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April 23rd To Finale - Live Feed Updates

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1:08pmBBT Adam used WC got back in bed after scrating his butt then FOTH(Wakeup call????)

1:09pmBBT still asleep(WAKE UP! im with Evel Dick GP's shold win!)

1:37pmBBT Still sound asleep! (Guniea Pigs 4 BB9 winners!)

2:48pmBBT Ryan up changes mic & goes outside and lays down in the sun with a cold drink

2:57pmBBT BB told Ryan to wake up Adam, so Ryan turns light on Adam and tells him its 3pm. Adam"No its not." Ryan says "Yes it is" Adam said he went to be at 6am and hes felt sick.

2:58pm Ryan goes back outside with his cold drinkj and catches some sun

2:59pmBBT Adam has shut the lights out in bedroom and is trying to sleep some more

3:02pmBBT Ryan into pool

3:12pmBBT Adam in KT and tells Ryan "hes gonna shit & eat then work out." Ryan says "alright."

3:18pmBBT OD Lockdown called Adam yels "Hold Up!" and runs inside

3:20pmBBT FOTH

3:21pmBBT Adam eating Honey Nuts & oats cereal(see Natty!) outside. Adam says "I really hate Shelia, she dosent even deserve to be in jury." Ryan says "Fuck the jury execpt James." Adam "Yeah that surprised me." Ryan:"Sharon think i fucked her over, Shelai hates us, Josh hates you, i mean hates you." Adam:"I dint do anything 2 him he was ripping e hard."

Ryan:"Wes childesh, those insults he gave."

Adam:"Im gonna go oof on him big time."

3:25pmBBT they talk about BB not caring when they get up anymore. they wonder if anymore DR sessions, they both dont care anymore about the DR. They say their sore from weigh lifting yesturday. more hate on the Jury

Adam:" Eve Matty was assshole, their all assholes only us are the nice guys."

BB:"Ryan knock it off."

Adam:"What kock this off"(Hits cup with golf club) so we get FOTH

3:30pmBBT More Hating on Jury calling then drunks & the girls "Cunts." Shelia is a "Fucking Cunt." and they keep going.....

im out

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3:25PM BBT: Adam has finally gotten out of bed and has joined Ryan in the BY. The topic of discussion is the jury and the questions. It seems to really have gotten under their skin. Especially Adam.

Evidently Sheila also threw away a packet of Adam

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4:40pmBBT they palyed rock paper shoots Ryan won most them, they were laughing alot

4:50pmBBT they are lifting weights

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5:09 - Ry and Adam having Chicken Club Sandwiches for dinner. Almost ready to eat..Ry back and forth to the grill cooking chicken and Adam doing the bacon. (I want some!)

Ryan fixing something to drink that's powdered. He tells Adam that he pulled a YooHoo off yesterday before the meeting. Says he "spilled a whole fuckin' thing" of something and "Those fuckers were laughin' at me!" Adam says that's "Classic Baller" and that they were laughing "Big Time".

They decide to eat outside. Enjoying the warm California Spring weather I presume. Ryan sets things down on the table at the outdoor couches and checks the chicken on the grill one more time.

Adam gets a few ice cubes for his Diet Coke before he goes out. He looks at the GPs and says "What are you doing babies? Huh?"

Adam joins Ry outside and says "This is a serious party right now Bro!" Ryan agrees and Adam says it's the biggest yet. Ryan says since they got roasted last night they deserve this party. Ryan says "We have 3 levels of bacon?" Adam confirms and asks how the chicken looks. Ry says good and they're off to prepare for chow time! Building sandwiches for when the chicken is done.

Not 10 seconds in and Ryan belches loudly.

Adam says the roast didn't bother him and asks if it bothered Ryan? Ryan says whatever dude. He doesn't like that they go to the jury house and "Talk all this mad shit when we're not there to defend ourselves." Ryan says "Sheila's fuckin' destroying you and you didn't even fuckin' boot her out dude!"

Adam says the blood is on his hands and that they did get caught and Ry says they saw Adam throw the HoH. Adam says it might hurt his game. Ry says maybe not.

They admire their food.

Adam says something about the wrap party and Sharon's family not coming.

Ryan says "They don't give a fuck about her. She's the most boring person in the United States of America, dude."

Talk about bacon and food....chicken not ready yet.

Baller wishes he had a cigarette to have after dinner. Ryan agrees. Talk goes to how chicken looks as they put grated cheese on top of it while it's on the grill.

Adam says "We're so set! 2 sammies each!"

Ryan says they have a lot of chicken. They really are admiring their food. *LOL*

Adam says "We're $50,000 richer each bro, know what I mean?"

Ryan says "I know."

Adam says that could be the grand prize and people would still sign up for BB. Ryan agrees and they talk if the prize were bigger how cool that would be.

Ryan says if the prize was bigger he would have roasted them last night. Adam says uh-huh.

