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Episodes 5.17: I Will Follow You Into the Dark

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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episodes 5.17: I Will Follow You Into the Dark

Airdate: February 26, 2009

  • 01/25 - Tricia Shelley: All Ethnicities, mid 30's, grown-up, strong older sister. Meg Shelley: All Ethnicities, late 20's, middle sister. Meek and wishy-washy. Matt Shelley: All Ethnicities, 20-23 year old college boy, baby brother. Beth: Asian, 18 to play high school. Member of high school band, in hospital with a serious condition. Boy Band Geek: All Ethnicities, 18 to play high school. Girl Band Geek: All Ethnicities, 18 to play high school. Dr. Nelson: All Ethnicities, 50's nebbish character type. Doctor at the hospital. Source: SpoilerTV



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Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "I Will Follow You into the Dark"

Mar 13, 2009 08:45 AM ET by Erin Lulevitch

After weeks of debate, Izzie's illness is finally revealed, Meredith catches her first glimpse of the diamond Derek's secretly been toting around for so long and Karev finally rises to the top.

While it came as no surprise that Izzie's diagnosis would be grim, it was still a gripping moment when Lexie revealed the news: Patient X has metastatic melanoma and even with chemo and radiation, she likely only has a few months left to live. While the interns were understandably pleased with themselves for having solved the case, Izzie was quick to dampen their spirits, reminding them that today they got to be doctors and that's the only prize they get.

My question is: How did the interns (especially Lexie) not catch on to the fact that Patient X was actually Izzie in disguise all this time? Even after Izzie emotionally revealed to the interns that the patient was having inexplicable hallucinations involving her dead ex-fiancÚ, how did the bells not go off in someone's head?

While Izzie was hitting rock bottom, Alex was off rising to the top when he made a radical diagnosis that saved a young girl's life. Not only did Alex correctly identify a severe heart condition in his patient, but he also had the guts to stand up to Dr. Robbins and prove he was right in the OR. It was certainly a crowning moment for Alex, despite those few intense seconds when it looked like he might accidentally use those shock paddles at the wrong time. So, Alex was understandably excited when Robbins told him he "could be the future of this hospital."

In other news, we find out that Derek has become so distraught after losing his last patient that he hasn't managed to leave the couch for three days and showering has become a foreign concept. (McStinky, anyone?) So, are we to believe that Meredith hasn't attempted to comfort or talk to him in all this time? One might think so, especially given the amount of anger Derek aimed at her when she did finally try to talk to him.

At this point, there were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way. First, is Meredith still so detached that she couldn't notice for herself that not all people want to be left alone when they're hurting? It took the Chief's heart-to-heart conversation with her to realize that maybe it was time to try and bring Derek back around. Second, did the Chief really have to tell her about the ring? I know, he had a reason for doing so, but part of me really wanted Meredith to be surprised when the time actually came for Derek to pop the question. And lastly, why the heck didn't Meredith grab the nearest flashlight and start combing the grass for that ring after Derek swatted it like a baseball into the night?!? Ugh.

Proving that Meredith and Derek aren't the only complicated couple at Seattle Grace, Owen and Cristina are continuing to ride some bumpy waves of their own. Things between the latter two got awkward after a bad dream violently woke Owen and sent Cristina flying against a wall. Owen was obviously ashamed after the accident, but Cristina assured him, "It's going to take a lot more than a bad dream to scare me off."

Other episode highlights include: Bailey calling Adele to help straighten out the Chief's attitude, Arizona asking Calliope out on a dinner date and Izzie confiding to Cristina in the steam room.

Next week, it looks like Izzie's personal news becomes all the talk at Seattle Grace. How will everyone react and more importantly, will Izzie really refuse treatment?

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