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September 8 To 11 - Live Feed Updates

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10:16 BBT: Jerry and Memphis in LR talking while Dan is in the DR.

"winding down...6 days" Jerry tells Memphis while memphis can't belive "its almost over...it's surreal".......Jerry talking about his failed HOH attempt and "screwed up" in his mind and the "Keesha" one messed him up...saying he had it down and it completely left his mind....Jerry tells "you did good" and tells him "once it got twisted" in his mind he "couldn't" straighten em out..

Jerry saying he did good "a big win for you".......

Memphis says "I guess they didn't give us brewskis tonight" Jerry says "no" probably because of "the live show" tomorrow..

Memphis gets up to use the bathroom and now Jerry sitting alone doing his lifeless blank stare...

10:23 BBT: Memphis heads back to the kitchen for food..

10:24 BBT: Memphis tells Jerry "at least we won't have much to clean tomorrow" and both talk about just vacuming tomorrow.....

Jerry talking about "the little spiders' being "cute" and said he tried to "feed them" so that he could find "something to do"

Jerry "I feel bad I didn't help you more" and Memphis says "it's all good Jerry is all good" and talk about part 1 of the hoh...

Memphis says "they ddn't have anything like that back in the day" about there HOH comp in BB..."even for all stars"..there "wasn't much" and Memphis can only recall "the spider web" .....

Jerry talks about the "honey" comp..."my God" Jerry exclaims..."that was hell" Memphis answers back...

"One more competeiton and you don't have to worry anymore..its all over" Jerry tells Memphis who say "yep"

10:30 BBT silence.........

Jerry gets up thinking he heard someone "in the storage room" and looks and nothing..heads back to LR and sits down..

Jerry telling Memphis "Ashley will be glad" to get you back and Memphis says "she'll be taken on a shopping spree" and says he owes her for being "dealt with a lot for 3 months" holding things down..

"it's been a crazy ride" Jerry mutters..."I'm really curious to see the small town where i live" and talks how he really doesn't know anyone but are getting together "in restaurants"...

Dan comes out of DR and Memphis says he's preheating the oven " for "Burritos" Dan looks and asks "what's green chili?" Memphis answers "I don't know it's like a green sauce" and says "I'll try one"

10:35 BBT "what I miss Jerry..anything" Dan asks...Jerry says nothing and Dan says "Beer Beer Beer" and checks the SR to find none

Dan asks Jerry what he's going to do "when you get back home"..Jerry says to see his family and "starts playing golf" again..

He and Dan talk about his week when he's at home...

10:38 BBT: Jerry talks about he needs to finish "painting"..half is "yellow" and "brown" and Dan asks what color..he says "brown"

Dan asks how often he works "in the shelter" he says 2 days but didn't have a chance before he left...they talk about "the non profit" shelter....and Dan asks about the animals that come in...and asks questions about capacity and Jerry says that most of the time its through "volunteers" who find animals..."its a nice set up" he tells Dan....

Jerry talks about all the work he's done in the shelter.......and says "we have a surgery room" after Dan says "surger room?" and asks what its for...Jerry says its for "low cost" spay and nuetering service...he's called to DR

10:43 BBT: Dan and Memphis getting the bible out and Memphis says "I'll cut your hand off if you fck me over"..."just swear on it" and swears on the cross that his grandfather gave him......they hand shake swear that they will take each other to final two

"Lets just fucking rock it and play it" the last pasrt.."ready for the bank accounts" Memphis says....and Talk about what to do with the money....saying "there's alot of different ways" Memphis says and his mom "knows" what to do...and Dan says wee need "to talk without cameras"....

Memphis wants to take "2 days" and take the girls on vacation and he wants Dan to stay in an hotel "right by my house"

Memphis says they set them up in hotels for all the morning shows......."we can always jet to Vegas"....

Memphis "the Renegades have been around since week 4" and says they made "history" in BB...

"I'm so less stressed" especially they promised on "the cross" and talk how stressed if Jerry had won...

10:50 BBT: "we both walk out of here at the same time no matter who wins" Dan says and talk what they will do about the bandanas..

memphis says he just going to says to Jerry "you're evicted" and talking about it being "so up inthe air" Dan says Michele won't pick him...and wonders what "ollie" is going to do..Dan can figure out why Ollie hates Memphis...

Memphis happy the whole jury house will "despise us"....and talk about playing chess the last few days...

"I want to hear Renegade from Eminem" Memphis says for there wake up call..."freaking out" what their families are doing Memphis says....and wonder when they will fly out...

