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Posted 11 July 2005 - 04:06 AM

welcome to Morty's and we look forward to your rants! :wink:

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Posted 12 July 2005 - 10:25 AM


Monday, July 11, 2005

With the hurricane bearing down on Port Charles, Mac reports to a distraught Felicia that he's had to temporarily suspend the search for Maxie. Ric and Alexis seek shelter at the already overcrowded Alcazar residence after their car goes off the road. Brook finally forces Diego to admit that he's into Maxie. As Lorenzo and his guests begin boarding up the windows, Carly eyes with suspicion Reese's firsthand knowledge of the annual hurricane season in Florida. Snarling at Jax for thinking he can throw his weight around just because he's rich, Lucky suddenly hauls off and punches him. Jenna accuses Maxie of robbing her cellar, then orders Jesse and his "wife" to secure the cottage before the storm worsens. Sonny advises an irked Lorenzo not to hold on to Carly once the inevitable sets in and she starts to lose interest. Later, Reese and Carly's bickering degenerates into a shoving match until Alcazar and Sonny pull the women apart. Dillon tries to reassure Felicia as she frets about her missing daughter. Alexis is alarmed to realize that her water has broken. Murphy warns Jenna she's been harboring an undercover cop. Emily cautions Ric that both mother and child could be in danger if Alexis continues to lose amniotic fluid. Murphy pulls a gun on Jesse and Maxie. Brook icily reminds Diego he's become an exact duplicate of his infamous dad.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reese decides she must tell Sonny that she is Charlotte and knows Carly from their high school days but changes her mind after Sonny admits he can't forgive anyone who betrays him. Later, the two share a dance in the stables. Shocked as Lorenzo rages at her for chasing after her ex, Carly accuses him of being unable to accept her flaws. He asks her to be truthful and tell him what she really feels for him. After Dr. Thomas suggests that Jason's doing more harm than good for Michael, Jason opens up to Sam about his fear that he will also one day hurt Sam. She tries to convince him that he's not a "damaged" person. She tries to get him to make love to her but he refuses because they are in Sonny's house. She instead challenges him to a game and afterwards, ends up asleep in his arms. Hearing her complain about Lucky's jealous streak, Jax tries to help her understand what Lucky's going through as she carries Jax's baby. Meanwhile, Emily tries to help Lucky deal with his anger and warns him not to throw away what he has with Elizabeth. Later, Lucky surprises Emily by asking her to marry him. Maxie confides to Jessie that she has no regrets about meeting him and running away with him.

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Posted 15 July 2005 - 04:57 PM


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Jason assures Michael that his therapist won't reveal how A.J. died. Nikolas explains to a grateful Courtney how he came to her rescue after she lost control of her car during the storm. Though Elizabeth wonders aloud if his marriage proposal was prompted by the surrogacy arrangement with Jax, Lucky reminds the love of his life how he's hoped for years that they would someday become husband and wife. Murphy instructs Jenna to lure Jesse and Maxie out of the cabin. Ric and Alexis discuss names for their new baby. Nikolas and Courtney return to the Alcazar mansion just as Lucky and Elizabeth happily announce their engagement. As the couple accepts congratulations from the rest of the party guests, Jax quietly tells Courtney there may be legal complications if Elizabeth weds before giving birth to their child. Alexis confides to Ric her hope that she'll be a much better mother the second time around.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Nikolas commiserates with Courtney as they both wonder if their marriages are headed for the rocks. Meanwhile, Jax asks Elizabeth and an irked Lucky to hold off on their nuptials until after the baby is born. Ric grows concerned when Alexis' temperature begins to rise. Mac finally gets through to Maxie's cell phone but interference from the storm prevents him from hearing her message about Murphy. Though Sonny offers to go for help for Alexis, Lorenzo insists on heading out into the hurricane to find medical assistance. After breaking open a bottle of champagne out in the barn, Courtney and Nikolas continue to share confidences. Jax bitterly accuses Lucky of popping the question to Elizabeth simply to extort more cash out of the surrogacy arrangement. A tipsy Courtney accidentally hits Nikolas as they playfully punch at a hay bale. Sonny looks on approvingly while Reese comforts a fussy Morgan. Jesse dives to save Maxie when Murphy's booby trap explodes. After Lucky calls off the engagement, Elizabeth angrily informs Jax she wants to mark their contract null and void if it turns out that she isn't already pregnant. Jesse brings Maxie back to the hospital to face the irate chief of police. Ric hesitantly suggests to Alexis that they forge ahead with their relationship instead of going through with the divorce. Jax wanders out to the barn to look for his bride and finds her holding Nikolas' head in her lap. Elizabeth proposes to Lucky. Carly has a flash of memory about Charlotte as Reese leans over her.

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Posted 18 July 2005 - 08:14 AM

thanks for the welcome ranster
been so tied up with bb
that i didnt watch gh once this week!
of course i tivo them anyway and usually watch at night
but this week i ended up watching them all over the weekend ..pretty much back to back

was it me ..or did it seem like they were all ad-libbing and acting like REAL people a little more this week?..for ex...jason and sam drinking tequila..she spits on him, they are both cracking up, he says "you spit on me...that's nasty"
now that didn't sound like jason but it was a fun scene
and i love love love when they mix up characters who basically don't know each other....ex..courtney and nikolas....interesting pair of..friends? possible lovers? who knows...all i do know is that I HATE EMILY
ever since amber tamblin left...i just can't stand her

the new carly is growing on me, tho most of my friends who catch me watching seem to think she is a man

well that's it for me for now
back to bb!

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 02:44 PM


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jason explains to Michael why he resented Dr. Thomas years ago but assures the boy he should continue to see his therapist anyway. As reality sets in, Elizabeth and Lucky discuss her pregnancy and the effect it could have on their relationship over the next nine months. Meanwhile, Jax and Courtney are stunned to learn from Dr. Meadows that Elizabeth is already carrying their child. Vowing not to stop until she's proven Jesse is innocent, Maxie demands that Mac arrest the truly dirty cop in his precinct house. Dr. Thomas sheepishly admits to an alarmed Jason how Alan persuaded him to steer Michael towards the Quartermaines early on, then discloses his fear that the stolen tape is already in the hands of A.J.'s family. Luke reports to a fuming Tracy that he's been unable to dig up any real dirt on her usually colorful clan. As Murphy adamantly denies Maxie's accusations against him, John orders Jesse booked for attempted murder. Lorenzo appeals to Michael to help heal Carly's broken heart by paying his mother a visit. Tracy warns Edward not to let Alcazar take over ELQ; Jason confronts his father but realizes too late that Alan didn't steal the tape from Thomas' office. When the police arrive and announce that Michael is under arrest, Jason pull his gun and threatens to shoot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Maxie is hurt and confused when Jesse orders her to get lost. An armed stand-off ensues when the police arrive at the Alcazar mansion to place Michael under arrest for murder. Jax interrupts Elizabeth and Lucky's nuptials to insist that their marriage be postponed until after the baby is born. Meanwhile, Courtney confides to Nikolas how insecure the surrogacy arrangement has made her feel. Skye arrives to break a tie at a meeting of the ELQ board of directors. Forced to release Jesse for lack of evidence, Mac informs the young officer he's been suspended from the force. After Sam helps her lover get the drop on the cops, Carly tearfully bids her son goodbye as Michael flees with Jason. Elizabeth snaps at Jax for meddling, then is surprised when Lucky agrees to delay the "I do's." Tracy fumes as Skye casts her deciding vote for Lorenzo. Jax's solicitous attitude towards the woman carrying his child continues to grate on a jealous Courtney. Durant drops his lawsuit against Bobbie and GH after regaining the use of his legs. Michael clings to Sonny as the police close in on the Corinthos compound. Luke and Skye share a lingering kiss before he departs once more. Carly is appalled to realize that it was her own father who made the move to incriminate Michael. Later, however, Carly covers for John when an angry Sonny confronts him at the precinct house. Emily helps Jason, Sam and Michael go into hiding.

