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September 4 & 5 - Live Feed Updates

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Thursday's Show.

Renny was evicted and Dan is the new HoH.

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6:03 pm BBT

There is a big sumo wrestler sitting in their living room!

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Feeds are back. They're all sitting around looking at the Sumo guy, Dan is asking him questions (Dan's face is funny).

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Dad just asked the guy how fast he could snap him in half...

Dan is trying to speak Japanese to him

M - you come back from HoH and you have a big Sumo wrestler in your LR

The sumo guy is saying Japenese phrases, Memphis has the giggles... Dan yessl "I got something! What do I do with this???" Do I open this??

D - Listen Listen! By obtaining this letter the HG has won a special luxury comp. By winning this letter you have obtained a trip out of the house, that could impact the game...

K - Only one gets to go?

They are all talking too fast

The letter says more details tomorrow

M - good job finding that!!!

Dan thinks they may get to go to Japan!!!!

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The letter said...

Congratulations house guests.

By managing to obtain this letter you have officially launched a very special luxury competition.

The winner will be awarded an amazing trip out of the house, a trip that could impact the game.

More details tomorrow.

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6:25 PM BBT The final 4 are milling around the kitchen area. They speculate that maybe the luxury competition involves a quick trip to Japan. It seems the houseguest were requested to bring passports with them. Jerry and Dan are discussing the HoH comp and which questions had stumped them. Keesha takes her bag back to the VW room. As soon as she opens the door she sees Renny's bed and she just stands there and sighs. Memphis joins her. Keesha says that Jerry is going to try to split the 3 of them up and that he has already started. Keesha says: "They are going to take someone out of here. I don't know if that's a good thing" Memphis speculates that the luxury event will take place before the POV and that it will likely be 2 HGs that get to go. Memphis leaves and Dan comes in. Keesha is just leaning against Renny's dresser. Dan asks her if she's okay and that she is, it's just hard looking at Renny's spot. Keesha tells that Dan that if he wins luxury, he better take her. They discuss the luxury and now think it will be a weekend trip to Japan, probably coming back on Sunday. Dan and Keesha agree that it will be really weird without Renny. She says it will also be weird running away to different rooms to avoid Jerry. "We think we were avoiding him before." Memphis comes back in and says that they just need to be on their toes this week.

6:40 PM BBT Keesha asks Dan "Are we really going final 3?" Dan says "as long as he (Jerry) doesn't win POV". Memphis comes back and she is basically asking both guys for reassurance that Jerry really is the target this week.

6:45 PM BBT Keesha leaves the VW room and Memphis and Dan talk about taking each other for luxury comp. Memphis says he could never take Keesha with him because of his relationship with Ashley. Dan tells him he will be really pissed if Memphis didn't pick him because that means he was picking Jerry. All the HGs head towards the living and Jerry is making a pizza. More talk of luxury trip. Jerry hopes BB will reconsider because they all deserve to go.

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6:37 pm bbt: Their talking about Renny and her awkward attitude prior to leaving the house.

Now talking about leaving BBH ( Japan ? )

Saying no other HG's are coming back.

Keesha : Dude it's almost over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M&D talking about taking each other on trip. Dan says something about his GF effing killing him.

Keesha feels bad Jerry's sitting alone.

Wondering if it's a trip out of the country.

Asks if they want to put the pizza's in.

Dan hopes they'll have the mother of all LC's.

Jerry wants all four of them to win.

Memphis please move your mic lower

They all want to go together on trip

Dan snacking on cheetos

They wonder how JH is holding up & if they'll be surprised to see Renny walk in. Dan: Oh yeah.

* Dan quit rumpling your bag man! * guh

Talking the pictures of comp. Memphis put in order. Keesha agrees.

Jerry studied them.

Jerry: I'm proud to be here with you!