Dan "jerry's going home tomorrow" as they figure out the last "live show"...

Memphis says when they get out "we'll go to the bank" to figure it out....Memphis says "I have a bank account"

10:56 BBT: Talk turns to the burritos in the oven..."how nasty does the green one look"......Memphis "tomorrow is going to be fun"..saying "we just won a lot of money"

memphis "i don't know how we pulled it off" ........Dan says "its never happened' putting up an alliance member up "dude I put you up twice" Dan tells him...Memphis says "I never won HOH and I'm still here"..

Dan says "everything has to go right" to make final two saying no two alliance members have made it {Ivette/Maggie} and say even "chilltown" couldn't do it...

11:00 BBT...they briefly mention they will over "the clothing stuff" with Ashley and turn to eating their food..

11:04 BBT: Dan and Mempis talking over dinner..."with the exception of Angie and Stepehn" and Brian everyone else on the memory board "popped off" at one time or another....

Talking about Libra and what if she would have stayed....talking about "marcellas" idiotic move..Memphis "you'd have to be a fucking idiot".....

11:07 BBT Memphis says he was nervous because Jerry "could have beat me" since if he thought about it ..

Dan "do you think we can make some money off Renegades" and Memphis says if they can make it cheap and sell it at "walmart" becaaause of the "demographics" "that watch this show...in "middle America" they can make profits of them..{wow what delusions of grandeur}

Now they re talking about Jerry's impending boot,,,saying he will be pissed no matter who sends him out...

memphis says he'll say "let's do this Judas"

11:10 BBT: Dan heads to the hoot tube talking about the time they've been in the BB house...

Dan says besides the "money" there's "a lot he'll be taking from the show"

"Dan do you realized we Rocked that Show" Memphis says he'll be calling just to make sure it wasn't "a dream"

Dan saying "next summer we have the Amazing Race" and Memphis says "I'm game" and Memphis adds "we just sealed a spot in the All Stars"

Memphis saying "$50,000" dollars is the perfect amount to starting capitol for his business...Dan says also for a "ring" and talk about rings.....

"no matter its going to be a great Christmas" and Dan says "September 16th" will be "Renegade Holiday for the rest of out lives"

11:19 BBT: they are talking Taxes....."wait until you have to write 135,000 check" for the winning.....Dan asks if "you win 50 you take home 40" and memphis says "you have to add the stipend" {which winners don't get}.....

Memphis says he's walking out with a lot of money "and a car"..

Memphsi sarcastically says he'll offer to buy April's clothes for Ashley....the saying she'll probably say she doesn't want it "from that bitch"

11:24 BBT Jerry enters back into the picture and says BB will give them "one beer"...

Jerry who's "losing my damn voice again too" goes and checks the time for Memphis....

11:26 BBT Jerry catches food for the spider and it doesn't want it...but changes its mind and takes it....

11:29 BBT general chit chat...

11:50 BBT: Dan is taking a shower

memphis and Jerry are sitting outside...Jerry saying the last couple days he hasn't had "much desire to work out" while Memphis says "me either"

Memphis lets out a heavy sigh and says he going to get ready for bed telling Jerry "i'm going to sleep good tonight"...Jerry says "I want you too"..Memphis heads inside while Jerry putters several seconds behing and heads to the kitchen....

Jerry heads to the bathroom and asks Dan something and Dan shakes his head no{probably if anyone was in the stall} and he then enters..

10:55 BBT: Memphis was in the 60s room getting ready for bed...Jerry washes his hands actually a quick rinse and whines about not getting beer from BB.

11:57 Memphis heads to the bathroom while Jerry reads his letters from home in the 80s room..

Memphis heads into the stall befor he takes a shower..Dan jokes "you didn't want to go in the shower huh"

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12:08 BBT: Memphis is showering while Jerry is doing his croaked pose on his bed and I'm not sure where Dan's at. I'm assuming he's probaly in the other bed in the 80s room out of camera view..

12:10 BBT: Jerry's eyes opened... so those of you that were worried he's still alive...

absolutely no talking at all....

12:12 Jerry gets out of bed to change complete with a camera closeup of his super saggy diaperesque underwear... {I'm blind}

12:20 BBT: Dan and Mephis talking outdoors and ask the viewer to contact Monica via her myspace to take next Tues off....and head out there

Jerry aslepp..

Dan laughing saying "you don't care" and things like making fun of Jerry makes him feel "bad'

Memphis making fun of his "collared" shirts he offered them to wear...dan says stop and he feels bad..