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Posted 23 July 2005 - 09:20 AM


Thursday, July 21, 2005

As Carly frets about her son, Lorenzo urges her to turn Michael over to the police and let justice run its course. Ignoring Jesse's warnings, Maxie does some snooping through Murphy's personnel file and remains unrepentant even after her father catches her red-handed. Though Reese encourages him to accept a plea bargain on Michael's behalf, Sonny feels certain Durant will pursue a full court press against the boy once he's in custody. Meanwhile, in the tunnels on Spoon Island, Sam and Jason debate the consequences of taking Michael on the lam. Skeptical about the charges she's leveled against Murphy, Lucky gently reminds Maxie how she's made some bad mistakes in the past. Stalling for time, Sonny agrees to deliver Michael to Durant in exchange for full amnesty for Jason and Sam. At Windemere, Emily delivers an entirely different message to her brother. Maxie refuses to take no for an answer from Jesse, who rewards her stubbornness with a kiss. Carly asks Sonny to take her to Michael one last time before they have to say goodbye. Murphy pulls a gun on Lucky and Jesse, then takes Maxie hostage when she attempts to intervene. Reese and Ric begin to suspect that Sonny has double-crossed Durant. Later, Jason and Sam smuggle Michael out of Port Charles by boat. A shot rings out as Jesse and Murphy struggle for the gun.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Maxie rushes to embrace Jesse as Murphy falls to the ground. Courtney tries to get into the spirit of Elizabeth's pregnancy by planning the renovation of the spare room to transform it into a nursery. As they sail away from Port Charles, Jason confides to Sam how he feels he's let Michael down. Below decks, Jodie explains to an astonished Michael that she slipped aboard in order to tell him he didn't kill A.J. after all. Reese accuses Sonny of lying through his teeth about accepting the deal she struck with Durant. Despite his wounds, Murphy manages to get off a shot which narrowly misses Lucky. Emily and Nikolas continue to grow further apart. Though Sonny insists he only kept her out of the loop to protect her from prosecution, Reese suspects she still hasn't heard the whole story. Jax reminds Courtney that she will always be their baby's mother. Back at the precinct house, Mac berates both Jesse and Lucky for putting Maxie in jeopardy. John brings Emily in for questioning about her fugitive nephew. Later, Nikolas is hurt to learn that his wife called Sonny for help instead of turning to him. Michael tells Jason and Sam they have a stowaway but the adults are unable to see his "special friend."

Monday, July 25, 2005

Reese regretfully informs Emily she's been named as a "person of interest" in Michael's disappearance. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam are stunned to realize that Michael is talking to thin air. Lucky bristles when Jax pushes him to take a desk job in order to avoid putting stress on Elizabeth. On the docks, Courtney and Nikolas once again share confidences about the shaky state of their respective marriages. Playing along, Sam pretends to see "Jodie" but a devastated Jason kicks himself for not getting Michael the psychiatric help he so desperately needed. Nikolas encourages Courtney to be honest with her husband about her feelings. Elizabeth reminds Jax that she knew exactly what she was getting into when she fell in love with a cop. Sam tries to reassure Jason by reminding him that traumatized children invent imaginary friends all the time. Sonny lends Emily a sympathetic ear along with some brotherly advice. Durant obtains a search warrant to scour the Corinthos compound for evidence of Michael's crime. Nikolas and Emily fall into another quarrel. A seething Sonny warns John he will never allow his son to stand trial for murder. Later, Sonny asks Reese to back him up if he's forced to eliminate Durant. Sam is stopped by the police after she goes ashore for supplies.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jason phones the compound and fills Reese in on the upsetting developments concerning Michael. Following another encounter with Jesse, Maxie decides to lay down the law with her overprotective father. Reese informs Carly and Lorenzo that Michael may not have killed A.J. after all. Meanwhile, aboard the boat, Michael encourages an uneasy Jason to speak to "Jodie" and convince her it's safe to tell the truth about A.J. Tired of being treated like a child, Georgie teams up with her big sister to hold an intervention for Mac and make him understand why he needs to loosen the reins on them both. After consulting with Dr. Thomas, Jason attempts to play along with Michael's delusion. Monica admits to an astonished Alan how she saw Michael holding a pillow over their son's face the night he died. Grateful for Lorenzo's calming influence, Carly promises her husband she won't go off on any of her crazy tangents. Michael finally realizes that Jason is only pretending to see "Jodie." Maxie apologizes for putting Mac on the spot and is pleased when her father agrees to try to give her more independence. Rachel denies killing A.J. but admits to Reese that she knows who did. Carly furiously accuses her father of making Michael take the blame for his own foul crime. Dr. Thomas is revealed to be keeping a dark secret about Jason and A.J.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Jason fills Sonny in on Michael's imaginary friend before turning the boat back towards Port Charles. Meanwhile, an agitated Michael orders Jodie to go away because she's not real. Unaware that the shrink in question is eavesdropping on their conversation, Rachel tells a skeptical Reese why she believes Dr. Thomas killed A.J. Nikolas is disappointed when his wife elects to take extra shifts at GH instead of working on their troubled marriage. Courtney admits to Jax how insecure she still feels about their surrogacy arrangement with Elizabeth. Maxie happily announces to Jesse that she's finally out from under her dad's thumb, then is stunned when he rebuffs her yet again. Though Carly urges her ex not to trust John, Sonny offers to bring Michael home in exchange for Durant dropping the charges against Jason and Sam. Dr. Thomas thinks back to how he helped A.J. attempt to kill his brother shortly after Jason was brain damaged. Jax and Courtney continue to grow further apart. Emily confesses to her mother how she's been using graveyard shifts at the hospital to avoid spending time with Nikolas. A bristling Brook accuses Diego of rubbing her face in the fact that he wants Maxie. As Carly welcomes her son home, Durant doublecrosses Sonny to place Jason under arrest. A tipsy Nikolas plants a kiss on Courtney, who finds herself responding to his touch. Georgie gets fired after Brook attacks Maxie in the pizza place. Thomas is revealed to be A.J.'s true killer.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Reese learns that Rachel seems to have mysteriously vanished during the night. A guilt-ridden Nikolas stonewalls when Emily wonders why he came home so late. Lorenzo asks Skye for help derailing Durant. As he arrives at the hospital for his next session with Dr. Thomas, Michael tells his mother he spent the night at John's apartment. Courtney and Nikolas meet to awkwardly discuss their drunken kiss. Sonny pulls some strings to free Jason and Sam but Durant warns they'll be immediately re-arrested if they come within 500 feet of his grandson. Later, Reese explains to Sonny why they need to file an injunction to prevent Dr. Thomas from treating Michael. Carly bristles when her husband suggests that she ask the court to place Michael into the custody of his Quartermaine grandparents. Courtney apologizes to Nikolas for sending him mixed signals because she's enjoyed his company a little too much. "Jodie" returns during Michael's session with his shrink. Meanwhile, Jason has a nightmare about Dr. Thomas trying to kill Michael. After they get locked out together on the hospital's roof, a rainstorm drenches Nikolas and Courtney. Lorenzo explains to Monica and Alan how he expects them to return Carly's son to her as soon as the dust settles. Lucky and Jesse find Rachel lying dead of an overdose next to a note confessing to A.J.'s murder.