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dan says lets go around and say what we hope it is......

jerry i hope its like something in vegas that is a japanese show

memphis i hope its food or japan

keesha i hope its a trip out of the house and something that lasts a couple of days

jerry says it said it could impact the game, keesha says removing 2 people from the house, thats an impact.... keesha says hmmmm who knows... jerry says the shadow knows.... keesha says i have no idea

dan and memphis playing ping pong ball across the coffee table... jerry asking for beer with the pizza.... jerry says we didnt get any beer last night, the girls got wine lets do a guy thing tonight.... dan says you starting to sound like michelle jerry

dan says the showtime people are going to hate us... keesha says why do you think that we are boring.... dan says we are playing ping pong

keesha says if you guys leave the house will someone stop and get me some hair dye (laughs)

(sorry ill be back later)

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7:00 PM BBT All 4 hgs in the living room. Dan and Memphis are sitting on opposite sides of the coffee table and are bouncing the ping pong ball back and forth to each other off the table. Small talk about luxury. Jerry tells big brother it would be nice to have some beer to go with his pizza. "only the women got wine. how about some man stuff tonight." Keesha "there's still a woman in the house." (Jerry must not have figured out the hide the alcohol trick yet-FTB1974)

How quickly the hgs go back to boring. Ping pong ball goes back and forth and back and forth. Small talk about the sumo wrestler. Jerry is left alone in the house as Keesha, Dan, and Memphis go out to the backyard. Keesha talking about Jerry "he is really going to freak me out this week. His eyes are always on me".

Keesha brings up the final 3 promise over and over and Dan says "Keesha, we've promised you 800 times, you are not going home."

7:10 PM Dan, Keesha, and Memphis still in the backyard. Jerry still alone inside, it's time for his meds. Dan asks Keesha if she would rather spend time in the house with Memphis and Dan or go to Japan with Jerry. She says it would be hard to pick. Memphis is asked the same question and he says without a doubt, he would stay in the house. Dan says he would definately go, just wear earplugs the whole time. Memphis says the good thing about Jerry being HoH is him having his own room he would sometimes disappear to. Dan says his room will be open for them to escape to and they are discussing how comfortable the room will be if all 3 of them sleep in there. Keesha finds a fly on the ground and tells Memphis to get it for Ted. Dan is called to DR. That leaves Memphis and Keesha alone to discuss how hard it will be to pick one person to go on luxury with them. Memphis says that the smart thing to do would be to take the winner of the PoV to go with them.

7:18 PM BBT Just random chit chat about luxury and when the finale will be. Memphis thinks it will be next a week from Tuesday. (and if I heard correctly tonight, he is spot on-FRB1974) Memphis is telling Keesha about previous season's PoV comps. He mentions that based on the past, this one should be huge.

7:25 PM BBT All 4 feeds still on Keesha and Memphis in the BY. More Jerry bashing. Memphis: "all he talks about is the jury house. I wasn't in there with him for 2 minutes and he was telling me Libra was the swing vote. His math is screwed up. How can you predict votes in the jury house when 2 of us aren't in there yet?"

Terrible echo on the feeds tonights. Very annoying.

7:35 PM BBT The pizza is done so Keesha and Memphis head back inside with Jerry to eat. Dan is still in the DR. It's a rather quiet meal. Very little talking.

and I have to head out if anyone wants to jump in there.

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7:50PM BBT: Dan's back from the DR and Keesha, Dan, and Memphis are in the kitchen, Dan's having his pizza now.

Keesha: "What time is it?"

Dan: "Almost 8."

Keesha: "Time to feed the fish!"

Memphis: "Fishy fishy!" Keesha leaves

Memphis: "Gosh that was weird."

Dan: "I know."

They start talking about not having a luxury competition yet, so this one better be killer.

7:55PM BBT: They're discussing the rules entailed with winning a luxury competition; will they be told about what the winner gets before or after the competition? They agree that they'll probably be told what they win before they decide to play for it. Talk changes to the Sumo wWestler and his controlled facial expression and when he stomped his foot and the fact that Keesha being scared of him.

no one's talking right now...yawn...

now talking about how quiet it is.

Dan's wondering about the cd he'll get now, he hopes it'll be something interesting (he got weezer's new album the last time)

8:00PM BBT: Dan's wondering what they'll be getting for dinner and Keesha just let them know they've got the wrong girl for that job; she doesn't know how to cook. Dan asks, "What are we gonna do this entire week?" Keesha says, "Some of us will probably get to leave!" (referring to the possible Japan trip). Memphis says, "Mm hm."

