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August 17 & 18 - Live Feed Updates

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( note to self: never eat chips on BB )

Renny says Memphis is cocky as shit. Keesha says so is Michelle. Renny - it pisses me off.

Keesha - people are overly confident.

Renny - Jerry won't win too many comps.

Keesha - Jerry might have our backs.

Keesha, Michelle and Memphis are going together to the end and using Dan.

* watching monitor and see Memphis *

( I'm out, I can't deal with Renny's loud chomping & smacking. Gross. )

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3:14 pm BBT

Dan waiting to talk to Renny in HoH, locked herself out again.

R is eating AGAIN... She hasn't stopped since she got HoH.

Mi is talking about eyeliner and says she doesn't have any black eyeliner with her. She asks R if she will do her eyeliner someday,

R tells her sure.

Mi gets conformation that her eyes pop out when she has eyeliner.

R got called to the DR.

R gets her key, MI confirms she got it.

R - where did K go?

MI - she is out there.

R pokes her head outside - K can I talk to you upstairs?

K - Yeah and comes in.

R gets something to drink. R tells MI she will talk to her later.

MI - no problem, whenever you have time GF. R & K go to HoH.

R - I keep locking myself out. K - she has to talk to you?

R - yeah she says it is not big though.

R - all these ppl are scaring the s*** outta me.

K - I know

R - munch munch munch

K - I don't think you are anyones target though, from the convos I have heard. I don't think you would go right away, if they were targeting the both of us they would get me up first.

R - they would put us on the block together, one of them out there. They are scary. ME is walking around like he is cocky as S***. Pisses me off.

K - so is MI

R - yeah like they got the game won already

K - yeah put them up together. That is one thing I notice when ppl get overly confidant...

R - I don't think the Col. would win, he is good at POVs...

K - says she thinks Jerry would have their back.

R - He scares the s*** out of me

K - if I got HoH I don't know who I would put up

R - Well I hope it's not me!

K - Yeah you would be the first

R - Well cuz you have to tell me who I would vote for

K - It would not be you stupid, I would put up a strong player, I don't think I would put up Jerry or Ollie, but you don't know until the time comes, everything moves so fast around here. I think they are going to try to take each other to the end.

R - yeah and they got Dan in on it.

K- I do think they are going to take each other to the end

R - maybe we should call her up

K - does she want to talk to you?

R - yeah but she said nothing serious They notice someone coming up, is it dan or is it Memphis...

K - it is ME... give him a minute.

R - watch him for a min, he is at the counter...

R - is he talking?

K- he is standing at the front looking at everones pic...

R opens HoH door... MI do you want to come up here for a min. darling?

MI - I was actually going to say I want to talk to both of you guys... yesterday when we were talking I was think about something... Does Jerry know he is leaving?

R - Jerry don't know s***

MI - do u think the guys are utilizing the fact that Jerry thinks they are going to use them... She thinks that they guys are telling him that if they don't vote for you and you get HoH you don't put us up... I just wanted to ask your opinion...

K - we are going to be the only 3 girls left.

R - yeah they are going to get the girls out

MI - what if they tell him that

R - he will do whatever they say

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michelle asked renny if they can talk and she said yeah but she's talkin to dan right now

mich says no problem

renny thinks she locked herself out of her hoh room

dan goes outside and renny goes to get keesha

renny just stuck her head outside and asked keesha if she could talk to her upstairs

keesha says sure

renny grabs something to drink first

keesha asked renny if michelle wants to talk to her ®

R says yea but i told her later

R: these people scare the shit out of me

K: says me too but i think i'm a bigger target than you

R: i think they would put us on the block together

K: You do?

R: yeah

R they are all scary, well everybody is scary but......

R: memphis walkin around like he's confident as shit

K: so does michelle

R: yep

K: those two (M and M) need to be put up togther

K: one thing i notice is when people get overly confident

R: i dont think the colonel will win a lot of hoh's

R: he's good at povs but not hoh's

K: if i was to get hoh next week i have no idea who i would put up

R: i hope it wouldn't be me, K says jokinly, yeah you'd be the first to go up

R: says well you'll just have to let me know who you wanted out

K: says i don't think i'd put up ollie or jerry next week

K: says she thinks that memphis and michelle plan on takin each other to the end

K: says it's something about those two, she just really thinks that

R: mich wants to talk to me, she says it's no big deal, just to see where my head is at i guess

R: i'm goin to feel her out and see what she says and whose name she throws out there

R: if it's not memphis, then we know something, we'll see if she mentions da

they are both lookin at the spy screen, watchin dan look at the pics

renny goes to the door and yells for michelle to come up there

M says she actually wanted to talk to both of you guys

M says does jerry think he's stayin or does he think he's goin, what do you think?

