told Jennifer yet, that little short whore from Mexico!"

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S4 (or whats left of it) in the hot tub trash talking about Jennifer


Maggie playing stupid and asking Ivette "Have you won anything?"


Howie and Janelle being silly. J tackles H and calls him "beefcake" in GR bed


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Guest sunflower0501

somebody wanted a video of michael, when he was being accused of being a sexual predator. this isn't exactly what the person wanted, but someome posted this on another message board. it is maggie/ivette talking about michael. i didn't make it, nor have i viewed it yet.


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