Ryan sees a bird and asks "Is that a hawk or a pigeon?" *ROFL get that college degree, Ry!*

Adam says a pigeon and Ry says "Ghetto Pigeon"

They go eat.

Too hard to decipher conversation with full mouths!

Ry says something about is Adam worried about how he's portrayed on here?

Adam says "You know me. I don't give a fuck."

more grumbling.

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5:30- They talk about using the leftover chicken to make a pasta. They have a wonderful time eating. Enjoying their meal to the max.

Ryan says something about Adam not voting for someone last time.(*Ah it's James*)

Adam says he couldn't. He also says he hurt chelsia when he booted him out and he lied to him. Ry says what if he was told Adam knew the plan to boot James?

Adam says they're making up so much bullshit right now.

Ryan agrees.

Adam calls dinner BLT supreme! (*making me hungry!*)

Adam says "Damn doggie. I'm eatin' ma, I'm eatin'. She's on her way out here!"

They talk that their family gets free vacation to come for the finale. Ryan points out he has to stay in California til the premier. Adam says "With Sharon dude." Ry says he would rather go with the people he would least want to go with. Ryan says maybe he'll get Sharon's vote since they have to spend time together afterward at the premier. Then he says maybe not now because of the wink across the couch. Ryan says "Fuckin' broad makes up everything!"

Adam says "It's not a lie if you see it dude! If you believe it it's not a lie!" (*note redeeming statement from Baller!*)

Ryan shuts up after that.

More eating and mouth full talk.

Ry calls 5 second rule. They estimate the dollar value of the meal. Ryan says $30.

Adam mimes a joint. Adam says doing without makes you healthier and breathe better. Ryan says he doesn't give a shit about that..he'll do what he wants.

They start the cleanup and Adam asks Ryan to please grab this plate. *LOL

* Whodathunk?

Adam says "Shiela's pissed. She has a gripe we didn't take her."

Ry says "Yeah, and she thought you were gonna take her. She caught you in your lie dude. What are you gonna do?"

Adam says Sheila won't vote for him and Ryan says it's a tossup now. Ryan says Adam has Natalie because of the business thing. Now it's all who will vote for who. They mostly don't know. Adam wants a cigarette and says dinner was "Correct-a-mundo!"

Ryan starts dishes.

Adam pops out with "You guys both SUCK! Yeah that's right Sheila! You're so crazy. So tell 'em Sheila! YOU GUYS SUCK!"

Ryan says "You guys suck, I'm on a roll, you guys suck!"

They both laugh and mock Sheila saying "You guys suck" more and then ...


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5:50ish - The guys continue to joke about Sheila while they clean up the dinner miss.

Ryan says "guess what Adam I looked out for you!"

Adam says "I took the target off of you." then says he doesn't care.

Ryan says he understands them getting her riled up the night before.

More Sheila talking...

Adam says "They're all fuckin' with her in the jury house like laughin' at her."

Ryan agrees..then says he's gettin jacked up. He teases Adam and says "Baller you wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for Shiela."

Adam says "Yeah, I know."

They bash more and then Ryan notes how dirty the fridge is now that she's not there. Adam wipes it down. *L*

Ryan asks BB for more music. No response. He tells Adam good job on the dishes. Adam says he did good, huh?

Adam says "She flipped the house like that, believe me." Ryan says that all of team Pull-Out played her by saying they would follow Sheila's vote.

Adam says I'll make it official for you bro...I got you covered.

Ryan says he's working out in 20 as Adam goes to the BR to put on a shirt.

Adam comes back with a wife beater shirt on and they joke that "Hank came to party!" Ryan says he can't wait to work out with Hank. Then he notes they did a good job cleaning up.

Baller goes to pee and when he comes out he actually washes his hands fairly well!! Go Baller!

Adam says "I need to relax for like 20 minutes bro." Adam says he'll relax too and then bitches about ants in his coffee! He says that he threw coffee beans and ants in there and brewed them! Ryan searching for the ant source. Looks in the pot of coffee from the bottom side. Baller laying down with bible. Ryan asks Adam if he just made weird noises. Adam says no as he kicks back with the Good Book.

Ryan drinking anty coffee in the BY(*Don't worry, Ry..they don't drink much*)

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6:10 Adam reading bible and Ry walking around waiting for workout time.

Ryan says "I don't even like lookin' at the faces on the memory wall when I walk by there anymore."

Adam agrees and Ry says he can't stand to see them.

They go back to Sheila being a psycho and the "You guys Suck!" thing again. Adam says he actually hates her and asks if Ry does. He doesn't answer, but mocks her.

Adam says "She really thought she was entitled to be here! Like she deserved to be here in the end!" and asks where she gets off.

Ryan says "Cause she's a single mom." then asks Adam didn't she say that last night and Adam says yes.