M says she's been thinkin about the guys and she is wondering what they are tellin jerry

she is wondering if they are promising jerry safety what's gonna happen to them next week

M says that jerry doesn't really know if he's safe or not and the guys may be using him and are wanting him to think that he needs their vote for him to stay and make him promise them safety

M says that jerry is hardly ever outside and now today he's been outside on the couch by ollie and memphis all day

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3:31 pm BBT

MI, K and R in HoH talking

R - He don't talk to me at all, he didn't even come to me when I was doing nominations!

MI - Cuz he thinks he is safe with you

They are talking how the guys have an alliance and that they don't want to take the girls to the end. MI says that she has been wracking her brain

R - ME would probably take D to the end (She figured it out!)

They are talking about how there are a lot of ppl walking around their confident. MI says that she doesn't want them to go back and say anything K assures her that she is not.

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Michelle is certain that Jerry has made a deal with Dan and Memphis.

She is trying to convince Keesha and Renny that Jerry needs to go this week.

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3:37pmBBT Michelle workin hard to get the girls to keep April and get rid of Keesha, Michelle sayin APril needs "Our votes" and to get rid of Jerry.

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Michelle does not want the veto used on Jerry.

K is worried that if April stays, Kee will go next.

Michelle said no, she does not want April to stay. She just wants to know if they think that the guys made a deal with Jerry.

Michelle is worried and Keesha agrees with her. Ren thinks the guys already made a deal.

Kee doesn't think so.

Michelle says Jerry is walking around here like he knows something and thinks it is weird that Jerry has not come to talk to her, Michelle, about nothing.

Michelle, the colonel made up an alliance in the past that if the girls get together and took on the guys, it is possible that the guys just made a deal with Jerry.

Ren, Memp probalby will take Dan to the end.

K, If you are liked in here, its scary cause they won't take you to the end. And all three of us are liked.

Michelle, I hope you don't go back to them to tell them, cause I think we girls need to stick together.

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Dan is now in HOH room. Asks what is going on......

K, nothing.

Ren, I was curious when you said yesterday about taking Jerry off the block.

Ren, why did you say that?

Dan, because I have the POV. that's all. I was playing the devils' advocate.

Ren, what do you think about the colonel.

Dan, I think he is the next to go. You know. Do I think he still hates me? Yes.

Ren, what about Michelle?

Dan, I am neutral about Michelle. I don't think she dislikes me but I don't think she thinks I am an enemy. I did not really want to scare you, I just want to know who you would put up, (if he used pov on jerry)

Ren, some people are running around like they are so safe. What if I told you that someone wants to keep April in the house?

Dan, I would say its up to the HOH. I'm still under the impression that you want her to go right?

Ren, yup.

Dan, whats wrong with you K?

K, nothing.

Dan, I could tell in her face

Ren, I know people talk about who is best to take to the end.

K, if you got HOH, you would not put me & Renny up would you?

Dan, no, why would I do that?

K, I'm just asking, cause I hope you know that I would not put you up.

K, just a thought going thru my head.

R, it all matters who wins HOH.

K, to Dan, did April and Jerry talk to you about keeping them in?

Dan, yes today.

R, did she offer you some money?

Dan, nods, um, she did not offer me a dollar amt.

K, did Jerry offer money to you?

K, are you thinking about changing your mind?

Dan, no.

Dan, I just knew when I walked in here, you were a little bit concerned

K, I am kinda concerned a little bit cause if April stays in I am going out. You know when someone is targeting you.

R, so if you won HOH, you would want the colonel gone right?

D, he would be one of them I would put up. Does not know the other nom.

K, well ya, you have to protect yourself in this game.

Dan, are you concerned now?

R, I am just concerned now.

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4:35 BBT

April and Ollie talking on the couches outside about if dan will use to pov

April says 100% she thinks Dan wont use POV. Ollie isnt so sure. Thinks that he might be going up against April if he does end up using it.

April saying they probably threatened Dan into not using POV. They wouldnt ruffle 3 feathers by nominating Ollie when they can keep it the same and keep Ollie on their side so he doesnt target them.

Ollie saying it's Dans call and theres still a chance they would want to put up Ollie because they know he would be a vote for April to stay. Ollie also saying he's worried about BB interfering with his deal he made with Renny and drop hints to her to not trust him.. Then we get FISH.

