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90s Show About A Boy

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Hi i'm looking for the name of a tv show which i remember from my childhood in the 90's (i think, or early 00's?).
It was about a man who wakes up one day as his childhood self and has to relive his childhood again, knowing what happens. Does anybody remember the name?




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I think I remember this show. The only problem is that there was a similar show that came out at the same time, and I get the two of them confused. So I think it's the first one I'm listing here, but it could be the second. (Or neither, I guess.)
The main difference is that in "Do Over" the guy stayed in the past, while in "That Was Then" he came back to the present at the end of each episode and saw the changes that had happened as a result of his messing with the past - then he would return to the past at the beginning of the next episode to try to change it for the better again.

"Do Over" - http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0317364/ (15 episodes, but only 11 aired)
First episode (part 1), on Youtube:




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Wow these both sound very interesting. I've never heard of either of them! Lol. Do you know if there are episodes available to watch anywhere?

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