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August 15 & 16 - Live Feed Updates

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SORRY forgot the BBT's 3:40 BBT Keesha and April cleaning up in the Kitchen, Michelle playing pool by herself. Cant see the rest of the house guests.

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BBT 3:47PM Ollies up in the HOH telling Renny that if Aprils the target that he shouldn't pay for it. She said she knows what she's doing. He says that if she doesn't put him up then she has safety with them for 2 weeks. She keeps interupting him, saying she has made her decision and when he sees who she has put up he will understand. ( she really didn't want to hear what he had to say) Ollie goes back down stairs with April. ( whispering so low hard to hear) He's telling her how Renny said she has already made her mind up and the offer that he gave her. Michelle is in the backyard complaining about her leotard ( again)


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4:05pm BBT:

Michelle and Keesha are STILL in the backyard bashing Libra and how Michelle has been robbed of her vacation and that why hasn't she won anything? Michelle says Libras excuse for taking her vacation that " Her HUSBAND would be mad" was bull crap. That Libra should never have taken the money from April either ecspecially since she knew she was leaving. Keesha says he biggerst pet peeve are people who think they are better than everyone else. They are discussin how much better the environment is now that she is gone. ( just a libra bashing, sticking food in her open mouth discussion)

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4:35 BBT

Renny was just called to the DR. Everyoen thinks it's nomination time.

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4:40BBT - Keesha Dan and Memphis in the BY on couches talking. Keesha saying Renny has invited her for a sleepover in the HoH and then says the game is so exhausting.

Then FotH. (grrrr - I just got here!)

4:52 BBT - Feeds are back and April is in bed. Ollie, Michelle and Keesha in BY. They're discussing PoV and lockdown. Michelle feels like something may be going on late night.

(April looks contemplative and I wonder why Ollie isn't in there with her? - MrsF)

In the BY they are discussing that there must be a huge twist, and Michelle suggests more than one twist since it's BB10. Ollie thinks it must be something big. Keesha says you just never know with BB, and admits she thought the earthquake was faked.

Michelle tries to describe what an earthquake feels like and likens it to being on a surf board (that's just too freakin' weird! - MrsF in Earthquake Country)

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4:57 - Feeds 1&2 on April in bed and 3&4 on Keesha, Ollie, Michelle with Memphis joining in on the BY couches. Earthquake discussion continues -

Michelle estimates the time at about 5pm and Keesha says the exercise bike is gone. Michelle into kitchen to check time.

Ollie asks if Renny is still in the DR and they say yes and Keesha says they'll lock them out anytime.

Inside on Feed 2, Renny goes into a BR, past the snoozin' April.

5:01 BBT Silence as Michelle scratches her head and daydreams while staring at the coffee table.

Ollie stares off into space and we hear a heavy sigh.

Keesha squeeks as she yawns.

Memphis chews something and we hear crunching.

(Boy, what a lively crowd!- MrsF)

Ollie says he misses Friday nights outside the house and Michelle and Keesha agree.

Michelle yawns and says it's day 39, right?

Ollie says "uhhhhh."

5:09BBT - Renny has Keesha help her with something on her back (zipper? mic?) and BB calls an ODLD. Then FotH / Trivia

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5:09 PM BBT Outdoor lockdown just announced. Probably the standard pre nom ceremony lockdown. Still no sighting of Renny.

5:10 PM BBT FOTH then trivia

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6:00PM BBT - Still Trivia

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6:49 BBT

Keesha in HOH talking to Renny. Keesha just said that "they are out there building something." (she is referring to them being on an ID LD and they are building something outside - they are speculating that the POV is tonight.

April and Ollie are in the Red and Black room talking about her being nominated.

Renny told Keesha that she did what she wanted to do and she could not see putting up Ollie because he is a good guy and she likes him.

She has wanted to put Jerry up for a long time.

So April and Jerry are nominated!

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7:29 BBT

renny, michelle, memphis, dan and keesha in HOH room talking about the food comp

renny is saying the crickets would have been easy for her to eat, she would have just shoved them done her throat,

memphis says he knew the slop one would have been hard because he was a lot and when he was on slop a very small portion would fill him up so if had to eat of that in comp, he would have gagged

Keesha and Michelle are upset that the fish in the HOH tank are beating up the smaller fish. Keesha says they're going

to kill him and eat him and BB is letting it happen. Then we get .. FISH!

not sure where April Ollie and jerry are

feeds come back and the group in the hoh are not talkin about rats in peoples houses

renny says mice are easier to catch than rats

renny says that rodents like peanut butter

no game talk, just about rodents right now

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8:20PM BBT: BB getting very nervous because April, Michelle, Ollie and Keesha are talking about the internet feeds having a delay so they can edit out the naughty stuff. April is saying BB told her they edit out all nudity and such. And wonder of all wonders we keep getting fish each time she tells us that they promised they cut stuff like that out....