Memphis laughing the whole jury will not want to vote for "either of us" ...laughing Dan says "libra has been deciding who to vote for the last 5 weeks"..

12:25AM BBT: Dan in an overjoyous mood and is talking about their "best DR's" Dan says his was after "Jerry called me Judas"

Memphis laughing saying "i don't give a shit...just write me a check"...Dan saying he'll be happy when they said "Monica wasn't real" and she'll be in the audience...

Dan asks "who's going to be your hardest critic"...Memphis says "keesha" and Reeney's will be so "off the wall"

Dan says Michele and Ollie will be the hardest...saying Reeney will be whatever she "pulls out her feathered hat"...Dan saying he doesn't "buy that" she rents a space.......Memphis says that's how salons work....Dan says "she may own a salon"....Memphis says she either "owns her own salon" or doesn't do anything...

Dan says there "on thing we didn't figure out"..Memphis says "what about AC"...Dan thinks it will be Michele....Memphis says maybe Jerry..Dan says "he did make the final three" wheather he was "dragged to it"....

Memphis says "reeney maybe..it could be reeney" winning AC saying it usually is the most entertaiming......Dan "Keesha has a shot at it"....."she was pretty goodlocking".....

12:34 BBT Dan says what if you get out of hear "and tail is thrown at you left and right"..Memphis says that happens anyway..

Dan says "we could put R's all over the walls" there last night there with shaving cream for the wrap party...

"what's your middle name" Dan asks ...Memphis "what...Bradley"

they continue to stroke eat others egos and self congratulate themselves...

{I'm out til tomorrow...night all}

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4:32 am BBT

HG's are sleeping, some lite snoring going on... the snoring gets much much louder

Cam 1 - Jerry

Cam 2 - Dan

Cam 3 - Memphis snoring up a storm

Cam 4 - Memphis

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5:10 to 5:15 am BBT

Jerry gets up (like clockwork) to use the WC, gets out of WC steps on scale, walks over to sink, turns on water, sprinkles water on his fingers for 1 second (no joke 1 second) and then dries fingers on towel. Jerry then heads back to bed.

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9:15AM BBT: FotH.

9:27AM BBT: Still FotH.

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Feeds are back... Dan is in the kicthen then heads outside. Jerry is up and around and Memphis is on the BY couch.

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BB Time 10:08 AM..........Very Cute , Dan, sitting out in the BY on the couch, Just asked Monica to bring out his laptop with her. "Please someone translate that to Monica" The camera then said no...swinging left to right, back and forth...(LOL) Jerry comes out still complaining about his neck being So sore Dan askd him if he wants to try some of his sonic pillows... Jerry saiys he is exausted. Jerry sipping his coffee as Dan goes back in the house....Memphis comes out...Jerry satying he didn't sleep last night and that he cam "hardly move" he is so tired. Commenting on how cloudy it is now ... Memphis says "This summer is coming to an end" Jerry laughs .."BB , Bye Bye" Jerry says........talking about how the HOH is closed and they have been working on it...They think possibly for the HOH tonight..(?).......Jerry says "thinking about 9/11 makes me sad" "You will always remeber that day" Memphis says. Jerry comments on how the clouds in the sky....

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Noon BBT Apparently on OD LD, all three guys are in the BY - resting up for the big night! Out on the red couches we've been looking at all summer - Memphis is slouched down just chillin' out; Dan is curled up and sound asleep on one couch section; Jerry all stretched out and asleep on another.

12:03 BBT "Houseguests, the lockdown is over - you're now free to move about the house". Memphis heads in and does some packing; Jerry gets a drink and a potty break. Dan remains sleeping outside. Memphis notes something new as he moves through the LR "there's an extra TV in the living room". Jerry makes his bed then says "Ow ow" a few times as he tips back his head, apparently still troubled by his sore neck. Memphis packs a few things in his suitcase, then wanders around the house aimlessly. Dan wakes and notices everyone gone, then puts his head back down.

12:09 BBT Dan gets up and goes in the house. Memphis says to him "I have the perfect speech if I get to evict Jerry. It's like Bam Bam Bam.....". Dan replies "dude, no, don't do it". Memphis chuckles and says yes he will do it! "I have a preview for you, it will start like this..........on behalf of Judas and the woman I love......". Dan doesn't respond to the notion, but instead tells Memphis something about BB stealing his ping pong balls. "Dude, they're not stealing your balls" Memphis replies. Dan goes into one of the bedrooms and calls Memphis in....."Look under the bed, tell me they don't hate me" Dan says and laughs. Memphis looks under to find the balls just discussed, and he laughs. "They had to chuck it under there" Dan says. Dan retrieves a hanger to reach under the bed and get the ball, but this is unsuccessful. He then finds one of the giant lollipops and tries to reach the ball again. "Who hides a man's balls?" he asks Memphis. Lollipop doesn't reach the ball either, so Dan moves the bed and gets them. "Don't say anything to Jerry, and we'll play paddleball later tonight" he tells Memphis. "WTF" he mutters as he passes Memphis who's now seated at the counter having his cereal. Jerry is out back sitting in the yard near his Marine flag, cup of coffee in hands, his Marine hat on the grass in front of him (getting a tan on his bald head).

