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August 11 & 12 - Live Feed Updates

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Dan goes in to get his shoes in the red room. Jerry was lying on the bed. Jerry said he had to get it off his chest, Dan said not to worry about it, it is what it is... Dan goes out, Jerry continues to lie on the bed. Dan goes into the bathroom, Libra is in the shower changing clothes.

Michelle is still outside, says it never ceases to amaze her. Keesha is outside now. She said what Jerry forgot was that even if he uses the POV, Michelle is the HOH and decides who goes up. Michelle explains that she wouldn't put up Dan because that would be at least one vote for Dan to leave, when she wants someone else gone. Renny said it definitely had her sitting on the edge of her seat. Michelle said she was too. They said Jerry said to expect the unexpected, and they thought he was going to use it. Michelle said Jerry told her he had something to say, but she didn't know it was going to be that.

Libra is in the bathroom with Dan, explaining to him the same story about when the 4th vote came her way, she jumped on it. She wants a DR session before she gets going.

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1:40PM BBT: Dan gets ice and milk, makes a shake, and goes to the HOH room. Michelle is telling him the same story, that she didn't know what he was going to say, she didn't want to put up Dan. She said she knew that Memphis and Renny will keep Keesha, and she thought Dan would keep Keesha, so even if it was a tie, SHE would break the tie, and she could get rid of who she wanted.

Michelle asked Dan about what he said to Jessie. Michelle said he didn't give his word to her, all he did was break his word with the HOH last week. The camera keeps getting close to Dan, he has something painted under his eyes, looking like a football player. BB told him to "stop that" because he was shaking his ice.

Michelle said she was afraid Jerry was going to use the veto on Libra, then she would have really gone crazy. Michelle said she didn't know who she would have put up. Dan didn't look at Michelle because he was afraid she would say I told you so. She said she didn't want it used. Dan said he can help her somewhere down the road. Michelle said she didn't know that...he said whether it was a vote for Libra or what. Now discussing they thought Jerry was going to use it, then name who the replacement was. Michelle said he didn't have that power, but maybe he thought he did since the veto was only used once, and that was when Jessie used it on himself.

Michelle is talking about the revolving door. She never understood what that meant until now. Dan said the only two people in the house that should be mad at him are Michelle and April. Nobody else has that right. Dan said she needs to see who talks to her now, and who will talk to her after she doesn't have any power. Michelle said April lied to her, and said Jessie was safe, but she still put him up and left him up. Michelle said the first few weeks you play with several people, but once you get down to 6-7 players, it is game on. Michelle said why take out the floaters or weak people? They are the easy ones to take out when the numbers are lower. Dan asked why she didn't put him up. She said she told him, he wasn't her target, she had stronger people to take out. Dan said he had no idea what was about to happen. Michelle said what about me? He kept saying expect the unexpected, and that he saved Dan once again. She said it wasn't up to Jerry. Dan asked if she wanted to go to the pool. He thanked her for explaining to him what was going on, it meant a lot to him.

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Keesha and Ollie talking outside, mid conversation. Talking about Jerry not making sense. Ollie is afraid the house is making Jerry crazy. He said he didn't know why Jerry brings Ollie into it...something about April and Ollie turning on each other and Ollie hooking up with Jerry. Ollie didn't know where that was coming from. Keesha and Ollie agreed if he was angry that is ok, but you have to live with what you say. They said there is no reason to personally attack someone. Keesha sais it was planned out, not in the heat of the moment. Keesha said she tried to talk with Jerry about Dan, and he won't do it. Renny comes out and says Dan is going to do a cannonball.

Michelle comes out and still says she can't believe what just happened. Renny asked "the colonel?" and Michelle said yes. Michelle said she hasn't talked to Jerry yet, she thought he was sleeping. Renny said he might just be laying there. Ollie asked if Dan was okay, Michelle said she talked with him, he is alright. Ollie said Jerry used it as his spotlight. Again talking about Jerry's power, Michelle deciding who would be the replacement, Jerry's misconception of power, saying he respects the HOH's decision, Michelle doesn't think he showed respect. Michelle said you can only control what you say and do, not other people. Ollie said he doesn't take a lot of what Jerry says seriously. Ollie knew he was going to say something to get it off his chest, but he didn't know it was going to be to that extreme. Both Ollie and Michelle thought Jerry was going to use it. They feel Jerry had this planned for a long time, since he refused to talk to Dan. Michelle said you can't play personally, that is when you lose your perspective. Ollie agreed. Michelle said she is on her own, Ollie said they are all on there own. He said alliance is only a word. Last week happened because an opportunity came up and they decided to take advantage of it.

