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90s Show About A Boy

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Hi i'm looking for the name of a tv show which i remember from my childhood in the 90's (i think, or early 00's?).
It was about a man who wakes up one day as his childhood self and has to relive his childhood again, knowing what happens. Does anybody remember the name?




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I think I remember this show. The only problem is that there was a similar show that came out at the same time, and I get the two of them confused. So I think it's the first one I'm listing here, but it could be the second. (Or neither, I guess.)
The main difference is that in "Do Over" the guy stayed in the past, while in "That Was Then" he came back to the present at the end of each episode and saw the changes that had happened as a result of his messing with the past - then he would return to the past at the beginning of the next episode to try to change it for the better again.

"Do Over" - http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0317364/ (15 episodes, but only 11 aired)
First episode (part 1), on Youtube:

"“Do Over” is the story of Joel Larsen (played by Tom Everett Scott in the beginning as an adult and who provides the narration for the series), a 34-year-old paper salesman whose life sucks. His sister is a drug addict, his parents are divorced, he hates his job, and he is losing his hair. One day Joel goes to the latest place his sister has messed up to find out what is going on. His sister, Cheryl, accidentally zaps him with heart paddles that were in the ambulance that was at the place where she had messed up. He goes unconscious and wakes up in his old room at his parents’ house. There are several differences though. It is now 1981 and he is now 14-years-old (and now being played by Penn Badgley.) He goes downstairs and discovers that his sister Cheryl is a kid too (now being played by Angela Goethals), his parents, Bill (Michael Milhoan) and Karen (Gigi Rice), are still married. Plus, he has hair! Even more strange is the fact that he can remember everything that had happened to him up to the heart paddle accident, but he has no idea how or why he ended up back in 1981. He soon realizes the advantage of going back to his childhood. He can try to correct all the mistakes in his life. He goes about doing just that. He starts out by redoing his campaign speech for class vice president. Originally he had frozen on stage, and as a result, got only seven votes total. He does the speech over again in a crowd-pleasing but not politically correct style (and taking advantage of the fact that no one has seen Dead Poets Society yet by totally ripping it off.) He ends up winning, but the principal vetoes the win because he didn’t think the speech was appropriate. He again takes advantage of his knowledge of the future by blackmailing him (he remembered that the principal was caught wearing women’s clothes sometime in the early nineties.) The principal allows the win to be valid. He also tries to get his sister off drugs and keep his parents together, which I’m sure he will keep trying to do in future episodes. The only one who knows about his time travel situation is one of his two punk friends, Pat Brody (Josh Wise), who starts calling him “future boy.” His other punk friend is Isabelle Meyers (Natasha Melnick), a girl who I can already predict is the “friend” that Joel doesn’t see as more than one (because he is obsessed with the popular girl played by Melinda Sward), but will eventually.

I really liked this show, except for one very distracting thing…the continuity errors! The styles and especially the music were in the wrong place. I heard Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” a song that wasn’t until 1984. The song that kept playing every time we saw the popular girl was Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me ‘Round (Like a Record),” a song that didn’t come out until 1985! He also hears ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” (1983) and Madness’s “Our House” (1982.) I barely heard any song in the episode that actually existed in 1981! Also, I could swear I saw a girl who was dressed like Madonna, circa 1984. Madonna hadn’t even released her first album yet! As stupid as the show was, FOX’s “That ‘80s Show” from last season was more accurate. Finally, I have to point out one last continuity error. I saw the preview for the next episode, where Joel and his friends see the highly anticipated new chapter in the Star Wars series, The Empire Strikes Back. Aren’t they a little late? Empire came out in 1980! Okay, I’ll calm down now…
(Source: http://www.entertain.../dooverrev.htm)
Episode summary list: http://www.tv.com/do...68/episode.html

"That Was Then" - http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0320981/ (Not all 4 episodes aired)
"“That Was Then” is about Travis Glass (James Bulliard), a man who is about to turn 30 and his life sucks. He lives with his mom Mickey (Bess Armstrong), he's a door-to-door door salesman, and the girl of his dreams, Claudia (Kiele Sanchez), is married to his older brother Gregg (Brad Raider.) He can trace is life’s descent back to a critical and humiliating week in high school in 1988. On the night before his 30th birthday, he tells his best friend, Donnie Pinkus (Tyler Labine), that he wishes he had a second chance to do everything right. That night, while lying on his bed listening to the '80s song "Do It Again" by The Kinks, a bolt of lightning hits the house. An electrical jolt sends Travis back in to that fateful week in 1988. He was 16, and his dad, Gary "Double G" Glass (Jeffrey Tambor), was still alive. He tries to correct what had originally gone wrong, like his class speech, his dealings with Claudia, his parents’ marriage, and his dad’s health. He even manages to save the life of a kid named Timmy Robinson (David Kopp) who had originally been killed while trying to outrun a truck. He manages to get Claudia and Gregg to break up. Just when it seems that Travis will get his dream girl, he again hears The Kinks' tune and is brought back to the present day. Thinking everything was going to be great now, he wakes up to his wife, who is not Claudia, but Lanie (Rhonda Dent), the girl that Pinkus liked. They have twin girls and he is the town’s mayor. Pinkus is no longer his friend (because of the whole Lanie thing), Gregg and Claudia aren't married, and his nephew, Ethan (Logan O’Brian), does not exist. He considers this an even worse life than the one he left, so he realizes he has to go back and change things again. Didn’t this guy see Back to the Future 2?

The one thing I liked about this series was that it kept up with the continuity better than the WB series with a similar plotline, “Do Over” (see my review.) I think with the whole back and forth between the past and present angle requires strict continuity (the character in “Do Over” is staying in the past.) I didn’t notice any cultural snafus like a misplaced song or style.

I didn’t like the fact that Travis accepted his situation a little too quickly. He didn’t think it was too weird that he was suddenly in the past. He treated it as if he had been expecting it. Whatever.
(Source: http://www.entertain...wasthenrev.htm)
Episode summary list: http://www.tv.com/th...14/episode.html



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Wow these both sound very interesting. I've never heard of either of them! Lol. Do you know if there are episodes available to watch anywhere?

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