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Posted 02 August 2005 - 08:08 AM


Monday, August 1, 2005

Alan removes a mystery letter from a hidden safe out on the terrace but quickly replaces it when he hears Monica arriving. Jason and Sam question Monica and Alan about Jason's treatment after the accident. Admitting that he was comatose most of the time, Monica confesses to Jason that his heart actually stopped one night, but he was revived and eventually came out of his coma. After they leave, Alan tells his wife that Jason never woke up. She responds with a vicious slap and reminds him he tried to kill Jason but he insists that he saved their son's life. Reese surprises Dr. Thomas in his office and leaks that Rachel told her that she saw him coming out of A.J.'s hospital room after he died. The psychiatrist reaches for a loaded hypodermic needle to silence her but before he can grab it, Jesse and Lucky arrive in time to spoil the doctor's plans. Getting a call from the station house, Jesse tells Reese and Lucky that the autopsy revealed that Rachel died from an overdose of barbiturates and that it was her handwriting on the suicide note. John orders the detectives to go over everything again since he knows that Sonny killing Rachel. Later, Dr. Thomas catches Jason and Sam searching his office. Alcazar is upset when he learns that Carly intends to spend the night at Sonny's place to be with Michael. However, Carly changes her mind and returns home to a pleased Alcazar. Courtney confesses to Jax that she was trapped on the roof with Nicholas during the rainstorm. When Elizabeth's car breaks down, Jax rushes out to help her. Nikolas and family argue again but soon kiss and make up. As they do, Courtney spots them kissing. Lucky returns home to find Jax with Emily and Cameron.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

When Dr. Thomas catches them snooping in his office, Jason helps Sam make their way to safety by pulling his gun on the psychiatrist and threatening him. Asking Stan to work on putting Dr. Thomas' audio tape back together, Jason injects himself with an experimental drug Stan took from the lab in hopes of remembering years ago when Dr. Thomas treated him. Later, a delusional Jason accuses Alan and Monica of hiding AJ. Sam is able to calm him for a moment but then Jason suddenly takes off on his motorcycle and crashes it later. Emily questions Courtney about her feelings for Nikolas but she assures her that she only loves Jax. Lucky is outraged to come home and find Jax with Elizabeth again. After he screams at Jax to get out, Elizabeth explains that he actually rescued her earlier and reminds Lucky that she's pregnant and suffering from raging hormones and discomfort. He apologizes after hearing of her failed plans to surprise him with his favorite dinner. Worried that he might say or do something that might hurt her, Lucky advises Elizabeth that he has to move out until the baby is born and reminds her that his father leaves town for the same reason. Elizabeth later finds herself in trouble when smoke fills the apartment. Meanwhile, Jax asks Nikolas to intervene with Lucky. When he refuses, Courtney asks Jax to back off. At Kelly's Maxie and Georgie are embarrassed when they jump to the wrong conclusion about Jesse. Though Georgie lectures the cop about staying away from her sister, Maxie and Jesse end up sharing a kiss.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Maxie takes Jesse back to his room where they kiss passionately. She removes his shirt but then suddenly stands and announces that she just wanted to give him a taste of the push/pull dance he's been playing with her. Getting dressed, Jesse urges her to find some other guy because he's in a dead- end job and she deserves better. The two end up back in bed together. As Sam and Alan watch, Monica tends to Jason after his motorcycle accident and gets him breathing again. Reporting there is no brain damage, Tony advises Sam, Alan and Monica that Jason is suffering from a concussion and will be fine in a few hours. Monica finds and reads the letter A.J. wrote to Alan ten years ago in which he confessed to hiring someone to try to kill Jason. Outside Jason's hospital room, Reese surmises to Sam and Sonny that Dr. Thomas may have killed A.J. to cover up a crime committed ten years ago. Hearing the tape Dr. Thomas made, Sonny complains to Reese that he didn't approve of hypnosis for Michael. The doctor interrupts and, after he complains that someone stole the tape, he claims he has cured Michael of his imaginary friend and decides not to file charges against Sam and Jason. Later, Dr. Thomas overhears Jason remember to himself that the doctor tries to kill him. Nikolas and Courtney meet with Lucky at Kelly's and urge him to be more tolerant of Elizabeth's decision to carry Jax's baby. Hearing a report about a fire at 105 Edsel Street, Lucky rushes home. Meanwhile, Jax rescues Elizabeth and Cameron, At the hospital, he admits he came to her place to apologize to Lucky but as she reveals he moved out earlier. When Lucky arrives and makes a snide remark about Jax's heroics, Jax accuses him of abandoning his family and later, invites Elizabeth to stay with him and Courtney tonight.

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Posted 03 August 2005 - 07:41 PM



Sadly, life is imitating soaps for General Hospital stars Tyler Christopher and Natalia Livingston, whose love is on the rocks both in real life and in reel life. To refresh your memory, Tyler and Natalia were playfully "outed" as a couple during Walt Willey's faux talk show at last November's ABC Super Soap Weekend in Orlando, Fla. A setside spy now confirms to TVGuide.com that their approximately nine-month relationship has reached its conclusion for reasons I'm far too gentlemanly to pry into. (Translation: Um, I actually don't know.)

Fans figured Tyler and Natalia were in Splitsville when the twosome separately attended GH's annual fan-club weekend last month in Southern California. Livingston, a recent Daytime Emmy winner, was also conspicuously absent from her BF's personal fan gathering. (Back when Tyler was dating Vanessa Marcil — the Las Vegas costar formerly known as Brenda Barrett — they always escorted one another to such outings.) Oddly enough, this breakup news comes just as their married GH characters, Nikolas and Emily, seem headed for a divorce. Don't forget, Nat won that Emmy because Emily was brutally raped by Nik's evil look-alike and can hardly stand the sight of her poor husband, who finds comfort in Courtney's (Alicia Leigh Willis) arms this week. Meanwhile, if the hunkalicious Tyler should require a shoulder to cry on off screen...

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Posted 07 August 2005 - 07:08 AM


Thursday, August 4, 2005

When he hears Jason mumble that Dr. Thomas tried to kill him, the doctor grabs a hypodermic needle to inject his I.V., but he's interrupted and runs off. Sam checks on Jason and then explains to Sonny that Emily probably saved his life. Carly resents it when Sonny suggests that she stay away from Jason while his life is in danger. He then assigns Max to keep everyone out though the bodyguard later allows Carly in to see the unconscious patient. Sonny chases the doctor to his office but Dr. Thomas makes his escape. Durant and a cop stop an armed Sonny and Sam who describe A.J.'s role in all of this. Reese adds her two cents but can't convince Durant that Dr. Thomas killed A.J. Dr. Thomas gets into Jason's room again but when he starts to inject the I.V., Jason grabs his arm. Mac catches Maxie in bed with Jesse. Though Jesse's embarrassed, Maxie reminds her father that she's almost 19 and can do what she wants. Agreeing, Mac announces that she can pay for everything in her life from now on. Jesse urges her to go home and try to work out a compromise but she refuses. When Mac announces that she can have Maxie's bedroom, Georgie urges his father to cool down and give her another chance but he refuses. Georgie suggests that Maxie move in with Dillon. Staying at Courtney and Jax's place for the night, Elizabeth assures Courtney that Jax's infatuation with her is only because of the baby she's carrying. Still fuming over A.J.'s letter, Monica argues with Alan about who is to blame for Jason's behavior, insisting that A.J. should have been made accountable for his actions. She warns that she cannot forgive him for costing her her two sons.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Courtney's disgusted to find Jax holding Elizabeth's hand after she describes her nightmare. As they attempt to ease her fear, they realize that she's lying about the nature of her terrible dream. Elizabeth's cheered after a talk with Lucky about her dream and ends up in his arms. Putting herself at the end of her father's handgun, Carly forces Durant to let Sonny go find the killer doctor. Jason manages to stop Dr. Thomas before he can inject his I.V. and struggles with his attacker before the doctor grabs Sam and vows to kill her. After Jason lets them go, Dr. Thomas hides out with Sam in a padded room. Sam does her best to talk him into surrendering the still deadly syringe but he laughs at her attempt and then calls for a medivac helicopter to take him to New York City. Reese tells Monica about the deranged doctor running around the hospital and Monica guesses he's hiding in the locked ward. Reese pulls a gun on the doctor but he again threatens to kill Sam and forces her to drop her weapon. While Carly frees Reese from the locked room and a strait jacket later, Dr. Thomas injects Sam who collapses. The doctor then escapes on the helicopter as Jason and Sonny reach the rooftop. Alcazar has a laugh when he gets Skye worrying about Luke by claiming the latest rumor has her friend battling for his life in a jungle. Frustrated that he can't reach her by phone, Alcazar uses a tracking device to locate her and finds her at the hospital. Alcazar asks her to come home with him but Carly insists on staying to help Sonny and Jason deal with Dr. Thomas.