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Dunring dinner time in the BB house. April and Ollie were not at the table and Jerry is outside. BB gave them wine again. Everyone (but Ollie, April and Jerry) sitting around the table chatting.

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Renny reenacted Memphis burning his fingers and dropping the steaks.. everyone laughing. Ollie and April come in. Keesha tells April there is beer in the fridge. Renny does the reenactment again.. all laugh. ... Fishes...

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7:53pm BBT

Michelle working on Dan to vote out Jerry. Saying that Jerry wants out, and that they would have a bigger alliance-A,O, Mem, Mich and Dan vs Keesha/Renny. Ollie had worked on DAn a while ago in the backyard as well.

Now O, Mich, DAn in hippie room making promises to Dan and Mich (looks like a flip-BBFT)

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Memphis walked in and talks stop. Now Mich in BR with APril giving her the in fo andd the deal that O proposed-(cant hear real well) REen, Keesh and Jerry clueless of dealings and out in the BY on couches talking bout nothing

Keesha now saying she will be very upset if the 2 boys flip on her, said would be hurt. Asking Jerry if he has a deal with A & O till the end--Jerry saying no deal.

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8:12 BBT

Memphis working on Dan now saying that he will lose Keesha if he takes A off and will lose Memp cuz April and Ollie will put Memp up. Memphis saying that you use the veto, u gain one person, but if you dont use it it is still the same.

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10:47 BBT

Dan goes into HOH to talk to Reeney.......Dan says people telling him "scearios" about Pov.....she asks if its Michele wanting him to take off April...

Dan says just different things....Reeney "like what"

Dan asks how he knows to trust people..Renney says vibes their "eyes"

Dan says he han't "made any deals" and Reeney asks if April came to talk and "offered you money"...Dan says even though he hasn't won any money...or prizes..Reeney telling Dan "it wil be a double whammy for you" if he took April out...Reeney saying April "is very dangerous" with power "she's a beast" Reeney "there is no amount of money" she can pay me.....Reeney says "is it worth $5000"....Dan says he's never had anyone give him that kind of money......Reeney warns everyone will be pissed......Reeny says if you "leave her in" then she will have the power ...tells dan to do 'what he wants to do"...but $5k is it worth it......

Dan says "I've never seen that kind of money"..Reeney "that's all she has left"...saying you'll have the money pust people would want HOH to "put you up"......Dan hpes the convo stays private.......Dan asks if its worth what "he's built" in the game

reeney says "even though I can't play" everyone else will ...

Reeney "the money in the end cost you"..."you could win"...Dan "i think you're right" and just wanted to go over with her...

Reeney says she had a lot of power and money......Reeney "she has a good shot of winning"...Dan says it scared me when she talk about him being "a pawn"..it made me "nervous"....Reney "thats the game"..not to make enemies..saying if he used POV...he'll make "a lot of enemies"....

Reeney says she would not position of taking the money and miss "the opportunity"..telling him "I would have to turn on you"..Keesha also...."its not worth it"

Dan saying he would never do it to a "friend at home" why would he "do it here"

Reeney say "i might be wrong" but the risk is high..and "its not enough money" for the risk...and "will always regret making the decision"...

reeney says if he told her if he has to think about it......"I didn't tell her nothing"

Reeney "we're all in to win"......Dan hopes him not using the veto as a "further sign to trust me"

Dan says "thanks for listening to me"

reeney going on about "the Colonel"........dan saying Jerry was up 'two to nothing"..Dan says he talked "to keesha a little bit"...Reeney says "you'll feel rotten" if he used it...

reeney repeats herself of the consequences....Dan saying there must be more luxury prizes.....and happens later on in the show..

Dan glad she could get "her opinion"...

Reeney going own her clothes worth......"I been trying to get her out since day one"....Dan driveling that he hopes he doesn't appear weak from "temptation" over the money...

11:07 BBT they both head downstairs.......

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11:09 BBT

April and Ollie talking in sauna room olie says he saw Dan leave the DR and run up to Reeneys HOH....saying "maybe he had to use the bathroom"..April says he's using it right now..downstairs...

Jerry comes in "have you had a lollipo today"......lets them know he made iced tea..Olliewants to try it Jerry says it has "a lot of sugar"..Ollie admits he's been eating "a lot of sugar today"

Dan walks by April who's playing with her hair in the kitchen and smiles at him as he goes by...April talking to herself dumping stuff out into the sink..