Adam says "They got more to think about than us." Adam says it just sucks they got noone to plot or scheme with. Adam says Sharon was trying to tan in her hotel room...Ry says no that was Jen. Adam says Sharon was too. Ryan says Sharon maybe copied off of Jen.

Ryan says "Chicks need to tan that bad?" Adam says he jerked off a lot in his hotel room for 3 days. Ryan says he didn't do that much..his best day was 3 times. They agree twice a day is average. (*Damn, boys!*)

They debate working out. Adam wants 10 more minutes..Ry says ok..Adam says 12, Ry says 11 1/2. Adam wants to sleep and Ryan starts telling him to knock it off that Hank looks too comfy with his head under covers...Adam laughing and Ryan says Hank switched up couches..maybe Ry is on Baller's couch. They pretend Ryan is smoking. Adam wonders if he'll make it 2 days without a cigarette? Ryan says he doubts it. Adam says Sheila threw his smokes away! Ryan says he saw it in her hand and he doesn't know why he didn't say something. (*I'm guessing they're trying to scam BB for smokes because there is NO WAY they would have let Sheila toss the smokes if she was seen!*)

Adam says He's chillin' right now. He says this is Hank city...food couch. Ryan says Hank is gonna work out!

Ry asks why Adam wants to go to Bahamas and proposes Jamaica. Adam says maybe Key West. They agree to plan something.

Ryan says Jen's gonna be pissed.

Adam says tell her it's business.

Ry asks "What you gonna do with your $500,000?"

Adam says "Give it to charity."

Ry says "I mean with the rest...like the 200 or 300 left over.

Adam says he doesn't know and that he's not getting 500.

Adam thinks they'll be in the DR for the reveal of the final votes..Ry thinks they'll be in the LR.

They talk about who they'll have on their side. They agree Nat will vote for Adam. they start talking percentages. Matty is the only 50/50 so far besides Chelsia.

Back to Sheila...Ryan calls her a sheister! (*LOL*)

Adam says he's gotta go potty in 10 mins then work out. He says "I think I made love to them BLTs too fast."

Adam says something about why were they playing Patsy Cline for Sheila..she don't stand by her man dude.

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6:25 Ry walks to LR and says "Jury House! We got interview #2 with them tonight, dude!" Adam says are you kidding and Ry confirms that "Roast #2 tonight" is true.(*cool! at least we can read the aftermath!*)

Ry goes to the BY and sings "Stand By Your Man" (*LOL those are the only words he knows*) Adam still in red room on a couch with a blankie over his widdle head.

Ry swings golf club while he waits for "Hank" to make an appearance.

It appears Adam really doesn't want to work out anymore as he readjusts his blanket.

Ryan up and down and walkin' around.....bored to no end, it seems.

Ryan calls into the house "Hey Hank! You ready?" Adam says no. Ry says he's starting without him. Adam says 10 minutes. ryan says Ok and then mutters "pussy...sleeping.." and goes to work out as Hank/Adam snoozes away with the blanket over his head.

Ryan whistling "Stand by your man..and tell the world you love him." over and over in the BY as he works out. *LOL*

At 6:37 FotH again for a few minutes.

Back and Ry working out and Adam sleeping. Ryan goes in to peek in on Adam who is still hiding under his blanket and snoozin but not snoring. Ry goes back outside still whistling that verse from Stand By Your Man over and over. As he pumps his iron, he makes a sound like someone pumping up a bicycle tire.

6:47 Ryan takes a break for about 15 seconds and sits. Back to walking around again. (*I guess his neck is feeling better*)

6:52 Adam seems konked out, but then moves the blanket and exposes his face, but is not getting up or opening his eyes! Ryan goes into the house and then right back out. Adam yells to him "You done? Are you beat?" But Ryan isn't inside anymore. Ry is back to lifting. It's been over 30 minutes now and he's still lifting. No leg work though. (*Uh, Ry..that causes chicken leg syndrome and it really isn't attractive*)

6:57 Adam appears outside and Ryan tells him he's about done. Adam goes back in to the WC.

7:03 Adam exits WC without washing his hands this time and goes to see Ryan in the BY. Ry asks time and Adam says 7:00 and it's still light out. Ryan says "good, it's almost time to go to bed."

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7:05 Adam starts lifting weights and stops. Ryan says he already did 200 shrugs tonight. Ryan says he's feeling better about himself since getting more into shape.

They talk about what Jen will think of his physique.

Ryan offers Adam some water and Adam says sure and picks up the weights again to do shrugs.

A little general chit chat as they lift weights. Ryan is still at it but says "I'm fuckin' beat dude."

Adam talking to no one...about what I can't decipher but he says "Cut that static homies" as he adjusts his mic. Then he brings up they have 2 more days.

(*and I'm outtie...someone please take over.*)

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12:40pmBBT still sleeping(new competion who can sleep the longest for the golden slice of Pizza)

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