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2:00PM BBT: Michelle, Renny and Ollie still talking about Jerry outside, how he admitted making stuff up to get to Dan. Ollie said he could blow up about that, because he is messing with his (Ollie's) game. Michelle said she knew he was going to say something, but she didn't know what! Feed sound is still on them, but video is showing Libra all dressed up and talking in the DR!!! Short FoTH, then back to BY. Michelle said the colonel took some Pepcid AC earlier, his stomach must have been upset as he was planning his speech. Renny said you don't go into the game to make enemies...Ollie said he just put a huge target on his back. Michelle left. Ollie said the house makes you go nuts. Renny said it is designed like that. She said you act all like friends, then it starts.

(gotta go, can someone take over?)

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Feeds came back not long after. Michelle and Ollie were talking about Jerry in the HoH room. Ollie thinks Jerry wanted to scare everyone and commented that if one of the other side wins HoH next week he

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3:00 bbt ... we are seeing michelle in DR on feeds 1 and 2

She is talking about Jerry's POV speech and how she thought Jerry thought HE got to pick replacement nominee....if he had used it she would have put up Renny

She thinks her nominations were good and that things are going to go pretty much as she planned for Thursday.

Her parents anniversary is Thursday and she thinks its going to be a great day for her, her parents and all of America who has been waiting for this moment when Libra walks out the door.

Libra made her bed and now she has to lie in it.

With everything that happened to Jessie Michelle couldn't have asked for a more perfect situation and she can't wait for Thursday and to hear the words come out of Julie's mouth that Libra is gone.

When Julie says it Michelle will have a big smile on her face.

Michelle's boss's name is Roger and she is now asking him (Roger) in that annoying baby voice if she can please still have her job when she gets home.

Producer says he has a few cbs mobile questions...Michelle screams yeahhhh! I love cbs mobile questions because I love America!!!

After all this time in bb house what do you miss most?: Michelle - my family and friends of course, but other than that my cell phone!! Miss sports updates and pics on her cell phone.

With this Presidential race coming up what issues do you care about? Michelle - gas ... being a real estate agent she drives around a lot in her durango and she thinks the economy needs serious change. People really need to think about others and not just themselves especially if they are in a higher income bracket because without the lower class there would be no upper class

How does it feel to have a weekly part on Craig Fergueson show? Michelle - I really look forward to Wednesday with Craig Fergueson and this is the first time in bb history that the cast of bb has been on another show and her family gets to see another day of her and she just wants to "savior" (her word...obviously meant savor)every minute of it. She loves it and hopes it continues.

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3:09 pm BBT

DR Leak, beem going on during all of Michelles session (still going on) she is rehashing Jerry's speech. She said that a lot of the stuff that Jerry said he had said to her and others. The are showing all of her session right now. They just asked her about HoH... she said she wants more than a week, they said sorry. She said that Jerry said that he was going to go home next week so he opened up a door. She states that her noms were great, great for her, POV went good, Veto ceremony was a bit off, she says that she thinks that things are going to go the way that she thought that they were going to go on Thursday. Have 4 cams going and Jerrys mouth babbling in the back ground, trying to switch to just Michelles DR feeds.