12:20 BBT Switching places now, Dan has some cereal at the counter, Memphis is up roaming around the kitchen, then heads to the SR and sits on the massage chair; and Jerry has returned to the indoors and seated himself at the table. He utters not a word to Dan while they sit there, but props his head on his hand and does his beady eyed stare into nowhere. For a man who THINKS he's about to be one of two winners, he looks rather dejected to me. Finally Dan asks "You feel any better today Jerry?". Jerry responds "I'm just using today to reflect, Dan, I'm thinking about 9/11 and all the people". He tells Dan that "she" gave him something that made him feel better, "something in a glass that tasted like lemon iced tea". Dan heads outside and says out loud "Happy Birthday, Mom!". He then says "Big Brother, you forgot to lift the one glass shield". The shield goes up, then Dan says "Sometimes the little brother has to look out for the big brother". You can hear the BB voice say "Thank you!". Dan returns inside and Jerry, having heard the thank you announcement, asks "what'd you do something nice??? Youuuu, Dan???", as if he's surprised. Dan tells him of the glass shield, then says "even I can do something nice, Jerry!". Dan, with his usual nervous energy, goes in and out and back and forth as we hear his flip flops make their way about the house. He then says "swim tiiiime!", then heads to the bathroom to put in his contacts and brush his teeth. Jerry remains seated at the table and staring; Memphis must have a sore back, still at the massage chair and pressing his back into the back of the chair.

12:34 BBT Dan has just asked the question aloud "What time are we gonna start this charade, Big Brother?" He goes outside and he and Memphis discuss how they could now be worried, but they are both so relieved and lucky it has worked out the way they planned.

12:40 BBT Memphis puts on his trunks to join Dan in the pool, Jerry at bathroom sink brushing his teeth, never leaving Memphis too far from his sight. Jerry asks "Did you try those shirts on?" I've heard Memphis laughing about Jerry's "collared shirts", apparently he's trying to give some to him. Memphis says he hasn't yet tried them on. Memphis joins Dan in the pool - not long after Jerry heads outside too and pulls a chair right up poolside and sits down and begins his Jerry chatter, each sentence followed with his patented Jerry gravel-voiced "heh heh heh heh". He says if he works out now and hurts his back it won't matter. "heh heh heh heh" follows.

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1:15 BBT All quiet now. Jerry lies on the red couch and continues to stare and glare; the boys work on their tans as they lie by the pool, Dan on a towel at poolside, Memphis on one of the lounges.

1:35 BBT Dan roams around the kitchen, talking to no one/talking to the cameras. He looks at the photos on the wall, then says "Colonel......sending the Colonel home tonight". A minute later he says "let's have some fun toooonight!!", then heads outside and again says "Happy Birthday, Mom!" twice.

Jerry still reclining on the couch outside; Memphis still tanning on the lounge.

"Dan, please put on your microphone" BB announces. Dan replies "sorry......because I'm about to do THIS!", then does a big leap into the pool.

And we went to trivia about 2 pm BBT. Getting ready for the big night now.

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Feeds have been back for a few. Memphis and Dan discussed the questions for the HoH competition and the fact that neither could have won with Jerry as one of the final two.

Memphis is currently doing dishes and Dan is off camera some where.

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Dan is alone in the house while Memphis is in the DR.

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Dan and Memphis talking about how to invest/save their winnings. Memphis buys stocks each week, he does it for fun. Dan is not intending on putting any money in the bank until he knows it's all protected. Earlier they were discussing all the same things they discussed last night, jury votes, appearances, etc.


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8:51pmBBT Still Trivia

9:11pmBBT Dan & Memphis have a beer outside, BB made them a Big dinner, Dan is stuffed, they give shoutouts to every1 watchin on Feeds

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The renegades in the back yard talking about what types of questions will be asked by jurors.

