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August 5 & 6 - Live Feed Updates

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3:55 pm BBT. Jessie whispering to Michelle, hiding their heads with his blanket. Didn't catch what he said. It seems they want to vote Jessie out because he and Michelle are a team, but if that's the case why did they target Angie? She had nobody. Jessie says this just sucks. Michelle is going to get these pieces of shit.

3:59 pm BBT. BB: House guest please gather in the livingroom. (Likely for Late Late Show segment)

Renny says "aren't they going to say like we have 15 minutes???" We get FoH...

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4:07 BBT. We're back. BB told the HGs 25 minutes to get ready. April and Memphis in the pink BR. April putting clothes away and Memphis changing clothes. Keesha is getting changed under the covers in the 70's room. In the BR, Jessie enters the shower and Renny the restroom. Libra is sitting on the BR room bench picking at something (fingernails?).

4:11 pm BBT. In-door LD begins.

Libra says they get all ready and then it takes just a minute. (In regard to taping Late Late Show.) Thats ok she says, their family members probably look forward to it. April is in the downstairs BR brushing her hair. Dan brushing his teeth. Libra joins Keesha in the 70's room. Keesha applying lotion.

Meanwhile, in the BR Jessie has finished his shower and is shaving. He's fast!

4:18 pm BBT. FoH

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jerry and michelle just found out that he gets off of slop tomorrow night at 11:59 and she gets out of the unitard then too.

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5:26 pm BBT. Keesha, Libra and Renny in spa. Keesha whispering that Jessie said he is no after her (Keesha) and that he has her back etc. Libra says "You aren't changing your vote are you?" No. Renny says that Jerry has (an upset stomache) again. They laugh. Libra goes to the kitchen to tell April about the Colonels' "stomache" problems. April isn't amused, disgusting. April looks to be making Libra a birthday cake. Libra is eating a taco at the counter.

Jessie, Dan, Keesha, Renny, Michelle and Memphis on LR sofas. Discussion about the way Renny says thingsa, some of her expressions. They are discussing the earthquake. It sounds like Craig Ferguson was asking them about it, raise your hand if you think there was an earthquake etc. Evidentally he told them it was real, but some HGs still don't believe it. They think the joke was on them because the Late Late Show audience was laughing.

Jerry and Dan lying down in boys bedroom. They don't have any milk, so Jerry has to drink soy milk again. Jerry has completed 5 days of slop.

Gang in LR still chatting. The girls are trying to talk Renny into putting on her Red nighty and give Dan a lap dance. Memphis coming up with a scenario for Renny to do it. They are trying to apply peer pressure. Libra says they won't think it's funny. Group says it will be very funny. Renny says Dan would run. Libra says if Renny's husband would be upset, then she shouldn't do it. Renny says she doesn't care whether her husbanc would like it or not.

BB calls Dan to the DR. LR group tells Renny this is the perfect opportunity to get changed to play the joke on Dan! Renny goes and gets her sexy red outfit.

BB calls April to the DR.

BB calls Keesha to the DR.

Jerry joins the HGs in the LR, he's talking about how long he will be on slop. Ollie and April are the only 2 in the kitchen. We get brief FoH, and Renny is on the sofa in her regular clothes when the feeds come back so she must have decided against the prank. In and out of FoH. Memphis saying something Craig Ferguson said was mean as hell and he's glad he wasn't talking to him.

Renny, Keesha and Michelle are in the BR saying they expect goodbye messages to be taped tonight. Michelle says something is going on. Renny asks what she means. She doesn't know, she just has a feeling. Michelle says she can take her unitard off tomorrow at 10:59 pm, earlier than she expected. Now she just said she has to wear it until Friday midnight, contradicting herself.

5:49 pm BBT. In the 70's room, Keesha, Libra and Memphis talking. Something April said upset Memphis. He almost went off on her. Keesha calls April a name. Nothing anyone says is going to change the way Keesha is voting, to keep Memphis - especially after that comment April made. Memphis says he's not going to have any of April's cake. He's going to say no thank you, he'll eat the cake that Renny made. Libra says they should talk to Dan again.

Meanwhile... Dan and Jerry in boys bedroom. Dan lying down. Jerry talking about the smartest tested dog on record is a Shelty.

Libra tells Keesha it's the funniest thing ever, how scared the others are. Keesha responds calling April a bitch...again.

Renny comes in and Keesha continues to April bash. Keesha whispering to Rennie. It sounds like when talking about the earthquake on the Late Late Show, April said something to imply Memphis may be in sequester soon? They all look forward to seeing the others faces when Jessie gets voted out. Libra "I'm nobody's punk". (Libra is saying all these horrible things about April, while April is slaving away on a made from scratch birthday cake. That's cold!)