She is saying that Libra deserves what is going to happen, and because of what happened to Jesse and she won't be excited until she hears the words come out of Julies mouth and then the will be excited at the out come. They ask her about being responsible about the 1st jury member... whoever that may be. Michelle rehashes that when Julie says blah da blah you are gone, then you will see the smile on my face. I am not one of those people who swear on bo-bo and boo-and boo and Uncle Joe. She says Hi to Roger, her boss, and says "Roger if you hear this, when I get home, I still want me job" BB person "Sorry bouth that" (Michelle is talking in a weird baby voice. BB - I have a few bubble questions M - Yay! I love bubble questions... still in baby voice... BB - what do you miss about the outside world... M - my cell phone, family and friends and pictures... baby face "I miss my phone, I would love to have a phone call from my mommy"... BB - asks about the presidential election M- I just care about America... the world is going downhill... gas prices, I drive a V-8 Durango I get 10 MPG, I also do real estate and no one is buying... America needs a change, needs one seriously, ppl shouln't think about their tax rate and what they are getting back, they need to think about America, they need to think about others and not just themselves, especially if they are in the higher brackets... if there were no middle class there would not be any upper class... more talk about taxes, and gas... electricity bills, food on table.... not to focus on one class, but on everyone BB - OK so how does it feel to have a weekly spot on Craig Ferguson? M- (In baby voice) I really look forward to it, it is the first time a BB cast has been on a weekly show... my family and friends get to see more of me... we are on a late show, I savor the experience and not many ppl can say they are a weekly guest on Craig Ferguson... except Julie Chen, I love it I hope it continues. BB - Why are you so upset with Dan... M- I am upset with Dan because he is one to walk around and speek of his religion, I am Catholic... and we have a special relationship... and he walks around reading scripture, and he won't be a teacher if he doesn't portray himself as honest... he doesn't want to lie... more Dan talk.... she doesn't think he should dictate to ppl about lying and swearing on the cross and the Bible and you know you are not..., with the incident with Jesse...

Feeds change to kitchen... Renny cooking, Ollie talking, Keesha eating...

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Why are you so upset with Dan? Michelle - because I am catholic and I don't have to go around proclaiming my religion but when someone goes around with a bible reading scriptures about lies and lying ... and he's a teacher and he said he wants his kids to respect him and not ask Teacher Dan why is it okay for you to do that but not me. And if you are going to come in her and swear on the cross and on the bible when you know you arent going to adhere to it ....

we lost DR feed :(

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JUst signed on

5:30 BBT

all feeds are on keesha and libra in their room talking about previous seasons and what hg's from other seasons are known for being on BB

Now they are discussing who would put up who on the next HOH

they mention that they just can't get over the way jerry acted at the pov ceremony and how they can't believe he called dan "judas"

libra is saying how when you get hoh the next week is kinda like a buy-week because they usually have slung so much mud that everybody else will be after other and not the hoh

keesha said she knows it's crazy

libra asks keesha if she thinks renny would put up april and ollie and keesah tells her oh yeah she would

fees switch to kitchen

renny sitting at the counter

looks like michelle memphis and dan are in there too

not really talkin

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Memphis out of the DR and he's now talking with Dan

Memphis says that Jerry is a wild card that there is no telling with him

you never know what he'd do

he said i do know if he goes up he will go home though

Memphis tells dan that he wants to get rid of april so bad

meanwhile renny and michelle are talking they are saying how jerry always gets the facts all screwed up and doesn't know when to hush and drop things and he tells some things to people that he shouldn't

Then we get FISH

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6:04 BBT

there has been a lot of Jerry bashing this afternoon by a lot of the hg's

michelle, memphis and ollie are in the back yard working out

michelle just said to ollie that jerry needs to just shut up because all he is doing is diggin himself a deeper hole

Ollie says Jerry told him he wanted ppl to think he was taking Libra off. Ollie asked why he did that knowing he didn't call the shots

Jerry told him he was hoping Michelle would put Dan up if he took Libra down. Ollie told Jerry he needed to calm down, and then he walked away.

michelle went to get something and ollie gets called to the DR

and we get FISH again

when feeds come back

ollie april and michelle are sitting outside talking about birds

talk changes to cars and michelle says she drives a durango but wants something a little bigger with a decent miles per gallon

no game talk right now

6:56 BBT

april and michelle in spa room

they are whispering about jerry

michelle says he is pissing her off because he's walkin around saying, i can't believe they are walkin around all happy

M says, what does he expect people to do, walk around sad and mopey

A says yeah everybody has different emotions and plays the game different

they said they still think he thinks when you win POV that you have the power to replace a nominee, Michelle says he only has the power to take someone off, not replace with who HE wants

A says that he has seen every season, you would think he would know

M says yeah but he thinks he knows everythign and he always thinks he's right about everything

they are pissed that he tells everyone that they are safe, like it's only HIM voting to keep them, like no one else plays a part in keeping people safe

