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Posted 23 May 2005 - 08:53 AM


Friday, May 20, 2005

As David prepares for his date with "One Perfect Rose," a beaming Dorian informs Kelly she's about to meet the "King of Hearts." Nora is perplexed when Natalie insists she can't allow her to take Matthew home. Bo and Rex find themselves in a gay bar in New York City as they close in on their killer. Meanwhile, in their corner booth, Mark encourages his nervous lover to relax and enjoy the chance to just be himself for a change. Missing her own daughter, Lindsay thanks R.J. for letting her tuck Jamie in. David tells Viki about venturing into the world of Internet matchmaking. Blair suggests to Todd that he owes Kevin a debt of gratitude for drawing them closer. Natalie tells Nora why the person who murdered Paul was almost certainly also responsible for Jen's death. Though R.J. encourages her to stay with him, Lindsay decides to go home and start dealing with her grief. Natalie brings a dejected Matthew to Llanfair for safekeeping. Across town, Nora asks R.J. for some help figuring out what's going on with her husband. Dorian and David are startled to realize that they each answered the other's personal ad. Todd reminds Blair he still intends to make Margaret and Asa pay for what they've done. Mark convinces Daniel to spend the night with him in a nearby hotel. Kevin apologizes for doubting Kelly. Bo worries that Nora's world will be shattered once he collars Daniel at the swearing-in. Asa puts his new plan into action.


Just as Daniel is about to be sworn in as lieutenant governor, Bo busts him for the murders of Paul Cramer and Jennifer Rappaport. (As Mitch Laurence was fond of quoting from the Bible: "How the mighty are brought low!") Nora's world is rocked as she and the rest of Llanview learn of Daniel's sexual orientation and the evil things the politician did to conceal his relationship with Mark. Todd suspects that Llanview's handsome new physician is up to no good.

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Posted 23 May 2005 - 09:57 AM

Thanks Salter for the update on Melissa Archer. I wasnt feeling positive at all that she would resign after the producer told soap Opera Digest that the show would go on with or without her. ABC treats their talent like dog pooh so i figured they would give her the shaft.

Bring on Jolie (John +Natalie)

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Posted 23 May 2005 - 10:36 AM





Okay%20I%20had%20to%20rant%20--%20I%20am%20mad.%20%20" target="_blank">

I know this is from a site on general hospital but is goes to the heart of how ABC treats its talent. The actors (at least the non-minority characters) are usually taken care of but the actresses, especially those over 40 are treated basically like crap. We have seen this with OLTL just recently when they dropped Catherine Hickland to recurring. How long have we waited to see RJ have a real love interest -- and please dont tell me his two week fling with Evangeline or his two week rekindling thing with Keri's mom somehow count. Lindsey and RJ have spark -- something this show desperately needs and Catherine Hickland is arguably one of the best actresses on daytime. But does ABC care, hell no RJ is black, Lindsey is over 40 whats to care about. Does ABC even understand what there audience wants??

Now on GH, they are going to play out a story that goes to the core of GH's history -- BJ's heart. The BJ's heart story line was one of the most famous storylines in the history of the show - it went on for months, had major ramifications for almost every character on the canvas, and won the show numerous awards. Two long term characters, Bobbie and Tony Jones, lost their young daughter in a sudden way. Three other long term characters, Felicia, step-father Mac and bio father (and Tony's brother) Frisco were facing the impending death of their young daughter to heart failure. The daughter, Maxie, had been played for years by the same young actress so the audience was really attached to her (like OLTL viewers watched Erin Torpey grow up on the show) Eventually, Tony and Bobbie made the decision to donate BJ's heart to Maxie and Maxie ultimately lived. The last scene before the donation was Tony with his head lying on the chest of his brain dead daughter listening to her heart beat one last time. For years after, we watched Tony and Bobbie mourn BJ and even commemorate the date of her death and we watched young Maxie struggle with the idea that her beloved cousin had to die so that she could live.