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Posted 20 August 2005 - 03:33 PM


Monday, August 8, 2005

Jason's relieved when Emily saves Sam's life after being injected by a fleeing Dr. Thomas. Meanwhile, the doctor arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and pulls a shotgun on Alan. Dr. Thomas confesses to Alan that ten years ago, he made the "stupid mistake" of agreeing to kill Jason for A.J. Threatening to tell everyone that it was Alan who made him kill A.J. because of the accident that took away his hopes for Jason, Dr. Thomas demands money and a way out of the country. Monica spots them in the den and calls Jason who tells Sonny that this is his fight. The doctor catches Monica outside and forces her to join her husband. Surprised by a gun-toting Jason, Dr. Thomas tries to convince him that it was Alan who tried to kill Jason after the accident. Jason aims his gun at Alan but then shoots and kills the doctor. Complaining about a disappearing Luke and a no-show Carly, Skye and Alcazar commiserate over their frustrating love lives. Skye refuses to help him make Carly jealous. Carly finally comes home and finds he has packed her bags. As she accuses him of being afraid, their words grow louder but then turn passionate. Knowing Jesse is watching, Maxie kisses Dillon whose response catches her offguard. Though she later complains about the passionate kiss, her hopes are realized when her sister comes by to complain about Jesse seeing Dillon "sucking face" with her earlier. Not trusting either of them, Georgie decides to spend the night with both of them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Jax lays into Elizabeth for failing to come back last night and is embarrassed to hear he sent his security men out to look for her. Upset by the lecture, Lucky angrily advises Jax that her decision to be with him is none of Jax's business. After the upset couple leave, Courtney blasts Jax for causing stress. After Nikolas confides in Courtney how frustrated he is that he can't be with Emily, she apologizes to Nikolas for failing to come home last night but blames her late night on her busy work schedule. Monica later advises Nikolas that Emily has actually volunteered for all these hours. As they're about to walk out on each other again, Monica forces Nikolas and Emily to talk about their relationship troubles. When Emily suggests that she move back into her parent's home, he says that's unacceptable and sadly states that he thinks their marriage is over. While Emily confides in Elizabeth, Nikolas tells Courtney his news. Trying to fight the attraction and admitting they still love their partners, the two kiss passionately. Michael sees Jodie again and after she reminds him that she told him he didn't kill A.J., she says goodbye. Back in town Alexis asks Reese and Ric if she can join their law firm. Ric worries that because she's in her third trimester, it's a bad time for this. When Reese agrees, Alexis threatens to sue them for sexual discrimination. Mike escorts Sam and Jason to the yacht and reveals that Sonny has arranged for them to sail off for two weeks for some "downtime." As they make love, someone is hiding onboard. Durant offers Lucky a raise with no strings attached for being a good cop but he's not interested.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sam realizes that her star necklace is missing and wonders if she forgot to pack it. Later, the necklace mysteriously reappears but after she puts it on, three thugs from the San Sereno shore patrol board the yacht and accuse them of trespassing in private waters. One guard then grabs the necklace, calling it stolen property from the Montenegro family and then Sam and Jason are taken ashore to a mansion. There, a woman seems to know Sam while Jason's locked in the basement. After Elizabeth shows them the latest ultrasound, Jax apologizes for micro-managing their lives. Lucky tells Jax he's concerned about Courtney. When Reese reveals her guess that Sonny's going to ask her to move in with him, she asks Ric if she should tell all of her dark secrets. He guesses that if she reveals she's Charlotte Roberts, Carly's high school buddy, she'll lose Sonny. Later, Sonny invites Reese to move in with him and she happily agrees. Michael leaks to Carly about the new living arrangements. Michael discovers that both Reese and Carly have received the same high school reunion invitations. Though the two agree they want each other while they're still in love with their partners, Courtney and Nikolas manage to control their desire and don't have sex. Surprisingly, Carly suggests that Courtney act on her feelings. At the same time Lucky urges Nikolas not to jump into anything with the married woman for fear that he'll ruin his life as well as Emily's. Later, the two agree not to see each other for awhile but as they kiss goodbye, Elizabeth spots them in a clinch.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reese updates Ric on her new living arrangements but admits that she hasn't told Sonny who she really is. She claims she'll do it when the time is right but he points out that Sonny still hasn't forgiven him for his lies about being siblings. Alexis interrupts and when a process server gives Ric the notice to appear for a sexual discrimination lawsuit, Reese lays into Alexis until Ric sends her away. After a few words are exchanged, he offers her a full partnership in his and Reese's law firm and, as she smiles, Alexis tells him she's not interested. Ric announces he's going to sue her for alienation of affection. Carly snoops at Sonny's until she finds Reese's high school reunion invitation. Reading the name "Charlotte," Carly realizes Reese is the late "Charlotte Roberts" from her school days. Admitting she was once Charlotte, Carly's best friend, Reese confesses to Sonny that she came to town because of her. Allegra introduces herself to Sam and explains that she has been chosen to replace her daughter Alicia who died. She goes on to tell her that Sam is to take her place and marry her daughter's fianc?. As Sam protests, Allegra explains how easy it will be for her to fool her future groom, Allegra shows her a painting of Alicia, her lookalike. Sam pulls a knife from the wall and threatens to kill her but her captor is unimpressed. Saying that her family's legacy is at stake, Allegra defends doing anything in her power including killing Jason. Sam agrees to the idea after Allegra assures her she and Jason can go on their way once she marries Andrew. However, to prove to Andrew that she is her daughter, she'll have to learn to dance. Sam tries to run out but bumps into Andrew who tries to kiss her. Sam responds with a vicious slap. Meanwhile, still locked in the basement, Jason hears a woman moaning and tries to get to her.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Allegra tells Andrew that she and her daughter are busy making wedding plans and insists that he can't see her until she walks down the aisle. Once he leaves, Allegra reveals that Allie and Andrew haven't had sex yet. Down in the dungeon Jason breaks through to the room next door and finds Sam's lookalike, Alicia. Calling herself Allie, she slips into Jason's "cell" and describes the troubles she's had with her mother pushing her to marry a man she doesn't love. Allie hides when Allegra arrives, backed by Dante her bodyguard. She explains what's happening with Sam upstairs as Allie secretly listens. Meanwhile, back upstairs Andrew slips into the mansion and admits he knows about the arranged marriage and Allegra's financial troubles. When he offers to leave after a quick dance, she feigns a hurt ankle but he senses she's lying. Brook Lynn's not happy when Maxie arrives for her "date" with Diego. Jesse hears about their plans and urges them to stay away from the Pizza Shack because he's heard something "may go down" there tonight. Diego's angry when he realizes Maxie wants to be with Jesse and runs home. Later, someone spikes Maxie's drink and she passes out. A drugged Brook Lynn also finds herself in trouble at the docks. Carly realizes that Reese is actually Charlotte Roberts who came to Port Charles to steal her life. At the same time Reese makes her startling confession to Sonny and claims that her mother told her father that she died in the accident as a way to punish her father. When Carly bursts in with her discovery, Reese reveals that she caught her in bed with her father years ago. After Sonny orders Carly out, he tells Reese he wants nothing to do with her.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ally warns Jason she'll stop at nothing to get off the island and away from the unsuitable suitor her mother picked out for her. Meanwhile, Sam has her hands full discouraging the advances of her lookalike's fiance. Certain his wife is carrying a torch for her old flame, an enraged Lorenzo orders Carly out of his house and out of his life. Jesse questions Lucas after learning that Maxie's soda was drugged. Sonny reminds Reese how she had ample opportunity to come clean with him long before she actually revealed her true identity. Tearfully insisting she loves him, Reese asks Sonny if he can deny his feelings for her. Allegra informs a startled Sam that Alicia is still alive. Lucas agrees to submit to a search to prove his innocence. Later, Brook staggers back to the pizza shack and shakily informs Dillon and Georgie she can't remember what happened to her. Carly finally admits to Lorenzo that she loves Sonny but begs her new husband not to give up on her. At the hospital, Mac reminds Maxie that her irresponsible behavior is giving him and her mother white hairs. Sonny explains to Michael why Reese won't be moving in with them after all. Offering to richly reward her efforts, Allegra asks Sam to consummate the marriage with Andrew in order to protect Ally. Ric consoles Reese after she confides how her fling with his brother came to a bad end. Jason urges Sam to take Allegra hostage. Ric berates Sonny for turning on the woman who helped him find his son.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Allie warns Jason that her manipulative mother will easily outfox Sam. Courtney is shaken to find herself fantasizing about Nikolas even as her husband plants a kiss. A seething Carly and Reese indulge in a knock-down, drag-out brawl at Kelly's until Mike and Justus finally manage to pull the combatants apart. Sonny suspects that Ric is still hiding something about "Charlotte." Allegra turns on the crocodile tears to con Sam into relinquishing her weapon. Courtney suggests to Jax that they fly down to the Bahamas for a romantic getaway. Following an urgent call from his father, Sonny hurries to the diner just in time to halt a second round of fisticuffs. Elizabeth confides to an appalled Monica how she spotted Nikolas and Courtney locked in an embrace on the pier. Stung when Sonny tends to Reese's wounds, Carly's day hits rock bottom after Lorenzo happens by and icily reminds his wife that she's nothing to him now. Hoping to forget about Courtney and refocus on his own marriage, Nikolas considers a rejuvenating trip to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, Monica reluctantly drops a bombshell on her daughter.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reese tells Ric she's decided to dissolve their partnership and leave town for good. Diego is thrilled when his father finally agrees to teach him the family business. In the Bahamas, Nikolas and Courtney are amused to discover that they've landed in hotel rooms right across the hall from one another. Ric urges Reese not to turn tail and run, for his brother's sake if not his own. Emily fears the worst after Lucky reveals details of his brother's trip. An exasperated Lorenzo again orders Carly to get out of his life. Later, Alcazar threatens Tracy with violence unless she complies with his demands. Declaring her love, Reese asks Sonny for another chance to prove she can be trusted. Courtney and Nikolas continue to fight their growing attraction for one another. Sonny narrowly escapes injury after his rival's goons riddle Kelly's with bullets. Carly is stung when Bobbie angrily reminds her how she's brought her latest trouble on herself. Jax surprises Elizabeth and Lucky with a newly renovated apartment. Emily goes to the islands unannounced to check on her husband and finds him coming out of Courtney's room wearing only a robe.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

