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August 7 & 8 - Live Feed Updates

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Michele saying one of them are going and "memphis isn't" a fucking issue this week and will talk to him this week..

Michele says "I want two friends" on the block..fight for the veto....... "Its unfortunate Jeese" isn't there to enjoy the HOH with her....

April spilling her guts about what she knows.....saying all the shit they talked about Jessie...to michele..

Michele ragging on Keesha saying she told her "if you don't want me out your stupid" even though she tells thenn she wasn't after her..

Michele calling her a puppet master and April says Keesha "will be lost" without Libra..

Michele talking about Angie telling her "why Keesha" put her up....and "the whole idea" of putting Libra up with her POV was "Keesha's idea"...she tells Jerry and APril

Michele who is slurring slightly.....going how Jessie was going to do everything he could had he stayed and if they were nominated this week to make sure he'd go out and she stay....

Downstairs Memphis going on what he told Michele warning her about Ollie and that Libra/Keesha/Reeney/Dan were "not bound" to final while OLLIe/Jeery?April are bound to go to the end...

Libra says Michele made up her mind...Memphis "I don't think" she has...and Libra is going to talk to her in the morning and be gracious about her being put up..

Upstairs laughing about Ollie calling Libra a "HO" and an "Scallywag"

Memphis downstairs saying he knows April is coming "after my ass"..Libra "it is what it is"..Memphis wants to put "jerry on slop" Libra talking being on the same team......Libra bringing up..being called aho and a scallywag...Memphis going on "I can'y make $55,000" in a few years..Libra threatning her fat hubby on the HG who talk shit..

Back up in HOH..Michele saying she "already knew it" about Dan.. "i fucking knew..."Jerry calling him a "prick" and says even though he isn't vindictive he's not letting his flip go...

Jeery says he'll mock Dan {makes a cross with his fingers}.."burn in hell"..April saying she doesn't believe "there is a Monica"

Ollie say why he asks a lot of questions Michele because "he's abnking $10,000"...Jerry saying he'll be insulted if he' AP..April says "its good TV for fuck sakes Jerry"

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11:30 BBT

The Crucifiction of Dan continues in the HOH...April calling them "the anaconda" rather the one headed snake..

Michele saying she knew it when they changed the voting line up....because BB heard they were voting out Jessie...talking it never happened before..

Memphis comes in..Ollie asks if Libra talked to him after the fight....Memphis not sure what they are talking about or playing dumb......Ollie asks when they approched him about the vote.....saying "it was after the fight"...Memphis saying they didn't just come up to him......

They talk about the fight and Michele whos drunker now...bringing up what Keesha said in the kitchen....

Jerry checking the time to see if its midnight so he can eat...and she can remove the leotard...Michele says she wasn't questioning him...Memphis saying what was he suppose to do....Memphis trying to explain...."Jessie is my boy" making sure they don't question his loyalty to him...

Memphis saying that "it was that action" of April wanting to protect Jessie from eviction after he ran up to snitch on them which caused the fight was another reason he got evicted.

Olie saying Jeesie cam up and told them April was saying stuff behind her back and "they got caught".....and didn't "fess to it"....

April says she said she didn't say anything bad about himmm but his "expensive car"...trying to clear all the lies.....

Micle calling it "a game of telephone" and go crazy and get into fights..if your not careful...

Memphis talking about the hypocrisy how enemies hate them one minute and next week kiss as {an obvious shot at Ollie/Jerry/April}...Memphis leaves..and Jerry says he thinks he still has the Alliance...

April saying Memphis was "being defensive" Michele say she doesn't think he's with them and wasn't being defensive.. and that "he's alone"

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11:46 BBT

Outdoor the mopers..wonder why they didn't see the true April....and can't believe she's up there...

Libra says she used her to get herself "further in the game"..now they are making fun of her and Ollies relationship {these are the ones who called it real}

Keesha saying Aprils was saying Howie BB6 would be enthralled with her beauty..and have a ring for her when she leaves..,,talking she was intended to have "a Showmance" talking Jeery's been attached to her since he grabbed her boobs Reeney says "all the guys" did it..