Now GH is preparing a storyline where Maxie starts to have medical problems with BJ's heart. But they are telling the story with a recast Maxie (they JUST dumped the original actress), a recast Felicia (they had the original Felicia on recurring but refused to give her a contract), no Frisco (Jack Wagner is now at CBS where they treat their talent with RESPECT), and no Tony, who was was basically let go years ago. Why TPTB at ABC are going to tell the story this way, with actors no one cares about it, is beyond me.

Yes, recasts are a necessary evil but to throw all these new faces in a major story right away when the ORIGINAL ACTRESSES ARE AVAILABLE is beyond me.

This is why I was surprised that they were able to work things out with Melissa Archer.

Okay I had to rant -- I am mad.

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Posted 24 May 2005 - 11:49 AM


Monday, May 23, 2005

Daniel is perturbed to learn that Mark plans on attending his swearing-in ceremony. Nora explains to R.J. why she doesn't want to even deal with Bo until after her husband has officially become lieutenant governor.

Meanwhile, Matthew asks Bo why he has to stay with his Aunt Viki.

Antonio urges Jessica to let him help with her recovery. Pennsylvania's attorney general accuses Bo and John of waging a vendetta against Daniel. At Jen's grave, Rex tells Lindsay to expect an arrest soon in her daughter's murder. Mark happily informs an appalled Marcie that everything is about to change for him and his lover. John collars the runaway coroner, who sheepishly admits how he falsified his autopsy report on orders from the district attorney. Jessica again elects not to confide in Antonio or Viki for fear of complicating their already turbulent lives. Riley is puzzled by Mark's interest in Daniel's career. Meanwhile, Kevin wishes his successor luck but cautions the governor's new right hand man to bury his skeletons deep before they rise up and bury him. Antonio and R.J. learn that the judge is ready to hand down a decision concerning Jamie's custody. Hoping to protect his ex from a public humiliation, Bo leaves numerous urgent messages for Nora.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jessica lends a nervous Antonio her moral support as they await the judge's decision. Blair gives Todd the green light to rub Asa out if he can't be brought to justice any other way. As the swearing-in ceremony begins, Riley overhears Mark boasting to Marcie that he'll soon be a fixture at the mansion in Harrisburg. Meanwhile, the Attorney General finishes reviewing all the evidence and gives Bo an arrest warrant for Daniel. Renee grows melancholy pining for Asa. John and Bo agree to quietly collar their suspect without making a scene but arrive to find the ceremony already underway. Antonio is outraged when the judge rules to give Jamie to R.J. for another six months before permanent custody is established. Dorian warns Blair she won't let her throw her life away for someone as worthless as Todd. Duke spots Renee being dragged into a car. Though Evangeline tries to cover for her client's angry outburst, the judge orders that Antonio's visits with Jamie be supervised since he cannot seem to control his temper. Duke trails Renee and her abductors to the airport and slips aboard their private jet. Bo interrupts the swearing-in and is forced to arrest Daniel in front of a stunned Nora and a large crowd of onlookers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jessica tries to console a gloomy Antonio as he bemoans the judge's latest ruling. Blair panics when she spots Starr talking with a woman in the park. Nora and Riley both sputter in protest as Bo places Daniel under arrest for the murders of Jen and Paul. Blair begins shoving "Margaret" until Starr hastens to point out that the lady with whom she's been chatting is their neighbor. Watching the televised swearing-in ceremony dissolve into utter chaos, Kelly is stunned to hear that her brother's killer has been caught. When Nora angrily insists that Bo divulge what possible motive her husband could have for bumping Paul off, the police commissioner reluctantly explains how Daniel was being blackmailed because he was having an affair. Dr. Spencer Truman arrives in Llanview and checks into a suite at the Palace Hotel. Grateful for Jessica's comforting embrace, Antonio responds with a passionate kiss. Kelly confides to Kevin that she's glad Paul is dead. A frightened Blair rushes Jack to the ER after the boy suddenly stops breathing. Bo is forced to reveal to Nora and the others that Daniel's lover is a man. Antonio and Jessica make love. Nora's world shatters when Mark pipes up to announce that he and Daniel have been sleeping together for months.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spencer implores a frightened Blair to let him perform an emergency tracheotomy on her dying son. Mark's announcement sends shock waves through the crowd at City Hall and the wider audience watching on TV.