In the Bahamas, Nikolas struggles to convince an appalled Emily that things are not as they appear. As Jason is carted back down to the basement, Allegra reminds Sam that she must marry Andrew before he figures out he's tying the knot with the wrong girl. Brook fears that some unsettling calls on her cell phone are tied to her blackout after drinking the drugged soda. Nikolas swears to his angry wife that he and Courtney are not sleeping together. Meanwhile, as Jax finally arrives at the hotel, Courtney hesitantly reveals why Emily is on a rampage. Lucky and Jesse explain to Maxie and Brook why they suspect the perp they're hunting has a connection to the pizza shack. Slapping Nikolas across the face, Emily declares that she wants a divorce. Maxie begins receiving creepy calls identical to the ones which have been plaguing Brook Lynn. Courtney and Emily both look on in horror as Jax punches out Nikolas. Allie begs Jason to promise that he won't leave her behind once he and Sam make their move to flee from the island. A new clue emerges about the identity of the anonymous caller. A disgusted Jax walks out on Courtney.

Friday, August 19, 2005

As their flight returns to Port Charles, an embittered Jax tells Emily he's divorcing his wife. Back in the Bahamian hotel, Nikolas suggests to Courtney that they no longer need worry about what the rest of the world thinks. Sonny warns Carly not to give their son any false hopes about his parents reconciling. Lorenzo asks Skye to take over as head of the hospital's charitable endowment. Still posing as Allie, Sam agrees to elope with Andrew. Meanwhile, on the island, Jason suddenly collapses in front of a surprised Allegra. Courtney and Nikolas begin to embrace but she finally pulls away. At the hospital Emily admits to Elizabeth how she drove her husband into the arms of another woman. Sam and Andrew exchange marriage vows. Lucky and a snarling Jax face off on the subject of Nikolas. Sonny asks his brother to become his new attorney but on the condition that Ric cut Reese loose first. Carly is outraged to learn how her estranged husband stripped her of her post at the hospital. Elizabeth reminds Jax of the baby she's carrying only because his wife could not conceive a child. Jason comes to but continues to suffer from severe bouts of dizziness. Emily unburdens herself to Sonny, who's startled to learn how his sister took part in trashing two different marriages.

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General Hospital
Monday, August 22, 2005