Dan heads into the darkened 60s room and says goodnight to Reeney before he gets ready for bed.....Keesha is already asleep..

11:14 BBT Jerry Ollie and April are in the kitchen as well as Reeney.....April says she's going to eat her ice cream in the sauna room so she doesn't have to eat it in front of her..

BBAD switches to Dan playing with himself under the blankets...actually I think he's changing his pants..{who cares}

Back in the kitchen...reeney tells Michele "goodnight" as Michele asks Jerry what he's drinking....Reeney tells Jerry "i'm ready to go to bed" Jerry says he got a good nap today because "I didn't slleep good last night".....Really" reeney says...asking him if he misses "His ice cream" and says he misses that and "cheeseburgers and steaks" talking about he's been on slop "a long time" and says but not as long as "chicken george"...asking him if "he hold the record"....Jerry tries to say he was on all stars and say his season they were "on peanut butter"..

11:20 BBT April sitting quietly in the sauna room.....picking at her face......

Back in the kitchen Reeney heads to her HOH...while Jerry heads outdorrs and parks it on the couch...someones out there but are out of camera view..ahh its Ollie who's shooting hoops silence is broken by a belch and an "excuse me" by Ollie......Michele is in the kitceh window...no dialogue at all..

11:25 BBT Memphis gets up and Michele asks if he's sleeping...Memphis mumbles something...Michel goes on with straitening out her room and hops on her bed..memphis heads to the bathrrom to brush his teeth with April already brushing hers....Ollie comes in.......no talking between the three at all....April breaks the silence..saying they have no washcloths...Ollie says they're washing April thought he said "wash some" and temporarily is insulted.....

April and Ollie whisper about Dan...but running water and toothbrushes drowns them out...

11:31 BBT

Dan Memphis and Jerry talking outside.. Talking about politics and swing states....Jerry asking "how's California's economy"..Memphis "I dunno..seems good to be" {idiots must not read or watch the news}

Reeney comes out to do laundry says something..Dan say "I couldn't fall asleep"..asking her what she's drinking...Reeney says she's drinking her frozen wine and made a daiquiri..

jerry asks about drinks and Memphis goes on about his drinks...Dan asks how long it takes him to make a drink..Memphis says minute to minute and a half.......two tops...Dan asks when he started "bartendind" and corrects himself and says "mixes"..Memphis saying "mixology" is a new thing..talks to jerry about it......and talking about "mango daiquiri"...lists off the ingredients..Dan says "sounds interesting" saying "horse raddish pomegranate " margarita that sells for $19.00....saying "it has a kick to it".....Memphis says he only does table side not a bar...going on that his drinks are "very elegant"....."no big drinks"........Memphis goes on his drinks....Dan asks a few questions...as Memphis goes on about ingrdients..saying "I know em all"...when dan asks if he uses recipes..Memphis says he makes up a lot of things sometimes they go over okay and sometimes not...."a bunch of crazy shit" he uses...Jerry asks if he uses "absinthe"..Memphis says they don't but knows of a place that uses it...

jerry asks what they have Memphis says they have a DJ....jerry says "pretty much a drinking place"..Memphis "pretty much"

11:47 BBT Ollie and Michele playing pool...

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11:51 BBT Ollie heads to room and finds April in bed..Ollie says he use to stay up late with Dan Brian and himself to talk...and now Dan is doing it with Memphis...

April whispers what she wants to tell Dan 4 things she goes over quickly "for his vote"..telling him "what can Keesha offer you" saying if Keesha may put him up because she won't put up Memphis or Reeney..April says "she doesn't give a shit about the clothes" "I'll nver wear em..its not my taste" saying she'll bribe Michele with them..Ollie says "sell em".....Ollie saying "i don't want to be like that" about strong arming him if he's going to use the PoV

Michele comes in whispers inaudibly...Michele saying if Jerry wins HOH Memphis is going up.....April saying Jerry uses the # of girls to guy ratio a lot.."thats what he does"...Michele finishes whispering her mile a minute drivel leaves and Ollie and April turn to their scenarios game..

12:01 BBT

Outdoors..its quiet with jerry by himself sitting there scratching his head...and yawning...Dan heads back outside...Jerry ask what he would be doing on "a sunday night at home"..Dan says he'd be sleeping since he coaches footbal the would be having "early morning practices"

Dan asks Jerry the same question.."probably watching TV..probably watching big brother"..Dan asks if he ever thought he would be on BB..he says no saying he tried for BB9 and then he "get this call on a Thursday"....FOTH

12:05 BBT

feeds back talking about being the "Oldest" on reality TV..calling himself "ornery" saying he doesn't "feel old"

They just generally chit chat...saying "i can't get over the outfits she brought..tons of em" Jerry says about Reeney..