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8:55PM BBT: Players have been picked for POV already

Ollie, Keesha, Dan, Renny, Jerry and April are playing.

sounds like Michelle might be hosting. I heard "hostess with the mostess" Memphis is pissed off he isnt' playing.

With BB After Dark going on now so PoV competition at the earliest would begin sometime after Midnight Pacific/Big Brother time.

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Keesha is playing because she said she would go put on grubby clothes when they called Michelle to the diary room..which leaves Dan as the last player...

Renny/Jerry/April.... Keesha/Ollie/Dan.....

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10:35PM BBT: michelle and memphis in the storage room discussing renny, and why did she put up jerry instead of Ollie, they are questioning her intentions, and if renny has a deal with Ollie. they're saying they need three votes to stay in case april or ollie win pov

Ollie and april snuggling in the sauna room.

Memphis went to the hippy room where renny and dan were sitting, and we got Fishies

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10:53 BBT

Memphis reeney and Dan in the 60s room..Memphis reliving old memories from college talking about spring break....talking about Drinking...and nearly "falling out" Drunk...of the bus...his friend drove...Reeney saying "that is so funny"

Reeney saying in the 60s saying about her "hippies" friends getting invoved onnight..about getting a van...filled with "smoke" and made a wrong turn..and "we were in a parade"..Reeney says she ran away after the van stopped worried the cops would get her...

In the kitchen..Keesha going over the songs from the food comp "THiller "Monster Mash" that "would explain why its dark....and think PoV is tonight..

Keesha staring at the memory wall..

11:00 BBT Reeney talking about being high seeing "pig in the mirror"..."elephants running after me".........as she ran home..

Michele Keesha and April talking about the POV being something about being a graveyard....April hoping its not being "buried alive"..April saying "I'm claustrophobic...I like my space"

"At the stroke of midnight" the songs says and the think that's when PoV starts..

Ollie chimes in saying they will fill the house with ghosts...

Keesha heads back to 60s room and Reeney tells her van parade story..

"dan will tell you anything you want to hear"....because Keesha says she looks like "bette midler" in a "picture"....Dan says she doesn't when reeney asks him....

Reney leaves and Keesha says to Dan "she does look like Bette Midler" saying she likes her thinks she's talented...

Dan asks what everyone's doing and Keesha gives the report..Dan saying Libra always "wanted me" to report on what everyone was doing..

In the kitchen Jerry eating fired slop...saying its very "palbable this way" to Dan..Ollie cooking slop via Jerry's instructions...

Ollie "i need to eat something" as Jerry says this way its very "eatable" {edible}...

11:12 BBT

Dan in the 60s room asks Keesha "have we ever had to contests in the same day"..Keesha saying she doesn't think so...Dan now saying that technically it might not be the same day..

"Its gonna be crazy" when Dan asks her about what's going through her {bird} brain... talking about PoV and it beinng cemetery and graveyard..

Dan saying "who would ever thought since week 1"..Keesha saying she would have never thought "any of us" being together..Dan saying you need that time to figure out the people..Dan "little did we know"

Talking about Brian...Keesha saying he had everybody in her "except me michele and Libra"...."he wasn't my favorite person"...."I just never got to know him"..Dan asking if she ever go to "talk to Angie much" saying "i did towards the end"..saying they "cleared things up before she left"..saying "she scared me..because she's such a guy's girl" and they would carry her through...Dan saying he like steve a lot and trusted him...Keesha saying she tried to get Michele to use POV and put Libra up..

Dan saying he asked a lot of "serious" questions Keesha saying "he liked you a lot" and wanted to see him "win the game"...

Libra bashing......{not worth typing since you know what's being said..same ol thing}

Keesha doing her "evryone is a good person" and Dan saying he has "no hard feelings"..Keesha goes on to talk about people..

Memphis renters the room Dan saying he would only get pissed if someone talked about his family....

Keesha says she met John Stamos in "a unisex bathroom" Dan looking puzzled that they having unisex bathrooms..Dan can't believe it { I rarely see em} as Memphis and Keesha says its pretty common..Dan keeps asking questions ...

Keesha says J, Stamos said "are you ladies having a good night"

Dan still stuck on the unisex...Keesha the first time she say it was in New York and say showers "in a club" Memphis says "for ecsatay" Keesha says yes..

11:31 BBT

Ollie Jerry and April talking in the pink room Jerry says if they have POV tonight they won't have anything tomorrow...talking about what to do with her extra clothes...and stuff from being HOH saying they will use trash bags..when they pack....

11:35 BBT Dan Memphis and Keesha talking about partying...Dan really just listening...talking aboy "25 when it starts" that its hard to recover from partying...Keesha says she never had hangovers no she does and is miserable..saying "I black out so easy".......Keesha talking about hangovers and post partying stupors...