Todd races to the hospital after receiving an urgent message about Jack.

As Rex comforts a stunned Lindsay, John reads Daniel his rights and leads the prisoner away. Dorian pesters an aggravated Viki to help her separate Blair from her unsuitable husband. At the carriage house, David sheepishly admits to an amused Kelly how he and Dorian accidentally found each other on the Internet. Spencer's fast thinking saves Jack's life. Bo escorts a shell-shocked Nora away from the salivating members of the press. Michael has to intervene after a seething Riley attacks Mark. Relieved to see Jack on the mend, Starr and Blair thank Spencer for his timely assistance. Viki feigns an interest in David to spark Dorian's jealousy and push her towards a reconciliation. Nora comes to the precinct house to face her husband. A jubilant Dorian and David are reunited at last.

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 05:34 AM

FROM TV GUIDE: Soap Scoops

[b]Spoiler Alert:

Another week, another battle between Jessica and Tess for control over Jessica's mind. Which personality will emerge dominant this time? Eager to obtain a full confession, Bo confronts Daniel and forces him to face up to the devastation his crimes have caused. Bo and Nora lock emotional horns in a really hurtful argument. Natalie risks her neck to help John snag a new lead in the Killing Club case.

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 03:13 PM

Just finished the Killing Club novel. Eh -- fare summertime reading. Doesnt really give you an clue who did it, but I cant see it being anyone other than marcies agent. YAWN.

The outing of daniel at his swearing in though was awesome. Lindsey and Rex were great as usual. My heart broke for poor Riley and I even felt bad for Mark, so naive but so sweet in his childlike love for Daniel. But the best part was seeing Nora fall off that high horse she is always riding around on. Even Lindsey saw through Daniel. HA!! And now of course she will try to blame her humiliation all on Bo. Heaven forbid she should look in the mirror. Bo warned her, Lindsey warned her, hell even her little kid warned her. There was practically a neon sign flashing over Daniel's head reading NO GOOD LOSER BEWARE but Ms. I Always Know Better Hannon Gannon Buchannan Colson was so sure that she was right and everyone else was an idiot. (Can you tell I am sooooo tired of this character :wink: ) And then Bo tried to reveal all behind the scenes to spare her, but NO she couldnt trust him to look out for her and insisted that everything be told then and there BECAUSE SHE SAYS SO.

She is always so holier than thou, especially with Lindsey that she forgets that she was the one who killed Bo's first wife Sara because she refused to stop driving after she started having medical problems, she was the one who had the affair with Sam even though HE was married to Lindsey, she was the one who had an affair with Sam even though SHE was still married to Bo, she was the one who had an affair with RJ when she was married to Hank, she was the one that was vicious towards Marty back when Todd raped her and then once she realized she was wrong committed malpractice by throwing Todd's defense (legal code of ethics be damned), and now she is the one who married Daniel in spite of everyones admonitions.

With so many interesting characters lacking airtime, I dont understand how Nora always remains front and center. BORING!!

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 03:17 PM

Lauren, your post left me speechless, thanks!

Any idea how many more murders we have to go as per the Killing Club? ... and does the book name a murderer in the end, or leave it open?

#28 Lauren



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Posted 27 May 2005 - 03:22 PM

Not sure what speechless means LOL

I will pm you with the book scoop so others dont learn what they dont want to know.

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 03:40 PM

speechless meant impressed to see someone discussing this show!