Memphis is discussing a possible scenario of what the possible Japan trip may entail; go to the helipad (Keesha has no clue what it is), get on the helicopter or a private plane, get sent to a 5 stars hotel, $7,000 spending cash...Dan thinks they may be given gold bars instead (lol)

Memphis is called to the DR

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8:10PM BBT: Dan commended Keesha on making thus far for someone who hasn't watched the past episodes.

Now talking about the past seasons and the memorable things that happened. Now they are wondering what would be the top for this season:

Jerry calling Dan Judas

Jerry thinks the triangle between he, Dan, and Memphis is to be remembered.

The drama between the ladies in the house

Now talking about the other girls in the past season, Jerry like Danielle, Evel Dick's daughter for not crying. He likes the way Natalie played, but was stupid for letting Sheila win...and ending up getting back doored.

Jerry thinks Ollie made a stupid move also...saying that he could have won because he thinks he had more in him than Dan...Dan agrees with him, Ollie is in a better shape than he is.

8:20PM BBT: Jerry seems to think that he had to do with Keesha and Dan remaining in the house (how does that work?)

Talking about his accomplishments in the house...Jerry is wondering where the hell Ollie's head was during the game, he didn't even win anything. They agree that he was a good player, but his game was not there because of "something" occupied his thoughts.

Dan is saying that he never even spoke with Ollie or saw him often before the whole drama ensued.

Jerry is talking about how lonely he is, and not having anyone to talk. Dan quickly changes the topic to wanting to play gin rummy, now they are asking for a new deck of complete cards.

Dan just left Jerry in the kitchen to join Keesha in the BY

Dan and Keesha complimenting each other's outfits.

Jerry just joined them, and just as he did, Dan left to take his American flag from where he placed it. He is now trying to find a new spot for it.

Memphis is back from the DR and he's now in the BY

Ted's back! (the spider) apparently he's got a partner, now named Debby after Keesha's mom

Jerry is wondering if everybody will treat Renny right. Keesha says they will, everyone likes Renny. Jerry disagrees, April doesn't like her, and maybe Libra. Keesha agrees about April not liking her, but Libra and Renny are fine together.

It seems like Ted is building more cobwebs.

***had a short break***

Everyone's in the BY

Talking about Jerry's dog...

Memphis is doing push ups...done already...

8:50PM BBT: Nothings really happening right now, I can't stand listening to Jerry...I need another break from listening to him.

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9:47 BBT:Dan and Memphis playing chess, Jerry in the kitchen putting away dishes or something and Keesha is in the shower changing.

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BB Time 10:55 PM.......Keesha Unpacked her things and is laying on her bed in the BR. Just looking all around...

Dan and Memphis are palying chess now for about an hour...

Jerry was in with Keesha while she unpacked , now he is in the Kitchen putting away dishes and puttering around.

Dan is still all dressed up, Memphis is in shorts and a tee. Keesha is changed too. BB showing clips of Keesha's Lava lamps and signs on the walls... (Slow night) Keesha leaving the BR going into the SR , the Boys are done with their game and heading downstairs into the SR and find Keesha in there, They are laughing now, Dan looking at the fish they are hungry. Keesha is saying "you guys are going to stick me with Jerry" (Luxury comp) Dan thanks BB out loud for the groceries.. Memhpis says " It's Ten o clock on the dot" Memphis said "there is alot of food for 4 people" Keesha looking at the memory wall of Pics... Dan putting food in hte fridge to keep it fresh...Jerry in the SR now looking around. Jerry leaves..Memphis outside with Keesha, Memphis says "what does tomorrow have in store for us?" and laughs....Keesha says she is mad at Jerry for pointing out she is the ONLY girl in the house....

10:05 PM BB Time...

Memphis saying Jerry said he knew ALL the Answers to the HOH questions tonight and is TIRED of hearing about it...Dan coming outside now to join them...Jerry looking in the freezer ...Dan Saying his peach is so fresh and they are saying how they are good in cereal... Now talking about the 16th being the end of the game and Memphis says "It's AWESOME".... Jerry having Ice Cream.......outside they are laughing abot Jerry falling in the pool and how it was on Tv tonight.