Jerry lets out another yawn....talking about sleeping pills...Dan says Steven took it..Memphis who comes out and says "Ambien" saying they were his if DR was gicving them out he would take them calling them "amazing"

12:12 BBT All three outside and no convo when we get another foth

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12:15 BBT

Feeds return with jerry talking about a "helmet full of shrimp".....Jerry talking about saying someone took his clothes and danced around naked and was fired..another guys would always punch people..he was never fired ..just demoted....saying saleperson would "get wild"...

Jerry asks if Dan does "pushups" and Dan says sometimes....and Jerry goes on..."i'm losing weight"...

Jerry asks about his coaching and Dan tells him what he does...Dan saying "i hope the seniors understand" Jerry says "why wouldn't they"

Memphis working out..

another foth...

12:23 BBT feeds return to Jerry and Dan wondering if they should try to go sleep...Jerry says nothing worse just lying there trying to go to sleep....

another foth...

12:26 BBT Feeds return for a couple seconds and again to Dan and Memphis talking {Jerry might have went to bed}..."to me its not worth it I'm going to leave it the same" {the noms} and asks Memphis says he needs to shake on it..to go to "Final two" they shake on it....Dan saying 5 grand might "not be a lot to you" but its to him.....Dan says even if he gets to final two even the $50k would be good..

Memphis says he's trying to figure out Jerry.."I can't read his ass for shit"...saying "he's nice as hell"...."i don't know man"..Dan says from history "he'll go where the power goes" Memphis says he's worried about him getting HOH...Dan says we could "whell and dea;"..Memphis worries that he opens his mouth too much and would tell everybody....saying he's worried about "michele and Ollie"..think she would "go after Jerry but would not go after Ollie..

Dan says Michele think..Him Memphis and Keesha have something..Memphis saying its crucial to win HOH and again they are talking about throwing HOH to Keesha.......Dan says the question "a nd B" "true and False" suck...

Dan says even if they don't win HOH "we still control what's going on"..Memphis "as long as one of us isn't on the block" ..talking about who they want in final 4....saying "MIchele would be hard to be"......talking about Reeney or Michele....Dan says "we can wear Reeney down mentally" Michele they can't..

12:40 BBT....Memphis says if Reeney wins 4 out she could blow the gasket off this thing...Dan saying if they get to "final 5 and Michele wins it" saying its hard to think about whats going to happen...

"after 5" we can win HOh..saying "at some point" "we are going to have to alternate"hoh wins..Memphis saying if Ollie wins we "can convince him to put up Jerry"......Dan says "you just have to keep your thumb on Michele then"

Talking about the PoV ceremony tomorrow and Dan says "tuesday and wednesday for people to start flipping out"

Dan says "kessha" is about the only thing as "a sure thing" we have in this house..Dan says "michele makes me nervouse she always lurking around"..Memphis "ya....saying she's kinda nuts" saying she reminds me of "tha aunts from the Simpsons"...Dan says if "she gets to the end" she'll have a lot of "respect" and "sympathy".....Memphis "i agree"..

dan says "were alright..we don't need to force anything"..."i wish we can trust Reeney a little more"..Memphis says she'll be "popping off" and Dan says she doesn't like how she calls people out..Dan heads to bed saying "renegades" "picking em off" one at a time...

12:45 BBT Dan heads in while Memphis stays behind..

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12:49 BBT

Reeney walking around the house..heads to her HOH.....

12:51 BBT

April Michele and Ollie laughing in their BR...Michele saying "Holly"is apologizing...michele gets up to paint her nails beacuse "its about to break" telling them "i worked hard to get these nails"...she leaves and comes back....explains what she did..nail talk ensues..

April laughing about "how loud" Michele snores saying last night "i thought it was Ollie"

Michele wonders why people snore...

12:59..Memphis sitting outside by himself..

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1:03 BBT

Memphis who is sitting on the outside couch alone.. is the only one up... everyone else seems to be alseep or in bed...if much changes with in half hour I'll update this post...

1:15 BBT Pretty much the same Memphis is off his rump walking around before plopping into his bed......April and Ollie are whispering in bed to scared to look at what they are actaully doing...

{I'm out..night all be back tomorrow}

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8:36 am BBT

HG's in bed asleep, Dan tossing and turning, someone squeeked a couple of minutes ago.

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