Dan asks if JJ partys she says no JJ says "I act too young and he acts too old"

Date talk..Dan says school starts next week...

11:38 BBT

Ollie tells april she's on with something with "tha stroke of midnight" thing...as the talk about waht's going to happen...

11:41 Whispering going on in the 60s room not audible..

11:42 BBT

Dan thinks as soon as Michele comes out of the DR that's when POV will start...

Dan talking about the Wii radio station giveaway..about the lady that died drom drinking too much water and holding it. {water intoxication}

Brief FOTH

11:44 BBT Talking about the food comp..

In the other room Ollie "its going to be a real late one"....Michele comes in...whispering about Jerry i think..Ollie saying Jerry was "over my shoulder" when he was "eating" and "cooking" slop

Midnight talk about POV.....

Dan come through asking if they are going to sleep and they say "its almost midnight"..Michel acting Loopy as usual.. and "did the moonwalk and almost fell"

Dan saying in the 60s room that April asked for her vote...and says like he would keep someone he couldn't trust....

Memphis "have you ever had sex on a water bed"..Dan "not this game again"..Keesha says "once" and she faintly remembers "a long long long time ago""it was only once"

11:54 BBT

Michele and April and Ollie talking BB yelling at them about making them sit and move for camera shots..and we get FOTH..

In the 60s room they are talking about Jessie and his "wendys " date...and wanting to get a cubic zerconia...Keesha says "he was a child"....Memphis saying sometimes he had a girlfriend and sometimes he did...Memphis saying he thought it was "very wierd"

12:00 BBT In the Pink Room michele just continues to blabber on....about Holly'

April says "they didn't call you in" I think they "are just messin' with us"

April and Olllie talking about going to bed..

12:04 BBT

Ollie and April talking about their love for "Steve & Barry's"...talking about how inexpensive the clothes are {they're shit imo}..Michele saying she wants one in RI..Ollie says he gets all his clothes there...

April thought the store was in Iowa but Ollie tells her he's in Minnesota..

Ollie talking about his friend who was playing for "The Giants" and went to watch them at the Medowlands.....

Michel getting impatient "come on"..now april saying it will be a PoV when the are deliriously tired

12:10 BBT FOTH briefly as April talks about friends..

the 60s room they are whispering about Jerry..Memphis says for two weeks he wouldn't "look in his face" Memphis saying he doesn't appreciate it talking about Jerry...saying "if he won HOH" he wouldn't know what the fuck to do....Memphis saying he's gone with the group...Dan because "April has been doing " all of it for him"

12:13 FOTH..

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12:27amBBT FOTH

feeds return every1 gettin into bed

12:39amBBT TRVIA(no FOTH, right into it)

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12:17 BBT

Dan saying something about being good at what she does..Keesha saying though she "can see it"

Dan wonders why Reeney would give Ollie the chance to save him and her...

Dan saying any comps that is "so dumb" about counting things..Dan says smashing things and even the license plate wre entertaining.....Memphis saying "it was lame"

Keesha "dude seriously" when is the comp starting.."i'm so tired"

12:22 BBT

the other BR is dark..with ollie April Michele and Jerry ..Michele "this is pathetic" saying sitting on a "Friday night" waiting for....then says "wait this is a typical Friday night"

Michele "this fucking sucks"

Keesha running in Kackling {geez I can't take it}

Jerry talking about "the variance in our ages" saying they should call this "day care" teeling April she shows "responsiblity for her age" she says thanks "sometimes" ..Jerry saying "i can act that age"

12:26 BBT

Jerry blabbing on while April/Ollie try to sleep..

another brief foth..

In 60s room wildness has ensued...

feeds back Keesha "what are you doing Dan"..Michel walks in "are you naked " to Dan and says no he has underwear on......puts on a pair of shorts over them.. and yet another Foth

Michele leaves...Keesha doesn't want to turn off the lights because she doesn't trust him...Memphis wants to turn off the lights Keesha refuses.beacsue she thinks Dan is going to do something...

trying to call a truce..keesha says no...

Dan finally gets up to turn out the lights and gets in bed..Keesha turns on the lights....Keesah wants a promise...he finally promises...

Keesha now "lurking" in the dark...both telling Keesah to go to bed..

Memphis gets up touches her head to freak her out...Memphis laughs while Keesha screeches..

Now they are running all over the place Keesha at his pillow "why is it so wet"..Dan "I drool a lot"

Keesha trying to hit Dan with something..telling each other "go to bed"

Dan waht happened as he touches his sheets Keesha "ya Dan what did happen" saying Michele came in and caught you "with your drawers down"

FOTH with TRIVIA maybe PoV

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