BB Time 10:10 pm.....Jerry coming outside to join them with his ice cream, Keesha yawns says she is tired. Keesha says she has Never seen survivor and "would not survive on that show" Jerry said "the same people who do this do Surivior". "Keesha said Could April do surivior"? Memmphis said "She doesnt move more than 5 feet without putting on Makeup." (LOL) Dan asks Keesha's shoe size she says "8 1/2- 9". Keesha saying how wierd (Again) it is without all the other people.

Jerry laughing how he hurt his "Ass" falling in the pool..Memphis says "it was probably the highlight of the show" silent.....Keesha asking when the show went "High Def".....Dan said "probably a few yrs ago"....talking about tonights show.....how they showed them in the Astronaunt suits..Dan trying to catch a beetle to feed to the pet spider "Ted" (named after Keeha's Dad) Dan throw it up to the spider and it falls down...(the beelte) it got away....Dan walking around the yard looking for insects...Keesha laughing at the sumo Wrestler..Memphis says "It's going to be Japanese and the challenge will have to do with Japanese stuff". Asking what Luxury comps are like Jerry telling them about one from Last season that left Shelia hooked to Adam (hancuffed)...BB voice comes on says "Dan please go the Diary Room" Keesha says "Yea" !!! Dan goes to get his key....

gotta go folks sorry...Hopefully Be back to filll in about the HOH room...

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10:53 BB Time..... Dans HOH room , LOTS of pics of Monica.. letter from his Mom I think... saying how his Sister "will have good news" when he gets home.....Dan is really HAPPY to hear that she isn't with her boyfriend anymore... (thats what he took from that)....Mom say's "Memphis is SO COOL and Keesha and Jerry makes her laugh"....Memphis says "Nooooooooo" (Like no really ?)....Memphis and Keesha go down to the Kitchen and now back up to the HOH laughing at the fish, Dan asks if "You guys heard "the Killers"? (his CD)....Keesha says "Yes"... Dan rereading his letter now to himself (he had read it aloud).....Keesha asking "How are we going to function in real Life"? and Laughing , Memphis too...They are so tired and saying how if this makes them tired how will real life be.. All sitting quiet as Dans reads the letter and laughing about how it said "Pl,ease keep your sisters romantic Life out of your conversations".. Keesha says "Dan the man" ( in high voice) and says "Oh I wonder what they are showing" Laughing the time Dan was in the BR sneaking around in the dark to scare them. Memphis laughing too....Jerry satying he would never have this "decor" in a bedroom of his..the Red and the Gray....(HOH) Keesha saying how they all thought it was so cool when they first moved in...Dan saying how bright it is with all the lights in the house..Memphis saying you might have one light it will be a BIG difference when they get back home..

11:05pm BB Time.... Keesha yawns.... Memphis Yawns.....all sitting looking all around Memphis saying how Dan's "Pink" tie is 'Some tie" they all laugh (Pink tie on in his Grad pic he got) Jerry saying how his Siter looks like him (Dan)...Jerry asking who is in that Pic, Dan says that is his Sister again... Jerry saying how she changed her hair so much...Jerry saying she looks "thinner" in one of the pics . Keesha drinking something.... Everyone getting up to go after Dan gets called to the DR...

nighty night.....

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11pm-12am Jerry goes to bed around 11:30pm, Keesha comes out of DR sits outsiode and starts crying.. Boys upstairs talking about Goin 2 Japan, BB2, other luxery competions from other seasons. Memphis & Dan say they cvant nominate Keesha again, they trust her if they dont win HOH to pick Jerry to leave. Keesha still cryin outside 15 minutes later. at 11:52pm Dan sees on Spy Scfreem, Keesha come inside. Dan "What r u doing?" Keesha "nothing." Dan invites her up to HOH. Keesha come up and says she wsnt talkin with Jeery, she was outsie thinking about Renny. (Feed 1 cuts to Jerry asleep.) Keesha starts to cry. Dan "Whats wrong, u are sooued to crake up my mom." Keesha "(Crying) its so errie in here, they get get you goin ith questions." Dan gives her a hug, and Memphis sits next to her on bed "its almost over." Dan says "one night this week lets have a sleepover, with a Keesha sandwitch." Memphis laugfhs "We each have a loved one, so its ok." Keesha still cryin alittle. They try to cheer her up sayin she will be the vote for Luxert & POV.