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 04:01 PM

I dont know why I bother with it though anymore. I have been watching the abc shows for longer than I care to admit, but all three, but esp. OLTL has really gone down hill. Dont know if its budget cuts/smaller audiences or just crappy writing but ...

Just take the Jess/Tess DID story and compare it to the Vicki DID story and you have the problem in a nutshell. Comparing the two is like comparing a good bottle of Cabernet with a wine cooler.

There are no good complex villians (unless I guess you count Todd who really isnt a villian anymore and Asa who gets almost no air time) Margret is a sad version of Ursala. And yes they are finally bringing back Carlo, but they brought back Mitch and then wrote him so one-dimensional that they couldnt keep him on, so I am not optimistic that they will do better with Carlo, esp without Alex.

And where are the great love stories? I still remember Tina going over the falls and the awesome love triangle (with more than 3 sides :wink: ) of Tina/Max/Cord/Kate/Gabrielle all searching for the baby Milagro. And the Max/Megan/Jake triangle with Megan dying in Jake's arms looking at their tree. And Sarah's and Bo's lavish wedding.

Which leaves the Killing Club. If you were watching years back then you may remember when Todd's quiet cousin who got all squirrelly after being dragged into marty's rape turned out to be a serial killer. NOW THAT WAS SURPRISING!! If the KC killer ends up being some lame ass character that we've seen next to never where is the fun in that? Look at the best shows on tv now -- shows like Desperate housewives, Lost, 24, Alias -- they actually kill off major characters to move plot. They dont create huge story lines, promise big payoffs and then trot out a character nobody even knew existed as the sacrificial lamb.

<<Insert long sigh here>>> Nowadays I watch all 3 abc soaps in about one hour when i watch, fast forwarding through all the boring stuff.

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 04:09 PM

I too remember the heydays of OLTL ... way back when Jenny and Karen were on and Marco! And you are so right about Vicki's DID ... I am so disappointed in the whole Jess/Tess thing ... not well acted, and I fast forward through it too!

Any word on whether Alex might come back? Alex, Carlos, Asa ... now those were great days.

I have never really gotten this new Todd ... yes, I know we are supposed to move on, but I just really appreciated Roger Howarth's portrayal ... and what about the never well used Joey? Wasted character IMHO ...

I just can't figure out where OLTL is headed ... I think they have lost their focus ... seems like a jigsaw puzzle strewn all over the floor ... I want someone to pick up the pieces and put it back together again!

As for Asa, now that the actor's contract has been negotiated, I hope he is featured more.

Even Vikki is weird to me these days, a cardboard cut-out of a character I have followed for so many years!

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 04:17 PM

Word is that they arent bringing back Alex but who knows.

I agree that everything is a mish mash. Jess/Tess is just the beginning. What was the deal with Dorian the last two months? First they make her a half-crazed, abrasive as hell, busy body. Then David breaks up with her over it. Then she is a little less crazed but not really and with no conversation at all between D&D poof they are back together. Thats not a plot line -- thats oh shit we dont have anything in mind so lets just play musical chairs to fill up time til we come up with something. And what happened to Dorian's crusade to bring down Vicki that popped up again over really nothing and then faded away again just as easily.

Then theres the Kevin is Lt. Gov, oops no hes not, hey he is again, um no that was last week. What a joke. In what state have you ever seen someone hold office like they are there on a whim?

See you got me started and now the list goes on and on ..... LOL

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Posted 30 May 2005 - 11:19 AM

One Life To Live
Spoilers Highlight to Read

Week of May 30 - Natalie decides to put herself in the line of fire to help John nail the Killing Club Killer.
John confronts Hayes after his suspicions are aroused.

Evangeline is disturbed when witnessing John's reaction after he thought Natalie might have been hurt.

The Killing Club killer sets his sights on Natalie.

Rachel returns to town to help her devastated Mother.

