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Russell Hantz suspected of revealing spoilers

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#21 KingOfRealityTV



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Posted 25 February 2011 - 05:58 PM

Other than Jeff, Russell is probably the biggest draw Survivor has ever had. He's crucial to the show. Even if he's leaking stuff, CBS would never chop down their money tree. CBS needs Russell. Russell doesn't need CBS.

Here's a crazy thought... if Jeff leaves after this season, what about Russell taking over as the show's host? It might not work, but crazier things have happened! I, for one, would love it! Russell could point out all the dumb moves people are making, with the full knowledge of what's really going on. He'd make a more active host, which might be a refreshing change for a reality show.

Great points, and I vote for Russ to takes Jiffys sopt when he retires...

#22 Canopus



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Posted 27 February 2011 - 11:13 AM

I think people's hatred for Russel make them want to believe he's dumb enough to cut off CBS & survivor because some fan feeds his ego. Personally I think CBS and the producers feed his ego far more any single fan (or group of fans) ever could. Russel is good for Survivor TV ratings, and for the CBS and the producers of Survivor, that is the bottom line. And no doubt in my mind that both Russel and Rob are getting bonus money to appear this season. Wouldn't surprise of they have signed contracts that garrented them over 100,000 each. Much like an appearance fee. I's more likely beleive this rumor if sex were involved, and some babe seduced him into having sex and he ended up telling her insider info, but I am just not buying it (yet) that he is stupid enough to ruin his reality TV future with Survivor and other shows (ie Amazing Race) because some fan was stroked is ego via email\phone. Naw... at the moment I think this rumor is 90% BS. Other than feeding his ego, leaking info gains him nothing, and Russel is about about making sure he is on the winning side.

Yeah, I can't see Russell being suckered in by a little twerp running a blog. If he did leak something, he did it because he wanted to, not because someone conned him into it.

I'm not sure whether I believe Russell leaked info or not. But I don't think that matters. CBS knows how valuable Russell is to their reality shows. Besides, CBS would never win a court case against him, and they'll want to keep that lawsuit threat to use against other players.

I like the idea that he may appear on The Amazing Race at some point. Unfortunately, he's becoming as much a media-whore as Boston Rob, but I guess that's the way they all go if they're popular.

#23 echo



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Posted 02 November 2011 - 08:14 PM

AFAIK, this has not progressed passed beyond rumors. If there was anything to it, Burnett & CBS shut it down. I still do not beleive it. Hantz was on the renioun show, his nephew is on this season, so it just doesn't seem like much ever became of whatever was or wasn't true. Survivor is much like a Vegas magic show, they don't want the production being public discussed because if people understood how it worked, then it would be nearly as fun to watch.

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