After hearing Emily's surprising story, Sonny promises to handle the situation himself. Nikolas and Courtney board a flight for home, each determined to mend fences with their respective spouses. Back in Port Charles, Elizabeth bristles at Jax's declaration that she cannot renege on their agreement just because Courtney will no longer be a part of his baby's life. Allie enjoys her mother's distress after Jason turns the tables on Allegra. Following their vows, Andrew eagerly anticipates consummating his marriage but a nervous Sam decides the time has come to reveal her true identity. Sonny reads Nikolas the riot act when he comes to the compound looking for his wife. Astonished by her strange tale, Andrew offers to help Sam rescue her lover. Meanwhile, Jason's headaches get worse. Certain Jax is acting impulsively and will soon regret cutting Courtney loose, Alexis refuses to help him file for divorce. Andrew and Allegra double-cross Sam. Though Nikolas swears he never cheated on her, Emily refuses to believe him. Across town, Courtney gets nowhere with an indignant Jax. Jason blacks out again, then comes to next to Andrew's lifeless body. Lucky suggests to Elizabeth that if they marry before the baby's birth they can prevent Jax from taking sole custody of the child.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sonny reminds an irked Reese why he can no longer trust her to be part of his legal team. Carly furiously confronts her estranged husband after finding him chatting up Skye. Alexis explains to Ric why she refused to help Jax dissolve his marriage. Meanwhile, Jax punches Nikolas again when he tries to explain that nothing happened between him and Courtney except a kiss. At the compound, a seething Emily faces off with the woman who she believes stole her spouse. Careening out of control, Carly accuses a perplexed Alexis of throwing herself at Sonny yet again. Nikolas warns Jax not to let his pigheaded ignorance ruin his best shot at happiness with a wonderful woman. Ric takes his brother to task for continuing to punish Reese. Lucky gently suggests to his brother that his marriage to Emily may be irrevocably broken. Courtney and Jax's quarrel deepens as each hurls insults at the other. Emily and Sonny commiserate about being betrayed by those they loved. Carly's increasingly strange behavior frightens Michael, who asks his distraught mother not to upset Morgan. Courtney tearfully blames a startled Nikolas for ruining her entire life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lucky is appalled to spot his brother in another clinch with Courtney on the pier. Meanwhile, Jax offers to pay for all of Cameron's educational expenses from kindergarten through graduate school if Elizabeth will agree to postpone her marriage until after his baby is born. Refusing to accept a blatant bribe, Elizabeth advises Jax to deal with his marital problems instead of simply cutting his wife loose. Emily attempts to explain to Michael why some marriages fall apart and others last forever. Troubled by her lover's uncharacteristic behavior, Sam fears that something is very wrong with Jason. Elizabeth threatens to take Jax to court and fight for custody if he and Courtney don't work out their problems. Jason admits to Sam how he's been suffering from nosebleeds and severe headaches but he balks at going to the hospital. Jesse and Maxie continue to grow closer. Emily returns her wedding ring to Nikolas. Later, Elizabeth and Lucky arrange for an irked Nikolas, Emily, Jax and Courtney to come together for a marital encounter session en masse. Sam hurries Jason to a local clinic after he blacks out again. Elizabeth suddenly experiences painful abdominal cramping as Jax, Lucky and Nikolas argue among themselves. Jason comes to and stares at Sam without a glimmer of recognition.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Upon regaining consciousness, Jason tells Sam he remembers nothing at all. Alexis informs Ric and Reese she's changed her mind about signing on as a member of their law firm so she can devote more time to her kids. A frantic Carly begs Sonny to convince Michael to let her visit. The clinic's doctor advises Sam to talk to Jason about their life together in hopes of jogging his memory. After Elizabeth passes out, Lucky, Jax and Emily rush her to the hospital while Courtney fears that her surrogate is suffering a miscarriage. Sam begins filling in the blanks for a confused Jason, who's stunned to learn how he earns his living. Ric is pleased when Alexis invites him to play a major role in their unborn child's life. Sonny urges Michael to forgive his mother and allow her back into his life. Nervously awaiting the ultrasound results, Elizabeth apologizes for ambushing Emily. Taken aback by his violent outbursts, Sam tearfully entreats Jason to let her help him get well. Later, Allegra and her goons corner Sam. Determined to change his ways and try to be more forgiving, Sonny reassesses his situation and plants a passionate kiss on Reese. Emily finally realizes that her husband never actually slept with Courtney after all.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Reese responds to Sonny's confession about his feelings as well as his kisses. The two end up on the floor of her place, making love. The two are unaware that Carly has secretly been watching them. Seeing them together pushes Carly over the edge. She interrupts them and points a loaded gun at the frightened couple. Suffering a nervous breakdown, Carly starts shooting. Jason is taken aback when Sam reveals his shady career back in Port Charles. He then lies to Sam when he tells her that he's going to Portugal. Instead, he makes plans to head to Port Charles to find out more about his past. Realizing that she was wrong to think that Lucky slept with Courtney, Emily sheepishly approaches her husband and the two talk about a reconciliation and what it would mean to them. Meanwhile, Lucky accuses Jax of having a secret agenda where Elizabeth is concerned. Courtney struggles to understand which man she truly wants to be with and eventually decides to return to her husband.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Emily comes to Windemere to reconcile with her husband but finds something different and unsettling in Nikolas's kiss. Across town, Jax tells Courtney he now believes she would never break their wedding vows. Sam explains to a shaken Jason how he became an enforcer for Port Charles' most notorious mobster. Reese fears the worst after hearing gunshots from the Corinthos estate. Meanwhile, Sonny gently removes the pistol from Carly's trembling hand and assures the weeping woman that he's going to help her. Emily realizes she's too late to reclaim Nikolas' heart but he insists he wants only her. Though Sonny tries to cover in front of the cops, Carly admits to Lucky how she tried to kill her ex. Ric apologizes to Alexis after missing their first Lamaze class. Sam panics when Jason disappears. Ignoring Sonny's protestations, Jesse places Carly under arrest for attempted murder. Courtney's arrival on Spoon Island convinces Emily that Nikolas is lost to her forever. At the precinct house, Lucky notes with alarm how dazed and confused his cousin seems to be. Later, Reese privately accuses Carly of putting on an act in hopes of winning Sonny back. Jax overhears an unhappy Emily confiding in her mother and is appalled to think he's been conned by Courtney once again. Jason tricks Sam and Allegra into thinking he's fled to Portugal. Lucky consoles Emily after finding her in tears on the wharf.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sonny confides to Emily how Carly seems to have suffered a complete breakdown. Jax suggests to a delighted Courtney that they celebrate their reconciliation. Later, however, Jax privately reveals to Justus how he intends to string his cheating wife along just until his child is born. On the docks, Nikolas explains to his disapproving brother why his marriage has hit the skids. Lucas balks when Bobbie suggests they attend his college orientation together. Afterwards, Bobbie asks Dillon to keep an eye on her son now that they're scheduled to be roommates. Meanwhile, a mix-up puts Jesse and Maxie in the same dorm room. Alexis smells a rat when Kristina's father foregoes his regular visitation with the girl. Sonny steps in to prevent Carly from going after Reese, then assures his distraught ex he will protect her to his dying day. Emily and Letitia take Michael and Morgan to the compound's guest house for safekeeping while the boys' mother deals with her issues. Brook Lynn is intrigued to meet her handsome new resident adviser. Courtney reminds a disappointed Nikolas why she can't compromise her recommitment to her marriage by spending time with him. Ric discloses to Alexis why he's helping his brother keep Carly out of Shady Brook.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jesse accuses Lucas of drugging Brook Lynn and taking nude pictures of her. Sonny sounds the alarm after Carly manages to slip away from the compound. Unaware of her husband's plans to dump her once the baby is born, Courtney regretfully informs Nikolas they have no future together. Maxie assures Jesse that her cousin couldn't have doped her drink or Brook's that night at the Pizza Shack. Carly begs Bobbie not to send her back to Sonny's. Jason returns to Port Charles but stays below Sonny's radar. Maxie dares Brook's anonymous tormentor to show himself. Jax orders an uneasy Justus to dig up dirt on Courtney proving that she's an unfit mother. Jason rescues Carly from Reese, then tries to explain to his confused friend why he doesn't remember her. Later, Reese cautions a perplexed Sonny that Jason didn't seem to recognize her. Courtney promises Lucky and Elizabeth she intends to be a totally hands-on mom despite her husband's hectic work schedule. Worried for his girlfriend's safety, Dillon urges Georgie to keep her distance from PCU. Alan finds a woozy Jason in the Quartermaines' living room and realizes his son has amnesia. Nikolas gets wind of Jax's scheme. Sonny suspects that Alcazar may have Carly.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

A worried Sam fills Emily in on Jason's condition. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Alan hopes that his son's latest memory loss will actually restore him to the bosom of his family. Nikolas fishes for information from Justus after overhearing the attorney talking about divorce proceedings. Still in the dark about her husband's true intentions, Courtney assures Elizabeth that she and Jax are happily back on track. Standing in the abandoned halls of RFK High, Reese encourages Carly to come home with her. Overruling Alan's protests, Monica explains to Jason how Sonny befriended him when he left the Quartermaines ten years ago. Ric hurries down to Florida to help Reese after Carly runs off yet again. Nikolas icily informs Jax he's on to him. Later, Courtney breaks up a fight between the two men but refuses to listen to Nikolas' words of warning. Alan and Monica fear that Jason may be on the verge of a fatal brain aneurism. Reese is outraged when Carly shakily reveals how Dan seduced her years ago. Nikolas tries once more to open Courtney's eyes about her lying spouse's scheme. Jason collapses again and is rushed to the hospital, where Alan orders him placed in restraints.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Ric regains consciousness in a local clinic and is dismayed to learn that he was the only apparent survivor pulled from the flood waters. Meanwhile, Reese performs CPR to save Carly's life. Emily asks Justus to represent her in a divorce proceeding against Nikolas. At GH, Sam pulls a gun on Alan and forces the doctor to release Jason from his restraints. Nikolas entreats an irate Courtney to understand that her husband has been cruelly deceiving her. Sonny has an unsettling encounter with Jason, then receives more bad news during an urgent call from his brother. In the wake of their recent close call, Reese decides the time has come to mend some fences with her former best friend. Courtney overhears Jax making provisions to cut her off without a cent once the baby is born. Emily tells Nikolas she doesn't love him anymore. Desperate to get her lover the help he needs, Sam persuades Jason to accompany her back to the hospital. Carly privately makes plans to take her revenge on Reese just as Sonny and Ric get a possible lead on the women's whereabouts. Back in Port Charles, Emily explains to Michael why she's decided to file for divorce. Both devastated by the day's events, Courtney and Nikolas seek solace in one another.

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Shortly after TV Guide reported that General Hospital teenager Lucas Jones would be coming out, the ABC sudser issued an even more surprising announcement about his portrayer: "Ryan Carnes has decided to move on... and the cast and crew wish him well in all of his future professional endeavors." What's more, the recurring role of Lucas has been recast with Ben Hogestyn, the 21-year-old son of Days of our Lives star Drake Hogestyn.

While GH's rep had no comment on why Carnes quit, a source close to the situation tells TVGuide.com that the 22-year-old actor feared being typecast playing yet another gay character. Carnes already appears on Desperate Housewives as Justin, the gardener who was caught canoodling with Bree Van De Kamp's son, Andrew. He also costarred with openly gay American Idol finalist Jim Verraros in the indie film Eating Out; Carnes' bold role called for both full-frontal nudity and an explicit sex scene with a man.