Nora has an emotional breakdown after sending Rachel away.

Bo faces off with Daniel who still maintains his innocence.

Lindsay, Mark and Nora visit Daniel in jail to separately confront him.

Blaming Mark for everything, Riley attacks Mark physically.

David and Dorian celebrate their reunion vowing to never be apart from one another again.

Todd makes it his mission to find out all he can about Spencer.

Asa tries convincing Renee to stay with him in South America.

Todd gets some shocking news regarding Asa

Tess emerges and tries masquerading as Jessica in front of a highly suspicious Uncle Todd.

Antonio catches Todd snooping to get answers about

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Posted 31 May 2005 - 12:07 PM


Friday, May 27, 2005

Relieved to see Jack on the mend, Blair takes Todd to task for questioning Spencer's motives. Evangeline is astonished to learn that the district attorney has been arrested on a double murder charge. At the precinct house, Natalie helps a grateful John keep the press at bay. Meanwhile, Nora asks Bo to leave her alone with her husband. Riley lashes out at Rex, then collapses in sobs as Marcie tries to console her devastated friend. Vowing to fight the charges, Daniel begs Nora to believe that he is the innocent victim of Bo's efforts to railroad him. Paige is rattled to encounter Spencer in the halls of Llanview Hospital. Riley sadly confides to Marcie how he's been forced to question his own identity now that he knows his father has been lying to him his whole life. Though Daniel fervently declares his love, an enraged Nora rails at him for deceiving her so cruelly. John bristles when Evangeline criticizes the way he handled Daniel's arrest. Natalie encourages a broken Nora to lean on her family and friends during her terrible ordeal. Later, Natalie's supportive words to John lift the detective's flagging spirits. Todd takes note of some simmering tension between Spencer and Paige. Riley falls off the wagon once again.

Monday, May 30, 2005

When Tess runs in into Todd, she has no choice but to pretend to be Jessica for him. Todd suspects something's wrong with her and she goes along with his idea that Dr. Jamison has her on some medication. When he starts to badmouth Antonio, Jessica's voice inside Tess starts to make noise. Taking a break in the ladies room, Jessica and Tess struggle for control of Jessica's body. Bo plays the hero when he chases a reporter away from Nora's door. However, Rachel refuses to allow Bo to come in for a visit with Nora and accuses him of deliberately embarrassing her in public when he arrested Daniel. Bo defends the way he arrested Daniel.

Finding him hitting the bag hard and often, Evangeline argues with Antonio first when he claims he lost custody of Jamie and then when he boasts that he'll do anything to reclaim his little girl from RJ. John won't hear it when Natalie offers to act as a decoy in order to bring the "Killing Club" murderer out into the public. Though he tries to talk her out of it, she's not completely convinced and decides that she might act anyway.

Blasting the hired thug for kidnaping her, Renee is not pleased when Asa suddenly appears, all smiling about her arrival. She's quick to start calling him names until she finds Duke is there too. He admits that he followed the kidnapper and stowed away on the plane to South America. Alone with Duke, Asa suggests that he and Renee live in South America with him. Later, Renee starts to soften towards Asa.

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Posted 31 May 2005 - 03:53 PM



ASA is back


CARLO is coming


RJ + LINDSEY = HOT and baby makes 3!!


Dorian and David finally back together. Now if only the writers will let Dorian go back to being that glorious force of nature that only she is!!


It must be strong woman week on OLTL (and none too soon) Jolie (John+Natalie) is just around the bend and Evangeline is finally realizing that it is possible to really know someone just not for her to know John! Natalie -- YOU GO GIRL!!


Evangeline was the one in a million who finally stood up and told Antonio what everyone else was afraid to -- the custody case isn't about RJ, the Santis, Jessica, a bad attorney or any of his one million and one excuses -- ITS ALL ABOUT HIM AND HIS TEMPER!! Evangeline -- YOU GO GIRL!!