6:00 pm BBT. Dan and Memphis playing chess. Libra thanks Renny for helping feel better last night, she was missing her kids. Michelle and Jessie whispering in the spa. Hard to understand exactly what's being said. Jessie trying to tell Michelle they need to get Keesha or something? Michelle says that doesn't make any sense. Michelle said it will be her and Jerry voting to keep him.

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7:30 PM BBT: I switch feeds to see if there is something to update and low and behold! Keesha and Renny are talking crap about someone in the house (Probably April) Keesha is saying that she isn't going to last and that she needs to learn to shut her mouth. Renny agrees. Whoever they are talking about says that Renny has cooked her way through Big Brother. Renny said that she has done damn good. April was asking Libra what they are going to do when it gets down to the 7 from the alliance, April said that there is the floaters. Renny says that she hates being called a floater now. Renny starts to yell, but Keesha calms her down. Renny says "If they dont think Ive been playing the game..." Keesha says "They will know tomorrow." Talk turns to Crag Ferguson's Show and how beautiful Julie Chen is.

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In the past hour April made a birthday cake for Libra and they sang to her. Michelle asked Ollie about the votes and Jesse told Keesha she isn't his target.

Oh and Ollie said something about hitting Libra with a bat cuz he can't stand her.

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8:42pm BBT

Houseguests seem to be doing some "pre-cleaning" in the house. Libra cleaned out the room, got her clothes out so she can wash them. Dan and Ollie are going to do some abs class outside in the backyard.

Libra said that she swept out her room and got rid of the dust bunnies. She said it kind of had a funky smell to it.

Dan is doing some serious cleaning of the kitchen (who knew Dan was a decent man, where can I find one for me).

Keesha is talking about how she couldn't sleep as much as most people in this house because she would get really bad headaches (as she is yawning).

Keesha, Renny and Libra are in the room. The girls are talking about clothes at a store that is meant for small people.

Ollie and Memphis are outside shooting the shit. Ollie is like talking about how this house is a set, the earthquake isn't real they can do weird shit. Memphis is like this is concrete/cement. Memphis is like you guys are crazy to think that earthquake was fake.

They are talking about the Craig Ferguson show tonight, how Craig asked them why they thought the earthquake wasn't real. Ollie is still convinced it was fake. Craig goes on to make a joke that they are not to know about anything going on in the outside world. (it maybe on a set, but the quake was real)

Michelle and Jessie are laying down on the bed together. Whispering to each other. Michelle leaves and Jessie goes to sleep.

Not to much exciting in the house right now.

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10:41 BBT

Outdoors Libra Keesha Memphis Reeney and Dan are talking about the vote tomorrow...Dan asks why Reeney doen't trust him she says she doesn't "trust anyone".....Libra talking shit about April and her "kelley Blue Book" assesment of Memphis "$ 60,000" car that wil be $100,000 by show's end. Dan reinterated to tem "its a game" and "not real life" and no one should be mad the way the vote falls..

Reeney going on about her hate for "The Colonel" and rehash of fight....

Dan and Memphis are going to play football. they go in.."I think we threatned him sufficiently" Libra said about Dan.......Silence...

Michele playing pool with jeese in their unitards..

Indorrs Dan and Memphis playing their version of footbal on the kitchen bar..

Libra saying "9 of us left" after tomorrow.."It feels like we've been in here for 100 years" Reeney says saying the viewers can't wait for tomooroow" "there so good shit going down...that's what you call good tv"

Michele and Jesse talking Jesse telling her she hasn't been in the DR yet...Michele thought he already had been..

Dan in Sauna room with Keesha saying April plans to "take out the floaters" anyway....Keesha says "I feel bad for him" "because we're using him" {talking about Jerry..thanks KimLovesBB}....Memphis is in there also....."my biggest think in this game is" Keesha tells Dan if she can't win she wants a "genuinely nice" person to win...Dan talking about Reeney not trusting her....Dan saying "I don't get paranoid like that"......Dan "are you worried Michele might win" and Dan thinks Michele will put up April for "being responsible" for voting out Jesse..Keesha says she'll nominate her....

Libra comes in eating cake....

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Regarding above post .... Keesha was saying she feels bad for JERRY because THEY (April, Ollie, Michelle, Jesse) are using him.

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10:55 BBT

Reeney has joined them in the sauna room....Dan lecturing Keesha about how bad it is for her to wrap herself in Saran wrap...she listens but does it anyway...Dan closes his eyes while she takes her shirt off to wrap herself.......Dan leaves...

Outside Jesse and Michele playing pool not saying

April and Libra in sauna...talking about Jerry....Libra "I can't with him..I've given up" Libra "I'm ready for tomorrow"...April.."me too"..Keesha melting herself away in Sauna...April talking about how quick Thursdays are..Who frickin knows' Libra says about whether the earthquake was real or fake...

April asks if LIbra had a good day...Libra says she did...."all in all I think it was really cool".....Reeney comes in asks for help getting her mic off..wondering how many clothes she brought.."I've never seen those shorts before"

Libra April go back to ragging on Jerry and his repeating stories...