M says that she would have been so mad if jerry would have used that POV today

she says she didn't want to put dan up because then jerry would have gotten what he wanted and she didn't want that because he's already on a power trip

M is telling A what jerry said to her before the ceremony

she said he was telling her he is sick of seeing people walkin around all cocky and he wanted to put them in their place during he ceremony

M asked him if he was goin to use the veto and he had told her no, he just wanted to scare some people

M says she didn't realize how bad he can be because while jessie was here she didn't have to be around him so much, now he's always around her and it's annoying

M says she is sick of how he always says, he doesn't have anybody to talk to

A says she is not here to baby sit him

M says, she is by herself too and she doesn't go around beggin people to talk to her

A tells her not to worry about it because after the next couple days, (when she's not HOH anymore) that jerry will stop following her around

Ollie has joined them now

they are goin over some of the same convo they just had about jerry

A said he (J) is really a nut job

A said whoever gets HOH this week he (J) will be their best friend

M said he denied doing that last week

A says he doesn't have to say he doesn't do that, they all see that he kisses the hOH's a$$

7:30PM BBT: Memphis tells Dan he used to go squirrel hunting. Dan can't believe it.

renny in the back yard walking, ollie and memphis are on the couches talkin with her

Dan starts giving Memphis a hard time about hunting squirrels..referencing 'Deliverance'

Memphis says squirrel isn't bad...Ollie says he's had raccoon before and it wasn't bad.

Now talking about possums being mean...Memphis says h and some friends caught one and put it in a bag on a girl's car in high school.

Memphis giving Ollie a hard time about how he wouldn't eat lobster, but ate coon.

Renny yelling from across the yard she wouldn't eat squirrel because it's a rodent.

Now talking about how they get to eat again at midnight.

Ollie says BB winner gets to go on Letterman that's a done deal

Ollie thinks probably Craig Ferguson would do something.

Renny wants to do something with midgets.

Memphis corrects her and says "Little People"

7:50pm bbt

renny goes inside

Ollie and Memphis discussing Jerry's POV speech again

They are saying if Jerry has a problem with Dan then he should talk with Dan privately, not use the POV ceremony.

Ollie said Jerry knows that people weren't happy with him.

Ollie thinks the audience's perception of Jerry will change

after the POV ceremony.

Memphis says he doesn't know how Jerry is being portrayed but he'd be sick if he was being portrayed as sweet grandpa.

Ollie said, "No. He was grabbing April's boobs in the first 3 minutes."

Memphis doesn't understand how Jerry is playing the game

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8:00PM BBT: In the last 15 minutes there has been some general chit chat among the HGs. No game talk, just some more discussion about Jerry and him PoV ceremony. By 8:30pm they

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10:59 BBT

Dan and Michele talking inthe HOH...maybe they can vote someone back in..Michele thinks Jesse would come back in

Michele talking about Libra being America's Player since she gets the questions and is always ointing the fingers "at others"..Michele saying "something has to happen soon".....Dan asks when "they brought back James"....Michele explains saying "Eric" {I think she meant Alex} was voted back and then the house voted back James

Dan asks what if "ding dong" and Libra gets to come back in..."hell no well get the furniture and put it in front of the God Damn door"

Michele saysing "Its BIg Brother Fricken 10" so something has to happen...saying they did the wake up calls like before....

Dan "how do you like it up here" she tells him its alright but "its lonely up here" saying "its a slow time now"...

Dan called to DR

11:06 BBT

LIbra and Keesha talking in the hippy room remenicing...Libra asking if she lost more weight "since you've been on slop"

Keesha talking about when she was "so skinny" "10lbs less then I am now"

Libra trying on the dree she will wesr to her eviction....saying "it was tight".."I could not even hook it " before ..Libra "Oh my goodness..this is ridiculous" because her dress fits...

Memphis comes in "i use to put em on" all his bikini contests his "company" saying go to his myspace to see whn they get out..

11:110 BBT inSauna

Jerry Ollie April Michele and Jerry talking and remenicing doing Reeneys funny things she's done.....Reeney comes over as Jerry does her midget routine

Reeney heads back to Hippy room...talking about Libra's caesarean sections she's had..