Rachel dressed down Bo "I'm to big for his Britches" Buchannan. Or as Bo would sing on American Idol -- she tied him down to the WHIPPING POST!! Rachel -- YOU GO GIRL!!


(I havent seen today's ep) but LOVING the clip with Linsey choking Daniel by his tie through the prison bars!! Lindsey -- YOU GO GIRL!!



Renee sucker punched Asa so hard for his shenanigans that he actually lost his breath. Renee really loves the oh so loveable old coot but she doesnt take any of his BS. Renee, YOU GO GIRL.


#36 Lauren



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Posted 31 May 2005 - 11:03 PM

Watched the tape of todays epi. If you watch tomorrow you will see the gallery of pictures for the Killing Club Victims targets. I would have to assume that anyone on the wall is not the Killer. Today's pan was the clearest so far. I could make out Nat, Jess, Nora, Riley, Marci, Marci's brother Ron, and Michael. Anybody else catch any of the photos?

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Posted 01 June 2005 - 06:42 AM


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Natalie confides to Rex her risky plan to trap the Killing Club serial murderer. Though R.J. tries to dissuade her, Lindsay storms into the police station and demands that John allow her access to her daughter's killer. Concerned about his niece, Todd argues with Antonio about the best way to help Jessica. Meanwhile, "Tess" again attempts to retake control of the body as Jessica fights off her alter ego. Bo pays a visit to Daniel's jail cell and pressures his prisoner to explain why he felt he had to snuff out the existence of two young people just to cover up the truth about his own double life. Rex urges Natalie not to endanger her safety by acting as bait for the psycho who's been knocking off members of the Love Crew. Antonio finds Todd searching Dr. Jamison's office for answers about Jessica. Bo locks himself in with a nervous Daniel. Jessica goes to Xanadu and is rattled to realize that the bartender recognizes "Tess" as one of his regular customers--and a wild one at that. John takes Hayes to task for using the notorious killings to boost sales of Marcie's book. Bo forces Daniel to look at photos of Jen in the morgue, then icily reminds the D.A. what he has to look forward to once he's sent up the river. Antonio warns Todd to back off.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Nora assures Rachel she can go home now that things are calming down. Meanwhile, Bo wonders how to explain the latest turn of events to his son. Rex again urges Natalie not to risk going after the Killing Club murderer by herself. At Xanadu, Jessica is shaken to encounter one of "Tess'" many lovers. Michael fears that Riley is using again after spotting him withdrawing a wad of cash from an ATM. Face to face with her daughter's killer, a seething Lindsay vows to see Daniel burn for his crimes. Intrigued to learn that R.J. is facing financial ruin, Antonio realizes that his nemesis' problems could mean a break in the custody case. Insisting that he's not guilty of any of the charges, Daniel is relieved when Mark apologizes for ever doubting him. Bo hesitantly fills Matthew in on the truth about his stepfather. Antonio enlists Rex to spy on R.J. Thinking back on her short and unhappy marriage, Nora kicks herself for buying Daniel's lies. Ginger hints to a fretful Adriana that she and Duke seem to be growing apart. Rattled by a flash of memory, Mark shudders to realize that the man he loves is indeed a murderer. Riley gets busted while buying drugs. Rex reluctantly agrees to help Natalie catch a killer.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Evangeline suffers renewed pangs of jealousy after hearing John fretting about Natalie. Meanwhile, Natalie drags a grousing Rex to a nature preserve in hopes of luring the serial killer out into the open. A desperate Daniel declares his love to Mark and begs the young man to believe in him. Nora snarls at her ex when she finds Bo on her doorstep. Concerned about Matthew, Starr scolds her father for printing gloating headlines about Nora's scandalous marriage. Jessica gathers stunning new information about "Tess" during a confusing conversation with Ginger. An enraged Nora accuses Bo of paying her back for her long-ago indiscretion with Sam by publicly humiliating her now. Certain Daniel's blind ambition led him to commit murder, Mark bitterly informs his lover that they are through. Later, Daniel is shocked to see his son being led into an adjoining cell. Starr lends a sympathetic shoulder to an unhappy Matthew. A by-the-book murderer takes aim at his next target. Ginger begins to sense something different about "Tess." Warning Bo she'll never forgive him, Nora orders her ex out of her life. Todd has an eye-opening chat with his children's new sitter. After Rex is knocked cold by an unseen hand, Natalie gets caught in the serial killer's crosshairs.