Libra goes on about being ready for a new week..talking about a luxury comp...."when will that happen" libra asks "when we get down to 8" april says...Libra talking about her kids....

Libra "did you decide' about who she wants to vote out...Apriltells her "memphis hasn't still" talked to her...

April closes the door..Libra saying she wants to know....April says she wants "memphis out"..aks about "having any other thoughts"...Libra says just saying she has thoughts about Jesse and asks Keesha and she says "I assume that's the way it was going to go" about getting Memphis out.."libra "Ok that's all I needed to know"...and tells April to "open the door' so no one thinks their doing "a covert operation"...April says she'll talk to Reeney unles they want to..Libra and Keesha agree to "talk to her"..April asks about Memphis mood...saying "it sucks" voting someone out....Keesha "yes it does" saying she couldn't look Angie in the eye..

April asks Keesha if she's excited about competing in HOH..Libra "I'm going with everything I can"

Keesha "I'll do anything..anything" Libra says "bring on the cow's dung" because she'll eat that for HOH...

talking about being "hot" in the house....Libra sarcastically says "I thought it was cute they had matching unitards on tonight".....boredom talk....nail talk "and running from Jerry" Libra says... talking about awkwardness {this convo is awkward X 10}

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11:18 BBT

April says "good night" "happy birthday" heads to bed..

Libra and Keesha mostly silent..shesays "Reeney's going to come in here" and silence again...

Dan enters and Libra says "she gave us the directive" about voting out Jesse ..april sticks her head in...and Libra says she was telling Dan to vote out Jessie.......when April leaves...Dan reaffirms they are keeping Memphis. with Libra.....

Dan asks Keesha if she was making up that "floater " stuff April says...Dan says he just making sure.....Libra and Keesha talking shit about April..Dan "that's crazy".....Dan asks if she's showering soon and Libra sends Dan to shower as Keesha will "wait on you"...

Libra whispers drowned out by her massage chair...

Keesha still melting away.......now just silence...they now talk how good the chair feels and her back while Keesha says melting away is "so relaxing"...talking about their sizes and Libra's weight before she looks now...saying she was a size 4 and 140..

Reeney comes in and says April talked to her when Libra asks her.......Reeney called to DR.."why? didn't I say enough"

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11:29 BBT

Memphis comes in sauna eating "melon" when Libra asks......Ollie and DAn were just having fun prior to that throwing water.....talking abot cleaning "right before you go bye bye" Keesha jokes...

Jessie telling Michele saying Ollie wants to put Dan and Libra up Michele "that's what I'm thinking too"

Olie and April in HOH "i've just been reading 16 times" about her letter...Ollie calling Jerry obnoxious about getting Memphis out saying "that's the plan" saying he's paranoid...Now April saying "he's fucking out..I don't want Jerry in'...

April goes over her convo and accusing of follwing angie's footsteps.."she's pissing me off" and wonders "your his bestfriend now all of a sudden"

April saying neithe r of Memphis or Jessie came up to try to save themselves she told Libra......Libra say se'll talk 'to Dan for you" and warns Ollie that they both need to talk to Dan tomorrow...

she rehashes her convo pretty verbatim to Ollie...

April continues talking about Keesha and April..

saying she doesn't talk sit about anyone....

Ollie says their little friendship will only last until they are both nominated together..Ollie says..

April saying "i proved myself to Jessie" and until her does the same then she'll trust him and align with them.."but he needs to prove himself first" FOTH...

Ollie saying all the girls and Dan were under the impression that Michele/Jessie were talking to her or will talk to her that's why Libra was walking back and forth looking for them...and turned the lights off to make sure everyone was in bed.....saying she needs to "lay low" and tells Ollie to talk to Jessie/michele and say she's doing everything to keep them in...saying she doesn't want them to vote out Jesse saying that wouldn't be fair to him...

April says if they get HOH "things are going to change" and didn't mention Jesse/Michele..."things are going to change?"...Ollie saying Libra life in this game depends on her getting HOH..

April talking about Thurs...cleaning going up to HOh...Ollie "you did good this week"

Olie telling April that he has her back...

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11:50 BBT

Downstairs in kitchen Keesha eating with Reeney and jerry talking about doing things to raise money for charity...

Jerry drudges on......

Back in HOH April still talking April saying normaly she's a loving "bubbly" person..saying that while she was making the cake for Libra she knew "those three bitches" were talking about me...ollie says she knows for sure..and April says she has a feeling and people have old her..

"i'm not making" any more bday cakes for anyone anymore...."even Dan"

Ollie "I want something to shake the game up" talking about it being boring.."a twist".....{or a vote flip maybe}

Outdoors Jessie Michel playing pool Jessie sings "at first I was afraid..." camera switches back to Ollie/April..

"this game needs to get a little more spicy'" Ollie complains saying no one's been backdoored....

they are on all 4 feeds....

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