Reeney saying "its ridiculous"..saying Dan's trying to get me "to say things"...Keesha saying she caught Dan winking to the Camera.....Libra going on about America's Player and America's choice....explaining it to Memphis.....him saying "America's choice is a weird thing".....saying James was a "nut job"....Keesha thinks it would be "Reeney"

Dan comes in..."what is the new task" saying his new task is to get "everyone to eat before midnight" saying "that's a good" task..

Dan grumbling..Libras saing she isn't "the only one saying it" ...Dan says "she's strating it" ...saying "its my personality"

Talking about Michele being the quirky one....

Memphis asks about Keesha's "Saran wrap"......

Libra saying "it doesn't help" looking and winking in mirrors...Dan saying "I explained it to Reeny".....Libra saying "he needed to only do it for a week" {not sure what she meant here}

They go over their supsicions.....of Dan..Dan saying...I'm that "random..in my normal life"

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11:22 BBT

Dan talking incorpoating his ramdomness into teaching so students don't get bored from straight lectures...

Dan says "I team Biology" Phys ED and Healt..Libra asks if he teaches "abstinence"..Dan says yes while Libra goes over "parents permission"


keesha saying she had "intercourse" way before she gave "wahoo"...Dan asking what is 'waa hoo"..Memphis saying he knew a girls that only did anal "so she thought she could stay a virgin" saying it wasn't me..a friend..{Wahoo = oral sex}

Asking Dan "is she considered a virgin" Dan says "why you asking me"....Keesha going about "the skin"..if its never broken..Keesha says "she's having sex" so she's not a virgin..Memphis agrees...

Libra "girl no" about anal sex...

Memphis "stop"...Libra "I'm outta this conversation" realizing....they are on BBAD...Keesha has anyone..."...Keesha "whatever Libra"....Keesha saying she's never has..they all don't believe her...

Keesha saying "I have wahoo my man" Libra going about her first ime wahooing...Dan very uncomfortable...

They continue their sex talk..acusing keesha of pleasuring herself "on vacation" ..."I did not".....Libra say she considered it but though there "were cameras in the room"...Memphis saying "i did too" and did it anyway "I didn't give a fuck"

Making fun of Dan.."he is officially embarrassed" Libra says going on "everyone does it" saying its natural...Libra saying guys "do it in a sock"...saying a friend found it in her son's socks..Keesha "I would throw the sock away"...Memphis "I don't know" when they ask if the sock thing was true..

{sorry if this update offended you I just write what they say..if you're offended DON'T PM me just don't read it}

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11:41 BBT


Libra going on about the clitoris being "hooded' and some don't saying "a mans gotta know " what to Do....Keesha "i honeslty did not know that"..Libra 'we are all not made exactly the same"

Libra saying guys are "sexual beings" makes noise.."get it done"

Keesha saying she would be so embarrased...talking about this stuff "if I had a little boy"..

Memphis saying "every mom in America Learn how to fucking knock" saying you might get it "in the eye"...

saying "moms should knock..what the hell"

Dan hasn't said anything in 15 minutes..


In the kitchen Michele Ollie Jerry and Michele Reney talking and cooking..

lauging about Steves Digiorno..saying he had to have got a commerical since her said "It's not delivery its DiGiorno"..Reeney "you think he go a commercial"

They are cooking Pizza.. not really talking about much..

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11:53 BBT

Michele tells them about the "hood " talk in the Hippy room all are lost except Ollie..Reeney saying to stop "I'm gonna eat"

They all come out Reeney what are you talking about..Libra "things" and Hood or no hood"..April saying she's going to eat and doesn't want to hear about it...

Memphis almost ate food and Libra knock the food saying "you would have been a penalty nom" because he didn't wait til midnight...Memphis said it scared the shit out of me..

Reeney is it time .."One minute"

they getting their food ready.....Libra "its 12:00"

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12:03 BBT

they are eating "thanks Reeney for winning this day:..saying "i just answered how a question should be answered"

Dan "from time to time I dine on swine..not all the time...just on special occassions" as he serves himself some bacon..

jerry loving his eggs and bacon..

everyone cooking or eating..

12:08 BBT..they are talking about Cick-fill-A{spelling} saying how much they love it..its "so good"...Keesha saying "I've never heard of it"....