"Ryan is probably the last one who'd have a problem playing a gay character," Carnes' rep counters to TVGuide.com. "He's done it twice, so he's very happy and very comfortable with it."

The actor's rep adds that his departure was not a reaction to GH's recent decision to write Lucas as gay: "We have known for a good year now that he would be done with General Hospital at the end of this summer because of his fall commitments. We didn't want to get him involved in the gay story line and then up and pull him [from the role] halfway through. [Lucas' sexual orientation is] going to be a central issue that affects everybody on the show. For the integrity of the show and the character, Ryan wanted to bow out before the story line got really good."

Just what are the busy Carnes' "fall commitments," other than the occasional appearance on Housewives? "He has declined [to let] me say anything," the rep says. "He is very superstitious."

Hogestyn's résumé includes guest spots on American Dreams, The Division and Nickelodeon's Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. He has also been an occasional day player on his dad's show, Days. But is Hogestyn prepared to tackle a standout soap tale about a guy who likes guys? "Ben's a great kid," his rep tells TVGuide.com. "He is totally comfortable playing a gay role."

Stay tuned! Carnes' final airdate on GH is Sept. 21, and Hogestyn will step in as Lucas on Sept. 22.


Did TVGuide.com call it or what? ABC is now officially confirming that Daytime Emmy winner Kimberly McCullough will return to General Hospital as Robin Scorpio. She first airs in the Oct. 12 episode, when Robin is summoned home from Paris for an emergency. Naturally she'll reconnect with old flame Jason (Steve Burton). "I am filled with eager anticipation to return to the role of Robin Scorpio," McCullough said in a statement. "It is so flattering to know that, after all these years, GH fans are still excited about Robin coming back to Port Charles. I can't wait to be back with my family again."

McCullough's daytime return comes as a surprise, albeit a pleasant one, considering her prime-time success. Since leaving GH, she's booked memorable gigs on series including Joan of Arcadia, The Shield, CSI and ER. So is this merely a brief courtesy comeback, like others she's done before?

"Kimberly is coming back full-throttle with a contract," her rep insists to TVGuide.com. "She is not recurring." Adds ABC Daytime president Brian Frons: "Robin Scorpio is a character that the fans have never forgotten and has ties to so many of the current stories that are playing [on GH]. I am delighted that Kimberly will be reprising this role, and we can all look forward to an emotionally compelling story that will draw Robin back into the fold."

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Jax orders Lucky to stay away from his wife but the police officer fires back with accusations of his own. Meanwhile, Courtney and Nikolas eagerly fall into bed together and make love. Unaware that her son is eavesdropping, Monica warns a tearful Sam that Jason could die if his brain anomaly isn't treated in time. In Florida, Reese is forced to fend off a homicidal Carly. At the hospital , Emily urges her brother to get well because she needs him in her life. As he and Ric continue their search, Sonny refuses to believe that his ex-wife and his latest flame have both perished in the flood. Elizabeth reminds Jax she will fight him tooth and nail in court if it turns out he's only reconciled with Courtney to retain custody of his unborn child. A fretful Monica explains to Emily how Jason will require dangerous brain surgery if the new medication doesn't work. Sonny and Ric finally locate the shack and find Carly holding a bloody knife as she stands over an unconscious Reese. Jason admits to Sam he's not sure he wants to regain his memory and go back to being the person he used to be. Courtney is grateful for Nikolas' moral support as she prepares to end things with Jax once and for all. Still in the dark about recent events, Elizabeth encourages Emily to reconcile with her husband. Sonny thanks Reese for saving Carly's life but he balks at committing the mother of his children to a psych ward. Sam asks Jason to trust her and take his new meds. Emily declares her undying love to a startled Nikolas just as Courtney drops a bombshell on Jax.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Courtney icily informs Jax she's just given him the perfect excuse for a quickie divorce by committing adultery. Fervently declaring her love, Sam convinces a wary Jason to start his new medication. Elizabeth happily reports to Lucky that Emily and Nikolas are about to be reunited. Meanwhile, on the docks, Nikolas admits to his tearful wife why it's too late for a reconciliation. Ric and Reese bring an agitated Carly back to Port Charles, where John demands that he be allowed to take charge of his daughter's care. Though Monica begs Jason not to leave the hospital, Sam helps her lover return to the penthouse. Alexis frets when her husband fails to check in following his spur of the moment trip to Florida. Jax and Courtney hurl bitter insults at each other as their crumbling marriage dissolves completely. Across town, Emily and Nikolas sadly share regrets about the end of their long romance. Jason panics and fights back when two cops attempt to take him in for questioning. Alexis finds Ric playing nursemaid for Carly at the Corinthos compound. Jax offers Elizabeth five million dollars along with visitation rights in return for primary custody of their child. Ric explains to a worried Alexis why he needs to help his brother for a while now that Jason seems to be out of commission.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

As they arrive at the hospital, Dillon hesitantly suggests to an astonished Georgie that her fainting spell could be a sign of pregnancy. Maxie arranges to meet her anonymous caller at the Pizza Shack but keeps the rendezvous a secret from Jesse. A sneering Durant informs Sonny that he's going to hold Jason incommunicado inside the station house until he gets access to his daughter. Meanwhile, at the Corinthos compound, Ric and Reese have their hands full with a confused and angry Carly. Though relieved she isn't carrying a child, Georgie shudders to learn that traces of a date rape drug were found in her blood. Already bored with college, Diego urges his father to take him into the family business right away. Lucky protects his troubled cousin when the police come to Sonny's estate in search of Carly. Maxie convinces an uneasy Dillon to lurk in the bushes and photograph her next encounter with the pervert. Sam entreats Durant to let her supply Jason with the medicine he so desperately needs. Brook meets a cute new guy at Kelly's and soon finds herself confiding in him. Ric punches Alcazar after he insults Reese. Later, Sam, Reese and Ric all attempt to persuade a stubborn Sonny to send Carly to Shadybrook for treatment. Jesse forces Dillon to reveal Maxie's plan. Gunmen open fire on Sonny's house.