Libra saying "it's been fun" and Keesha "what am I going to lose" talking about her no holds barred attitude and call everyone out..

Dan comes out "hey Dan" Libra "we're wounded soldiers"..saying "guess who's upstairs" Offer him "to sleep in our room" so he doesn't have to "sleep with the enemy"

Dan asks if they talked to Memphis and go on about Memphis' plan of getting her to trust..

Libra talking about the question whether the answer was really true or false...Da asks "what did you think when the order got reshuffled" and can't figure why BB did that.....Libra "we were the last 4"

feed switches to HOH Memphis going over things being "taken out of context" and telling April "pulled the trigger" and she "drew first blood"..

April "you can take off the UNItard" and laugh as Jerry prepares some food to eat...

April and Ollie firmly entrenched up there.. as they watch Jerry cooking on the spyscreen...

Michele excited they put "Snapple peach iced tea" in her fridge

Michele "its been bitter sweet" about her unitard....as she cahnges Memphis if Jessie is at the hotel...and wonder if he's watching..

Memphis saying its fucked up bring all the religious stuff "into it" about Dan

Michele's changed..

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12:02 BBT

In HOH talking how Jerry eating Reeney's off limits Pasta salad..

Outdoors talking about "scallywag" and "hoh"..Libra "at least i wasn't the first to go" and I "got Jessie out"

Keesha "who would of guessed' it went down like this..Libra says "you're gonna laugh" when she sees that she had he back he's complaing "it was all me" getting blamed..

Libra saying she never told him "it was just us three" bringing up the "swore on my kids"......

Keesha "let's go to bed.. Libra ".wake up tomorrow nominated."

Libra makes a stop in the kitchen..while Jerry eats...then heads to the bathroom....then heads to her room..."they're fucking mean" because Ollie didn't eat with Jerry...

12:12 BBT

Back upstairs..Michele in HOH while Ollie April and Memphis firmly entrenched up there... not talking about nothing much..watch Jerry eat through the spyscreen eating Reeney's pasta salad..."good for you Jerry"

talking about the dwindling dining room chairs and the more room to eat "remember we were elbow to elbow" April says..

Ollie "i knew I should have listened to all those messages last night" talking about ignoring them...

silence....Michele say how powerful letters are..because she says her family doesn't write letters..talking if it was emailed and BB types them up...collective "yeah" and brief foth..

Michele talking this week being long..Memphis "you don't have to tell me"

Through the spyscreen Reeney goes into the kitchen...as they watch..Michele "damn doesn't this thing have audio"

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12:23 BBT

Memphis heads to the Hippy Room to give his report of the HOH....Keesha tells him {incorrectly} what Jerry says and Libra goe son about her swearing on her kids and that April misheard..

talking about Dan wearing on the cross..Memphis saying he doesn't drink or anything so he wouldn't do that {guess he missed the swearing on the bible"

Ragging on Ollie never winning anything thinking "he's the shit"

Libra "the Colonel got in your pasta salad" Reeney doesn't care saying there was nothing to eat {good for her}

Keesha pitifully talking about food...

12:28 BBT In hOH Ollie/April/ Jerry wondering how Dan could do that to him...talking about ignoring him...

Talking about Memphis not being approached" and him saying "it was all Jessie"..Jerry "he escaped again"

Michele just caught Keesha talking to Memphis asking him what was going on......going on her eavesdropping...saying "they had the balls" to ask if they "are ok".....

Memphis busted for talking to Libra/Keesha ..Michele was eavesdropping..

michele says she confronted Memphis saying "I heard my name"...and Memphis goes on they are worried about "the alliance with Dan"..Michele says "I could care less" saying ..."i knew what I heard"....Ollie says if Memphis is "the mediator".....and why is he doing that......Michele says "she wants them to think they're safe"......because when she hits them it will be that better...when she nominates them...