12:21amBBT The 3 in HOH room head downstaIRS. Keesha in Kitchen, still sobing alittle. Dan tells Keesha & memphis in Kitchen sayin its not that long to fly to japan just 12-15 hours and gain the time comming back.

12:23amBBT Dan starts sigin "Mr.Roboto" FOTH Dan "R u to gonna be okay, in the same room, 2 warm water beds." Dan "come on we need to have a slumnber party this weekk" Memphis "thatwoundt look on TV good." Dan "well i have Monica, Memphis has Ashley, & Keesha has Gizmo." Keesha luaghs "you little shit."

12:25amBBT Dan heads up to sleep in HOH room, and the 2 in Kitchen eat and talk. Keesha "Its crazy and quiet here now."

12:26amBBT Dan come out to balcony "For the record guys, i hope u know Monica's real now, and the pictures are real." they laugh, Dan head to bed.

Keesha tells Memphis, the camera dont freak me out its the people behind the walls

12:35pmBBT Dan in HOH shower, Keesh ain downstirs BR, then brushs teeth

12:37amBBT Memphis is in bed & Keesha is in Bathroom, changing. Dan still in Shower, & Jerry asleep

12:39amBBT Dan is out of shower

12:40amBBT Keesha & Memphis talk about emotions, Dan in HOH robe lurks outside door, then smaskhs in. "Do u 2 need aldult supervision"

12:42amBBT The 3 whisper about Jerry(why hes asleep) then Dan says goodnight and heads back up to HOH.

12:43amBBT Keesha & Memphis talk about emotions in the BB house(sad,angry,funny,etc.)

12:45amBBT Dan brushs teeth in HOH room, Memphis lies , in Bed, Keesha in BR

12:47amBBT Dan uses HOH bathroom, Keesha gets into bed and talks to Memphis about Renny.

12:52amBBT Dan reads letter from home in HOH room, Keesha & Memphis talk, Keesha talks about living with her mom and how much she slept when home

12:57amBBT Keesha & mephis talk about how Jerry is gonna try so hard to get them to save him. Upstairs Dan fisnhed readin letter from hoem

1amBBT Keesha/Memphis still talkin about Jerry, Keesha hates bein in akward stitustions with Jerry, UpstairsDan shuts off lights and lays down listin 2 CD

1:02amBBT Memphis/Keesha talk about bein in house since day 1, Keesha said she it was just havin 2 hang on. Keesha said us 4 did well togeth we trusted each other

1:05amBBT Memphis o Keesha "I never thought in my whole life i would have a huge sumo wrestle in my room." Keesha laughs. Memphis "He shocked me i never ecpected to see the 1st new face after the same people in 60 days." Keesha wonders how Renny would act."We havent see n ppl, ppl! in soo long!"

1:09amBBT Keesha & Memphis talk about what they can expect iN Luxery, they wonder if some huge like japan, or a contest to do with sumo wrestling, both have no clue. Memphis & Keesha agree goin 2 Japan, would take 3 days, but its BB so u never know

1:12amBBT Memphis talks about eatin real ggod Chinese food in Chinatown, where they were only english speakers

1:14amBBT Keesha talks about wanting to live in area by a campus in a beaulitful loft but its was a bad neighbohood, and JJ talked her out of it

1:22amBT Memphis & keesha talkin about roomates & buin stuff and roommates use it. Dan still in HOH listin 2 music,Jerry is still alseep in 80s room

1:23amBBT memphis heads to bathroom, Dan sees him walk throgh house on spy screen, and sits up lookin 4 him to come up stairs

1:25amBBT Memphis washs hands and head back to 70s room. Dan sees Memphis walk by again, and lays back down.

1:26amBBT Keesha & Memphis stalk about JJ & Ashley

1:30amBBT Keesha & memphis talk about bad neighbors & mean ppl on phones. Memphis "i hate important people who act as if they are the best"

1:32amBBT Memphis talk about quitin bein an agent, as it was all adrelaine, he quit suring the strike, says it was a cut-throught bussiness, says during the strike, they had to fire 10 assotants and 1 which just had twins 1 week before christmas. "people use to be fired about donouts." "i had one guy workin next to me one day and next day hes gone."