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10:17 BBT..The Renegades are in the hot tub....Memphis drinking beer out of the bottle

Memphis says Keesha took it a lot harder than he would.."what did she think was gonna happen"..take her to the finals without knowing "where she stood"...he goes on saying "we know where Jerry sttod"....saying her game "was so unclear to me" and says "when she gets drunk..I'm gonna stay away from her" at doesn't want to put himself or Ashley "in that situation"....."it is a game"

10:22 BBT

Memphis talking about "Joey Big Time" and some Reality show..called Ultimatum

Memphis telling Dan his older sister has Leukemia .....and says another doctor said it was a "defiency" and hit his family hard and it was his only "full sister"...and says she has to treat any illness as serious...saying "i was very concerned leaving" but his sister is '"still running marathons" and"as of right now" everything is good...even though the first DR diagnosed it as Leukemia another DR said "no"

Dan talking about his dad saying "it will be interesting" ......saying their parents really haven't seen them as "25 year old men"....like on the show...

talking about checking blonds and says he onlt though of "Keesha as an older sister"....and accuses dan of always going in her room..

They are talking about Jesse with saying at first he was the kind of guy he would like to hang out with but after getting to know him saying he wasn't the type he would hang out with....

They figured out Sunday will be a recap show......"we're done...after tomorrow we're really done".....Memphis says and adds he "needs to wing it" about his speech and if he overthinks it he'll "screw it up bad"

10:33 BBT They are talking in the hot tuband since they have no mics on its sorta hard to follow.....

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10:38 BBT

Still in the hot tub talking about all the HG...Memphis sounds like he's buzzing from all the beer...and saying mostly negative stuff from Angie's "divorce" to Jesse being a "bodybulder"...Dan thinks there more to Angie than she said ..Memphis agrees "something was up"....Dan says to be 29 and divorced.......Memphis says the best way to get over someone is to find someone "better"

Talking about the amount of seats they get at the finale...

Dan's really hard to hear especially with the hot tub on...

10:45 BBT "it it wasn't for Asheley I couldn'rt be here." saying his MoM is paying all "my student loans...thanks Mom".Memphis says..

Mephis says Jerry didn't care about winning but played because he "was such a fan" Memphis says he played for the money...

10:50 BBT Hot tub talk ensues..

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10:54 BBT "kinda creppy being the only two people here" Memphis jokes....saying "I'm gonna sleep good tonight"...as they have come in from outside...Memphis says "do you think they'll interview Asley and Monica side by side".....

Memphis goes and changes while Dan lays on the couch in the LR..

Memphis talking about Vegas...and drinking "you will not recognize met at all".......Dan says they will make "business opportunities from this"

Dan says he's debatting going on vacation or be ready to go back 'to normal life"..Memphis says he just wants to go on vacation so noone will tell him "what the fuck to do"....

10:59 BBT Both silent.......onlt to broken by Dan saying "they set up that final HOH pretty quick" saying he can't "imagine" waht their families are thinking..

making fun of Jerry's speech..Memphis says "i didn't even listen to his speech" and was thinking what he was going to say to you..

Dan saying there hasn't been any really "big twist" in the game...Memphis says "week in a day" was one and they still might not know.....joking about possible twists..."steven and jessie" as a couple Memphis jokes..

11:03 BBT "maybe there wasn't this year" Memphis concludes.....Dan "if we sucked would they tell us" ....Memphis says what would sucked is thay they might not have brought up "Renegades till the end"........they think it started about "Judas".....or when "Ollie" was evicted...

11:07..Memphis "i don't waan know" so he's not youtubing or googling "my name"...

Talking how tall Steven and Brian were...Dan says "Jesse was the shortest"..

Memphis wondering "do they just write us" the check....."how does that work".....Memphis says they are going to be showing off their checks at the wrap party joking going up to people saying what does that say on their check...

Libra bashing...

talking "playing for a 2nd time" they would have a better "understanding"

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11:12 BBT

"they won't do it for a couple more years"..Memphis sumises about All Stars II....

Dan falling asleep on the couch........

joking about celebrities on BB....Memphis "maybe Andy Dick".......

Dan says he has a of good stories he wants to tell him but "can't" becaue of TV......Memphis agrees and says they'll save em for their car ride to Vegas...but even then they won't be able to talk about it..

Dan saying "no matter waht happens" Tuesday night is going to be fun.....and we just need to enjoy their time...

"if you're going to play a game ..play it damn hard" Dan says he tells his team......as long as its in "the rules of the game"

Talking about the night "the internet siren went off to let us know we were on the internet"...memphis "oh yeah...I remember that"

11:25 BBT...silence..

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