Friday, September 9, 2005

At the precinct house, Durant taunts Jason but pays the price when his angry prisoner puts him in a headlock. Courtney and Nikolas decide to go public with their romance and immediately encounter hostility from family and friends. Jesse accuses Diego of stalking Maxie after catching him with a camera at the Pizza Shack. Waving off the cops who came to his rescue, John explains to Jason how Sonny brainwashed him into doing the mobster's dirty work. Meanwhile, Sonny and the others dive for cover as the house is riddled with bullets. When the gunfire stops, Reese is alarmed to find Ric lying wounded alongside the injured Max. At the hospital, Sonny orders Justus to do whatever he must to spring Jason from jail. Lorenzo threatens to file police harassment charges against Jesse but Diego assures his father it won't be necessary. In the wake of the shooting, Sam succeeds in calming Carly by appealing to her as Jason's best friend in times of need. Brook is pleased when Seth admits that he likes her. Before being wheeled into surgery, Ric begs his brother to promise he'll take care of Alexis' unborn child if he doesn't survive. Later, a frightened Alexis lashes out at Sonny for hurting yet another person she loves. Emily tries to take the high road with her estranged husband and his new lover. Alexis realizes that Reese seems to have more than a passing interest in Ric. Worried about his friend, Michael asks Lucky to help Emily through her pain. Afterwards, a seething Lucky confronts his brother, who punches him out when he calls Courtney a slut. Jason refuses to obey Sonny's orders.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Carly dreams of Sonny kissing her but wakes to find Reese there. Admitting he read his own police files about the shocking things he's done for him, Jason explains to Sonny that he doesn't take orders from him anymore. After he leaves, Sonny warns Sam that Jason could be in trouble and wants her to take him to the island for his own safety. When she finds him and warns him about the danger, he guesses that anyone around him will be in danger too. Alexis is relieved when the doctor lets her know that Ric survived the surgery and should be fine. In front of Alexis, Sonny tells Ric that he doesn't work for him any longer. Alexis guesses correctly that Ric won't quit but Ric explains why he can't walk away from his brother. Sensing he wants to stay close to Reese, Alexis vows to leave him if he doesn't. Ruiz and his thug try to overcome Jason but Jason grabs the gun and announces that he doesn't want to kill them. As he runs off, Ruiz realizes that Jason was serious and is no longer Sonny's enforcer which means he can be used to get to Sonny. After Courtney breaks up a fight between Lucky and Nikolas, Nikolas talks with her about all that has happened in such a short time. The two come to the same conclusion that they love each other. Elizabeth confides to Lucky that he was right in thinking she made a mistake about carrying this baby. As they talk, Lucky decides that they will fight Jax for custody of the baby. Monica is upset when Alan tells Jason about surgery.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jason is caught in the middle as his parents argue about his treatment. Deep in her delusion, Carly continues dreaming of remarrying Sonny. A suspicious Alexis asks her husband if he and Reese have become more than just friends and law partners. Meanwhile, Sonny turns to Reese for help obtaining inside info about the Ruiz family from the FBI's database. Jason accosts Sam after learning how she withheld information about the surgery which could restore his memory. Ric bitterly denies committing adultery, then accuses his wife of looking for problems which don't exist. Jax implores Emily to make Elizabeth understand his point of view about their unborn child. Sam tries to reassure Jason that she'll be completely honest with him from now on. Ruiz and his gun-toting goon pay a call on Ric and instruct him to deliver a message to his brother. Emily advises Jax to strike a compromise with Elizabeth rather than constantly scheming and plotting. Feeling helpless to assist his sibling, Ric begs Jason to protect Sonny's children. Alexis orders Reese to stay away from her husband. Carly hires a wedding planner. Sonny begins to wonder about the true nature of Ric's relationship with Reese. Jason has a sudden flash of memory about holding Sam's stillborn child. Lucky bristles when Jax offers Elizabeth a joint custody agreement.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ric slips into Max's hospital room and takes the bodyguard's gun as he sleeps. Lucky serves Diego with a search warrant at the student union and finds a nude photo of Brook Lynn in the young man's backpack. Though Nikolas offers to cover her legal expenses, Elizabeth reminds him that she won't take his money just to assuage his guilt. Jax serves Courtney with divorce papers but she balks at signing away her rights to the baby their surrogate is carrying. Jason explains to Sam why he won't go to the island now that he's begun to have flashes of memory about his former life. At the precinct house, Brook angrily insists that Diego is innocent while Lorenzo accuses Jesse of planting evidence to frame his son. Ric conceals the gun from Alexis, who again urges him to distance himself from his dangerous brother. An emotional Sam accompanies Jason on a difficult journey back to the pediatric intensive care unit where her baby girl died. Enraged to find Nikolas advising Elizabeth, Jax steps up his campaign to win custody of his unborn child. Ric and Reese agree to keep mum about their one night stand. Later, Reese is dismayed to realize that Ric intends to go after Ruiz himself. Sam takes Jason back to the church where he regularly worshiped but the memories which overtake him are violent and unsettling. Dillon learns that his fingerprint was found on the photo of Brook.

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Posted 15 September 2005 - 01:19 AM



While General Hospital has yet to confirm it officially, the ABC soap has reportedly fired Jennifer Bransford from the pivotal role of Mafia minx Carly Corinthos Alcazar. Although Bransford is widely considered a talented actress — she sent chills down our spines as Nora's nutso assistant, Georgie, on One Life to Live — the poor gal has evidently fought a losing battle to fit in since joining GH in April as Carly No. 3.

Now here's where this latest twist in Carly's saga gets juicy: Speculation about a recast abounded recently after GH issued a casting call for a "sexy, fiery and passionate" female character in her early thirties. Sound like Carly No. 4 to you? Turns out, GH has poached popular Guiding Light heroine Laura Wright (Cassie) to play Sonny's true love. Wright, who made her daytime debut on ABC's Loving back in the '90s, could step in as the new Carly as soon as November sweeps.

"General Hospital offered me the role of Carly and I said yes, yes, yes!" Wright confirmed this week in a posting on her fan club website, LauraAddicts.com. "As sad as I am to leave a wonderful place that I called home for a long time, it is time for me to go. This was not an easy decision. But my husband and I talked about it, and we said, 'What the hell! Let's live on the West Coast for a few years!'

"I'm also so excited to play this character," Wright wrote of Carly. "Wow! What a challenge. I start working in October, so I don't know when I will start airing. I know so many of the GH fans loved the past actresses who played this part. I know I have big shoes to fill. I hope I make you proud."

So what happens to Cassie, the spunky ex-stripper Wright has played on GL for the past eight years? "Guiding Light and Laura Wright have mutually agreed to part ways when her contract expires in October," GL's executive producer, Ellen Wheeler, explained in a diplomatic statement. "Moving forward, we've got a fabulous story in place for Cassie and the role will be recast. We wish Laura the best of luck."

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Posted 16 September 2005 - 08:59 AM



General Hospital fans still are reeling from the news that Jennifer Bransford has been fired and replaced with Guiding Light star Laura Wright. So is Bransford, who had played Mafia minx Carly Corinthos Alcazar for less than five months before the ax fell quite suddenly. "It was definitely unexpected and surreal that they were recasting," she admits to TVGuide.com. "I only found out about a week and a half before my last day, which was [Sept. 9]. You'd have to ask the show why they made this choice."

"Jennifer's casting in the role of Carly did not work out," a GH rep acknowledged without offering any specifics. "She is a consummate actress and she's good at what she does. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors."

Two wildly popular actresses, Sarah Joy Brown and Tamara Braun, portrayed the tempestuous Carly before Bransford landed the gig. Back in April, she had the unenviable task of stepping into this pivotal role the day after Braun last aired. Much grumbling was heard from loyal GH viewers, but many eventually warmed to her.

"When people found out they were recasting Carly," Bransford shares, "they said, 'Wait a second! We didn't want her to go, we were just missing Tamara!' The thing about a recast on a soap is that it really takes time for fans to begin to accept a new person as the character they love. Because the actor is the character for most people. That's why [my dismissal] was so unexpected for me. I knew Tamara went through the same thing [after Brown's exit], and it was understood that it would take time."

All that said, Bransford chooses not to be angry or embittered. "I was really enjoying being in Carly's skin," she says, "and the overwhelming feeling I have is that I am so lucky to have had this experience. As an actress, this has been an amazing challenge for me. I've worked with amazing people like Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Steve Burton (Jason). Their artistic integrity and passion for the show is moving and inspiring. I also had people like [executive producer] Jill Farren Phelps behind me. Leaving was emotional for me because these people have touched my heart in a way that I will never forget."

Sounds like soap fans won't soon forget Bransford, either. "Two days before my last day, a bunch of fans brought this beautiful display of support and affection to the studio. They brought 50 balloons with handwritten messages like, 'I love you Jenny.' There were also dozens of roses and posters and a banner and a gigantic cake that was delicious! There were letters from all around the country supporting me and the work that I did. It made me feel really good getting that from the fans after four and a half months."

The actress's highest compliments, though, have come from her legendary leading man, Maurice Benard. "Maurice was the last person I saw in the parking lot," Bransford recalls wistfully. "He said, 'We're gonna see each other again.' We shared an extremely moving experience with Carly's emotional breakdown story.

"Someone asked me if I would sign up for this show over again if I knew [how it would end] and I would," she adds. "I've gotten so much out of this in my work and in my life. Now I'll spend more time with my husband and my cute little daughter, Alexandra, who's almost two, and I'll look for the next thing!"

And what’s next for Carly? The GH rep says Bransford will last air on Oct. 5, when Sonny is forced to commit the wigged-out Carly to a psychiatric hospital. Laura Wright makes her debut in the role on Nov. 4. “Carly is a complex character, and we are excited to bring Laura’s talent, beauty and intelligence to this role,” said ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons in a statement. “Fans can look forward to high drama between Sonny, Carly and Alcazar this fall.”

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