They are scolding Jerry for telling keesha anything....Jerry saying "i was trying to get Dan in trouble".....Jerry saying he's not "talking to none of em"...

Michele saying about Memphsi he if didn't do anything why is he always up there "to explain himself".....ollie saying he's going to call them "scallywags" when Michele calls them that when "they come up here"

Libra saying we need to talk to Michele into putting up April Ollie or Jerry to Keesha.....wondering if they are still in HOH...Talking about Dan outside eating his cereal saying they were too mean to him.....Libra saying "Michele likes Keesha" and Ollie/Jerry/April really have to sway michele "hard" to put Keesha up..{clueless}

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12:48 BBT

In HOH.....Jerry talking to about needing "a bit of luck".....Michele says she had luck but April says she was smart to stay up to listen to themm

Michele insulted that Reeney would question her for staying up...Jerry interjectss that Reeney is nothing but "a mother and a maid" {alright that was funny}..and acalls her a little puppet..

Michele saying she's luck she's here since Jesse "wanted to put her up"

Olie saying he'd be happy if any will go home Michele "your heart will be happy"..

Michele talking about joining their team for Food Camp and make them lose on purpose...

Talking Memphsi outsdie with Dan ...Michele says she should go out .....

talking about them "plotting this for some time"

12:56 BBT

Libra saying that tey can't kick "both of us out" one of us is staying....Libra playing her martyr role..saying she did what she did and now will "suffer the consequences"...for doing it...

Dan comes in to say "goodnight"

Libra saying with Jessie gone "she can focus with her game..not that was my reasoning"..

talking dress sizes...she says she wears a 4 Libra says why did her "black and white" dress was a 10"..Reeney they run small then "what are you doing looking at my size"...

Keesha saying she "doesn't care" since we all knew "our turn was coming"..talk about season 2...

POV talk saying "only one person won't be in it" since there's only 7

reeney again brings up "looking at my sizes"

1:04 HOH talking about Libra not taking the letters......"Like any normal mother fucker would".."cunt whore" April joining in saying she selfish..Michele saying "i hope he's got a mistress" since no one could live with that...

Michele..saying about her trip "you know she's bringing her best friend"..Michele "America who's looking out for you" for sparing us not seeing Libra in the unitard...going on if she did wear it...there goes the ratings..

Ollie telling us " trash her"..April saying all "the blogs" are talking trash about Libra ..michele spreading her nose making fun of Libra.......

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1:10 BBT

Ollie/Jerry and April leave..Michele heads outside....talking to Memphis ....talking about food comp..

asking "where the fuck is everybody......saying Dan came out "for a minute" to eat his cereal.....and saying "the light's off" in the hippy room.....

Michele saying "its quiet in here"...Michele "Jesse" saying they know he's not drinking...hoping he saw her win.....

Memphis "my hands are almost better" from HOH last week "oh wow" Michele says saying the blisters are almost gone..

they are just talking about awnings......Memphis "did they say anything" and Michele says they just were trying throw people under the bus...

April comes out to sya "Keesha was looking for you...Keesha "I want to talk to you"

1:17 BBT they head to HOH Keesha saying she knows your door is going to busy....saying "its a mistake' when people not talk to people...she's stumbling over words saying she can't kiss ass ...Michele says Like me..Michele upset about "what happen today" saying she's the minority.......Keesha says she knows she'll be put up her and Libra saying she just want to tell her "what Ithink" ..Michele "what do you think" telling her she wasn't going to put her up and was goping to put other people up.. she says she was going to go "with the house" saying April "had my word" and voting out Jesse was "my way of getting back at April" saying she thought she had a "deal with you and Jessie"..and realizes that was not the case..

