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Episodes 5.10: All By Myself

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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episodes 5.10: Title Unknown

Airdate: November/December 2008

  • 10/12 - Ned: Male, Asian American, Mid 40's to Mid 50's, He is the caring and kind husband of Kathleen; upper class. Kathleen: Female, Asian American, Mid 40's to Mid 50's, She is a patient in the hospital; upper class. Emma: Female, All Ethnicities, 18 or older to play 15-16 years old, She is an overachiever; must have a deep well of emotions. Holly: Female, All Ethnicities, 18 or older to play 16-17 years old, She is the popular girl in school. Hillary: Female, All Ethnicities, 20's, pretty. Mr. Simmons: Male, All Ethnicities, 40's, He is a grieving parent; lawyer type. Mrs. Simmons: Female, All Ethnicities, 40's, She is a grieving parent. Source: SpoilerTV



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Time to dust off those brain tumor rumors: Katherine Heigl is seeing dead people again on Grey's Anatomy.

For the second time this season, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's deceased Denny will descend from heaven to have a heart-to-heart with his Earth-bound soul mate, Izzie, sources confirm to me exclusively. ABC declined to comment, but my Grey's mole says Morgan will appear in the Nov. 6 episode.

What brings Denny back this time? I could tell you, but then Shonda Rhimes would kill me and, well, you'd all be up scoop's creek. Instead, I'll leave you with this tantalizing clue: Something happens in the episode that could easily set the stage for a Heigl departure at season's end. I'm not saying it will; only that it could.

Source: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/



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11/20 - Cristina is awarded the first solo surgery among the residents, but must give it up and choose her replacement. Meanwhile Mark performs a cutting edge procedure to restore a patient's ability to speak -- and impresses Lexie in the process -- and Callie can't figure out if Sadie is just friendly or flirtatious. Source: ABC


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