Jerry "wonderful..best meal I've had in a month...not true that steak and Lobster was good"..saying there was not leftovers when Ollie asks Reeney saying there was steak but not lobster..

eating resumes

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12:15 BBT

Not much talking as they shoevel it in..Ollie saying he needs to go to bed to get "a good nights sleep" tonight..

Keesha's the first one done eating..


Michele saying that her cut was from "the onion thing" to Dan saying "i don't know" how she got that cut....Michele saying she got "3 cuts"..Dan "crazy"

Keesha saying "Pita bread with guacamole and humus" saying that's what she wanted to eat>>Michele said "that's it" Keesha saying she likes the humus BB bought from Ralphs....saying she'll go there to buy it...and "the iced tea"they bought the first week

Keesha gets up to get chocolate....Libra "i'm gonna sleep good with a full belly"

michele and Keesha just talking chocolate/candy


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12:25 BBT

Libra says she did dishes last night and tonight she's only doing hers...emptys her leftovers and says "Reeney before you start do you mind if I wash my plate"

Michele comes back with some candy/cookies...Keesha digs in saying she would "get fat in your HOH room"

"gummy mallows" Keeesha says she's never heard of them..tastes them..says "eeeh"....

Olie has joined in the candy talk with Michele and Keesha..

Ollie "based upon the host" thats how BB designs the competition...Like Jessie could only do a french accent..

Michele saying..."do you think they did it around Reeney..hockey?" April says now it doesn't make sense...saying "its coincidence"

In the 60s room Libra and Keesha talking about Dan being "a virgin" because he didn't talk with them and was embearrased...saying watch when we get out "and he's a male stripper"

Keesha saying if she gets HOH she might turn the house upsidedown....Libra asking who...and Keesha saying nothing..

Libra "I think Michele's strong"...Keesha agrees and says she's more physically..saying she's more athreat "because mentally I'm fine" but Michele "will blow me out of the water" in physical comps

Libra saying the next will be physical..Keesha "for Memphis" and Libra mentions Ollie..

Libra saying anyone who goes up against jerry at the end will win..

keesha says she would like Reeney to win so she could see "her husband" Libra asking if she's on the same page...and Keesha says they want the same person out {april presumably}...Libra brings up putting up Michele..Keesha says I didn't say I would.......Libra saying Michele is in a good spot..Keesha leaves to go to bathroom..

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12:54 BBT

Michele Ollie and April in sauna room talking about pornos.....foot fetishes....and beastiality..

Ollie asks if April would do farm animal with "farm animals"..April says no...and so does Keesha..

Ollie would do it.. "$15 million bring a donkey in...cal me Donkey Ollie"

April saying "i have a completely different picture of you now"

Ollie now saying he was just kidding..

All jerry saying "I'll be a changed man" when he leaves..

April saying "we may have to eat donkey balls" for a comp...Ollie do we "get hot sauce".....Ollie "like fear factor" type of stuff

Ollie to Michele "you would rather eat a donkey ball then eat mustard and ketchup"...Michele says she would do it.

Michele "i don't like condiments..but pigs feet bring em on"

Michele "I eat pig ears..cow intestines" so how bad can it be..April says "monkey brains" and they go over how monkey brains are eaten on "Faces of Death"

Michele says it happen before saying "not one of them can eat it"..saying they have one every season....talking ketchup horse radish and mustard..Olie saying he could do that..but the animals he's not sure..Michele says " Ketchup..Noooooooo"

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1:05 BBT

60s Room

Reeney saying "a taco this big" about someone eating a lot {i think it was Libra}

Keesha going on about people chewing with their mouths wide open......Memphis agrees..saying "sometimes I hunch over my plate like I'm in jail"

Memphis saying he was disgusted at the beach "when these hispanic guys" eating grapes...he was grossed out..

Memphis saying he goes to Manhattan Beach because its "all local" and more quaint the Redondo Beach

is more busy..Memphis likes Manhattan beach because they have "nice restaurants" calling "Santa Monica" and "Venice Beach".."grimmy"..

Keesha talking about "Long Beach" and Reeney says "its ugly" down there and keesha says its nice along the "Queen Mary"{she is talking about Belmont Shores} Now Keesha thinks Long Beach is right by Compton {she's right Northern part}......they keep talking about beaches {they could never afford to live}

they are going over their sex talk from earlier..Keesha trying to clear things up she didn't understand.. {see previous post}.....