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1:36amBBT Keesha/Memphis talkin about jobs in clubs. In HOH roo, Dan takes off headphones and goes to bed.

1:39amBBT the 2 talkin about havin so many boss at clubs, 2 guys sayin this way, 2 guys sayin this that way, and 2 guys sayin a complet diffent way. Memphis "its like 6 chiefs and no iditos

1:44amBBT Feeds 1 & 2 on Keeshs/Memphis talkin, Feed 3 on Dan asleep & Feed 4 on Jery asleep

1:45amBBT Memphis "were gonna have ppl staring at us now." Memphis cant belive its almost over. Keesha says Jerry thinks it ends Sunday. Keesha thinks next thursday is another eviction. Keesha "it has to be boring for people." Memphis thiks Tuesday eviction,Thursday eviction, then Sunday end

1:48amBBT Memphis "this is what the DR asked me, 'How do u fell about never gettin a HOH room.' How do u think i fell Dickhead." FOTH

1:49amBBT Memphis says he wounld not come backj for another BB, "i thought i was not sane commin in here and im even worse now."

1:50amBBT Mephis & keesha agree they get axcious wghen their looked outside but its better then in backyard. Memphis says "if in Sequester they would of told me sequester for 8 days i would of freaked out."

1:51amBBT Memphis said when he was put in jail one time i had a breakdown. "as soon as they locked the bars, it messed with me."

1:56amBBT Keesha & memphis realize the feeds must be on them, as they are the only living thing in house. Keesha & Memphis talk about nevers eeing themsleve son feeds as theirs no replay(YES THEIR IS!!!! lol) They say they will watch highlifghts on Youtue & Episodes on Internet.

1:59amBBT Memphis "Dan tells me their these fan sites that sit their and type everything we say." Keesha "WHAT!, really, relly, we gotta stop talking aout where we live." (I wonder who would type this lol)

2amBBT Memphis "I liv ein Malibu" Keesha "You are tellin me their is crazy people that are typin everything we say right now." Memphis "I woundt call them crazy, i love u."

2:02amBBT Memphis "I love my fans." Keesha "me too, if i have any, my frends & family." Memphis "Even if u like me or not u have to watch me now , im the only 1 left."

2:03amBBT Keesha "Goodnight." Memphis "Do u have to unpack anymore." Keesha "uh huh"

2:04amBBT All Houseguest trying to Sleep(Dan & Jerry already asleep)

2:11amBBT All Houseguests Asleep(Even the BBUK houseguests alseep and they end 2day)

Goodnight see u tommrow I hope Keesha dosent call me a crazy person tommrow (JEM plz make sure to post Keesha's & memphis chat about "us crazyees" LOL)

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4:42 am BBT: All cams on sleeping hg's.

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9:20 AM

All HG's were woken up by a man in a gorilla suit jumping on their beds and then pounding on Dan's HOH door. They all followed him outside.


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9:41 am BBT

Now there is a contortionist in the BY

The gorilla is building something and covering it with a blue tarp...

D - just don't cover her up

The HG's look seriously confused (as am I)

There is a giant Hot Dog in the BY, and there is a huge ear... a gong just gonged

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There's a big hot dog out there. Jerry and Keesha have rung the bell and gone to the DR to make their guesses. There's also a big yellow wedding cake with ING at the bottom. There's a big (fake) elephant and also a tub filled with something. Dan wonders if he can touch it and asks Mike (BB) if he can. FOTH

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There is also a huge elephant (life sized)

The gorilla is sitting by Memphis

D - which one is Memphis?? Points at M and says this is memphis with his back shaved and then points at the gorilla and says this is memphis without his back shaved...

J just got called to the DR

D says K have a thing for gorillas? That gorilla seems to have a thing for you

Gorilla laughs

They ask if J is getting another one

M - he may but he'll never know it. It could be one sentence

K - I'm so thirsty I wonder if there is drinks in it

D - can we touch this Mike?

K - so we can go to the bathroom right?

M - we can do whatever we want


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