Michele says "think about it" when Keesha asks who she's going to put up...Michele says Jeesie got put into a situation and was promised he wasn't suppose to go...and says "it wasn't my vote" Keesha "I voted Jessie to go"..and voted that way because "we were getting fucked and we knew it"

keesha says she doesn't want her to know thatit wasn't a persona; and confronts her about "the two headed snake" and says that wasn't sai...and says "there was two of you...exactly...saying you were twop people..Michele says "two people against 7"..Keesha admits she was next.... but says the 7 wasn't going to see "eye to eye"

Michele says she's alone....Keesha says "you still have Memphis" and Michele says Jessie and Memphis were close.....Keesha tanking badly saying "i don't want to do that".......finally saying she doesn't want her to think she doesn't like her personally...Michele going on about Jessie...never said she didn't have an opportunity to say goodbye..."its all a blurr"

Michele says she's always been on the outside looking in......Michele says "my word is nothing"...was said during the fight.....Michele says she didn't know what was going on........and she was the one people "put their word on"

"If you were me who would you put up" Michele asks..Me Libra April or Ollie Keesha answers....thanks her for her honesty..

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1:32 BBT

Michele and Keeshas convo goes on in the HOH....Michele yalking about if she had won last week or won pov last week..Jessie would still be here.....

Michele "here's you leotard" everyone else "have a good time" I did my six days" and its funny "I won..with my leotard..on"..saying "ihave nothing......" lost Jessie and now three people "me myself and I"..saying he was his only friens but has "my new friends"...Michele cries..."it is what it is"...Keehas gets tissues...."im not good at talking..I'm not good at this"..

Michele saying wondering who said what and why we'll be sitting "here in circles"

Keesha saying she doesn't want her to think it was personal "and ii didn't have anything to do with you"

talking about it being a "shitty game" Michele "no words can describe it unless you live it"

Michele asks if she read "my letter" ..Keesha "no"..and Michele goes on what it said...

Michele offers her candy and Keesha brings up childhood memories of "Gobstoppers"

talking about families....."biting you tongue a lot" to avoid fights...Keesha saying you're going to get into them..

Keesha says "you'll feel better" once you make your noms...afterwards..up in HOH to get away...with "your pictures and your music"

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1:45 BBT

Dan comes in to HOH with Keesha and says "I can't sleep"

Michele talks about her dog......asks if she "start you wine" and tells him she drank it all..

talking about "the order change" Keesha saying she doesn't get it about the change and Michele says they did it bythe way you vote FOTH..

Keesha says she wants to let him talk..Dan say he came to "hang out"

Keesha leaves..

Dan.."How pissed are you at me"...Michele "Furious"

Michele says she "didn't get to say bye to him..I'm pissed off about it"

talking about the audience "flip out" when she won HOH...

Michele said she wished she would have known...but the games works like that..Dan says it won't be hard feelings and to "earn her trust back" it would be a long road.......Dan saying "i don't know" when Michele asks "what do you feel about that"

Michele talking saying "i've never done nothing to you"....ands he says "I agree"...Michele saying Jessie believed him and Michele says she didn't and "he's been sticking up for you" and tells him "something personal" went on between you and he trusted her...

Dan says he did promises he "would do what April wanted to do"...Michele saying she wanted him to stay......talking about "the 7" and "the huge fight"...Michele asks when was it that he decided..Dan says it was "the numbers" that made him join the flip.....Dan saying "he had no reason to go after her"//Michele cinfronts him about "the two headed snake" Dan "I don't know" Michele says "i know" people told her..

Michele wants to know why he thought "it was a benefit"...to flip..saying she knew he was going flip..saying 'she always gave him the benefit of the doubt" even though "she couldn't trust him fully" but Jessie always talked about him how much he liked him and that "he was honest"...."I'm in shocked"..because you "were the one person he always talked about"..

Dan says he knew Jessie "would never put me up"....michele even though he did he was told to because he wanted put up reeney..

michele says Angie "went out for the wrong reasons" saying she 'was a fly"...

Michele cries she shouldn't be here ..he should.."he deserved it more than me"...Michele says she didn't intend t get attached..saying "i had to vote out " two friends two weeks in a row...and "i didn't even vote for them"

Michele says "what she found out" about them..... "it would make you sick"..Dan agrees...