Previews for next week:

Evangeline or no Evangeline, Natalie feels sure that John really loves her. John thinks he has caught the Killing Club killer. Evangeline and John end up in Splitsville! David Vickers is not happy to see Dr. Spencer Truman in Llanview. There's more split-personality drama when "Tess" is revealed to be keeping a dark secret from Jessica. (Didn't Jessie's multiple mama Viki also used to keep secrets from herself?)

Friday, June 3, 2005

Nora comes to her husband's jail cell and demands that he affix his signature to their annulment papers. Spencer overhears Todd telling Blair he doesn't trust the new doctor in town. In the nature preserve, John shoves Natalie to the ground just in time to save her from being shot by a crossbow. Dorian and David happily celebrate their reconciliation by making love. Ignoring Todd's grousing, Blair presents Spencer with a pair of cufflinks to thank him for saving Jack's life. Daniel urges Nora to believe that he loves her but she icily insists she never took a vow to remain faithful to a murderer. Michael urges Marcie to stop blaming herself for setting off a serial killer. Natalie shakily explains to Rex how close she came to taking an arrow in the neck. Later, John scolds Natalie for pulling such a dangerous stunt in the first place. Blair accuses Todd of being jealous of the handsome Dr. Truman. Kevin invites Kelly out for dinner. Riley seconds the emotion when Nora pledges to erase Daniel from her memory. Natalie is secretly thrilled by John's slip of the lip. David suggests to a delighted Dorian that they jet over to Paris for a special evening. Alarmed to learn of Riley's arrest, Nora decides to post the young man's bail herself. Todd's romantic gesture pleases Blair and they finally make love for the first time in months. John gets a possible lead on the serial killer.

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Posted 06 June 2005 - 09:38 AM

I found some spoilers as to what is coming up in 2005


#39 Guest_ranster627_*

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Posted 06 June 2005 - 09:45 AM

Thanks Springtime ... and all I can say is wow!!!!!!! :wink:

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Posted 06 June 2005 - 11:45 AM

if the KCK is in fact Ron, as we have been speculating about for the last few weeks, all I can say is what a waste. Why does One Life always do these "who done it" story lines where the "done it" person is someone who is hardly ever one the canvas and we could care less about and the people "done in" are also bit players. Better had it the KCK been Michael or Tess or even Marcie. If they were hell bent on making it Ron, we should have seen more dates between him and Nat, maybe Ron moving back down to town to "protect" Marcie, and some level of contact between Ron and the Love Crew. Before their death, I would say it had to have been at least 2-3 months minimum (and probably more) since we had seen either Ben (Ben who) or Julie (the only thing I can remember about her is Jen fixing her Bulimia with one 3 minute conversation).

And if they are doing away with Tim Adams because of the bad feelings between him and Kamar de los Reyes (over Keri Saum) I say keep Timmy baby and make An-phonio the KCK. I am soo tired of phonio and his anger management issues, his wholier than thou attitude and his righteous indignation. Oh, and dont get me started on him calling his "MAAAMMI" every five seconds.

As for Nat/John, it wouldnt surprise me if they bring David Fumero back, given that Christian still kicks off the shows opening credits (or whatever you call the front end.) I use to love Christian and Natalie but that ship has kind of sailed and I would rather see him play the temporary roadblock to Jolie than to have Nat go back to him and abandon John.

What does everyone else thing??

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