1:16 BBT

Michele and Ollie and April in sauna room..

talking about Holly {i think the stuffed animal} and jerry asks "you did take a psych test" and all laugh.. April got to go to the DR's house to do all her psych tests.....Jerry "you didn't here like everyone elese" April says she came 11 days before BB started...Ollie "you came late"..and we get foth..

Back all are talking about their stomachs hurting..

April wants to "sleep it off"..Jerry says he wants to go bed early..Ollie "its not early"

Jerry saying his mind is always going....April says he mind goes all night too...

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1:26 BBT

Reeney Michele acting crazy outside why Dan sits at the hot tub..throwing "holly" around{the stuffed dog}

April comes out they are playing keep away with "holly" throwing her in the hot tub...

Memphis Olllie come out..April gets her and says she needs to be thrown in the wash...Reeney "i think her necks broken"....April looking for a pillow case to wash her...."poor holly"

Looks like they are having fun

{i'm tired..so I'm getting out early..be back tomorrow}

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2:18amBBT Memphis & Dan talkin in LR, FOTH

2:25amBBT Keesha & Michelle have joined them in LR.

April/Ollie hugging in April's bed then Ollie heads to his bed

Renny in the Kitchen then joins them in LR. Keesha heads to bed. Memphis sings "Crazy in love" FOTH

2:28amBBT Michelle makin baby noises and noises like Dino from FLinstones.

Michelle says she lookin for "Hollie" her stuffed Lamb. Gets it in BR and goes to bed.

Keesha & Libra in Bedroom talking. Libra says every1 in here is fake one way or another. Keesha says every1 in here is good but we get caught up in the game.

Renny comes into room and heads to bed.

In HOH Room Michelle talkin to "Hollie"(in differnt voices)

2:33amBBT Every1 is in their bed, Michelle in HOHBR talkin to "Hollie" who she has taken in their with her.

In 70s room the 3 talk about Jury house and how they can watch Books & DVDs in their. Keesha & Renny dint know about Books/DVD in jury. Libra says she has 6 Matt Mcgahaney movies. Keesha did not now BB9 eneded in April. "Wow they have been busy this year."

Keesha says im gonna look crazy on TV. Renny "OMG Im gonna look awful & Crazy on TV." Libra: "Were all crazy." Renny "this is the house of shock." Renny laughs. Libra says thats a haunted laugh. Keesha i cant wait for Halloween. Renny "be4 u know it this is gonna be over, Shoot." Keesha "this is a once in a lifetime experince." All Laugh. Renny "oh year." Renny says she would do All-Stars if asked. Renny says they need to redo inside on house

Libra says "this is harder then Survior." Keesha "i dont think so but ive never seen survior but their in the wildnerness with animals." Renny agrees with Keesha. Libra says its so short.

Libra "I want to be on Amazinbg Race." Keesha "ive never seen it" Renny "i like that show." Keesha :how much do they get." Libra "1 Million." Keesha "why do we ge so little." Libra "i dontr know."

2:43amBBT All Quiet, some1's snoring quietly. Keesha says Goodnight Libra/Renny say Goodnight back. They start talkin again. Keesha "good night." Renny "goodnight all." Libra: "Goodnight ma." Keesha: "Goodnight Mary." Libra: "this isnt the golden girls." They talk about Golden Girls, Keesha compares enny to 1 of the Golden girls, they all laugh

Renny says i hope ppl dont hate u. Keesha "its gonna be scary." Renny "they love us though,BB fans will liek us." Keesha: "Theirs gonna be some who love us some who hate us, some ppl are really obssed with BB."

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2:48amBBT Renny: "their 4got abou tus." Keesha: "we all remeber Dick, we was loved & hated." Renny: "if any1 hates me, ill tell them to go suck a egg." Kesha laughs. Keesha "I can say i lived in a Metal Aslyum on Primetime TV." Renny: "no wonder we had sucj a long Physh test." Libra: "i think it was BB goal to ut every1 with Type A personality on the show." Talks about questions in audtions. FOTH

Keesha: :we all a bunch on control freaks in here, even my boyfriend says that."

2:52amBT All Quiet again tryin 2 sleep

3amBBT All seem asleep except Libra is tossn & turning

3:25amBBT All Asleep Some1 snoring loud

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