Michele says She's HOH this week..then.. "I have next week" what are the chances "I'll go up"

michele says she only trusted two people.."one broke their word with me and the other walked out the door" all in "one minute"

Dan "I believe it" when Michele tells him Jessie would have done anything for her to stay if nominated together..

Michele says Jerry is mad and Dan says tried to talk to him but isn't talking to him.."I'm disapointed in a lot of things" but mostly himself

Dan says the POV Ceremony was when the flip occured....Michele asks who came up "with this bright idea" and Dan says she already called out names..doesn't say..

Michele if she had 1 minute to say something what would you say....Dan says he would ask Jessie what he'd have to say

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2:09 BBT

Dan saying "they couldn't have done it without me"...and mIchele "who would of thunk it" about immediately winning HOH saying she knew every one of the phone calls.......Michele saying "I had a premonition" Julie said she was HOH...

Michele going on about her undying love for jesse......

Michele says she's an underdog.....

Michele says she was very pissed off.....and Dan says was it all worth it for a "summer gain"...saying "no one forced me to cast that vote"..saying he appreciated her talking to me because no one who's pissed off at him doesn't..

Libra now comes in saying she knows she is going up and Libra saying "she takes full respo0nsibilty for the unitard" and "respect your decision" she goes on about the Steven thing..

Lbra owns up to the "two headed snake" comment... Michele repeats everything from previous posts

Libra "i know I'm going up..."

"Who would you put up" Michele asks.......Libra doesn't answer......saying she would put you and Jessie up....because she was "coming after me"...

"I'm not up here to save my butt"......"if I had gotten it' she says I would have put you up with someone "you least expected"

Libra...trying to says "other people" were at fault and said things..."i already know whats up"..........saying "I'm not going t kiss anybodys ass" "It not my character"..{shades of Keesha}

Libra brings up the Steven thing......"April and OLLie got the green card" and she got all the grief..."watch the tapes"

Libra about the fight "that was a set up"....

Libra says I voted out Jesse because he was coming after me hard.....and says Angie was coming after me hard...when she asks why she didn't vote him out last week...

Libra again "i respect your decision" and says she not doing the he said she said....."what ever happens happens"

Libra "I had a week of hell last week".....Libra doing her "blame it all on me" routine .....

Libra goes out and Michele goes downstairs..both head outside..

Camera switches to Ollie and April in bed..

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2:28 BBT

Keesha Memphis and Libra talking Michele goes in Dan says "he didn't sell you guys out"

Keesha,Libra saying they are not ass kissers.......

Libra say the unexpected one she would put up was April...

Michele comes back out...joins them...talking.....

{I'm out ...SMOOCHES will be here tomorrow and cover for me ..So a big thank you to her in advance.... I'll be back Saturday....night all}

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4:39 am BBT

HG's still in bed sleeping... HoH room (cam 1) doesn't seem to be sporting the normal 'night vision' look. Looks as if she has kept the bathroom light on.

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5:50 am BBT

HG's in bed, I did however catch the top of someones head as they were walking by in the corner of one of the cams (I had been looking at another site and just checked the feeds real quick and saw it)... Michelle is very fidgety and is wrestling bears... can't seem to get comfortable.

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8:04 am BBT

Some weird music came on the feeds... some guys singing "My babys coming home tomorrow ain't that news, good news"... I have no idea who it is. Michelle woke up, sat straight up in bed and looked around, the music continued... Michelle layed back down and then we got fishies.

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8:30AM BBT: Everyone was up and around and they were told the food competition would be starting soon. Everyone was getting ready and eating breakfast. Jerry is still complaining and being nasty about Dan and mentioned he had the audacity to say goodnight to Jerry last night...

9:00AM BBT: They all ended up being locked in the HoH room till the food competition started... Can you say awkward... FotH by just after 9am.

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11:14 am BBT

Foth but they are weird bubbles. Not the normal Foth or trivia.

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